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My New Boyfriend


Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to read this story. It contains graphic sex and should not be read by those who find such aspects objectionable.

This story belongs to me and should not be used commercially without my permission.

I write for my own enjoyment and am sharing this with other members of the MC community after spending many years being entertained by numerous authors, too many to mention here.

This story is a fantasy of mine going back many years even before I knew what MC was! At last I have got it down on paper.


My name's Jade and my boyfriend asked me to write to tell you how we got together. It was the most amazing sequence of events that I still can't believe.

I should start by describing myself. I am 18 years old and in my last year of school. I am not embarrassed to say that I have a face and body that receives many admiring looks. In short I turn heads. I am five feet, eleven inches tall with long wavy chestnut brown hair and sexy green eyes. My face is heart shaped with cheeks that I am told, dimple when I smile. My skin is smooth and I have a flat stomach with hour glass hips and long legs. But it is my 36D tits, or breasts as I used to call them, that gets the most attention.

I used to hate most of the attention my body got. Boys and men would talk directly at my breasts and not at my face, like I was a sex object made to be leered at. The worst of the lot was my current boyfriend Harry who I thought was a complete pervert.

Harry is 18 years old and goes to the same school as me. He is five feet, three inches tall and up until recently I thought he was pretty repulsive. He had greasy hair and suffered from acne. He also possessed a very weedy body that made him look even younger than his 18 years.

What made it worse was how perverted he was. The way he treated women was a disgrace and worst of all was the way he treated me. From the first time he saw me at school Harry made no secret of the fact he lusted after me. I'll never forget being in the playground with my friends when Harry was walking past me. He just stopped and leered at me with a filthy smile on his face, staring at my tits which had developed early.

"Oh, now you are sexy. How about we go somewhere private and have a bit of fun. I'd love to get hold of your body," he said.

I was amazed that someone that pathetic could be so disgusting and rude. I managed to laugh as my friends shouted out for me to ignore him.

"Fuck off you pathetic little shit. Don't you dare talk to me like that. I wouldn't go near you if you were the last guy on earth," I replied.

Harry frowned briefly, then started smiling, "Oh you stuck up little bitch. I'll just have to go home and have a nice long wank session imagining getting hold of those massive tits and fucking you like a filthy slut."

If I was angry before I was incredulous after Harry's words. I stormed off and my friends joined me.

After that I did all I could to avoid Harry. It wasn't easy as he made a point of checking me out when we did Physical Education and at school dances he would make a point of attending just so he could leer at me.

Whenever Harry got a chance he would always make disgusting comments to me about what he'd want to do to my body and how he loved wanking over me.

However I was coming to the end of my time at school, having plans to head off to university. I was planning on never seeing Harry again. However all that changed shortly after Harry's eighteenth birthday.

I came home from school the day after Harry's eighteenth birthday. Harry had been particularly disgusting, rubbing his cock as he mentioned how much he'd love to see me in a French Maid's outfit.

My Mum came up to me and said that she had seen Harry's Step-Mum Mrs. Vickery earlier in the day. I gave a rather non-plused look but my Mum carried on. She said that Harry had been struggling with his maths to which I replied that if he spent less time thinking about sex he might do better.

My Mum showed no reaction to my remark and added that Mrs. Vickery thought he needed tutoring. I was the star maths pupil at the school and Mrs. Vickery suggested that I went round to their place on Friday night to help Harry out.

I was fuming. There was no way I intended spending anytime near Harry tutoring him. Besides it was a Friday night and I had plans with my friends.

Much to my amazement my Mum said that she had agreed to me tutoring Harry and that I had to cancel my plans. Up to that moment my Mum had told me in no uncertain terms to avoid Harry at all costs and report his behaviour if he crossed the line.

I pleaded with my Mum to tell Mrs. Vickery that I would not go, but she insisted I did go and she would drive me there personally on Friday to make sure I went.

In spite of all my arguments there was no changing her mind and I just had to accept that I had to spend my Friday night tutoring Harry.

That Friday Harry taunted me all day, saying how much he was looking forward to seeing me later and to make sure I wore something sexy otherwise he would not let me fuck him. I did my best to ignore him but by the time the evening came I was dreading spending a couple of hours in Harry's house.

I made sure I dressed down as much as possible, tying my hair up, and putting on the biggest jumper I possessed with jeans and trainers. I even put my oldest most unflattering underwear on.

As 7pm drew near I tried persuading my Mum again, telling her what Harry had said earlier but she was adamant I had to turn up as she had agreed everything with Mrs Vickery. We got in the car and my Mum drove me to the doorstep where I knocked on the door.

Mrs Vickery answered the door and I did a double take. My Mum had not warned me about her! She was stunning, possessing the sort of face and body you see in glamour magazines. She must have been in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a drop dead gorgeous figure, including tits that must have been as big as mine and I am a 36D.

"Hi Jade, come on in, Harry's expecting you," she said and she began looking me up and down.

"Errrr, yeah, thanks...ummmm Mrs Vickery," I replied stepping inside.

Mrs Vickery shut the door and smiled, "Well Harry was definitely right about you Jade. You are very hot."

I was so shocked at her remark, I could not let it pass, "Look Mrs Vickery, I don't know what Harry has told you but I hate him. He pervs over me all the time. I really don't want to be here tonight but my Mum made me come. I'll be two hours and then I am out of here."

Mrs Vickery smiled and nodded, "Well you better get started then. Harry is in his bedroom waiting for you, it's upstairs and second on the left."

"His bedroom," I replied, not wanting to spend anytime in that perv's bedroom, knowing the comments he would make.

"Yes, that is where he feels most comfortable. So you better join him. I'll be down here Jade if you need anything," said Mrs Vickery.

I shrugged my shoulders and headed upstairs, knocking on the door.

"Come in," shouted Harry.

I walked into his bedroom with Harry sitting down on his chair waiting for me. Instantly he looked me up and down and I was so glad with my choice of clothing.

"Evening Jade, I've been waiting for you," said Harry.

I began to look around his room. It was incredible. It really was as bad as I had imagined it. It was a pervy teen's paradise. It was covered with photos of celebrities and glamour models with big tits. There were magazines dotted all around the room and the screensaver on his computer kept flicking up random pictures of women in varying disgusting poses.

I was tempted to walk out but knew my Mum would make me go back so I decided to get it over with. "Well let's start this Harry. The sooner we start the sooner we get this over with," I said sitting down beside him.

I made sure I only talked about Maths and was doing a good job until ten minutes later Mrs Vickery knocked on the door and entered. "How are you kids doing?" She asked.

"Good thanks Mum," replied Harry.

"Well, I forgot to spray the air freshener earlier, I'm just going to spray it now," she said and proceeded to spray the whole room. Mrs Vickery then left the room and closed the door behind her.

I looked at Harry who was smiling again, "Let's continue Harry," I said authoratively. However as Harry worked through the next equation I began to feel odd. My mind began to wander and...and I began to feel horny.

I shook my head, but no matter how hard I tried I had loads of sexy images in my head. I felt my pussy getting wet and my nipples go hard. It was lucky I was wearing such a big jumper I thought to myself.

I tried to discretely relieve the itch, but I felt myself shuffling uncomfortably in my chair. Naturally Harry noticed. He just looked me up and down, "Are you ok Jade? Is anything wrong?" He asked, even making his apparent innocent questions seem sinister.

"Ummmm, yeah. I'm fine Harry. Let's just get on with this," I said determined to get through the next few hours before giving in to my needs.

Harry just kept watching me, "You look uncomfortable Jade, do you want a drink?"

I had to do something, "Yeah, ok Harry," I said. Harry got up and went to his table pouring out a drink and handing it to me. "Here Jade, drink this. It will help you."

Harry handed me the drink. I looked at him and then at the drink. My throat was dry, probably from the air freshener Mrs Vickery had sprayed I thought. I downed the drink, gulping every last drop as Harry just stood and watched me, still with that pervy, shit-eating grin.

I handed the glass back to Harry who put it back on the table and sat down, "Shall we carry on?" he said.

I was glad that he seemed to have finally got the message that I was his only his tutor and even I was reluctant at that.

I went to move onto the next example when I looked across at Harry and something seemed to engulf my mind. As I looked at Harry I began to realise how sexy he was. In fact he was the sexiest guy I had ever seen.

I shook my head, wondering what was going on. Surely...surely I hated Harry. Surely I thought he was a repulsive pervert. But as I stared at him, all I could do was picture him naked. Then I pictured myself stripping for him.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," escaped from my lips involuntarily.

Harry looked around at me, "What was that Jade?" He said talking directly to my tits, which really turned me on.

"Ummmmmm, nothing Harry. Just thinking how well you are picking this up," I replied lying. Harry didn't seem to be paying much attention to the Maths but right now I didn't care.

As he checked me out I could only think about him getting hold of my tits and fucking me. I was horny as fuck and in the bedroom of a sexy dreamboat like Harry but all I felt was embarrassed.

I checked out all the pictures around the room. If only I was wearing an outfit like the models were in some pictures.

I looked down at my outfit and it was hideous. How could I have worn such an awful jumper I thought to myself. Why had I covered up my body so much and why had I worn such disgusting underwear.

I desperately wanted to make a move on Harry but all I could think off was his remark earlier, that if I didn't wear a sexy outfit he wouldn't let me fuck him.

I had to do something when I had an idea. I had to ask Mrs Vickery. She said if I needed anything then I only needed to ask. I looked at Harry, "Errrr, you are doing really well Harry. I tell you what, why don't I give you 10 questions to do and I'll come back and mark them in half an hour. I'll go and spend some time with your Step-Mum."

Harry nodded, "Ok Jade, that sounds like a good idea."

I got up and strutted out, hoping that Harry was checking me out. I was so relieved to get out of Harry's bedroom as I headed downstairs.

"Hi Mrs Vickery," I said as I sat down in the sofa opposite her.

"Hi Jade, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Oh, I've just given Harry some questions to do to make sure he has been listening," I said as I once again wiggled uncomfortably in my seat. I tried again to let my hands rub over my tits. I desperately wanted to get hold of them and grope them and I desperately wanted to play with...with my cunt, I thought to myself.

There was a brief silence as Mrs Vickery just looked at me, "I know what you're thinking Jade," she said.

"What?" I replied, feeling embarrassed at what she might say and at what I was really thinking.

"You're thinking how hot my Step-Son Harry is aren't you. Being near him has made you feel soooooooooo horny and now all you can think about is how much you want to fuck him," said Mrs Vickery reading my mind exactly.

I smiled, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssss I am Mrs Vickery. Harry is just the sexiest guy ever Mrs Vickery. Everything about him turns me on. I just want him soooooooooooooooooo much." I felt so relieved to be able to tell Mrs Vickery how I was feeling.

"I knew it Jade. I bet your dirty mind is in overdrive at the minute," said Mrs Vickery, "What are you going to do about it? You know he lusts after your body."

"Yes, but Mrs Vickery, look at me. I'm wearing the ugliest outfit imaginable and my underwear is even worse. I mean Harry is sooooooooo hot, I just want to seduce him and show him what a dirty teasing slut I am. In this outfit he'd be entitled to kick me out of his bedroom and fuck another hot slut. What was I thinking wearing something like this Mrs Vickery?" I confided.

Mrs Vickery looked at me, nodding in agreement, "Well Jade, a hottie like you should not be covering up her body if you want to show a stud like Harry a good time. But I can help you."

"You can?" I replied.

"Oh yes, I've got an outfit you can wear. It will be perfect for you. Let me get it," she said disappearing into another room.

"Oh yes Mrs Vickery, that would be amazing," I said as Mrs Vickery came back out holding the tiniest red pvc outfit imaginable, with a top that zipped up at the front, tiny red panties that were practically a thong and red suspenders.

"Mrs Vickery that is...that is perfect. I'd love to wear it. It's so sexy," I responded.

"I know Jade it is. And I know Harry loves this outfit. He picked it out as the outfit he'd most like to be seduced in," Mrs Vickery told me.

"Oh that's even better. Thank you so much. I can't wait to put it on. Will it fit?" I asked.

"It is one size too small Jade, but that should be perfect. More of your body on show for Harry," said Mrs Vickery smiling, "come on follow me to the bathroom, you can put it on."

Without thinking I followed Mrs Vickery as she walked into the bathroom and once I got in she shut the door, handing me the outfit, "Here we are Jade, let's see you put the outfit on."

I took the outfit, feeling slightly unusual with Mrs Vickery waiting for me to strip. I took a deep breathe and took my jumper to reveal my old, off-white bra that was unflattering even with my huge tits. Then I took my jeans off letting Mrs Vickery see my huge panties.

She shook her head, "Hmmmmm, Jade. You are so right about the underwear. How can a sexy girl like you wear underwear like that?"

"I'm...I'm not sure Mrs Vickery. I feel so stupid wearing it," I replied.

"Well Jade, get your underwear off then," encouraged Mrs Vickery.

"I can't wait to get this off," I said as I unclipped my bra and stood in front of Mrs Vickery with my tits on show. Mrs Vickery stared my tits, smiling, "Fuck Jade, they are a great set of tits. You must be proud of them."

I looked down at my tits, and cupped them, "I am so lucky Mrs Vickery. I love my tits sooooooooo much. They get so much attention which is great."

Mrs Vickery moved up to me and to my surprise cupped my tits, "I'm not surprised Jade, they are big and firm and your nipples are so nice as well. You're a 36D aren't you?"

"Errrr, yeah, how did you know?" I replied.

"Oh...ummm I can just tell Jade. I'm the same. Fuck Harry is going to love these," said Mrs Vickery as she let go of my tits.

"I hope so Mrs Vickery. I can't wait for him to see them and to get hold of them," I said.

"He will love them Jade. Come on let's get those knickers off as well Jade. I want to throw them away for ever," encouraged Mrs Vickery.

I slipped off my knickers to reveal my cunt. Mrs Vickery shook her head.

"What is it Mrs Vickery?" I said worried.

"Nothing's wrong Jade. It's just...it's just you've got hair around your cunt. It's much better to have a shaved cunt. Your goods should be on offer. Harry prefers women with shaven cunts as well," Mrs Vickery explained.

I looked down at my cunt, feeling slightly worried, "Oh shit. What do I do Mrs Vickery? I want my cunt to be perfect for Harry. What do I do?" I asked.

Mrs Vickery smiled, "Oh don't worry Jade, here I've got everything here for you. You can shave it now."

I took hold of the razor, "Oh Mrs Vickery, thanks so much. I just want to look so hot for Harry. I want to be the girl out of his fantasies," I said as I started to shave my cunt.

When I finished, I stood up, "Is that ok Mrs Vickery?" I asked.

"Oh yes Jade. That is perfect. Look how sexy your cunt looks," Mrs Vickery said.

I smiled as I ran my fingers over my cunt, "Oh yeah it's so much better shaven isn't it. Fuck, all I can think about is Harry seeing it for the first time. I bet he'll be so surprised I'm shaven as well. And then when he fucks it. Ohhhhhh fuck, I'll be so fucking lucky."

Mrs Vickery laughed as I fingered my cunt, "Well you definitely look horny Jade, your cunt looks so wet thinking about that."

"I am so fucking wet Mrs Vickery. I just want to be Harry's dirty big titted slut," I said proudly.

"I know Jade, and you will be. Why don't you put the outfit on," suggested Mrs Vickery.

"Yeah, I know what I am going to do Mrs Vickery. I'm going to put this on under my jumper and jeans and then go upstairs to give Harry a prize for working so hard this evening. I'm then going to strip out of my jumper and jeans for Harry. He'll be so shocked and so horny seeing me in this outfit," I told Mrs Vickery, getting even hornier at the thought of it.

"That's...that is a great idea Jade. I love the way your mind works. Harry will love that so much. It will be one of the greatest moments of his life. I bet he has wanked off over that image so many times," Mrs Vickery said.

"Oh, even better," I said so excited at the thought of being Harry's dirty sex object as I got hold of the red pvc panties and slid them up my legs. Then I got the stockings and suspenders and put them on my long legs. Finally I grabbed the tiny pvc top and squeezed into it, pulling the zip up as far as it would go but I knew it showed acres of my cleavage.

"Oh fuck Jade," said Mrs Vickery, "you look like sex on fucking legs in that outfit. Harry will be so glad he chose you. Look at yourself in the mirror, you look like one hot big titted cocktease."

I turned to face the mirror and took in my body. I could not help running my hands over myself, "Ohhhhh fuck yessssssssssssss, yes I do Mrs Vickery. Look at me, my long legs in the sexy stockings and suspenders, my tight panties barely covering my shaven cunt and showing off my hot ass and my top showing off my incredible tits. I look like a filthy big titted slut and I love it."

"You do Jade and Harry will love it as well. You will turn him on so much, his cock will be soooooooooo hard," said Mrs Vickery.

All I could do was picture Harry naked. I groped my tits as I panted, "Oh I hope so Mrs Vickery. All I want to be is his filthy fuckslave. I want to seduce him and then give him his ultimate fantasy."

"Oh I'm sure you will Jade. Just remember how much he has lusted after you since he first met you. Use your body the way it was meant to be used, especially those massive tits of yours. Harry craves them so use them to your advantage," advised Mrs Vickery.

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