tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Neighbor Lauren

My Neighbor Lauren


"Do you know if she's home?" Tyler asked as he looked out of the window of my room. He was my best friend, but he had an annoying habit of talking about things I didn't want to talk about.

"Who?" I answered without looking at him.

I just wanted to hang out and play some video games with my best friend. But ever since I mentioned my crush on my new neighbor, Lauren, Tyler had wanted to see her.

"If I lived next door to her, Colin, I'd try to fuck her," Tyler said. He continued to look out the window.

"You'd fuck anything with tits. She's at least ten times hotter than any girl in school and she's in college," I sneered back, as I got up from my bed.

Tyler and I'd been best friends since we started elementary school together. We had grown up in the same block and did everything together. Two months ago my family had moved and now we needed to drive every time we want to see each other. It hadn't stopped Tyler from coming over almost as much as he used to since he had his own car. He'd only seen Lauren a couple of times and never talked to her, but he was dying to see her ever since I'd told him I had a crush on her.

At six foot one, Tyler was a little taller than I. He had wild blond hair where mine was short black, but we both had dark blue eyes. Our success with girls at school had been very limited, but I blamed that more on Tyler's attitude than our looks.

"Who says she doesn't want some eighteen-year-old high school cock?" Tyler said grinning.

I loved Tyler, but he had no internal censorship. Every time we got a near a girl he ruined it with his stupid comments. He was a nice guy deep down, but he tended to come across like a complete pervert. Not that I was much different, but unlike Tyler I knew how to shut up and keep my thoughts to myself.

Lauren was way out of our league anyway. She was the perfect image of a girl next door. I used to try to get up every morning to catch her during her morning jog. Watching her perky tits bounce up and down as she ran always got me going. Knowing she was out there in nothing more than her tight sweat pants and a sports bra made the condition of my morning wood even worse.

The thought of Lauren's heart-shaped face all sweaty and flushed from her morning jog always led me to have the most wicked fantasies. The view of her tight bubbly butt straining against the fabric was enough to make my cock hard. I don't how many times I masturbated before school to the thought of her firm body.

During her runs she usually had her thick blond hair in a ponytail and the way her hair swayed when she let it out after a run was an image that had etched itself into my brain.

Lauren always smiled when she said hi to me and I got the goofiest grin on my face when I tried to smile back. Our conversations were always short, but the way she looked at me with her big blue eyes made me feel like we had something special. Yet my mind went blank and my throat got thick every time I tried to say more than a few words.

"Even if that was true, she still wouldn't do it with us. She has about zero reason to have sex with someone like you or me," I said in an effort to convince Tyler to give it up.

But Tyler had no intention of dropping the subject and he turned to me with that smirk on his face. Tyler was my best friend, but he had no shame and the thought of what he might say to Lauren if they met made me tense up.

Lauren's smile and the way she looked at me, the way she made me feel like I was the only person in the world when she talked to me was enough. She had no real interest in me and that was fine, but if she stopped smiling at me, because of something Tyler said I didn't know what I would do to him. The thought scared the shit out of me, not that I could've told him that. He would've just patted me on the back and told me not to worry.

"Convenience," Tyler said with absolute conviction and grabbed my shoulder and looked at me with his piercing blue eyes. I knew it was all bullshit, it always was, but a part of me was curious.


"Convenience. You have no idea how often girls have sex with someone, because of convenience. Why go across town, when you can go next door for the same thing? Trust me, if she's horny enough she wouldn't want to wait forty-five minutes for a guy to come over. She'd want it right away." Tyler was full of enthusiasm and the words just poured out of his mouth.

"You're so full of shit. She wouldn't do it with me even if I lived in her fucking bedroom, convenience or not." I knocked his hand from my shoulder and I turned my back on him.

"With that attitude you're going to stay a virgin forever, Colin."

"Fuck you! You're just as much a virgin as I am, and this is bullshit." I clenched my fist, not sure what to do with my frustration. Finally I decided to punch my own hand and took a deep breath to calm down.

"It doesn't mean I'm completely clueless, does it? Einstein never went to space, and he won a fucking Nobel Prize for that theory." Tyler was unfazed by my little outburst.

"You're such a moron. It's called 'the theory of relativity' and he didn't get the Nobel Prize for that thing. He got it for something else and comparing yourself to Einstein is ridiculous on so many levels," I ranted, happy to let off steam, but Tyler cut me off with an enthusiastic shout.

"Hey! She's leaving the house now. Oh god, she is so fucking hot. I want take her in every hole and cum all over her tits," Tyler said and made a face like he was coming while pretending to masturbate.

"You're so fucking gross," I shouted, before I cursed my own weakness. I couldn't stop myself from joining him at the window. Lauren wore a pair of short shorts that showed off her long, tanned legs, but my eyes were glued on her bubbly butt. The way her hips swayed as she made her way down the driveway drove me crazy. What I wouldn't give for a night with her.

"Like you wouldn't?" Tyler winked at me and gave my shoulder a tap before walking out of my room.

"Wait, where are you going?" I said and my pulse started to race.

"I'm just gonna say hello to your neighbor," he yelled from the hallway. As I rushed after him I felt the level of panic rise even further.

"Tyler, don't! Fuck, why do always do stuff like this?" I broke into a cold sweat as I went after him.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I kept muttering. When I got to the front door and opened it I saw the exact thing I had wanted to avoid. My best friend in a conversation with the girl I lo—liked. Lauren spotted me in the doorway and gave me her sweet smile and I realized that I was smiling back. I wanted to be mad, but the way she looked at me and waved made all my anger disappear.

"Hi, Colin, I was just talking to your friend here. Lovely day, isn't it?"

I wanted to say something witty or at least something containing more than one or two syllables. It truly was a lovely day, warm and not a cloud as far as the eye could see. I tried to think of something to say, but the only thing I could think about was how cute her little nose was.

"Yes," I said and felt Tyler's elbow hit me in the side.

"It's gorgeous. Do you have any plans for today?" Tyler showed her his stupid smile. She was way too good for him.

"I'm off to the beach. I love the feeling of the sun against my bare skin and today is a perfect day for a little beach adventure, don't you think?" Lauren said and gave us a wink, like she had just shared a secret with us.

She was always so nice and kind and perfect and then I felt Tyler's elbow hit my ribs once more, stopping my train of thought.

"Yes, it is."

"Fuck, I forgot my sunscreen. See you later Colin and Colin's friend," Lauren said and walked back into the house.

"We should follow her," Tyler whispered and all I could do was to shake my head. If she caught us it could've meant the end of her smiles and friendly looks towards me.

"She's smoking, dude. Come on, don't you want to see her in a tiny little bikini. Fuck, just imagine it Colin," Tyler said, attacking my weak spot.

I wanted to see Lauren in a bikini, but she was my fantasy girl, not his. The thought of Tyler masturbating to thoughts of her pissed me off.

"We can't stalk her," I said, but Tyler wasn't having any of it.

"I'm going after her. I'm not going to miss the chance to see her in a bikini just because you chickened out."

"No, Tyler. Fuck." I didn't know what to do.

"I got my car keys right here." Tyler held up the key between his fingers.

"Fuck you!" I said already knowing how it would end.

"So you're coming. Now I just need to borrow a pair of swim trunks and a towel." Tyler tapped my shoulder and made his way back inside.

"Fuck," I said as I rushed after him. "Fuck."

It was always like this, I said no every time he wanted to do something crazy, but somehow we always ended up doing it anyway. Every fucking time. I feared what would happen if she spotted us.

On the other hand the weather was perfect for a day at the beach, so it wouldn't be that strange for us to go to there too, I rationalized. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea after all. I smiled at the thought of Lauren's body in a bikini, as I went through my drawers for the swim trunks and found an old pair for Tyler. I heard a car start just as I found them. We quickly grabbed two towels and the sunscreen, then made a dash for Tyler's car.

"If you're lucky she's going to ask you to help her with the sun lotion. Imagine it, Colin, rubbing her juicy ass with your hands," Tyler said as we got into his old Ford Fiesta.

"She's not going to ask me to rub sun lotion on her ass, moron," I said and smacked him in the head with my hand.

I wasn't really mad at him anymore and I secretly wished that she would ask me to help her with the sun lotion. The thought of having my hands on her back, legs and thighs excited me to no end. I tried to think of something other than Lauren's smooth skin and amazing curves as my body reacted.

After about five minutes of going well above the speed limit we spotted her car and started tailing her. There were a couple of beaches in the area and we didn't know which one she was going to.

"Looks like she's going to South Beach," Tyler said after we saw Lauren take a left turn in the intersection. We were both a bit surprised; that beach was by far the worst one.

"I guess she likes stepping on used needles," I said.

We followed her car, and then she made an unexpected left turn.

"That's not the way to the beach, is it?" I said.

"Maybe there's another beach." Tyler sounded as unsure as I felt. We tried to keep a distance from her, to avoid getting spotted.

"There's a lake a couple of miles from here, but it's private property," I said after checking my phone.

"Maybe she knows the owner," Tyler answered.

I tensed up, worried about what could happen if we got caught. "Maybe we should turn around Tyler. If she sees us now—"

"We can't turn back and she can't know we've been following her unless she spots us, right? We just take one look at her and then we go."

"Just one look. Fuck, I'm so screwed if she spots us. She'll think I'm the biggest perv ever."

"Only if she spots us. One look, I promise." Tyler gave me his smile again and clapped my shoulder again in an effort to calm me down. It didn't help.

"What if there's no beach?" I was torn between my worries about getting caught and the desire to see Lauren.

"We just turn around and go back, no worries."

The thought of Lauren and the fact that we had already came this far stopped me from saying anything. I knew it was crazy, but I didn't want to give up. We tried to make sure Lauren's car was out of sight, by going extra slow.

After a while we spotted the water, then some cabins and as we went a bit further we saw the beach and a parking lot. We parked the car at the spot furthest from the beach behind a big tree. We waited there for a couple of minutes to make sure Lauren had enough time to get to the beach before we got out. We couldn't risk her spotting us before she had a time to put a bikini on.

"There's a fucking naked guy..." I said before I spotted even more nude people. Not one person I saw had any clothes on.

"Is that her car?" Tyler pointed at what he thought was Lauren's car before he raised his eyes and saw what I saw.

"I think we're at a nudist colony, Tyler," I said and I saw the biggest grin I had ever seen on his face when I looked over at him.

"This is fucking amazing. We're gonna see her naked, Colin. Fuck, this is going to be great! I've heard that they fuck like bunnies in these places." Tyler started walking back to the car while he stripped out of his clothes and motioned for me to do the same. I doubted they fucked like bunnies, but it didn't matter.

"You have to get naked, idiot. Unless you want to stand out like a fucking Christmas tree or something."

It wasn't about seeing Lauren in a bikini anymore. It was about seeing her naked. The only other place I had been naked with other people before was in the shower after gym class. The thought of getting naked in front of everyone scared me, but after giving the people at beach another look it got a bit easier. They didn't look so scary. Most of my thoughts were occupied with Lauren's naked body and knowing she was somewhere at the beach and how I needed to see that.

"It's the only way," Tyler said as he threw his t-shirt into the car.

He was right, we would stand out in our clothes and the risk of someone making a scene if we tried was too big. Getting naked for the chance to see Lauren nude was a small price to pay. I pulled my shirt over my head.

Tyler was already naked when I removed the last piece of clothing from my body and threw it in the car. I felt the sunrays all over my body and it felt strangely liberating. It didn't stop me from twitching when I felt Tyler grab my shoulder.

"Let's find her," Tyler said and walked towards the beach.

I grabbed the bag with the towels and stuff and hurried after him, casually holding my hands cover my crotch until I realized it only called attention to me. Once we got closer to the beach I felt better as I saw how comfortable everyone looked.

No one seemed to care if their bodies had any flaws. We were much younger than almost everyone we saw and it made us stand out a bit. I still felt a bit self-conscious about my own nudity and I couldn't imagine my parents walking around like this, but it didn't feel that strange.

"It's pretty exciting, isn't it?" Tyler said as we reached the beach.


"Being naked."

I shook my head, but deep down I knew he was right. It was exciting and liberating and I somehow felt more confident in myself. Like it didn't matter what I looked like. I actually looked better than most people at the beach. My shoulders relaxed as we continued to look for Lauren. The only thing that bothered me was the heat.

"Wait a second, I need to put on some sunscreen," I said and put down my towel next to some woman in her fifties and pulled out the sunscreen and started to rub it in.

Tyler was even whiter than me and he grabbed the bottle and started doing the same thing. Well, not exactly the same thing as he put a lot of extra emphasis on his crotch area.

"You gotta protect your goods," Tyler said in answer to my questioning look.

"That's right. Those parts can easily burn if you're not careful," the woman next to us said and after giving her a quick smile I decided to put some extra sun screen on my own cock.

"Hey Colin, can you do my back now? There are some parts I don't reach," Tyler said and the woman gave me a knowing smile.

"You look very young, how long have you been together?" she said and I could feel my face turning red.

"We're not together," we both blurted out at the same time. Tyler looked as embarrassed as I felt and neither of us could look at the other.

"I'm sorry, I just assumed, since he asked you and all," she said with an apologetic look. Her breasts were a bit saggy and her nipples were dark with huge areolas. They were far from perfect, but they reminded me that she was a woman and suddenly I had a hard time speaking.

"We're friends. I'll forgive you if you do my back," Tyler said and for once I was thankful that he had no shame. I finished up my front while she started with his back.

"I can do yours too, if you like," she asked me and I nodded. I didn't want there to be any more misunderstandings and I really didn't want Tyler to my back at this moment. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't want anyone to think I was gay.

"I'm Janet, by the way," she said and we told her our names in response.

Once she had finished with Tyler she motioned for me to lie down. She had done Tyler standing up.

"It's better for my back," Janet explained as I lay down.

She sat down across my legs, and she squirted some sunscreen on my back. Her strong hands felt good and I suddenly became aware that she didn't have any clothes on. I couldn't stop my body from reacting and cock grew a bit with each stroke her hands made and the thought of her naked her pussy inches from legs only increased my arousal.

"Need help with your butt?" Janet asked as and gave it a light slap. Before I had the chance to answer I heard Tyler's voice.

"He hasn't put any on there yet. You should really help him with that," he said and I could hear that goddamn grin in his voice. My cock was still relatively flaccid, but I didn't know how my body would react to her touch. I didn't want to burn it either and I didn't know how to explain to her that I wanted to do it myself without giving too much away. Instead I just lay there.

"I'm going to enjoy this. You've got such a cute little butt," Janet said. I tensed when she put the lotion on my ass. One of her fingers even touched my thighs when she did the lower parts of my ass. It felt better than it should and by the time she was done my cock was almost fully erect.

"No need to thank me, it was all my pleasure," she said and I could hear the amusement in her voice as she got off my legs.

"Let's go," Tyler said and I panicked. Just the thought of her knowing how my body reacted was enough to make me speechless.

Tyler pinched me in the side and the pain caused me to jerk. He saw the opportunity and grabbed my arm and flipped me over before I could react.

"Haha, I knew it, you perv," he yelled while pointing at my erection.

It felt like all the blood in my body was rushing towards my face and I quickly grabbed my towel to cover up and rushed away. The worst thing was that a part of me was excited about the whole thing.

"That's the best compliment I've had in a long time, Colin," Janet shouted after me as ran away. I gave her a quick glance and she had big smile on her face.

"Come back if you need some more help."

I heard Tyler's laugh in response to Janet's last comment. I gave him a light kick in the side when he caught up.

"You're such an ass," I said, not sure if I meant it in a good or a bad way. Either way I wasn't mad at, it wasn't the first time he had embarrassed me and it wouldn't be the last.

"I had no idea you had such a thing for cougars. Are you sure you don't want to go back?" Tyler teased and all I could do was to shake my head.

We saw a woman in her forties staring at us and I realized that we had been quite loud. I averted my eyes and hurried to pass her while I kept looking for Lauren. Tyler on the other turned at her and shook his junk before he laughed his stupid laugh again and ran after me.

"She so wanted to fuck me," he said and I had to laugh. He was an ass sometimes, but moment like this made it worth it. I turned to look at the woman and this time her expression was even more disapproving which only made us laugh even harder.

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