My Nerdy Date with Myself :)


When I got home I reminded myself that I had the entire house to myself so I could take my time. I spent the afternoon cleaning up which consisted mainly of putting toys away. I also put new sheets on my bed because I wanted the experience to be fresh. My nerdy side then went into overdrive, I decided that I was going to make the night special and have a sort of date with myself.

I even dressed up and everything. I took out a small black dress that I had worn to a friend's wedding a few years earlier, I liked the dress because it made me feel sexy. I laid it out on the bed and then took a shower and did my hair. I put on perfume and my sexiest pair of heels. All this for my pink soon to be intruder which I left on the middle of the bed in preparation for later.

I put the dress on a looked at myself in the mirror and gave myself a smile. Next it was off to the kitchen were I made myself a chocolate fondu in classy elegance. Chocolate is one of the things that serves to get my blood pumping and the darker the better. Soon the dark chocolate was oozing over strawberries as I sipped on wine. This date was going fantastic!

Feeling slightly light headed from the wine, a little nerdy from what I was doing and very horny from the entire build up of the day I decided to go make my new friend's acquaintance. I really knocked myself off my feet as jumped on to the bed in my dress and slid off my panties. I was feeling myself up and down and pawing at my breasts. I felt so good with my dress riding up past my hips and my body completely on fire. I started to slide into fantasy.

Mostly when I masturbate I just focus on the sensation but this time I wanted to fantasize. I thought of a man that I didn't know breaking into my house and finding me like that on the bed. He wasted no time in sticking his dick in my mouth. On the bed I now had the pink cock's tip in my mouth and I started to suck on it. I rolled around on the bed giving my imaginary man the best blow job I could give. The entire situation had me burning up. I thought about being in the store and buying the dildo. I thought about getting up on the counter and spreading my legs and rubbing the dildo on my opening until I speared myself in front of all those guys.

The images kept flooding my brain and I didn't want to stop them. As quick as one fantasy would stop another would start until I was overflowing with sexual energy. I decided that was time to plunge the pink dildo deep inside of me. I did it slowly at first pushing it in about half way and taking it out and repeating slowly. As I did this I started working my way out of my dress. With one had I massaged my breast, with the other I picked up the pace and was fucking at a medium speed.

If anyone could have seen me I would have looked so vulgar. My legs were spread wide open and I was now fucking myself really hard with this piece of plastic. It took about 20 or 30 minutes for my orgasm to hit but once it did I had three in succession. I didn't squirt or anything like that but there was no denying that I felt good. I wasn't sex starved but for some reason I felt it. I wanted to be used all night and I was more than happy to oblige.

By the time I woke out of my erotic bliss I looked pretty de-shelved. The room looked like a struggle had taken place and that I had been fucked. This was more or less true just this time I didn't just get fucked but I did the fucking too. My hands aren't as forceful as a man's and this pink piece of plastic could never replace the heat of sex but for the novelty it made me feel good. The strange thing was that after than night the dildo didn't really become a staple in my masturbation. My self love in general began to decline. Perhaps my hormones were just starting to even out or maybe I did what I needed to do.

Old pink these days has a home in a box at the bottom of my closet. I've taken it out a few times to put on a show for my husband. The store even gave me another idea, I put on my school uniform and used pinky in front of him. All in all the masturbation was just a strange phase that I went through during my second pregnancy and the time afterwards. I hope you liked reading about my nerdy date with myself :)


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by Familyluv2114u02/12/18

Very Sweet.....

Hmm,out of all the offerings you submitted here(I hadn't had the pleasure of reading/hearing them all,just yet) I really like this one the most. It's so cute how innocent you are,being a woman in her forties,marriedmore...

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