My Neighbor's Shenanigans


Soon Sarah began moving again, she went to the edge of the pool and gently disengaged herself from a reluctant blondie. She reached out and patted the cement and said something. Blondie hopped up on the cement with her butt on the edge and left her legs in the water. Sarah moved between her legs and used her hands to move then apart. She grinned wickedly as she looked up at blondie. She used the water to help her as she hopped up and gave blondie a quick kiss on the lips, when she came back down she used one hand to push her back and blondie leaned back on her arms. Without any hesitation Sarah moved between her legs and as I watched she started licking her pussy. Blondie threw her head back again and moaned loud enough to worry me that everyone in the neighborhood might hear. I thought Sarah might say something but this only encouraged her and she kept teasing blondie with her tongue. After a few seconds blondies arms trembled and she was forced to lay back on the warm concrete. Sarah took her time as she licked her friend, I could see blondie biting her lip and her hips would occasionally squirm, she kept clenching and unclenching her hands as Sarah continued her assault.

Throughout the entire time in the pool I had been taking the odd picture here and there. Whenever a nice moment happened I snapped off a few shots. I planned on being as discrete with these pics as I had with the first group so I didn't have any anxiety about what I was doing. I looked at the clock, wow, an hour had passed and I hadn't even noticed.

I focused back on the girls. Sarah must be really good because I could tell that blondie was about to have another orgasm. She started twisting more and more and Sarah was forced to bring her hands up and hold her legs. Her head started to thrash and she brought a hand to her mouth and bit down on her knuckles. Seconds later I heard a muffled scream as she arched her back and her body locked. Sarah kept her head between her legs for a few more seconds and then blondie went limp. Sarah lifted her head and smiled, she pushed out into deeper water as blondie recovered. Blondie was facing the other way and she glanced up toward my house so I reached out to the light switch and flicked it on and off three times in a congratulatory way. She looked back at blondie to check she wasn't watching and then looked back toward me and raised her fist in a victory pump. She ducked under the water and swam to the steps of the pool and got out. She kept her back to me as she went over to her bikini and slipped on the bottoms. I loved looking at her ass but I'd been hoping to see her full frontal. I'm not sure if she planned it or it just happened but in all the pool play she had managed to keep her sex hidden from me. Through angles and under the water I could only catch glimpses of between her legs and it was driving me crazy. She kept her top off though so I was treated to a continued view of her magnificent chest. She walked over to blondie and bent down to shake her. Blondie stirred and looked up at her and they started talking, she took her hand and helped her up. Blondie started to walk towards her clothes but Sarah pulled her toward the house, holding hands as they walked inside.

Instinctively I knew they were done with the pool. I was starting to understand Sarah and I knew she'd finished with her show for the day.

I went to my computer and downloaded the pictures, I went through them and found two perfect shots. The first was when blondie was just entering the water, it was a full frontal and showed her body to perfection. Sarah was to the side and below blondie, the water was a few inches below her ass showing her entire backside, her hair clung to her back and both of them sparkled from the droplets of water on their bodies. Blondie was looking at Sarah with a perfect bedroom face, lips slightly parted, nipples erect, with obvious arousal playing across her features. The second had had them in a lovers embrace, it was a side angle of them kissing with their tits pressed together and their hands wrapped around each other. I sent the photos to the print store with a next day delivery and started to close my browser. I thought about something real quick and changed my mind to look up one other item. I found it and quickly ordered it to be delivered to my house overnight. Finished I closed out of my browser and went back to my day.


On Monday I got lucky and happened to get off work a half-hour early, I drove past her house and saw the packages out front. When I got home I found the other package I had ordered too, I opened it to make sure it was the right one check and that it was undamaged. I stood in my kitchen drinking a can of coke and thinking about how I'd give her my gift. I thought back to her breaking into my house and I decided that turnabout was fair play. I would go and sneak the package into her house. Smiling, I quickly walked back to her house and grabbed the pictures off her front porch. I gave a quick knock and waited a minute just to make sure she wasn't at home. I assumed the house would be locked and my attempt would be cut short but I figured it was worth a try, surprisingly, her door opened and I stepped inside. I paused in the front foyer to listen but everything was quiet. I paused to look around, her house was decorated in all dark wood and white leather furniture. Everything was perfect and gleaming, she had a black lacquer and glass cabinet against one wall filled with assorted vases and glass and wood art pieces, the carpet was a pristine white. I absorbed everything and took stock of the layout. I'd seen this one before when I had been house hunting in the neighborhood so I knew where all the rooms were. I wanted to leave her gift in her bedroom. I walked toward the back of the house and opened her bedroom door. As soon as I opened the door I heard water running from the master bedroom shower. Stunned I froze, holy shit, she was home. I needed to leave now. I started to turn around but paused on second thought. My heart was beating a mile a minute, but I'd come this far. By her actions we appeared to have some sort of odd relationship going on. I figured I might be able to leave the gift without her going crazy. Steeling myself, I quickly went to her bed and laid out her present.

It was a hot pink thong bikini from wicked weasel. It was very small and thin, I'd seen the ads for it and I know when it gets wet it becomes very sheer.

I laid it out so that she'd see it as soon as she walked into her room and turned to leave. Just as I got to the door I paused again. I knew I shouldn't peek in on her but at the same time I knew she'd assume I had. Considering how insanely stupid I was acting at the moment I might as well go the distance. It wouldn't make a difference on her opinion of me either way. Mouth dry and with my heart pounding I moved to her bathroom door. Like most people, she'd left it open since it was connected to her own bedroom.

I slowly got to the edge and peeked around the corner. She was in the shower with her back to me. Her bathroom was all marble and her shower had glass doors. A little bit of steam fogged the doors but she was still clearly visible. Her face was under the nozzle of the shower and her hands were in her hair. This was the closest I'd ever been to her before and the sight of her ass made me instantly hard. I admired her for a few moments and then pulled back. As much as I wanted to do things with her and enjoyed the game I didn't want it to go bad because I was overzealous. Stealing a look might be okay, but I was pretty sure I'd be in trouble if she caught me, I instinctively knew that discretion was part of the game. With a resigned sigh, I quickly backed away and made my way out of her house and back to mine.

I stood in my kitchen for a few minutes thinking about what I'd done. Once again I wanted to start banging my head against something, this girl was bringing out something crazy in me. Emotionally I kept telling myself that everything she'd done up to now had justified what I was doing, but rationally I knew that was stupid. All it would take is one small cross of a line she didn't want crossed and I'd be arrested or worse. I sighed and decided to workout, one way or another I was already committed so I might as well put my mind on something else. I changed and headed to my garage gym. I pounded away on weights for an hour for my arms and back. After I finished I opened the garage to start stretching and get ready for my post-workout run. I started my run but when I passed her house I purposely kept my gaze forward, never turning to look toward her house at all. My muscles were shaking from the adrenaline going through them. I kept telling myself if she was going to do anything it already would've happened. I had to assume she wasn't mad, or was at least okay with what I'd done. I continued my run and looped back to the house for my cool down. As soon as I entered I stopped to see if I could sense if she had been there. I didn't smell anything or see anything out of place as I went through my house. I was strangely disappointed but relieved when I didn't find anything.

Days went by and I didn't see her in the backyard or get any notes from her. I was starting to panic. Maybe I had crossed a line, maybe she was mad. I began to feel sick to my stomach every day. One day I resolved to go to her house and apologize after I got home from work. I pulled into my driveway and got my mail and went inside. There was another notecard in my mail, hurriedly I opened it.

"Saturday- Pool party- my house."

Reassured I smiled. All of a sudden, the day was a lot brighter.

Saturday came and I was up early. The morning dragged as I did a few chores around the house and waited to go to Sarah's house. She didn't say a time so I kept looking out back for people to show up, I cracked the window so that I could hear anything from her house. I figured I'd wait until a few others were there because I didn't want to be too eager. I sat down to watch a little television and wait for the time to pass. Around one o'clock I heard a few voices from my back window. I went and checked her house and saw about a dozen people lounging around her pool. Perfect, it was finally time to go meet the neighbor. I walked to my door and stopped to check myself in the hallway mirror. I was wearing black board shorts and a bright pink muscle shirt. It was the same color as the bikini I bought her. My dark hair was black and cut close in a military haircut style. I had pale blue eyes and a neatly cropped goatee. My body was well defined from all my workouts and running and I'd been told before that I had 'roguish good looks.' I slipped on a pair of black converse shoes, grabbed a bottle of Tequila and walked to her house. I rang the doorbell and within seconds she answered the door.

We looked at each other and both of us smiled wide. We stood that way for a minute, just checking each other out. She was wearing the pink bikini I'd bought her and it looked incredible. The top had two triangles that conformed to her tits tightly and left an obscene amount of tanned flesh on display. The material was even a little see through when dry and I could just make out the darkness of her nipples under the clingy fabric. The bottom triangle was barely bigger than the top triangles and the bright color in contrast to her tanned skin only highlighted her sex. The fabric was tight enough and small enough that I knew she had to shave her pussy completely or at best had a small stripe. Her stomach had just the barest hint of muscle definition and her legs were toned and smooth. I could see the slight trace of lighter skin on the sides of her bikini showing that the one she was wearing was considerably smaller than her previous one. She let me look and gave me a once over, after we both finished we looked in each other's eyes again.

She looked over her shoulder and scanned the room before looking back at me.

She stepped toward me and half-closed the door to speak without being overheard.

"Few quick rules. One, nobody here knows about my fun stuff and I want to keep it that way. Two, you're not my neighbor, you're a friend from the gym. Three, I don't want anyone knowing you live next door. Got it?"

I nodded.

"Do you want to know my name?" I joked.

She waved a hand, "I already know that, I went through your mail David."

My jaw dropped and I stood there stunned. She just smirked and kept talking like nothing she said was out of the ordinary.

"Also, I love the bikini!" she said.

Then she reached up and brushed her lips against mine, I started to kiss her but she pulled back with an impish grin. She turned around and looked back over her shoulder.

"Now follow me," she said.

"Anywhere you want," I replied.

She giggled and walked back into her house. I had a hard time walking because I couldn't take my eyes off her ass. The strings of her top disappeared under her full black hair and the strings on the bottom disappeared into her ass cheeks. Only the tiniest strip of pink fabric could be seen wedged in her ass and she walked with a slight sway in her step. Her muscular legs held my attention almost as much as her ass as she walked barefoot into her kitchen with me following. She introduced me to some friends as she took the bottle of tequila from me and poured a round of shots. There were five or six people in the kitchen and the same amount or so outside. There were four guys and the rest girls and everyone was wearing shorts or bikinis. She lined up a few shots on the kitchen island and called out if anybody wanted to do one. A blonde girl in a yellow bikini squealed and yelled "me, me" as she ran into the kitchen. I instantly recognized her as blondie from the other day in the pool. I looked at Sarah and she gave me a quick wink. I looked around to see if any of the guys were either of her "special" friends. She saw me looking and must've understood because she gave a quick shake of her head.

Sarah started handing out lime wedges and salting people's hands, she mouthed the words "only her" to me when nobody was looking. A Mexican guy and girl who looked to be a couple joined us and the five of us did shots of tequila.

After everyone took their shot, Sarah grabbed two Corona's, handed me one then snagged my arm and started introducing me to all of her friends. In between movements between people she gave me information about everybody.

"Joseph and Gabrielle have been a couple for the last two years and are engaged."

"All the rest of the guys here are gay so be careful, they might hit on you," she said laughing.

"The only person I've had sex with here is Shayna, the one in the yellow bikini that you saw me with the other day. It was her first time with a girl and I think she's got a tiny crush on me now, but she still likes guys."

"The rest are just friends and stuff, they know I'm an exhibitionist but not anything else."

I raised my eyebrows, "They know you're an exhibitionist?"

She looked at me sideways, "Not like I've been with you or anything. Just that I like to flash my boobs or panties when we go out and stuff. I think everybody here has seen my tits, that's why nobody was really surprised to see me in this thong today even though it's the first thong bikini I've ever worn."

I smiled and nodded understanding, we stopped next to the pool.

"You have good taste," she said.

"I try."

"Well thank you, I've always wanted one like this but they're hard to find. Where did you get it from?"

"Online, Wicked Weasel."

"Ahhhh, never thought of that. Kind of stupid of me now that I think about it. I'm sure there's tons online."

I shrugged noncommittally.

"I'm just happy you wore it."

She winked at me.

"And that you haven't had me arrested..."

She let out a heartfelt laugh.

"You were really worried about that?"

"Considering those first pictures I wasn't sure how you'd react. I mean I wasn't trying to be creepy or anything but I'm pretty sure some girls out there would have freaked if they'd gotten the pictures I sent you."

"Maybe some, but I think most would be flattered, I know I was. I hung them up in my bedroom. Besides, it wasn't like you didn't make sure I saw you. That was smart, I mean, if you hadn't have done that and then I noticed you out there taking pics or sending them to me without being warned then yeah, I'd have freaked, but since I kept swimming I obviously didn't care about whatever you saw."

"True, still, it was a risk."

"Yeah it was, I'm glad you took it."

"Me too."

"It's funny, I was planning on dropping by your house soon anyways."

"What for?"

"After I saw that camera I figured you must be a photographer, it looked expensive, a lot more than a hobby camera."

I laughed, "Just a little bit."

"I was going to ask you to take some pictures of me, but then you sent me those other ones and our 'relationship' just kind of took off on its own. It's lucky it turned out good, I wasn't sure about you at first."

She held up her hands and did quote marks with her fingers at the word relationship. I knew what she meant, I wasn't quite sure what to define us as either and told her so.

"What's to make of me? I'm normal."

I rolled my eyes at that.

"Normal people don't break into other people's house to steal their clothes."

"Look who's talking. At least you were gone, I was taking a shower and I sure you got an eyeful."

"Maybe a little peek."

She grinned at me.

"Well anytime you want me to take pictures of you just let me know," I said.

"I'm going to take you up on that, I have some lingerie that I want some nice pics of."

I raised an eyebrow.

"It's a cute little garter belt and stockings."

"What else?"

She leaned close and whispered, "Nothing, just the garter and stockings."

I swallowed and my dick twitched a little as I started to get hard. She had glanced down at just the right moment and noticed my shorts move.

She let out a small laugh, "Looks like somebody likes that idea." She grabbed my hand, "C'mon, let's get in the pool. You need something to cool you down."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head but let her drag me to the pool steps, I pulled my hand free for a second and stripped my shirt off and tossed it onto a lounger then followed her into the water.

We walked till the water was chest level and then faced each other sipping our beers and talking about little things for another 20 minutes or so. I kept trying not to glance down at her bikini which had become very sheer in the water. She saw my glance once and looked down at herself.

"This thing doesn't leave much to the imagination does it?"

Even though I hadn't known her long I knew that she was enjoying my attention, she'd been teasing me so much I decided to call her out on it.

"No it doesn't, but I'm guessing you like it that way or you wouldn't have worn it in front of all these people."

She smiled and took another sip of her beer.

"Wanna have some fun?"

I sighed, I had a feeling this girl's fun was going to be wild.


"Let's go skinny dipping."

"Why did I know you were going to say something like that? Okay, I'm down, but let me go get us some fresh beers first."

She handed me her empty bottle and I waded to the side and pulled myself out. I smiled at a few people and nodded as I passed them and grabbed a few fresh Corona's from the fridge. When I got back to the pool I noticed two other girls had hopped in the water but Sarah was by herself near the far side. I looked closely at her and noticed that she appeared to be naked. She saw my scrutiny and held up her hand, it had her bikini in it. I looked around, everybody was talking to other people and nobody had even noticed her. I could see fairly clearly through the water and it would be obvious to anybody if they glanced at her that she was naked. I shook my head and smiled and bounced into the pool and waded next to her. She took a beer from me and handed me her bikini.

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