tagAnalMy New Boss Made Me Lick her Arse

My New Boss Made Me Lick her Arse


I had just taken a new job and I was deeply thrilled as my new boss was a very beautiful and sexy, but dominant woman. It had been a long string of female bosses and I hoped this one wasn't going to be any different from the others.

Julia sat at her desk tapping her pen onto the edge of her laptop. Her breasts looked firm and round through the white blouse which exposed some cleavage. As she talked I thought about what her mouth would feel like if she sucked my cock. I imagined doing 69 with her and her cunt would smell dirty and musky in my nostrils.

My cock grew hard in my suit as she got up and walked around the desk and sat on top of it right in front of me. She crossed her legs just revealing a little of her stocking top. Her soft perfume oozed over to me and my palms began to sweat as her foot brushed my leg slightly.

She had asked me a question and was staring at me expecting an answer that I didn't have. I felt my face flush red and there was a tense moment of silence, she stared me out and I looked too the floor ashamed of my incompetence and my hard on.

She pulled my tie in towards her face and assured me that she would have to check me out thoroughly if I was to keep my job. She grabbed my cock through my trousers and I was terrified as she rubbed my hard on.

She barked at me saying that I hadn't been listening to her and that she would punish me and make sure that I didn't do it again. My cock grew even harder at her harsh words and the predatory look in her eye. I knew she was going to have me and there was nothing I could do about it unless I wanted to leave my job.

I was trembling with fear as she pulled me to my feet by my tie and my cock. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock through my pants. It was too late for my fears as she had already seen my wet patch where my cock had been oozing pre cum into my pants for the last 20 minutes.

I looked at the floor, she was so intense and I wanted her desperately since my interview three weeks ago. She slapped my cock about and it made my erection even harder. I loved it too much and she knew it. She whispered in my ear with details of the things she would do to me over the coming weeks.

Every bit of me was shaking as she de bagged me and ripped open my shirt. She pushed me over the desk like her bitch, I never felt so small but excited too. She spanked my bottom with her hand and said I deserved a proper telling off. I watched her pacing up and down in her stiletto shoes like a caged tiger – I was her prey.

Every blow of her hand made my cock grow harder and the head began to bulge and my balls grew tight and ached with the longing to squeeze my creamy cum onto her tits if she would only allow me.

I looked out of the window as she spanked me, parting my legs and squeezing my balls to feel the weight of my spunk. The city of London looked so peaceful, it was like slow motion and everything had stopped and Julia was going to make me cum . . . I hoped.

Reaching in between my legs she wanked my cock and pulled it back. She ripped the tie from my neck and trussed up my cock and balls firmly sealing them in a knot so that I it would not slip free. She yanked it back and told me it was her cock now.

She fingered my arse hole very gently and it was wonderful, the sensation was amazing – I had never been fingered by anyone before but I have to admit I had fucked my arse with my wife's vibrator one afternoon when she took the kids out. I had enjoyed sitting on the vibrator and wanking myself whilst watching pornography.

She pushed me to my knees and bent over the desk herself telling me to smell her arse and cunt. I did and her odour was great, fulfilling my imagination with masturbation material for the following day.

She commanded me to lick her arse out and I did so eagerly. I started to wank my cock, I couldn't help it I was so turned on and desperately needed to cum. She realized almost immediately that I was masturbating and was furious turning around and slapping my face which I enjoyed immensely.

She told me to get back to licking her clitty properly and I continued to satisfy her with a hand print on my face and a dripping wet cock. She swore at me the whole time I licked her out, telling me that I was going to be fucked a lot in my new job and that if I wanted to keep it I would have to do as I was told.

I grew worried that I might have to do this every day and I would not be able to keep up the pace. My last boss, Charlotte had been dominant and had forced me to eat her out at almost every opportunity, but she was no where near as scornful as Julia was. But Julia had beauty where Charlotte had none and I was happy with my new situation.

She came very hard yelling loudly, I was worried that one of the office workers down the hall might hear her and come into the unlocked office. At last she had reached climax with her sweet cum sliding into my mouth and around my chin. I couldn't even wipe her elixir from my face and must remember to do as I was told.

She made me stand up and go over to the window and wank, I couldn't remember if the windows were mirrored or not and the whole world could see me or if it was just our secret in the office that day. I stood before her wanking myself and she pulled open her blouse and rubbed her cunt juices all over her tits in front of me. She then told me to lick it all off.

I licked her tits hungrily smelling the fragrant odour of her cunt and without getting the opportunity to fuck her I spunked my cream out unexpectedly all down her stocking top, I felt pathetic and was so disappointed with myself. She was very angry and pushed me away packing up her laptop she stormed off telling me to come back at 5pm tomorrow if I wanted to keep my job.

I knew this job would be a real challenge for me and that I would have to get some more practice in if I was going to keep it. I had better make sure I wanked before I went to her office tomorrow. I knew I would last longer and better the next time.

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by Anonymous03/25/18

Lucky fellow!

I would like to see this story expanded to where the boss promotes a new hire above the author. In order to keep his job, the author has to suck the new man hard, lick the boss's anus and guide the newmore...

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