tagErotic CouplingsMy Neighbours Wife

My Neighbours Wife


Marg and I had been living next door to Anna and Hugo for about ten years. For the most part we were friendly neighbors, chatting over the back yard fence, more so with Anna than Hugo who was a silent sullen sort. We seldom visited but counted on each other to keep an eye out on our homes when either of us was away.

Marg and Anna became a little closer after our kids had left home. They traded visits, chatted on the telephone and gradually became pretty good friends.

Anna and Hugo were immigrants, although Anna had arrived in the country as a baby. She was fluent in language and comfortable in our way of life. Hugo and she were childless.

Anna was a little bird of a woman. She dressed in an old fashioned manner that exposed very little of her body. She wore long sleeves and her skirts were almost always ankle length. She seldom used make-up and basically did very little to look attractive.

This started to change as her friendship with Marg evolved. Marg has a real sense of style and encouraged Anna to think of her appearance and dress.

I commented to Marg on one occasion that I had a difficult time imagining Anna and Hugo getting it on. My point was that Anna hardly looked like the type that might encourage a man to want sex.

She looked at me in surprise and said, "She has a very attractive body and she enjoys talking about sex. She claims that Hugo is tired most of the time and she is not getting enough. I have been encouraging her to make herself more appealing around the house."

I said in an attempt at sarcasm, "Oh yes, she would make a great looking model."

Marg simply shrugged at my insensitivity and ignorance. It turned out that Marg could see past the clothing better than I.

Neither Anna nor Hugo had entered the technological world with the rest of us and made no use of computers or the Internet. Marg managed to at least bring Anna into the 21st Century by showing her how to operate a computer while introducing her to the online world. I had purchased a new laptop for my work and travel and Marg asked Anna if she would like to try using my old one.

I set the computer up for Anna and Marg coached and answered questions about net surfing and e-mail. Anna was fascinated and became hooked on it very quickly. She called Marg regularly for help and advice. If something of a more technical nature came up, I would go over to assist.

It was on one of these visits that I discovered the new Anna. She met me at the door dressed in a tight fitting sweater and slacks that hugged her hips and butt so very snuggly. As I followed her up the stairs to the computer room I could not take my eyes off of her nicely rounded ass. Marg's words returned to my mind about Anna having a nice body, as well as her interest in sex.

Anna stood to one side asking questions while I sat and worked through the issues bothering her. Anna is kind of a chatterbox. Each time I answered I turned to her and let my eyes drift down her body. She seemed to enjoy my stare and did not appear in the least uncomfortable. She pressed her hands down along her sides to her hips as if smoothing herself for my view. I became quite aroused looking at this tiny woman's body, with every interesting part perfect in proportion to her stature.

I began fantasizing about Anna on a regular basis. I have discovered in the past that despite my desire for a particular woman; those feelings were not always reciprocated and as a result I was slow to make any overt moves. However, I came to believe that her personal thoughts of me were of an intimate nature. I truly believed that Anna and I were on the same page.

One afternoon, I went out onto my back deck to sit and read in the warm sun. As I opened the door I noticed Anna quickly going back into her house. I was not certain whether she had noticed me. A few minutes later however, she returned but was dressed differently and was now wearing a terry cloth sun-suit comprised of halter-top and shorts. I was certain that she had changed for my benefit. She had also applied a little make-up and looked very attractive.

"Good afternoon Anna, you look quite stunning today. Do you plan to do some sunbathing?" I grinned at her.

"Hi Jim, no, I never sunbathe, my skin burns too easily," she said, "I just like enjoying the warmth under our deck umbrella."

I moved to the railing and leaned on it, my eyes drinking in her tiny body. All I could really think about was what she would look like naked and what it would be like to fuck her. I was sure that she could sense where my mind was. She was basking in my obvious interest.

That night I gave Marg a championship screwing. I worked my mind around to the point that I had Anna under me and not my wife. Luckily, I do not talk much during the act and did not use Anna's name. My body stiffened like a board as I got off, a real toe curler.

Marg rolled me over to my back, our bodies glued together and she finished with a wild twisting orgasm. We lay exhausted and Marg said, "Damn baby, where was your mind tonight? Give me one like that every time and your nights will be full."

My fascination with Anna increased over the next several weeks. I looked for her through my office window, or sat outside on the back deck in hopes that she might come out. I imagined her in various stages of undress and speculated on what she would look like nude. She continued to dress provocatively as the weeks and months rolled onward.

There were a few calls for computer help but either it was a call for Marg on a surfing issue or something minor where Marg or both of us might go over to help. I was anticipating her next call for assistance and hoping that her computer would have a big problem.

I worked my business out of my home office. Marg golfed at her club's Ladies Day each week. On one of those days Marg was golfing, Anna called with an apparent serious computer issue. She was perfectly aware that Marg was not home and asked me if I could spare her some time. I assured her that it was no problem at all and that I would be right over.

Anna answered the door. I was so stunned at her appearance that she had to reach out and pull me indoors, giggling while knowing full well what had frozen me rock still. She was wearing a full-length body suit made of purple velvet that clung to every contour of her body. And I mean every contour, with even a faint trace of her slit obvious through the soft cloth. That little bell was ringing in my depraved mind, 'no panties, no panties'.

I said, "Anna, you look absolutely stunning. What a beautiful outfit and what a gorgeous woman. Don't get too close to me."

She was preening herself for me, running her hands down her body, turning and swaying her hips and allowing me full scope of her appearance. "Do you really think so Jim? I wanted you to see me wearing it. I feel sexy. I enjoy your eyes on me when I wear something revealing on the back deck. I was sure you would like it." Anna had never been this forward in her comments, leaving all of the suggestive phrases to me.

I said, "Have you put it on for Hugo yet? Does he chase you around the house when you wear that outfit?"

She smiled, "No, I have not let him see me in it yet, but I doubt it will do much for him. He works too hard and is always too tired to pay me much attention."

"God Anna, take him on a holiday or something, he must need a break in his life. I would not be able to keep my hands off of you dressed in that outfit."

Anna turned serious at my words, which I had intended to be in a joking fashion, although I admit there was much truth in the comment. She said, "Come upstairs Jim and let me show you today's problem."

Well, today's problem for me was an aching hard cock. As we climbed the stairs, my eyes focused on her beautiful little ass. I could barely keep from grabbing it as it swayed before my eyes.

Anna stood beside me as I settled down in front of the computer. Her perfect tiny tits were about eye level and I had a difficult time forcing myself to get down to business. To make matters a little more difficult, she moved closer to me and rested a hand on my shoulder as she bent to describe her problem. She must have bathed very recently as the scent of roses emanated from her entire body.

Actually her only computer problem was that she had screwed up her Browser tool bar and had lost her bookmarks. I made a bigger issue of it than that of course. I just loved the feeling and scent of her beside me.

I was sure that Anna was also enjoying erotic thoughts. She moved in behind me while her fingers traced little circles on the back of my neck as I struggled to explain her technical issue. I would have been very surprised if her mind was not more on me than her computer. Her fingertips were burning.

"Can you see what I have done wrong Jim? Can you fix it for me? I have so much trouble hitting the right keys," she rambled on as my breaking point loomed.

I settled back a bit and turned to look at her. She remained standing with one hand on my neck. I allowed my eyes to drift down her body and back to her eyes. I said, "Anna, how the hell did you ever get yourself in that outfit? It looks like it is painted on you."

She smiled a little and said, "Did you not notice the zipper down the back Jim?"

I had not noticed a zipper because my eyes had focused on the curves under the cloth. I turned her around enough to see the tiny zipper that was well camouflaged within the cloth of the body suit. I reached up to find the little zipper pull-tag and said, "Oh yes, now I see it."

I turned her fully around with her back to me and slowly pulled the zipper down to the top of the crease in her butt, exposing her white shoulders and back.

She made no attempt to stop me but did murmur, "Jim, you should not have done that. We might do something that we shouldn't do."

I now believed that I had a green light and continued arousing her by running my fingers down her backbone. I said, "Anna, I have been dying to see your body for weeks. You are such a desirable woman. You have been in my fantasies on a nightly basis."

I turned her to face me. I was aware that she was not totally comfortable with proceedings, but I also could read interest in her eyes and body language. She was struggling to remain calm as my burning hands moved delicately over her arms and shoulders, searching for the top of the suit. Her eyes were dull and opaque, her tongue tip circling her lips as I started to peel the body suit off of her shoulders and down her front. She did not resist and in fact struggled to free her arms out of the short sleeves.

I paused as her tits popped out, her surprisingly long nipples jutting out at me, and I pulled her towards me to lick the tips. I could feel her body melt in my hands and she met my lips with hers as I turned my face to hers. Her lips were hungry, her tongue active as she straddled my legs.

I whispered, "Your nipples are sweet Anna, let me make love to them."

I moved my face down between her tits and kissed and licked and sucked for several minutes. I ran my hand between her legs and rubbed her crotch, pressing the heel of my hand down hard on her round mound.

Anna was breathing hard, "This is not right Jim. I should not let you do this to me. Oh, goodness, this is so bad Jim," her words never seemed to stop.

I pushed her back from me and proceeded to peel the body suit down. I was mesmerized at her beautiful form as it emerged from beneath the purple velvet. I paused as I rolled the suit past her round hips that framed the 'V' of her legs and belly. Her small dark bush appeared stark against the chalky whiteness of her skin.

I circled my hands in behind her butt, caressed her little cheeks and pulled her close to me while still sitting in the chair, kissing her belly and top of her bush, nuzzling and licking her hips.

She clutched my head to her while moaning, "We should not be doing this Jim. Where can it end? What about Marg and Hugo? Oh God, I adore your lips and mouth on me. I have been thinking of you too this past while. I want to see you too. What will we do?"

At this point I was not quite sure what all we might do, but I had a distinct idea as to how it would end. She stepped out of the body suit and straightened up naked in front of me. She seemed relaxed enough and appeared to revel in the delight she read in my eyes as I stood and stripped down.

We moved together tentatively, her little tits touched me just above my belly button. I felt as if I was about to make love to a little toy woman. She did not feel like a toy. Her skin was hot and burning to my touch. My cock jammed up along her belly, she turned her face up to me and I whispered, "Touch me Anna, feel my cock."

Our mouths met in a wild kiss and her small hand found my cock and encircled it. "Oh goodness, it is so big Jim," she moaned and pushed it down between her legs. Anna knew how to pump a guy up. We groaned as the knob of my cock slipped between her legs gouging its way along her hot slippery pussy lips.

I wanted to start fucking her while she was in such an aroused state. Other than the computer chair, there was nothing else in the room that seemed practical. I backed into the chair pulling her along with me. She was confused but her eyes soon fastened on my cock jutting upwards at a steep angle as I settled back.

She moved towards me, her legs spreading to straddle my knees. She looked extremely 'fuckable'. Her nipples were pointy and hard, her body soft and vulnerable, and I could see her swollen pussy lips sticking down below her little bush. She leaned in to me and moved a nipple to my mouth as I slid my fingers between her legs each side of her slit.

She began to rock back and forth, finding a rhythm with my fingers. I slipped one finger up inside her followed by the other one, as she gasped in pleasure. I finger fucked her slowly, her prominent clit trapped between my two fingers.

"Oh goodness," she said, "We are going to do it aren't we? You are going to take me aren't you Jim."

I worked my knees further between her legs and pulled her sweet little ass towards me until her little pussy rubbed my belly and loomed over my cock. I allowed her to adjust and settle down on it as we continued to kiss and tongue each other.

"Oh how I want this," she babbled, "I want all of you in me Jim."

I had expected her to be very tight, and it did feel snug as she slowly enveloped my knob and worked down my shaft. She soon adjusted and relaxed and had me all in her within a few beautiful seconds.

I let her grind at her own speed until she found her second gear. Her arms went around my neck and her little ass began to churn and pound me. I was holding her cheeks, spreading and caressing them while running my fingertips along the crease between them.

"Oh, this is so bad Jim. We can never do this again you know. Oh, but it feels so good Jim. You feel so big in me. I never want this to end," she rambled.

Anna was doing all the work and I was enjoying the ride. I worked a finger in along the bottom of my cock into her pussy and as I withdrew it I brushed her butt hole. She exploded frantically at my touch and started to cum. I pushed the finger in her butt to the second knuckle. That put her over the edge. I could feel her pussy clutching my cock through the thin membrane.

"What did you do? Oh my goodness, I have never, oh what a feeling, leave it there, leave it there." Anna did not use bad words apparently. Everything was 'it' and 'there' and 'do it'.

When she went rigid, I grasped her by the hips and lifted her up enough to allow me room to drive my cock repeatedly up her, slamming my thighs against her ass cheeks. Her nipples scratched at my chest as she held on to me. I drove my hips upwards, raising Anna's entire body while driving my cock deep as my first burst of cum exploded deep in her pussy. We strained at each other for a period, before collapsing in the chair. Her arms remained around my neck as her pussy clamped and released around my cock.

I can still picture my cock slipping out of her as she lifted off of me. She had cum running down her leg and dripping to the floor. She ran out to another room and returned with a wet cloth and paper towels to clean the floor.

"My goodness, I never thought that would happen. It was all my fault Jim, I wanted to tease and arouse you, but never thought that we would get so caught up," the words streamed out of her mouth.

I said, "Anna, that was a beautiful experience with a gorgeous woman, I will never regret it and I wanted it as much or more than you did. Here, let me fix the Tool bar, this is what happened."

That was a month ago, and there has not been any computer service calls, damn it. She smiles serenely at me when we greet each other in the back yard. "Hello Jim, how are you?"

Her attire now ranges from tight jeans to Capri pants. Her midriff is quite often bare and generally she looks more desirable than ever. I might have to email her a virus. One I can fix of course.

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