tagErotic CouplingsMy New Castle Ch. 3

My New Castle Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Christmas

Rebecca went Christmas shopping. It was so much fun to have someone to buy for, to look at things for. They had already decorated the house. Their first Christmas tree, their first ornaments. The night before they had wrapped the tree with twinkling white lights and hung all the fragile ornaments that they had purchased together. After everything was done and the room lights were off and they sat together admiring their handiwork, Rebecca and David held hands and exchanged childhood Christmas memories. The fire was burning brightly and they snuggled together near it, sipping cocoa and sharing their past. As they pulled pillows off the couch and cuddled under the old quilt they had bought, Rebecca felt such peace and contentment. Later, when the words were interrupted more and more by kisses, David made love to her as if she were fragile too.

Now she headed out in the cold, clear morning, to find the perfect gift for her love. She knew so much about him, had so many details about him in her head, she felt sure she could find the exact thing he needed most. She shopped all morning, going from the mall to several specialty stores. She looked at everything. She purchased several small gifts, little things that she knew would delight him, but still had not found the one thing that he would love beyond all else.

She took her presents home and wrapped them and placed them lovingly beneath the tree. As she sat there, thinking about David and how much she loved him, she felt the familiar tingle he always caused. She wanted him again, she wanted him now!

Rebecca went into the bathroom and filled the tub with steamy water and poured in vanilla crystals. She put a stack of Christmas CDs on the stereo and settled into the bath. Her dark brown nipples poked through the bubbles, tightening in the cool air. She loved the feeling of her nipples getting erect, it felt as if the skin was drawing all the nerves together in a tiny bud, making her ache so wonderfully. She relaxed in the tub, thinking about David and his gift. She absently ran her hand over her slick body, feeling the softness, the warmth, the pink.

After her bath, Rebecca dried with one of David's huge bath towels, wrapping herself with it and moving into the bedroom. She opened her lingerie drawer and found the new items she had purchased with David in mind. A beautiful red satin and lace demi-bra, that cupped her breasts lovingly, pushing the soft flesh up into tantalizing orbs. A red garter belt, her first, matched the bra. She stood dressed in the sexy underthings, admiring herself in the mirror. She sprayed on her vanilla scent, inhaling the soft fragrance, and smiling. She carefully pulled on the sheer black nylons and attached them to the garters, letting her fingers stroke her creamy inner thighs, sliding into her soft, black curlies. She dressed in a short, flirty skirt and a red satin blouse, which felt so smooth and cool on her skin. Brushing her long, dark hair, she decided to leave it down and curly.

God, she was tingling. The ache which had started earlier was becoming a throbbing presence, impossible to ignore. She could feel her nipples, hard and erect, pressing against the bra. Knowing she was pantiless made her heart pound and her breathing rapid.

She drove to David's office in record time. As she entered the suite of offices, Rebecca smiled at Amy, remembering her first visit here. So much had changed since then. She walked down the hall to David's office, smiling and nodding to his associates. She felt so sexy. Even though she barely reached five feet, today, as she walked down the hall, she imagined herself a tall goddess, long legs striding down the carpet. She liked that feeling.

David's door was opened. It usually was. He was sitting at his desk, talking on the phone and his eyes lit up as he saw her coming into his office. She walked around behind the desk and leaned on one side, looking out the window at the park and river below.

During a lull in the phone conversation, she leaned down and gently washed David's lips with her tongue, lingering in the corners, sucking him into her mouth. She noticed him glancing down at her blouse, at her full breasts exposed by the open buttons. She heard him moan. She sat up straight again, resuming her observation of the park. The office door was open and she could hear all the busyness taking place. People walked up and down the hall constantly, occasionally calling a hello to David.

Rebecca stood beside David, her back to the door, smiling to herself. She reached down for David's left hand and began to lick it, holding it near her hot little mouth, sucking various fingers deep, her tongue swirling around the tip. She could hear his breathing become faster. She flattened her tongue and began licking the open palm, sliding her tongue between each finger, thoroughly cleaning like a mama cat. She kissed his palm and moved his hand to her breast. His fingers began to massage her, tracing the edge of her bra across the expanse of soft breast that was exposed. He ran his fingernails over her nipple, and could see it harden under the silk blouse. He very slowly began to unbutton her shirt, one after another until it was opened to the waist of her skirt. He reached inside and covered her breast, pulling slightly and making her nipple pop out of the skimpy bra. He smiled as he continued to play with it, pulling and twisting and pinching that happy nipple, making her wriggle on the desk. His hand slid into her shirt, covering the warm skin under her breast, marking her.

The phone conversation picked up again, and David became momentarily involved in a business matter, but kept his hand warmly against her. He said goodbye, but continued to hold the phone to his ear and he smiled slyly up at Rebecca. He slid his hand out of her shirt and down her flat tummy, reaching the hem of her short little skirt. His hand slid down her stockinged leg, massaging the smooth skin while he murmured appreciative comments. As his hand started back up her leg, Rebecca stood very still. This time, his fingers slid under her skirt and found the lacy top of her stocking. Grinning, his fingers smoothly skimmed over her stocking and onto her bare thigh. She caught her breath, willing him to move his fingers higher, to continue his search. All the time he was exploring under her skirt, he held the phone to his face, murmuring into it and looking very busy. Rebecca was very aware of the opened door to the office, the sound of people moving past as they continued their day.

David's fingers continued exploring. He traced the garter back up her thigh, felt it pressing into the tender flesh. He cupped her inner thigh, his hand holding her firmly and intimately. Rebecca knew if he reached just a few inches further, he would find her surprise, feel her already damp curlies and be able to help himself to her sweetness. His large hand continued to cup her skin, moving slowly up and down, going further up her thigh with each stroke.

Finally, she felt his long fingers lightly touching her curlies. He played with them, pulling them out straight and letting them curl back around his fingertips. He gently raked the tender skin of her mound. His finger moved up and down her slit, feeling it swell open beneath his touch. She knew she was already wet and becoming wetter with each stroke. The moisture was nearly bubbling from her, wetting her curlies and bare thighs. Just as his finger found her shy clit, Amy stopped in the doorway to ask a question. David gave her the information she needed and she turned to go, but he called her back and asked her to take a folder from him. He hung up the phone with his right hand and held a folder out to her. His left hand was still buried deeply inside Rebecca's sweet pussy, stroking and teasing. Rebecca could hear the sound of her wetness being invaded by his fingers, that slurpy, sloppy sound of sex. Amy stepped forward into the room, talking to both of them about the house and the upcoming Christmas office party. Rebecca continued staring out the window, answering Amy without turning. David was very chatty, keeping Amy right across the desk from him as he continued to circle Rebecca's throbbing little clit. He felt her tightening, felt her legs locking together, felt his hand trapped there and knew her orgasm was building.

She looked at David, silently begging him to send Amy away. He quickly finished his conversation with Amy, and she turned to go. His fingers continued toying with Rebecca's soft pinkness. He circled her clit and then slid deeply into her hot center. She was moving her hips to meet his thrusts, pushing his fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy. He heard the soft moans as she moved toward her climax. He stood up then. He continued to toy with Rebecca's pussy as he moved closer and kissed her deeply. When he felt her orgasm starting, throbbing around the two fingers buried deeply inside her, he kept his mouth over hers, swallowing her moans and cries. He continued thrusting his fingers until he felt her spasms lessen and then disappear. He removed his fingers and sucked them clean, smiling happily at his lover.

David moved to the door and closed and locked it. When he turned around, Rebecca was watching him carefully, her cheeks flushed and her eyes nearly glazed. As he moved closer to her, she whispered that she needed him, needed to be fucked now, needed to feel his cock taking possession.

He kissed her passionately and spun her around, leaning her over the desk. He tossed her skirt up and held her hips, enjoying the look of the garter belt and the sexy black stockings. He quickly unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor. Taking her hips once again in his hands, he directed his aching cock right between her legs. He entered the tangled curls, finding her slit and then her wet opening. He slid into her with one firm thrust, making her cry out. As he buried himself inside her heat, he allowed himself one minute to appreciate the tight pinkness of her pussy. Then he began to stroke into her, moving in and out, pressing deeper with each thrust. The feel of her smooth, tight ass under his hands, the heat of her pussy and the sweetness of her scent made him nearly delirious with lust. He pulled her ass back against him over and over as he drove into her with all his need and desire. He felt his balls tightening and knew he was going to come. He held her ass and drove his cock into her one last time, burying himself deeply in her pink. His cock became even more swollen and then the come poured into her waiting warmth. She milked him with her muscles, emptying him of all his come, and seeming to beg for more. As he slipped from her, he pulled her skirt down and turned her back to face him. He kissed her sweet mouth, lingering for some gentle tongue play.

Rebecca told him she had some more shopping to do and kissed him goodbye. As she left his office, she knew what she would get him for Christmas, and knew he would love it.


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