tagErotic CouplingsMy New Favorite Piece of Furniture

My New Favorite Piece of Furniture


It is my favorite chair .. the red wicker one that stands proudly in the corner topped with the patterned cushion. It is my favorite because you have teased me from it before. Those first tentative pictures you sent me were from there...the ones of you in the thin black nightgown with the spaghetti straps and your legs slung over one of the arms. Those legs! The pictures where you took those first brave steps of trust and flashed one of your magnificent breasts for me. I wasn't sure what was more amazing...the first sight of that perky hard nipple that I have longed to have between my lips or that "light-up-the-room" smile that I knew was just for me. The pictures where you kept me guessing; never revealing what, if any, panties you had on beneath that nightgown.

Now you are sitting there in front of me .. in that special chair...wearing that same nightgown. But instead of your legs across the arm, this time both of your feet are firmly planted on the floor. The smile is the same as you look up from the chair at me standing in front of you and slowly spread your legs apart. As they move wider you lower your hands in front of you, still leaving me guessing. You have learned that teasing me is something you enjoy and from my smile you can see I am enjoying it too.

While my lips are smiling back at you, my eyes are pleading for an answer to that question. You close your knees and remove your hands, still not revealing your answer to me. You told me before that the panties were lacy and black in your pictures but I have yet to see for myself and you had done a marvelous job of being sure you hadn't shown me. But the time had finally come. As you spread your legs, I see a hint of flesh instead of material. You take your hands and slide the front of your nightgown up your thighs, again revealing all flesh and no fabric. The hem of your nightgown is bunched at your waist as you slide forward in the chair. My eyes cannot look as wide as they feel as I stare at your exposed lips, looking slightly swollen with desire even from across the room. You raise one hand and extend your index finger, bending it toward you to summon me forward.

As I walk toward you, you raise both legs and place your feet along the edge of the chair. You are suddenly so open and exposed to me .. definitely a spur-of-the-moment gesture on your part. You flush slightly with embarrassment as you reach one hand down between your legs. I stop and watch as you look into my eyes and run your finger between your open and flushed lips. As you raise your finger, a string of moisture follows the tip.

My hand moves to the front of my slacks as your fingers resume their path between your legs. As I massage my growing erection, you smile and slide two fingers inside of yourself until the palm of your hand is against your belly. It is only then that your eyes close as your fingers begin to move so slowly out and then back inside. I am dumbstruck and speechless as I watch.

Your eyes open and you use your free hand to point toward me. You finger aims at my pants and you wave toward the floor and smile once again. My hands cannot move fast enough as they undo the snap and zipper on my slacks. I so want to tease you but before I can think of what to do they are around my ankles along with my underwear. I could barely pull them down over the erection that you have given me. You break contact with my eyes and stare at my cock. Thank goodness you are still smiling. My shirt soon follows the rest of my clothing and I am naked in front of you, my cock dancing like a metronome with each pulse of blood through it.

You summon me forward once again as reach out to take my hand. You tug gently, encouraging me to kneel on the floor in front of you. Your legs are still open in front of me and your fingers are still moving slowly in and out as I watch. I can feel the warmth from inside you and hear the moisture sliding along your fingers.

When I finally find myself able to look up at your face I see a very sly smile. You know exactly what you are doing to me. You shift your weight and remove your hand slowly from inside you. I can see the moisture on them as you raise them up to your lips. Folding your fingers together you slide them into your mouth as you close your eyes. A soft moan escapes you as you taste yourself. I so want to do the same.

Your swollen lips are directly in front of me as you look down at me with those "what are you waiting for" eyes; your fingers slowly leaving your mouth. I move forward, crawling to get closer as I kiss the inside of your thigh. My lips trace a line of kisses toward you until they are over your warm and wet opening. I spread my lips and let my tongue escape as it licks a small circle along the inside of your lips. The circle widens with each pass and your lips open to me. You slide your hips forward as my tongue makes its first tentative entrance inside you; the tip reaching up to tickle the roof of your opening. My position makes it hard to see your face but your moaning and wiggling tells me all I need to know.

My tongue slides out and finds your clit alert and ready. I lick the underside, causing you to press your hips down against me. The small circles I make around it soon are replaced by the suction of my lips as I take it between them and squeeze gently over and over. I hear and feel your hands grab the arm of the chair as your hips raise and lower. I can taste the moisture as it leaks from your opening; the sweetest taste I have ever had in my mouth. You tighten your thighs and your hands move from the chair to the top of my head. Your orgasm finally releases itself and your voice breaks the soft silence in the room with the guttural and primitive sounds of passion. Your body pulses over and over as you cum against my mouth. After indeterminate moments, your weight again slides down into the chair as you release me.

As I look up at you, you can see your moisture on my lips and chin and your smile widens. I am smiling too and your bend that finger again and call me up to you. I kiss my way up your belly and between your breasts; stopping to take each nipple between my lips for a brief moment. My kisses continue up between your collarbones to your neck and up to your chin. With each kiss, I leave a bit of moisture behind. When I reach your lips we connect with passion, our tongues finding each other. My hands slide up your legs onto your hips and you can feel my weight as it shifts onto your chest. My cock is hard and has found a place between your breasts.

As we break our kiss you place your hands on my chest and push slightly, signaling me to lean backward. I watch as you slide your fingers across your pussy, coating them with some of your remaining juices. Your hands slides between your breasts, coating your chest with your cum. You take your hands and push your breasts together and look up at me with a smile. I think I know what you want as I lean back into you and place my cock between your soft breasts. You press them together so I am now tightly wrapped between them. My hips start moving slowly; my cock being gently caressed by you with each stroke. As the head emerges at the top of each stroke, you tongue licks the head of my cock from between the smile on your lips. You are the first woman who has every allowed me to take her in this way and the entire scene has only made me more aroused. I worry that the next touch of your tongue will be the one that makes me cum.

You can sense my dilemma and press your hand against my belly, urging me to stand up. My cock is as hard as I can ever remember and rises from my hips toward you. Your hands find my hips and pull me toward you and you raise your body into a sitting position at the edge of the chair. With your mouth slightly open, I feel the first warm touch of your lips on the tip of my cock. As I feel your lips wrap around the head I start to hesitate but you pull at my hips, continuing my entrance until I am wholly engulfed by you. For a moment, I can feel your nose against my belly and your cheeks tightening as you squeeze them around me. You move your head back, withdrawing me slowly. I can feel your tongue on the underside of my cock, rubbing it as I move back out into the cool air of the room. My hips move forward, trying to recapture that warmth inside your mouth and you move forward; taking me completely once again. Our bodies are moving as one; you allowing me to withdraw before moving forward to meet my hips once again. I am at once deeply inside your mouth and almost completely released. I know that my body will not contain my orgasm any longer.

You look up at me; sensing my urgency. A smile creases the corners of your mouth as your increase your pace. You know what will be happening soon and your eyes show me it is what you want me to do. As I feel my orgasm tightening in my hips, I look into your eyes once more to be sure this is what you want. You reply by closing your eyes and speeding up once again, stopping at my deepest stroke and holding me there momentarily. As the head of my cock reaches your lips, you squeeze down against that sensitive ring where the head attaches to the shaft. My groan of approval signals that my orgasm has begun as you feel the first pulse of cum on your tongue. My eyes close and my knees grow weak as I cum with one shudder after another. The pressure of your lips never loosens as you push yourself forward, feeling my last pulse of cum against the back of your throat. You try to contain it all but I have cum more than I ever have with any other woman and small bits are leaking from the corners of your mouth. Still deep inside you, I can feel your throat contract as you swallow my passion for you.

My body is weak and I move to my knees, once again in front of you. I lean forward and lay my head against your belly; my fingers brushing against your pussy lips. They are once again wet; this time in response to the excitement you have given me. I can feel you breathing as I turn my head and kiss you bellybutton. Your hands are stroking my hair as my breathing becomes less rapid. We both know this is only a momentary respite as we bask in the passion of each other.

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