tagGroup SexMy New Castle Ch. 8

My New Castle Ch. 8


David was having quite a dream. He was the object of loving that men dreamed about often but rarely received. He actually was doing very little and the woman with him continued to moan and call his name. He was a Dream Stud! Slowly he began to wake. As reality set in, David remembered what had caused his dream. He had just spent hours in Everyman's fantasy, with two beautiful, sensual women. He slowly returned to wakefulness, only to hear the moaning continue. He opened his eyes. Beside him, lit by the golden firelight, were Rebecca and Kat, wrapped tightly together. Somehow, he had moved to the far left of the bed, leaving them with the huge area to play in. David settled into his pillow to watch the ladies at play. He could already feel the heat gathering in his groin and fought the urge to touch himself.

The women were kissing, softly playing with each other. Tongues were washing over lips, probing and licking. They were looking into each other's eyes and smiling, their long, dainty fingers moving slowly over golden skin.

Rebecca had tasted Kat on David's mouth and it reminded her of Kat's delicious pussy and awakened the desire to taste her again. She pushed Kat back on the pillows and began to make love to her slender body. As she kissed her succulent mouth, Rebecca slid her hand over her shoulder and down her arm, ending with her small hand snuggled into Kat's larger one. She lay nearly atop Kat, kissing her face and chin, sliding her tongue along Kat's cheek to her ear. She circled her ear, gently sucking the earlobe into her hungry mouth. Kat moaned and closed her eyes. reveling in the pleasurable feelings. Rebecca's mouth continued down Kat's elegant neck, nuzzling her chest, never actually touching her breasts. She knew from experience that Kat liked the sensations to build and to hold out the best for last. Rebecca buried her face between Kat's small, firm breasts and made love to the tender skin there, licking and nipping at the soft slopes. She traced along under each breast with her tongue, circling the breasts and wetting them slowly. In concentric circles, she made her way to the pretty pink nipples standing so tall.

They were bumply and hard. One flick of the tongue caused Kat to cry out. She had been waiting, barely breathing, for Rebecca to reach her aching nipples. Now Becca enclosed the nipple in her mouth, sucking it in deeply. Most men didn't know how much better it felt for the entire nipple to be sucked, they just went for the obvious. But Becca knew how much and how powerfully to nurse on this nipple and was rewarded by Kat's cries and arched back. Kat's long fingers were enlaced in Becca's hair, pulling her even closer. Becca closed her eyes and lost herself in the nursing of this magnificent nipple, feeling the ache in her own pussy. Finally, Kat encouraged Becca to take the other nipple, to repeat the sensual laving. Becca reluctantly let the right nipple pop from her mouth and moved to the left, immediately suckling it with all her desire. Their bodies were pressed together, legs between the other, thighs tightly against pussy lips, but the ache only became stronger.

Becca finally released the second nipple, but continued to massage them with her fingers, occasionally scratching them, causing Kat to squeal with pleasure.

Now Becca moved down her friend's body. She licked her flat tummy, dwelling in her indented belly button, teasing it with a slow fucking motion. Her lips kissed the tight skin, sliding up and down the angular pelvic bones, making the skin slick and shiny in the firelight.

David was entranced. This is what he wanted. To see his lover being sexual with someone else and allowing him to watch. Somehow, it didn't bother him that she was making love with a woman, he did not feel threatened or jealous. He felt only lust, like he had never felt before. His cock was bobbing hungrily, precome was pouring down his hard shaft. He whimsically thought of it as a coolant, but his cock was burning, his desire almost making him irrational. He tried to calm down, thought about work and baseball and weather, only to be jolted back into the moment by the sighs and moans of these two wanton women.

When he returned to watching, Becca was poised between Kat's legs. Her long, dark hair was almost a curtain, shielding Kat from prying eyes. As if reading his mind, Kat reached down and pulled Becca's hair back and out of the way, allowing David an unobstructed view of his lover, making love to Kat's smooth pussy. First, she just moved her face close to the shaved pussy, rubbing her cheek against the velvety skin and smiling. Then, very deliberately, she faced the mound and ran her nose up and down her slit, inhaling that special citrusy fragrance that was Kat.

David watched as her tongue snaked out, slowly licking the slit, moving up and down, burying herself deeper inside the pale pink with each move. He could see her tongue, sliding, licking. He could hear her inhaling and sighing with pleasure. Kat was lying quietly, her head turning from side to side, her fingers once again buried in Becca's hair, holding it back and encouraging her to stay there forever. Becca's small hand came up and she slid a tiny finger into Kat's depths. David could see Kat arch her hips, trying to swallow that finger into her pinkness. She was sighing, asking for more, begging really. So, Becca inserted another and then another. Soon all four of her little fingers were buried in Kat's hot pussy and her hand was moving up and down rhythmically. He could see her tongue stroking Kat's slit, sliding up and down, murmuring sweet words to Kat as she licked her delicious cunt. Then she stopped moving and David knew she was focusing on Kat's hard clit. She began sucking, slurping, strumming that clit, making Kat's hips dance against her face. He could hear Kat begging for release. He also heard the wonderful wet sound of Becca's fingers constant fucking of Kat's most private place. Becca was breathing hard as she continued to lick Kat, lapping at her pussy with enthusiasm and hunger.

Becca had spread her legs over Kat's and was rubbing herself against her hard knee, feeling her clit being massaged through her curls. She was so excited. She knew David was awake and watching, and had seen his engorged cock in the firelight. She was enjoying renewing her sexual relationship with Kat and loved that David was right beside her, watching the seduction.

Becca felt a mild orgasm, one that just made her hungrier. She heard Kat's low growls and pleadings, begging for release. She renewed her play on Kat's sweet clit. She sucked it into her mouth, her tongue swirling around it, teasing the sensitive tiny cock. She could feel Kat's thighs locking around her, felt the absolute stillness that always preceded Kat's orgasms. Then she felt it. It started as a low rumble, a deep vibration. Kat called out Becca's name as her clit throbbed in Becca's mouth. Her pussy pushed against Becca's face, first with force, then slower and softer. Becca held on for the entire ride. Her hands were on Kat's hips, holding her close, feeling her excitement.

As Kat calmed, Becca made tiny laps of the sweet pussy, just softly loving it now. Kat liked being gentled after sex, liked being held and still touched. Becca moved up until their faces matched. They kissed each other sweetly, almost giggling with joy.

Both turned to David, with his engorged cock standing so proudly, and said, in unison, "Your turn!"

To Be Continued...

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