tagGay MaleMy Neighbor's Secret Ch. 05

My Neighbor's Secret Ch. 05


One night a few days later, Will called me up. He invited a few buddies from the neighborhood over for Poker. Being a Texas Hold'em fan, I agreed to bring the beer and the chipset I have. An hour later, Will, five other guys, and I sat at the Poker table in his basement. Before I knew it, I was pleasantly buzzed and on tilt with my chips.

"Don't worry, man," Will laughed. "I'll give you a chance to win them back." He slipped me a sly wink that went unnoticed by the guys.

Shortly after that the neighbors said their goodbyes, one by one. Will and I sat at the table, on the brink of drunkeness. "Care to win those chips back, buddy?" Will asked.

I grinned. "What do you propose?"

"Up for some Strip Poker?" he asked.

"Absolutely," I countered quickly.

Ten minutes later I was down to a white t-shirt and blue string bikini briefs. Will had his overshirt off. Apparently I wasn't the armchair poker player that I thought.

"Damn, I suck tonight," I laughed. "Which isn't a bad thing..."

Will smiled devilishly at me. He stood up and came over to me. He knelt down between my legs, and started rubbing my soft cock through my bikini briefs. I immediately became hard, and Will continued to rub me as he undressed. Finally, he was naked. His thick, uncut cock pulsed visibly. I moaned as he pulled my bikini briefs off. I slid out of my t-shirt.

Will's tongue flicked eagerly at my pink cockhead. He licked and stroked me with a new confidence; afterwards, he relayed to me that he had been studying porn to see how the starlets sucked cock. After several minutes my cock was slick and glistened with his saliva. I got off the chair, kneeling on the floor.

"Stand up, baby," I whispered. Will did, and I took his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking on his hooded head. I stroked it back carefully, lapping at the beautiful pink head within. As I was getting completely into it, Will asked, "Can we go upstairs?"

"Mmmm, of course," I replied. I imagined we were going to explore each other as we had the last time, when Will orally serviced my manpussy.

I was both right and wrong.

Will laid me on the bed in the spare bedroom, and then mounted me in the 69 position. He quickly found my cock with his mouth, and we sucked and licked each other sweetly. I completely lost track of time and space as our hot cocks filled one another's mouths. "Oh God," I cooed. "I'm gonna cum, baby..."

Will stopped sucking me and crawled off. As I lay there wondering what happened, Will went into the drawer of the nightstand. From it he produced a bottle of lube, and then made his way between my legs. He uncapped the bottle, squirted some lube on his fingers, and then rubbed it between my asscheeks. I moaned in utter delight, opening my legs to give him full access. My cock dripped precum continuously, and it ran down my aching shaft to my balls. Will worked it down into my ass with the lube, and soon he was knuckle-deep inside me with his middle finger. I whimpered and made small sounds of urgent lust, noting the look of excitement on his face. It appeared he was on auto-pilot; he was just giving in to his sexual instincts and letting things happen. I loved it!

After a few minutes, I felt the rush of my impending orgasm once again. "I'm gonna cum, oh God yes..." I moaned. Will stopped yet again, and looked at me for several seconds.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Do you..." he started. "Do you want to...I mean...can we...I want you so bad, man..." he replied. It took a second, but I thought I knew what he was getting at. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and my hands quivered as I considered it.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I finally asked. I couldn't believe the question after I asked it. I had fantasized about being taken by a man, and they were exquisite fantasies. The prospect of it actually happening, so abruptly, both scared and excited me in a new way. My cock throbbed and precum exploded out of my swollen cockhead as I thought about it.

"Yeah, I...I mean, if you want to...If not..." Will stammered.

I looked at Will's gorgeous cock, twitching and leaking precum onto the bed. I felt the warm and wet lube oozing out of my asshole...

"Do you have a condom?" I asked. Will went to the drawer, opened it, and pulled one out. I grinned, trying to break the slight but sexy tension.

"Did you plan this?" I laughed.

"What? No! I...well, maybe...but..." Will laughed. I leaned forward, taking the condom and opening it. I pulled it over his hard cock, then laid back down. I looked up at him, feeling sexy and slutty. I let go of my reservations, and said to him, "Fuck me, baby..."

Will fingered a bit of lube onto the tip of the condom, and then rubbed it against my asshole. I whimpered, feeling his head probe my pink rosebud. He hesitated briefly, and then pushed it against my ass. I opened quickly from all of the lube and his finger, and half of his head slid in. He stopped, looking at me. "Is that okay?" he asked. "Mmmm, its perfect, don't stop," I moaned heartily.

Will continued, slipping his entire head in. My virgin ass stretched open, aching but feeling hot and exquisite. He pumped the head in and out, letting out several loud moans as he did so. I became accustomed to the feeling, and whispered, "More, a little more."

Will complied, and soon his head and two inches were in. I started to feel the pain at that point, as his cock was thick and had opened me considerably more than I was used to with my fingers and buttplug. I moaned in pain and pleasure, and Will slowed his strokes. He fucked me gently, rubbing my balls as he slid in and out. I got used to the sensation, and asked him to try a little more. Will managed to get his head and three inches in before I couldn't take anymore. He spent awhile just easing in and out of me, and soon the pain subsided to a tolerable point.

Once I was used to the thick, hard cock in my ass, I urged him to fuck me faster. He quickened his strokes little by little, and every stroke was pure delight and pain. I teased my cock to distract myself from the pain, and after a few minutes I felt my balls tighten with hot, explosive cum. I realized I was moaning very loudly, and Will was grunting and moaning eagerly. I tried to take in the moment before it was gone in the rush of our orgasms. Will's thick, stiff dick, filling my pink, wet, stretched asshole; the smell of our man-scent hanging over us in the room, like a phantom succubus. The noises of total lust and sex as we breathed, moaned, whimpered, and grunted excitedly. The feeling and sound of his large balls swinging forward, smacking my wet ass with each stroke. The sweet, sticky precum coursing down my cock, balls, and into my ass.

Finally I could hold back no more, and realized I was panting, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." I moaned loudly, craning my neck to see Will's cock as it fucked me. Hot, white cum erupted from my aching cock, cascading onto my stomach and balls. I grabbed my cock and pumped it furiously, amazed at how long my climax was taking; spurt after spurt of thick, sticky cum shot out of me, soaking my pubes and navel. Will suddenly pulled out, ripping the condom from his cock. He jerked his dick feverishly, and seconds later his cum was shooting all over my cock, balls, and inner thighs. A hot thick strand ran down my ass, and I clenched my cheeks together, savoring the sticky warmth trapped within. I couldn't believe how dirty and raw I felt, though I was loving every second of it.

Our orgasms slowed and then ceased. I lay there, trembling and spent, and Will laid down next to me. I ran my hand over his thigh, finding his pulsing cock. I played with it slowly and softly, and he soon found mine. The smell of sex invaded the room, hot and satisfying. After a few minutes, we got up, making our way to the living room. We sat and smoked a cigarette, still nude and talking about our first fuck. I didn't feel awkward in any respect, and neither did Will. I asked him what he was going to do if his wife came home and wanted some. He laughed.

"I'm going to give her what she asks for," he grinned.

I laughed, thinking of his wife's amazing body and gorgeous face. "Do you mind if I masturbate to her?" I joked.

"Not at all," he said. He paused. "You know, she did mention once that she wanted a guy to watch us as we made love..."

I looked at him, mulling it over. "I better be on speed dial for that one," I laughed...

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