My Neighbor's Wife


Ted whispered in my ear,"Whatever she asks you to do, just caress her arms and legs. Just sort of tease her till I get back. I should be back in less than an hour, before she gets really wild. Just kinda fill in for me, and she'll never know I left. Take good care of her for me, will ya please?"

I managed to smile, nodding, and whispered,"sure, Ted, no problem" and he turned and left, carefully closing the door behind him.

Finally alone with a goddess, I thought. I was here, but I was in shock. It was still too totally unbelievable. I moved to stand near the foot of the bed. I couldn't resist grabbing the sheet and sliding it slowly, inch by incredible inch, down her body. First exposing the rise of her magnificent breasts, then her long, hard nipples popped into view. The edge of the sheet slid off the lower slope of her breasts, then slowly uncovered her firm belly. Where I expected to find her pussy hair, there was only smooth silky skin. Then her bald slit came into view, and finally, I slid the sheet inch by inch down those long glorious thighs.

I bunched the sheet up and dropped it to the floor. I stared, taking in her long slim thighs, her more than ample breasts, topped by hard nipples at least a half inch long. I wanted to get a better look, so I bent over, looking at her beautiful bare pussy. Her bald mound rounded over, her lips slightly protruding between her slit, and glistening with moisture. The little pink hood over her clit was prominent and shiny in the candlelight. I made a note to commit this vision to memory.

She began softly singing as her hips began to rock, thrusting up and back just slightly. "Let's make a remember...let's do something amazing...let's do something that's allllllll the wayyyyyyy..."

I nodded - I couldn't agree more. I was now wondering just how much I could get away with, and whether this was a setup and Ted was trying to find out how far I'd go. At least I hadn't touched her - yet. Through the bedroom curtains I saw his car headlights back out and head down the street. He actually left, I thought. If I'm gonna make all my dreams come true, there's not much time - less than an hour. I stripped naked.

Ileaned over her to brush my fingers lightly across both nipples. She sighed,"OH!" and tried to pull away. I ran them down the valley between her breasts, barely making contact with her velvety skin, down her belly, and stopped just short of her slit. That elicited a loud,"WHEW!" from her. Then I lightly touched her ankles with my fingertips. I began to caress her calves, then more firm massaging movements up over her knees and along the insides of her thighs. I was in heaven, actually touching the velvety smooth skin that I'd dreamt about so often. I began to place light kisses up the insides of her thighs as I climbed onto the foot of the bed between her outstretched legs.

I wondered what the 'routine' normally was, and I was sure she'd know I was not Ted if I did anything out of the ordinary. I was so caught up in the 'heat of the moment' that I didn't care. I decided to make this the most sensual experience of Mandy's young life, and probably of my life, too. And damn the consequences, if there were any. She moaned as my kisses and licks moved within inches of her pussy. All the time my eyes were taking in the smooth skin of her thighs and the curves of her ass cheeks where they meet her legs. My nose was mere inches from heaven now, and I began to catch the scent of her very aroused pussy. As I kissed all around the area, around to the front of her belly and across, she pushed her hips up to meet me, pushing her pussy closer.

"Lick me, goddam you, lick me NOW!!" she yelled out. Ok, she's not aware it's me, and she's getting frustrated. I decided to push my luck further, and moved upward to her luscious tits. I straddled her belly and moved my hands over her smooth firm mounds. I squeezed them with both hands, massaging, then sliding my fingers one at a time over her nipples. Savoring the moment, I thought,"these are the tits I've ogled from afar, I've fantasized about, I've wanted for all this time, and here they are IN MY HANDS!!" They truly felt heavenly. I leaned over to suck first one, then the other nipple between my lips and slide my tongue around them. I savored the warmth of them, the soft gentle firmness of them, the shape of them, the perfect smooth silky skin of them. I worshipped her tits. I raised up a bit and slid forward to let my rigid cock slide between her tits, then pressed them together with both hands. I rocked forward and back, my cock trapped between her breasts, sliding slowly between them.

She moaned,"Oh, that feels sooo good!" and as my cock head slid toward her chin, she raised her head up and I watched her tongue snake out trying to find it. After the fourth try, her tongue did make contact, then the next time her wet lips were waiting to catch it. I made a point of sliding it into her mouth this time, between those luscious wet lips. She held the head just inside her lips, sucking gently, and I released her tits and braced my hands on the headboard above her as I leaned forward to give my cock a better angle into her mouth. As I did, she was able to lay her head back and keep my cock head inside her mouth.

"Mmmmm," was the only sound she made as she shook her head side to side with my cock firmly inside her mouth. Then she swirled her tongue around it and I began to slowly slide it deeper into her mouth as she sucked. "Mmmmm," as I slid deeper inside her hot wet mouth. Slowly in until I felt the head contact the back of her throat, then slowly back out, barely staying inside. I thought I was going to pass out from the intense pleasure her mouth was causing on my cock. I looked down at this blond goddess, hair in a halo around her, my cock filling her mouth. I watched her lips puff out as my cock slid out, slick from her saliva.

Then I pulled out, thinking it would only be fair to do the same for her... I flipped myself around, knees straddling her head, and supported myself over her spread thighs. I lowered my cock to her lips and she took over, sucking it inside, raising her head to slide it in and out between her wet lips, bobbing her head up and down.

I supported my upper body on my elbows next to her hips, and reached both arms and hands under to cup an ass cheek. I nuzzled the soft sikly skin of her inner thighs, down close to her pussy. I kissed and licked ever closer to heaven... She released my cock only long enough to make a statement.

"Please!! Make me cum with your tongue! Hurry!!" she pleaded, then fervently went back to sucking my cock. Not one to let a lady down, I slid my face lower between her thighs and used the fingers from both hands to spread her goddess's lips. I inhaled her scent, committing it to memory, along with the sight of her wet pink flesh within inches of my eyes. I thrust my tongue out and licked from top to bottom, dragging my tongue through her moist flesh. I wrapped my arms around her firm ass and pulled her to me, pushing hard into her now, shoving my tongue deep inside her wet furrow. I backed off, licking her lips, sucking them each between my lips and pulling them away from her, then letting go and going back to do it again with the other side. Then more deep thrusting, then lick from bottom to top again, then her clit. I trapped it between my lips and wiggled my tongue across it, back and forth, causing her to buck her hips up off the bed, moaning around my cock,"MMMmmmmmm"

Suddenly, without warning, she yelled out, trying to talk with a mouthful of cock, "OH my fuckingggggGOD!!!! I'm CUMMINGGGGGGG!!" And she forgot about sucking me for a few minutes while her body bucked and thrashed against my mouth. She writhed against her restraints as her body shook with the ecstasy of release. I eased my tongue's movements in her pussy as she settled back against the bed, slowly coming down from wherever that had taken her.

As she settled back to reality, I thought "well, I must not be departing too far from the routine..." and I thought about how much I wanted to actually fuck this goddess that I had just taken to heaven.

I moved back around, knees between her thighs, and slid in closer, raising her thighs up over mine. She was now straddling my lap, my cock pointing straight up and brushing against her pussy lips. I pushed it down to slide the head up and down her wet slit, then pushed forward slowly into her pussy. I watched her wet lips part to accept the intruder between them, guiding my cock slowly but surely into the heaven of her hot pussy.

Mandy thrust her head back against the bed as she arched up against me in an effort to hurry the entrance. When the head was fully inside her, I held her hips with both hands and pulled her pussy hard against me, imbedding my cock deep inside her. It was all I could do to keep silent, but she didn't try.

"OH MY GAAWWWWWDDDDD!!!" she yelled, "WHAT THE HELLLL *IS* THAT??? THAT FUCKING THING IS HUGE!! OH GAWD, FUCK ME!! JUST FUCK ME!! DAMN!!" and she began panting from the effort of arching and pushing upward.

Huge? me? Uh-oh, I think now she'll know for SURE I'm not Ted. But she didn't seem to care one way or the other, she was so caught up in the act of fucking that "huge" cock. If she actually thought someone other than Ted was fucking her, she really didn't care...

She was pulling against the restraints, her head thrashing from side to side, her entire body writhing, back arched up, thighs pushing her pussy upward to surround the invading cock that filled her.

"OH GODDD, OH MY FUCKINGGGGG GODDDD," she screamed out,"I'm CUMMMMINNNGGGGGgggg" and at that moment I felt her pussy pulsating around my cock, milking it, squeezing and pumping. I pushed deep inside her and held it there as she milked me and writhed in ecstasy.

Then when I felt myself very close to the edge, just before I knew I was going to squirt, I pulled out of her pussy and quickly straddled her chest again, guiding my cock to her lips. She raised her head and hungrily sucked it inside just as the first shot hit the back of her throat. She sucked and swallowed but a little escaped to run down her cheeks. I kept shooting into her mouth as her tongue swirled around the head, until finally there was no more cum to shoot. She bobbed her head up and down making sure to clean all the cum from my cock, and I finally pulled my limp cock from between her lips and collapsed next to her.

I raised up and leaned over to kiss her on the lips. She kissed me back, our tongues dueling in a sensual dance as our wet lips sealed together. We kissed for what seemed like several minutes, then finally I saw that Ted would be back soon, and I pulled away.

I stood and got dressed, then threw the sheet back over her as nearly as possible to the way it was before. Just then, I saw headlights on the wall, and knew that Ted was back. I leaned over and pulled the headphone away for a moment, and nibbled Mandy's ear, whispering,"shhhh" hoping she understood. She was still catching her breath, just about recovered from our 'activities'. I stood next to the bed and held her hand, caressing her arm when Ted snuck back into the room.

He saw me standing there holding Mandy's arm, and smiled, motioning me over to the door. "Thanks, buddy," he whispered, "thanks a million." And he opened the door for me. "Talk to ya later," he whispered as I slipped out the door.

I let myself out of their house, and made my way back home and went to bed. I was a bit worried that Ted would be over later with a gun to take care of me, but, apparently, he never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

The next afternoon, Mandy came over to swim as usual, not letting on that anything had happened. Ted stopped over after work, we cooked out and had a good time - laughed and hot-tubbed as usual. If Mandy knew I had fucked her, she wasn't going to let on. She continued to tease and flirt as before. If Ted knew I had fucked Mandy, surely he would have killed me. That night, though, as they were leaving, Mandy waited till Ted was halfway across the lawn on the way home, and as she walked out the gate, she leaned up to my ear and whispered,"shhhh" before turning to follow her husband.

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I had a sexy neighbor just like this one whose husband was a long haul trucker. He was often gone for two weeks. I worked third shift, my "You're oversexed." or "You had it last night." wife worked daysmore...

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