tagErotic CouplingsMy New Castle Ch. 6

My New Castle Ch. 6


Rebecca was late getting home. The snow and the traffic had conspired to make her drive slowly, when all she wanted was to be home with David. All day she thought about him, all day she wanted him. And now she was moving at snail's pace getting back to the house, their home. She listened to a sappy talk radio show where people poured out their loving stories, telling about meeting their true love and how wonderful life was now. It made her relive her love story with David, marveling anew at her luck in finding him and her joy in loving him.

She parked in the garage and entered the kitchen, feeling the warmth of the house envelope her. She called out to David as she walked through the rooms. She could hear him responding from upstairs. He was in their bedroom, that fact making Rebecca hurry up the steps. He was stretched out on the sofa, reading, a fire burning brightly near him. He looked so relaxed and delicious, in his red robe and slippers. She could smell the vanilla candles lit about the room. The cd playing was soft and loving. Her sweet David was smiling at her, his arms outstretched, beckoning her. She moved closer to him, and snuggled against him, her head on his shoulder, her arms around him, as she told him of her day and all the difficulties it presented.

He listened intently then began to kiss her, moving his lips over her cheeks and neck, finally finding her mouth. He kissed her softly and deeply and lightly and playfully. She gave up all pretense of talking and allowed herself to sink into David, to just be with him, enjoying his attention. He tasted so good, felt so good against her. They fit perfectly together, a perfect match. She could feel his excitement building and remembered the fantasy that had come to her during the morning meeting.

She slipped out of his arms and stood, holding her hand out to him. They walked together to their big brass bed, holding hands and smiling. Rebecca propped his pillows carefully, then told him to lie back and relax. She sat beside him and resumed kissing him, enjoying his soft lips and sweet tongue. She pushed his robe off his shoulders, kissing the smooth warm skin there. She stopped for a minute to hang up her jacket and to get something from the closet and then returned to his side, running her hands up and down his bare chest.

Rebecca picked up his right hand and kissed the palm. Then she ran her tongue around it, tracing his fingers, dwelling in the valley between each finger, sliding her tongue slowly in and out. She loved the taste of him, the feel of him. As she finished outlining his hand, she slowly sucked his thumb into her mouth. Looking into his beautiful hazel eyes, she pulled it in deeply and bathed it with her tongue. One by one, she sucked his fingers and made love to them. She could hear his soft moans. Then she kissed her way across his palm, nibbling and licking the tender skin there. As she held his hand, she wrapped a soft silk scarf around his wrist. She leaned into him to kiss his mouth again, moving his hand to the brass headboard and gently tying it in place. David was amused. She propped pillows beneath his arm, making sure he was comfortable. Then she straddled his legs and began kissing him again. His hips moved beneath her, his cock seeking her. But she wasn't done yet. Sitting on his left side, she picked up his other hand and repeated her sensual routine. As she tied his left wrist to the headboard, David laughingly told her that he was now her prisoner, totally at her mercy. She smiled. This was exactly what she wanted.

Again, she straddled him and kissed his mouth with all the desire that had built that day. She wanted him, and she knew exactly what she would do.

She stood beside the bed, still fully clothed, looking at her naked and aroused lover. The music was now a throbbing beat, which she could feel in her center. She danced for David, moving in time with the erotic music. She began to unbutton her very professional blouse, slowly moving her fingers down as each button was undone. Beneath the starched white blouse, David caught a glimpse of her frilly, lacy white bra, contrasting beautifully with her tanned skin. She turned from him, looking over her shoulder as the blouse slid to the floor. Her hips were swaying with the music and she danced before him. Smiling mysteriously, she released the button from her skirt, playfully lowering it in time with the musical beat. Now, his starched and very correct lover stood before him, in a lacy bra and garter belt, her creamy thigh-high hosiery against her smooth tanned legs. Her beautiful ass was directly in front of him and he wanted to touch, only to be held in place by the silken ties. She reached into her hair and removed the one clip that held it in place and all her dark curls cascaded down her back, releasing her vanilla scent into the room. She turned and he could see her dark curlies, framed by the garter belt, looking soft and tempting. She leaned over him and again kissed his mouth, her hair softly covering his shoulders and chest. He could feel his erection throbbing, reaching for her.

Rebecca moved down his body, kissing his chest and tummy, then allowed her soft long hair to cover his throbbing cock. He groaned, thrusting his hips up, hoping she would kiss him there, give him some relief from the ache he felt. But Rebecca had other plans. She stood and continued her dance, her hips swaying as she reached for the tiny hook holding her bra together, opening it, but not removing it.

Her bra separated enough to show him the sloping sides of her full breasts. Rebecca ran her fingers up and down that tender skin, her scarlet nails disappearing into the bra occasionally. She threw her head back and gave herself to the music, swaying and turning with abandon. She would kiss David, or his chest, or his bound hands, but always returned to the music, to the dance. When the next song started, a brooding sax piece, she stopped and looked at David, licking her lips. She lifted her left leg to the bed, right beside his captive body, and unhooked her stocking. She slowly rolled it down her short, shapely leg, her scarlet nails shining in the pale light. With her leg beside him, David could inhale her womanly scent and it made him moan. Rebecca ran her stocking up and down his body, wrapping it around his engorged cock and gently pulling it. She lowered her leg and raised the right one and again, slowly unhooked the stocking and removed it. Her toenails were the same shade of scarlet, her feet small and slim. David sat quietly, wishing the restraints weren't tied quite so well and that this game would soon be over. He needed his woman now!

Suddenly the sound of Faith Hill filled the air. Her song, "Breathe" was the sexiest song they had ever heard, both of them had agreed on that. Now she sang it to them as Rebecca continued her torture. She opened her bra, her dark brown nipples hardening in the release. She played them, rubbing and pinching and scratching, starting to moan as the incredible feeling began affecting her pussy. Her nipples were hard and bumply, aching and throbbing beneath her delicate fingers. She leaned over David and allowed him to lick each one, just once, before moving away. Now he was twisting his wrists against the headboard. He needed to be free and he needed his hands to make love to his lady. Becca checked the ties, assuring herself they were secure, then continued her dance. Now she had only a lacy garter belt covering her nakedness.

As she twirled, David was feasting his eyes on her tight ass and then her dark curlies. He could smell her desire and imagined her pussy lips swollen open for him. As the song ended, Becca straddled David's thighs, carefully out of reach of his throbbing cock, and held her breast in her cupped hand. With her other hand, she reached behind his head and guided his face to her engorged nipple. David's eyes closed as his mouth attached to her nipple, drawing it deeply into his hungry mouth. He made small sighing sounds as he nursed on her breast, his mouth happily sucking her entire dark areola into it. She arched her back to allow him better access, her own eyes closed and her pussy pounding with excitement. She placed a finger into his mouth to break the suction and offered him the other nipple, watching as he latched on happily, sucking hungrily on her swollen tit. It felt so incredibly good, Becca almost gave up the rest of the plan. All she wanted now was to impale herself on his hard, throbbing dick. It took all her resolve to break the suction of his mouth once again. She stood on shaky legs and began to dance again, while looking at her lover, his naked body so beautiful in the firelight.

She asked him to bring his knees up, which he readily did. She stood on the bed, first close to his face, her curlies nearly brushing his lips, then moving back until her feet were at his hips. She slowly sat down on his knees, facing him. He continued to work his wrists against the restraints, trying to free his hands so he could touch this exciting woman sitting before him. She placed her feet far from his hips, opening her legs to him. He was looking directly at her pussy, her lovely shiny curlies gleaming. Becca smiled at him and moved her hand to her mound. She slid her finger into the curlies, separating them and exposing her swollen pinkness to him. Her fingers moved up and down the slit, sliding deeper and deeper. Her wetness was audible. She continued the slow opening of her pinkness, her fingers now wet and shiny. One time, she brought those fingers up to her lips and sucked them into her mouth, closing her eyes and sighing as she cleaned them. David felt his mouth open, longing to suck those fingers himself. As she continued exploring her pinkness, Becca looked into his beautiful eyes, became lost in them.

When he asked to taste her, Becca couldn't refuse. She took her wet fingers and leaned forward, allowing him to lick them and then suck them deeply into his mouth. He set up a suction that made her cunt ache. His tongue circled each finger, cleansing it of her juices, before moving to the next. It was so sensual. Summoning all her strength, Becca pulled her fingers back and returned them to her needy pussy. She lightly stroked her clit, circling it and flicking it. The tiny moat appeared and she slid her fingers through it, gathering the extra lubrication on her finger tips. As one hand held her lips apart, the other fingers were sliding into her pinkness, encouraging her orgasm. She was so close. David recognized the signs, He saw the pink flush cross her chest, saw her nipples hardening even more, heard her moans and her strangled "please?". Her fingers were busily moving in and out, the sounds of her wet pussy were almost drowning out the music. He waited, knowing his time was coming.

With her first cries, David let his legs straighten, watching Becca fall forward, impaling herself on his cock, her fingers guiding him into her sweet hot pinkness. She wrapped her pussy around him, her orgasm at its peak, throbbing all around him and inviting him to join her. He erupted then, filling her pussy with his hot come, pulsing against the tightness of her beautiful cunt. She was his sheath, she held him deeply within her as she leaned forward to kiss his mouth. She reached for his restraints and released him with a simple pull. Then she settled against his body, fitted into him perfectly, and fell asleep.

To Be Continued...

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