tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy New Girl? Ch. 02

My New Girl? Ch. 02


This story is a departure from my usual subject matter, at least to a certain extent. I hope you enjoy it. This story is also a *romance* so if you are not interested in that aspect of a relationship please do not read it or comment as those comments will be cheerfully ignored since you have been warned.


Our dates took on a new dimension now that the sexual barrier had been breached. As Jamie had warned me, she couldn't get enough of me. The next day, before we left for our date, Jamie about attacked me. As soon as I entered her apartment she dragged me to her couch, fished my cock out and sucked me to orgasm. I was the grateful recipient of all her talents as my balls emptied themselves in record time. While I tried to get my breath back Jamie skipped off to her bedroom to fix her hair and makeup! Upon our return to her apartment at the end of the evening she stripped off her blouse and bra then stripped me naked. She then proceeded to make love to me with her mouth, hands and breasts. Most times she came during her lovemaking; many times she'd orgasm with me. I loved to see her eyes flutter closed and feel her body shudder as she sucked me dry. Never once did she lose a drop, not even during the most intense orgasms, hers or mine!

I'd hinted a number of times about staying over but Jamie was still reluctant. I didn't understand why but maybe it was because she was still unsure of my feelings. I resolved to rectify that oversight the next time we were together. The next night, Saturday, I picked her up at 6:00 for our date. As soon as I walked in the door Jamie tried to hustle me over to the couch so she could get her cock fix.

"Jamie, baby, slow down. I have something I want to say." I drew her down to sit next to me on the couch. I held her hands in mine as I gazed into her eyes. "Jamie, we've been going out together for over six months now. I think it's time to take our relationship to the next level. Jamie, I love you. I want to ask you to marry me some day, but for now I'd like to ask you to move in with me. I want to go to sleep with you in my arms. I want to wake up to you every morning. I want to have you in my life, Jamie. What do you say?"

Jamie's eyes grew bright with unshed tears as she contemplated my offer. "I love you too, Steve. I've never said that to a man before, but I know it's true. I know I'll never find a man I'll love as much as I do you. You complete me. I'm not happy when you're not with me and I can't wait until the next time I can see you—"

"Then move in with me!" I urged. "It sounds like we both want the same things, Jamie."

"We do, Steve, for the most part. But there's still one thing that is keeping me from agreeing to your request. I need to think about this, Steve. This is a very important decision for me and I have to be sure. Can you understand? Can you give me some time to think about it?"

"Jamie, I *love* you! Of course you can have all the time you want. When you move in I want it to be your decision, what *you* want. If you're not ready then I'll wait. I just wanted you to know how I feel. I'm not going anywhere, Jamie. Take as long as you want." I smiled at her as I cupped her cheek, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Steve, do you mind if we don't go out tonight? You've given me a lot to think about and I don't think I'd be very good company. Please come over for dinner tomorrow night and I'll have your answer for you." She leaned into my hand, kissing my palm.

"Sure, baby, but there's no rush. You don't have to give me a decision tomorrow, you know. I'll still be here when you're ready."

"I know that, darling, and I really appreciate your patience with me. However I owe it to you to make a decision and I don't want to drag it out. Come over tomorrow at six. I'll make lasagna and then we'll talk, okay?"

I stood up, drawing her into my arms. I loved the way her body melded into mine. We fit like we were made for each other. I stood there, just holding her, breathing in the scent of her shampoo. I was suddenly nervous. What would I do if she said no? What would I do if she didn't want to be with me anymore? I'd been really down when I'd broken up with Michelle. How would I survive if Jamie left? I scolded myself, I shouldn't be thinking like this! Jamie loved me, she'd told me so tonight! I just had to hope I hadn't scared her with my talk of marriage. Reluctantly, I pulled out of our embrace and, with a loving kiss full of the promise of the future, I walked out the door.




"Hi, Mom, it's Jamie."

"Jamie, sweetie, how are you?"

"Fine, I guess. Actually that's why I called."

"Oh?" Mom said, sounding concerned.

"It's Steve."

"What about him, honey?"

"He told me he loves me."

"That's great! Isn't it?"

"Yeah, actually it is. I really love him too, Mom."

"So, what's the problem then?"

"Well... he asked me to move in with him," I said softly.

"I see. I guess that could be a problem, if you let it."

"MOM! I've got to tell him to do that!" I said, upset that my mother wasn't seeing the problem here.

"Yes, you will. Jamie, ever since you were young you've been looking for a man who would love you for who you are. I think Steve is that man, but it's your decision. Hold on." I heard my mother call my father and ask him to get on the line.

"Hi honey, how are you?"

"I'm confused, Daddy. Steve told me he loves me and wants me to move in with him."

"I see..."

"I already told her that, Gene!"

"Do you love him, Jamie?" Dad asked.

"More than anything, Daddy," I said, falling back into the more immature address for my father.

"Then I think you should tell him. He really loves you, Jamie. I could tell. The last few times you two were over here he couldn't keep his eyes off you. Heck, he reminds me of how I looked at your mother when I was his age. Still do, for that matter," he said, the smile he was giving my mother coming through clearly.

"I agree with your father, Jamie. I think Steve will understand. He may be surprised at first but as long as you don't overreact he'll be fine and he'll love you even more for trusting him. I don't want you to give up on the best thing that's come into your life because you're afraid, Jamie."

"But, what if he doesn't?" I whined. I couldn't imagine life without Steve.

"Then he doesn't deserve you, and he's a damn fool and I just don't see him as a fool." Dad took a deep breath, his voice soft and reassuring. "Trust him, Jamie. I know it's hard and I didn't make it any easier for you and I'm sorry for that. You're my baby girl and I love you. I just want you to be happy."

"I understood, Daddy, really. I know you and Mom love me and always will. It's scary but you're right. It's time to trust in Steve's love for me. Thanks, Mom, Dad. I appreciate it."

"When are you going to tell him?" Mom asked.

"Tomorrow night. He's coming over at six. I'm cooking lasagna and then we're going to talk."

"Why don't you two come over for dinner Monday night? I have faith and I want to be the first to congratulate you two," Mom said.

"Yeah, me too, sweetheart. I know you'll be fine. Good luck. I love you!"

"I love you too, Dad, Mom. Bye now!"

I hung up the phone feeling a little better about my decision. I believed my parents, for the most part, but I felt the need for a second opinion. I dialed my sister, Emily. If anyone would give me the cold hard truth it would be her.

"Hi Em, it's Jamie."

"Jamie! It's good to hear from you. Hey, it's Saturday night, why aren't you out with that hunk boyfriend of yours?" Emily asked carefully.

"That's what I called about, actually," I said softly, trying to gather my courage.

"Is everything all right? Did anything happen?"

"Steve told me he loves me tonight."

"Well, it's about damn time! I didn't take that man for an idiot but he sure dragged it out! Anyone can see that man is totally in love with you."

"That's what Mom and Dad said too."

"See, I'm not the only one who thinks so. If he loves you, what's the problem?"

"He wants me to move in with him."


"Yeah, oh. What do I do, Em?"

"Do you love him?"

"More than anything," I said truthfully.

"Then you have your answer. If you love him and he loves you then you need to tell him. I can't say with certainty, no one can, but from what I've seen he'll understand."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah, I do. I wouldn't say so just to blow smoke up your ass you know."

"I know, that's why I called you. I knew I could count on you for an honest opinion. Thanks, Em. I know what I have to do now."

"When are you going to tell him?"

"Well the original plan was to tell him tomorrow evening but there's no time like the present, is there?" I said, sounding more calm than I actually was.

"Nope, good luck girl. Call me when you can, okay?"

"Okay!" The next number I dialed barely rang before it was picked up.

"Hello?" Steve's voice sounded nervous. I calmed down a bit, he was obviously as worried about my decision as I was.

"Hi Steve," I said softly. "Can you come over?"

"Yes, are you sure?"

"Yes, Steve, I'm sure."

"Be right there! I love you!"

"I love you too! Hurry, please!" I hung up the phone and began pacing the living room as I waited for the man I loved.


'She wants me to come over now!' I thought to myself. 'She said she loves me too!' I didn't know if I'd need anything but I threw a clean shirt, underwear, socks, and my toothbrush, hairbrush and razor into my gym bag, just in case. I figured I'd practice the power of positive thinking. If I didn't need it the bag would never leave the back seat. I drove over to her apartment as quickly as possible but it still took me thirty-five minutes to get there. I bounded up the steps and knocked on the door. Before the second knock fell the door opened. There stood Jamie, looking as nervous as I probably felt. I took her in my arms, enfolding her, pressing her sexy body against mine. My heartbeat slowed as the feel of her body relaxed me as it seemed I did for her as well. Reluctantly she pulled away from my embrace and led me to the couch.

"Steve, I love you very much, and I know you love me. Before I can move in with you I need to tell you something. It's something only my family knows but, if we're going to be together, you have to know as well."

"Jamie, whatever it is I'm sure I can deal with it. I love you more than anyone I've ever met. There isn't anything you could tell me that would change my mind."

"I hope you feel that way after I tell you my secret, I really do." She grasped my hands in hers but she couldn't meet my eyes. She hung her head, while I waited for her to speak.

"Ihaveapenis," she said softly, in a rush. The silence was deafening as I tried to process what I thought I'd heard.

"Huh?" I said, sounding confused. "I could have sworn you said you had a penis? This is not the time to joke, Jamie."

"It's... it's not a joke, Steve. I... I... I have a penis." I looked at her in shock. This couldn't be. How could this beautiful woman have a penis? That it was true was so obvious. As she'd said, this wasn't a joke. It was the truth. The woman I loved was not what I thought. She was a, what was the term they used on the net, a shemale? That she saw herself as a woman was also obvious. Her family treated her as the baby sister so she'd been living like this for a long time. Her friends treated her like a woman so they either didn't know or didn't care, but either way she wasn't acting. So, now that I knew her plumbing wasn't quite what I was expecting what did that mean to me?

I looked at the person sitting on the couch next to me, still holding my hands, her head bowed, awaiting my decision. She'd trusted me with something I'm sure very few people knew. It had to be scary for her but she'd done it. She'd overcome her fear and put herself, her heart, on the line. She'd opened herself to potential ridicule or heartbreak and done so willingly. As I was thinking this Jamie spoke once more.

"I know that it's a lot to take in, Steve. I understand if you need some time to think. I love you, Steve, and I hope you love me too." She started to rise from the couch but I held her hand, not wanting to let her go.

"I agree, Jamie. It *is* a lot to take in. Heck, if you'd asked me an hour ago if I could guess your secret I'd have *never* guessed this! However, I also see the same woman I've known and loved for a long time and who I asked to move in with me. I do love you, Jamie. I loved you when I left and I love you now. I want you to move in with me and I want to marry you." As I said the words I knew them to be true. The sight of her eyes as they rose to meet mine told me I'd said the right thing.

"My family said you'd understand, but I still wasn't sure. I love you, Steve, so very much, and yes, I'll move in with you. And, some day soon I will marry you. I think we both need some more time to really get to know each other, but if you haven't run screaming by now then I don't see that changing."

I drew Jamie into my arms, settling her onto my lap. I leaned down to kiss her, our lips meshing, our tongues dueling, as we renewed our love for one another. Both of us realized how close we had come to maybe losing everything. If she hadn't had the courage to tell me, or if I'd have reacted differently, our lives might have been very different, very lonely, and I'm glad the way things worked out.

"Steve," Jamie said as she drew away from me, her eyes alight with love. "Take me to bed. Make love to me."

"Are you sure, Jamie? I thought you wanted to save yourself for your wedding night?" I asked, though I was already getting excited at the possibility of making love to this sexy woman.

"No, what I said was I was saving myself for the man I'm going to marry. I think we've settled that one, don't you?" She wiggled her eyebrows at me as she slid her hand between us to grab my already hardening cock.

"Your wish is my command, my love." I grasped her under her legs, holding her tightly to me as I rose from the couch with her in my arms. I carried her towards the back of the apartment. In all the time I'd known her I'd never been inside her bedroom. The room was as I expected. A double bed was covered with a pink bedspread with flowers. Matching curtains hung on the window. The walls were painted in a soft shade of pink that blended in well with her choice of bed linens. If I hadn't been convinced that, no matter what was between her legs, this person I held in my arms was a woman I was now.

I laid her on the bed carefully, showing her that she was precious to me. I lay down beside her, kissing her lips gently.

"You are so beautiful, Jamie. I've always thought so. Now I get to do what I've wanted to do for ages. Explore your lovely body completely." Jamie's eyes bore into mine as tears gathered at the corners. She stroked my face as she lay next to me, trembling slightly.

"I've never been with a man before, not completely. I want you so badly, Steve. But please go slowly, okay?"

"I will, my love. I want you to enjoy this as much as possible. I know that it might be painful at first but I'm going to do my best to make the experience as painless as possible." My hand dropped down to her blouse and I began to undo the buttons, slowly, one by one.

"I know you will, my love. I trust you." She lay back as more and more of her blouse opened, revealing the white lace bra that held her breasts. Carefully I slid the blouse down her arms then off. I tossed it onto the chair near the bed, returning to bare more of her lovely flesh. I stroked her arms, pulling the straps of her bra down, exposing the tops of her breasts to my gaze. This bra clasped at the back so I gently lifted her upper body off the mattress so I could undo the clasp. When it came loose her breasts tumbled out of their confinement. As many times as I'd seen those luscious orbs I never tired of them. Her breasts were full and round. Her nipples were hard, pink, eraser-like nubs that crinkled in her excitement. The skin of her breasts was clear and white in contrast to the tanned portions of her upper body. I'd seen her in a bathing suit a time or two but it was obvious that the one she tanned in was much smaller. I wondered if the bottom was as small as the top. I grinned to myself as I realized that soon I'd know, from firsthand experience.

I kissed her neck, shoulder and then down to her right breast. I knew she had very sensitive nipples so I avoided them. I didn't want her coming from breast play this time. I planned to make her come, at least once, by playing with her penis. I glanced down, trying to see if there was a lump in her slacks but there was none. I had to wonder then as to her size. Was she large, but hid it well? Or was she small, like a prepubescent boy? Again I knew I would find out soon. I couldn't wait. Though I'd never had any desire to be with a man the thought of playing with Jamie's penis had my desire for her going off the chart.

I kissed down her belly, stopping to dip my tongue into her navel. She squirmed around, her hands running through my hair as I drew closer to her treasure. I shifted my body so that I was kneeling beside her as my hands went to the button on the waist of her slacks.

"Last chance, Jamie. If you want to change your mind it's okay. I love you and I'll wait until our wedding night if that's what you want," I said, my eyes locked with hers. I saw the smile on her face and the confidence I saw there pleased me.

"I want you, Steve. I want you in every way a woman wants a man. Take me, my love. Make me yours." I smiled, pleased by her words as I popped the button on her slacks. I pulled the zipper down slowly, revealing her panty hose. Inside the panty hose was a lacy pair of white underwear, probably a match to the bra I'd removed earlier.

"Lift up," I said as I grasped the waist band of her slacks. She raised her hips so that I could slide her slacks down and off. Next came the panty hose. I carefully removed them, being very gentle so as not to run them.

"This isn't the first time you've undressed a woman, is it?" Jamie asked thoughtfully. "You removed my panty hose like you knew what you were doing."

"I won't lie, Jamie. I've had lovers before, as you know. And yes, I've learned not to be rough with panty hose so I don't run them. What I will promise you is that from this day forward you are the only woman whose panty hose I'll be removing." I said as I slid her hose off her feet, tossing them into the chair to join her other clothes.

"You'd better not, buster!" she said with a laugh, though I could see some nervousness on her face as she lay there now clad in just her panties. Again, I glanced at her crotch. I still could not see any sign of her penis. I guessed from this observation that she was probably small, maybe genetically. I looked at her, from head to toe, and saw only a gorgeous, sexy woman who was waiting patiently for me to make love to her.

I climbed off the bed and straightened out her clothes in the chair so they wouldn't wrinkle. I then proceeded to undress myself. I pulled my shirt over my head, followed by my shoes and socks. Next came my pants and briefs. At last I stood, proudly naked, my cock bobbing in time to my heartbeat.

"Come here, lover. I want to taste you," Jamie said as she extended her hand in invitation.

"Not quite yet, lover. You're still a bit overdressed." Again I climbed onto the bed but this time I knelt between her feet. I scooted closer to her, forcing her legs apart bit more. I could see a tiny bit of wetness on the crotch of her panties, probably from her natural lubrication. "Ready?"

"Uh-huh," she nodded, her eyes focused on my hands. I grasped her panties by the sides. Slowly I slid them down until I could see a small strip of hair. It seemed that she shaved and had left a 'landing strip' of sorts. I patted her bottom and she again lifted her hips. I continued my slow revealing of her treasure until at last I could see her penis. I slid the panties down and off, tossing them to join our clothes on the chair.

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