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My New Favorite Crowd


The room is cavernous, arched wooden ceilings, high paneled walls draped with dark sumptuous velvet. Countless candles cast flickering shadows and warm light across the soft, simple benches that line the walls, the padded platforms scattered around the floor, and occasional velvet tethers laid out in rectangles on the floor, on the walls, and around the platforms.

The others have been milling around curiously for a few minutes when we arrive. They are a beautiful crowd of 30 people or so, each dressed in a distracting mixture of elegance and sultriness, tall, slender, and in phenomenal shape. We see skins of every color here: deep African browns, glowing Scandinavian alabasters, sun-loved California tans, swarthy, peach, olive, golden, café au lait, bittersweet chocolate. And all shapes, too: men that are boyish and smooth, others ripped and hard; some long-haired rebels, some serious and rugged; some women stately and aloof, some bubbly; long blond hair, short black hair; stern, frivolous, exotic; some almost innocent, others feverishly passionate. Large breasts spilling out of low cut tops, small breasts held firmly in thin, clingy tops, bodies thoroughly hidden in denim, leather, and vinyl; others barely covered at all, in silk, lycra, and lace. All milling around in the dim orange candlelight, being titillated by looking unabashedly at each other and feeling the eyes of everyone else in the room looking them up and down, seeing what they can and lustfully imagining all that's left unseen.

I guess the same thing happens whenever ANYone enters the room, but when you and I come through the main door, all eyes are momentarily on us exclusively, evaluating us, probing, undressing us, yearning to touch us both, feel us inside and out, taste us, bite us, bind us, take us, press close to us, feel our parts swelling, hardening, moistening; stimulate us, penetrate us, quiver around us and inside of us, burst into us and onto us. I notice myself feeling these things for others there, too, and I see the same in your eyes as I follow your gaze run across their bodies, stopping here and there, your eyes widening as you catch your breath and bite your lip in anticipation.

A trio in the corner near us breaks the ice, with no words, only a glance of permission from the busty blonde to the lanky, long-haired, brunette man. He reaches behind himself and pulls along the woman he arrived with—a delicate, short-haired East Indian dressed all in a diaphanous red sari, through which her tiny russet nipples show. The Indian woman glances to one side and smiles with a coy wickedness, hinting that she would play RELUCTANT...for now...at least until she takes control for her own pleasure.

The man approaches the blond furtively from one side, his Indian friend following with one arm wrapped around his waist. He reaches up to her face, toying gently with a wisp of golden hair that hangs over one eye. As he brushes her cheek, she shivers at the touch of this stranger, beginning what she knows will be a sudden and thoroughly indulgent intimacy with someone she will never see again. She runs the back of her hand up the front of his shirt, feeling the taut, smooth musculature beneath. When her hand reaches his chest, she slides one finger between the buttoned front of his shirt and repeatedly traces an intense circle around his nipple. He subtly leans into it, feeling that initial charge of first being touched by a stranger, stimulation barely beginning but promising so much more. Her hand continues up his chest, back outside his shirt again. As her hand reaches his chin, the hand of the Indian woman grazes across his cheek and traces a sinuous line down the length of the blonde's forearm. The electricity is palpable as we watch this mutual, three-way seduction.

Everyone begins to get into the act now. A rugged, Marlboro-man type wearing tight blue jeans, a heavy black belt, and a snug satin shirt sidles up behind an almost stern-looking woman with short black hair—Selma Blair, if I didn't know better—and reaches his arms in front of her, and pulls her close to him. The startled and pleased look that comes over her face suddenly makes me think he's already hard and not tucked under or out of the way at all, and she feels that, pressing into the small of her back. His hands run up her rib cage, crumpling the bottom of her snug, white, long-sleeve T-shirt below her breasts. He moves his hands around to her sides and presses her breasts together while she reaches behind with one hand and squeezes his ass and, with the other, runs her hand along the inside of his thigh. He grinds himself a little harder into her back, and she fumbles to find the buckle to undo his belt.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice that you and I have been watched closely by a tall, strong, but boyish looking man with olive skin and piercing brown eyes, and it's honestly hard to tell if he's more interested in you or me! His mouth might actually be watering as he looks closely at the way your ankle-length, dark-blue, lycra skirt hugs your hips, accentuates the lovely curvature of your ass, and how the side slit that rises above your hip bone reveals that you are—at least very likely—wearing nothing underneath. At the same time, his eyes have covered my legs and my crotch, and he seems to be peeking around to see if my butt is as round as, I think, he'd like it to be.

With a flourish, I take your hand and twirl you around, your skirt spinning out around you, revealing your luscious muscular legs and hinting more at the juicy pleasures of the flesh that await within. As I spin you, I indulge our admirer in my most dandy-like show, slowly turning, running one hand slowly across my chest and pinching my nipple through my shirt and smoothing the other hand roundly across my ass, suggestively running my middle finger between my ass cheeks, hiking up the material of my smooth, stretchy wool pants. He laughs, in that, "Oh, my God! I can't believe you're both coming on so hard!" kind of way. You and I both laugh, too, as we realize we want to make him WORK for anything he gets from us!

We pull each other into a close, hard embrace and teasingly kiss, barely touching our lips, brushing our cheeks, and oh, so slowly tasting each other's tongues. You run your hand slowly down my spine; I lean in and kiss your neck. Your hand alights on my butt cheek. I pull you close and feel your breasts press against my chest; you pull me close and grind your groin against mine. You drop to your knees and grab the zippers at the waist of both sides of my pants. You slowly draw the zippers down to the floor, and my pants fall away. You grab my bare ass and pull me close to your face and bite the head of my cock through my mesh thong. I lean forward, strip your top off, and run my hands from your waist, up your back, and grab your hair at the back of your head. I roll your head back sharply, drop to my knees, and meet you with a powerful kiss.

On your knees, your legs are wide open. I grab each side of the slit in your skirt and rip it from your body. I reach forward and feel the heat rising from between your legs and the pressure rising between mine as my cock hardens and strains against my underwear. I drop my hands to your thighs and run them slowly up your body, feeling your smooth, inner thighs, then the neatly trimmed hair and soft, swollen lips of your pussy, your strong hipbones, the inviting velvetiness of your belly, the luscious underside of your breasts. I lean forward slightly and, as I start to stand, my hands press tightly against your breasts and ribcage to pull you up with me. You resist and, once I'm standing, you dip the tips of your fingers into the waistband of my thong and ease it to the floor. You dip your face between my legs and take one of my balls into your mouth, sucking gently and running your tongue across the smooth, freshly shaved skin.

As I moan and feel the hum from your mouth reverberate through my body, we both notice the others in the room that are closest to us turning their heads to watch. By now, they are mostly naked, too, a few tiny triangles of underwear remaining to cover a very few of the more compelling parts. As they look at us, their hands slide across their own and each other's bodies, tracing the smooth lines of the muscular legs, the entrancing curves of breasts and butts, some stopping at the hot hardness of aroused nipples and stimulated cocks and moistening pussies. Seeing them playing with themselves as they watch us does nothing if not turn me on more. With the tip of your tongue, you gradually taste the underside of my cock from my balls up to the ridge around the head, sliding the length of the shaft fully between your lips as you look to each side and see the eyes of those beautiful people watching you, naked, pulling my hard, naked cock into your mouth. You reach around me and put your hands on my ass, pumping me slowly, steadily, as your mouth moves up and down on me.

As good as it feels for you to suck me that way, and what an unexpected thrill to have the others watch, I push your head away from me, and pull you to your feet. I grab your shoulders, hold you still and trace my tongue around the edges of your lips, building to a kiss, a slow, all-encompassing, impassioned kiss, a mixture of release and restraint. I see such titillation in the eyes (and on the bodies!) of the others—and I feel it myself throughout my body. I turn you around to face the others. From behind, with one hand on your belly and one between your shoulder blades, I lean you forward at the waist, your ass high in the air and your hands wrapping behind your calves. From above, I slap your ass cheeks with the end of my cock, stiffening myself and beginning to turn your cheeks red. I slap each cheek with my hands, and grab you, spreading your ass cheeks apart, revealing your sweet, tiny asshole and luscious, swollen pussy.

With all eyes on us, I press my cock flatly between your cheeks and draw it slowly down, past the Y that your ass cheeks from, past your asshole, and very slowly to your pussy, which is spread wide open with my fingers and just dripping. I insert just the tip of my cock, and I hear you let out a gasp and notice the others eagerly waiting to see more. I pull out and rest my hands on your butt as I bend my knees and drop my mouth to your ass. I pepper your lovely, round cheeks with kisses, but the aroma of your juices from deep inside overpower me and I spread your cheeks again while I press my tongue deep into your pussy. I feel that heavenly swollenness beneath my tongue, taste the tangy, pink pleasure, and smell the intoxicatingly sweet fluid flowing from you. I hear you let out a sigh of satisfaction as my tongue laps across your pussy. You swell more in my mouth and I taste the increasing flow of your juices. I rise to my feet and stick my cock between your legs and feel the warm wetness of your pussy as it swallows the tip. We both shudder a quiet, sustained, "Ooooh!" as I press myself deep inside of you, the hair at the base of my cock tickling against the inside of your cheeks. I thrust, slowly at first, and with each thrust, I slap your ass. With each slap, someone in our lustful audience yells, "Yeah!" or heaves a yearning sigh.

While fucking you from behind, I inch us forward towards one of the padded platforms, and with my eyes, signal the trio of lovers that are already there to make room for us. One, a muscular, dark-skinned black man, moves to the left, and the other two—a smooth, boyish latin guy and a thin, broad-shouldered, blonde woman with large perky breasts—move to the right. You rest your weight on your elbows as I continue to fuck you from the rear. The black man rolls in, nuzzles his face between your side and your arm and nibbles and licks his way from your elbow to your armpit, down the soft, round side of your breast, and across your stomach. Wanting everything, and as much of it as possible all at once, you step your feet apart, opening your legs, and tilt your hips forward, making room for him. My cock is deep inside of you, in and out, my thighs slapping against the backs of your legs, when suddenly you feel the rich, hot tongue of this massive stranger darting across your clitoris.

At the same time, as my balls swing forward with every thrust into you, I feel his lips nipping at them each time, his tongue occasionally shooting back to lick my cock, dripping with your juices, as I slide it out of you. The woman leans forward, reaches out and runs her fingernails down the top of your breast, curving underneath, and taking your nipple between her thumb and finger, she gradually pinches it, harder and harder, until you jump, then eases up slightly, and sensually cups your breast in her hand and massages it. She lies back on the platform, keeping one hand on your breast and taking her own breast in her other hand.

As she continues to toy with your breast and hers, and he flits his tongue back and forth between your swelling clitoris and my ever moister & harder cock, the latin boy with gigantic brown eyes, smooth olive skin, and a long straight cock bobbing up and down, moves closer. He looks me deep in the eyes as he reaches behind me and fingers my asshole to get a reaction. I drop my eyes slowly to his thickening erection, sense a wicked smile spreading across my face, look at him, and motion for him to move into me from behind. The man with his face between your legs and the woman begin to rearrange themselves in front of us. As they do, I slide out of you, stand you up, turn you to face me, pull you close to me, and slide myself back inside.

The man and woman come up to you from behind. She leans in to you close, pressing her breasts against your arm and reaching her arms around you, sliding her hands across all of your body, gently sliding one slender finger into your asshole, slathered in your own love juices. With every thrust of mine, I feel her finger inside of you. At the same time, he presses in close to you from the other side, his hard cock slipping between your hips and mine, bouncing against both of our bellies as we fuck. Behind me, latin boy spread my ass cheeks, spits on the tip of his cock, massages it up and down the full length, and gingerly presses it into my asshole.

He pumps me from behind, the woman presses herself more firmly inside of you and fingers herself with her other hand, as I fuck you faster and faster and the other man grabs your ass and squeezes with one hand and grabs his own cock with his other hand and begins to pump. We all writhe with each others sweating, aroused bodies, getting closer and closer to a climax. Soon, the boy inside of me cries out that he's going to cum. The woman's hands speeds up inside of you and especially on herself, as she charges ahead toward orgasm. As you and I pound feverishly, crying out louder and louder as we come close to finishing, the man between us pumps himself hard and fast, screaming to all of us that he's cumming, too. All at the same time, I feel my ass fill with hot jism as my boy's joint throbs powerfully inside of me, I scream as I cum inside of you, I feel you spray your warm juice onto me as you moan with pleasure, the blond hotty lying behind you cries out over and over again, and we feel the hot creamy jet of cum splashing onto our chests and bellies as our handsome hunk pumps himself through his orgasm all over us.

As the ecstatic sharpness begins to wane, we all collapse, trembling into a gently, surprisingly loving-feeling, sensual heap, wash each other with wet kisses, lapping up our glorious spent juices as they drip from every part of our bodies, nuzzling, cuddling, soaking in the softness, the scents, the sweat, and the warmth that surrounds us and exudes from us.

We never asked their names; they don't know ours. If we ever see each other, in passing, at a bar or next to each other in line at the moves, I'm sure we'll recognize each other, and may well get suddenly aroused all over again, remembering our explosive night of crazy experimentation, but I suspect we'll keep it to ourselves, and not say a word.

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