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My New Home


Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Angel Love for her editing to make this a better story.

The car, a long black limousine, had met my train in town. I barely had time to marvel at the quaintness of the small European village before the chauffeur had collected my bags and hastily trundled them out to the car, stowing them in the boot ... trunk, to an unknowing American ... and held the door for me to enter the back seat. We had followed the old narrow streets through town but were all too soon out in the countryside.

I marveled at the beauty of it. There were rolling hills covered in a patchwork of farm fields, all neatly divided by rows of trees or stone fences or an occasional babbling brook ... I'd often wondered what a babbling brook was but here were examples scattered throughout the countryside. Farmers were in the field, some mowing hay, others baling. Still others were cultivating for a second crop, turning under what looked like the stalks of corn plants. I was impressed by how neat and clean looking it was. There was very little trash along the roadside and the fence lines were trimmed and the grass had been freshly mowed. We passed near some low lying mountains that gave the terrain a special elegance and then the roadway began to climb.

Even at that we were only fifteen minutes out of town when the car slowed and made a left turn into a sweeping driveway. Along both sides was a row of carefully manicure trees. The grass was cut to perfection, as if trimmed by hand with every blade seemingly at just the right length. We passed plots of annual flowers with bright pinks and yellows between every second pair of trees and then the drive began a series of quick switchbacks that let us climb rapidly and, although we drove for maybe a mile, we only covered a few hundred yards as we climbed onto a plateau.

No sooner had we topped out on the plateau than I nearly lost my breath. There, in a long oval table top, was a sprawling castle worthy of any medieval tale. Only the moat was missing. Three stories tall in the shortest locations and probably five or six at the peaks, it seemed to be square, or maybe rectangular, with big round parapets at each corner and smaller high-peaked towers one third of the way along each wall. The tops of every turret displayed a flag blowing gently in the soft breeze. It was like a picture out of a child's storybook.

The driveway curved to the front of the castle and that is where the car stopped, although I noticed that the drive also continued along the far side of the huge building. The chauffeur came around the car and opened my door just as one of the front doors of the castle opened and a statuesque older gentlemen stepped out, followed by a whole stream of people dressed in various types of uniforms. They followed the first gentleman part way down the walk until he stopped, standing ramrod straight. The people silently divided and lined both sides of the walk, waiting at attention in total silence.

I stepped out into the sunlight, almost dazzled by the opulence that lay before me. In a trance, I stepped forward and was met by the old gentleman, who bowed slightly and said "Sir, welcome to Napoli Castle, your new home. I am Gerard and I am at your service, sir."

I stuck out my hand and reluctantly he shook it. I said "Very nice to meet you, Gerard. I am Edward Revere."

"Yes, sir. May I introduce you to your staff?" he asked, waving his hand at the two lines of people.

"Please, Gerard."

Gerard turned to his left and followed just a step behind me as we went down the line. He introduced me to a cook, a cook's maid, a downstairs maid, two upstairs maids, a handy man, a gardener, a gardener's helper, a mechanic, a husbandman, a husbandman's helper, a man-in-training, the chauffeur, and 29 personal assistants. Counting Gerard, it made for a staff of forty-three! There were nine men and thirty-four women! What did they all do? Even better, what was I, fresh from my accountant's job in the States, going to do to support all these people?

Without getting into more than names and positions, I gave each person a handshake and a "Hello. Nice to meet you" and we moved on. When we had finished the introductions, Gerard led me inside and the staff followed and he directed them to go about their business. Then Gerard showed me some of the downstairs rooms.

There was a formal living room, a place to receive guests except for the most casual occasions. It was huge, with a twelve-foot ceiling and took up half of the front section of the castle, probably about forty feet wide and about a hundred feet long. It was furnished in early antique, with lots of dark wood and even darker draperies and upholstery. There was a fireplace at one end and on the inside side wall were at least eight couches and more chairs than I could count quickly. There were coffee tables everywhere, most with heavy glass insets in heavy wooden bases, each with a vase of fresh-cut flowers. The walls were mostly covered with tapestries but there were several pieces of fine art around the room. No doubt the furnishings alone had cost more than my former house in total.

Gerard continued the tour of the main floor, showing me the ballroom, the sitting room, the formal dining room, the kitchen facilities, the breakfast room and then we passed some of the servants' quarters. By then I was feeling the drag of my travels so I asked Gerard if I could rest before we continued the tour. Apologetically he said of course and asked me to follow him to my own bedroom. Along the way he pointed out where the game room was, next to my suite, and the guest restrooms and the library, across the hall from my bedroom.

I was amazed at the size of my bedroom. It seemed to be as large as the ballroom, a cavernous place to say the least, and was furnished with all sorts of things that I had no knowledge of. The bed, dresser, two chests, and two closet cabinets were all made of dark heavy wood. The walls were a brighter color than the living room but they were mostly covered by paintings of naked Rubinesque women. There were even some realists' paintings of couples in various positions of copulation but the one that really held my eye was on the ceiling directly above the bed: it was a young woman, totally nude, holding her legs wide open with a magnificent view of her open vagina, presumably waiting for a lover to penetrate her. The whole room was covered in very expensive erotica.

At first I thought Gerard and I were the only ones in the room but as my eyes gradually took in the splendor of the room, I realized that there were others in the room, at the far end, waiting expectantly. As I surveyed the whole area, it turned out that there were three women in the room with us, all three wearing what appeared to be French maids' uniforms in black and white, with short skirts and high bodices. Gerard reminded me that they were some of the personal assistants. When I asked what their duties were, he replied "Whatever you want, sire." I wondered just what that meant.

Gerard said that the chauffeur had brought in my bags and the assistants had unpacked for me already. He pointed out the entrance to my private bathroom and showed me how my clothes had been arranged in the chests and cabinets, then asked if he could do anything else for me. I said "No, I don't think so. I'd like to rest for a while and then continue the tour but I think it would be okay for the staff to relax for a while also." He gave me a little smile, bowed, and left, closing the door behind him.

At the same time, the three women approached me, all smiling and talking in a language I didn't understand, presumably French. I asked if they spoke English and each nodded while one said "Unfortunately only a little, monsieur."

"That's better than my French" I said. "Maybe you can help me learn. I am very tired and want to rest a while if you will excuse me."

I thought they would leave but instead they converged on me and began to undress me. One said "I hope you like girls, monsieur" and her hand clutched my crotch, which immediately began to grow stiff. She smiled and said something in French and the others smiled and continued their work. One knelt and took off my shoes and socks, carefully stowing them away under the bed, then helped take off my pants. When they tugged down my shorts, I started to protest but one said "Shhh. We will help monsieur relax. Please allow us to work."

I was soon naked and one of the women pulled me to the bed where the covers had been pulled down. She nudged me until I was in the middle of the bed, my head propped up by a couple of giant pillows. The other two women, one probably early twenties and the other maybe in her mid-thirties, had shed their uniforms and underwear and climbed into bed wearing only their little white head ornament and dark stockings. One settled on each side of me while the third woman got out of her clothes too and climbed between my legs. While the first two gently rubbed my face and head and rubbed their breasts against my chest, the third woman started at my feet and licked and sucked every part of my body until she reached my crotch. When her mouth closed over my cock, I thought it was the most fantastic feeling I'd ever known. Personal assistants, huh?

Before long I was rock hard and the women exchanged comments in French, I think about the size of my implement. Then the one between my legs climbed up, straddled me and drove her pussy down around my tool. The other two moved up, settling so that their four titties were just level with my mouth. To suck any of four tits, all I had to do was turn my head and the nipples were right there waiting. My right hand found a wonderfully curved ass to fondle while the left one slid between a pair of legs and two fingers found their way into a warm, wet, welcoming cunt. My rider began a slow rocking fuck that took twenty-five minutes to make me cum, an explosion that started in my toes and rocked the top of my head. Only when the last drops had oozed out and one of the girls licked me clean did the three of them curl up around me and go to sleep with me, three soft warm bodies guaranteed to make a man feel good.

When I woke up about two hours later, the women were still there and one of them had a hand on my cock, which was semi-erect. It quickly filled out to full length and I found out that the women were all awake. I asked if one of them would like to do it doggy but they all looked at me questioningly. I made motions of a woman on her knees and the light dawned. Instantly all three of them were on their knees and I picked one and worked my cock into her soft cunt. I took several minutes but not as long as before until I dumped another load of cum into her hot love box. As soon as my cock slid out of her, one of the other women awkwardly insinuated herself between us and began licking my cock and balls until I felt fresh and clean.

When I indicated I wanted to get dressed, the three women hardly let me do anything, practically dressing me themselves, as if I was disabled or something. One of them pulled a bell cord and two minutes later, Gerard knocked on the door. I thanked the women for their attention and we continued the tour. I visited the game room and the library, took a quick whirl around the 36 suites on the second and third floors, mostly occupied by my personal assistants and the rest available for guests. Back on the ground floor, Gerard led me through the courtyard garden around which the various rooms lay and made sure that I saw the inside hot tub, of which my great-uncle had made frequent use with his personal assistants.

We went through the back side of the house and out into the rear courtyard, where there was another massive hot tub, a croquet court and a tennis court. Beyond them was a long oval swimming pool in the center of the Castle Annex, a U-shaped building of the same architecture as the Castle itself. The first floor contained pool dressing rooms and more guest suites while the upper two floors contained the remaining servants quarters. Behind the annex proper but still in the same architecture was a monstrous garage and a "small" stable ... Gerard informed me that the main stable was in the valley but that the husbandman kept a "few" horses, maybe two dozen, in the small stable for the master of the castle and his guests to ride.

I asked Gerard how the staff was taking the change in ownership ... my great-uncle, whom I had never met and scarcely knew existed, had died five weeks before at the age of 81 and left his entire fortune, including the castle, to me as his only heir. The visit from a French attorney had been a total shock. At first I thought it was a prank by some of my old college buddies but it turned out to be true. Gerard stated that they had all been devoted to my uncle but now they were looking forward to working for me, although there was some trepidation that I might fire some or all of the staff and hire my own choices.

I asked Gerard why my uncle needed so many personal assistants. He explained that, while my uncle had never married, he had hired the women with the understanding that they would take care of his "personal" needs and he would marry the first one that gave him a son, an heir to his estate. However none of them became pregnant by him ... one had become pregnant but a DNA test proved that it was by another man, so she was promptly fired. My uncle had promised to care for all of the women but his son and wife would be in a most advantageous position, of course.

I was soon to find out that, while I might temporarily own the castle, that ownership would terminate at the end of five years if I did not have a blood-related male heir who had national citizenship. The law of the land did not allow me to obtain such citizenship for myself. That meant that the only way to retain the castle and its fortune was to sire a son who would be born in the country, thus bestowing citizenship on him. I realized that I suddenly had great reason to retain the personal assistants, other than my own lust for their beautiful bodies.

By the time we had finished the tour, it was nearing eight o'clock and a small tinkling bell announced that dinner was ready to be served. Gerard stated that monsieur usually ate at one end of the huge table in the formal dining room. I asked if it would be all right if I ate in the breakfast room and he assured me that it would. When I asked if any of the staff would be eating with me, he looked horrified and I knew I had committed a major faux pas. The servants would eat in the kitchen, as they always did. So I asked Gerard if he would announce a staff meeting right after dinner in the sitting room ... at least it was large enough for everyone to have a place to sit close enough that we could all talk.

Even though dinner was "informal" and I ate by myself, it was served in courses by the cook and the cook's maid. It was a meal fit for a king and I complimented the cook on her exceptional culinary skills. She was a heavyset woman in her late forties, I guessed, with huge tits that she barely kept out of the plates she carried. When I complimented her, she turned red in the face from embarrassment and bowed, almost spilling her boobs out of her white uniform dress. I couldn't help but stare at the milky white flesh and lick my lips. The next time she delivered a dish, I noticed the top button of her dress had come undone and more of her cleavage showed. After the final dish, a sweet bread pudding, I thanked her again ... for everything. It was obvious that she knew exactly what I meant.

After I wandered down to the sitting room, Gerard offered me a huge Cuban cigar but I declined. The staff members quickly moved in and settled in around me. I was a little surprised that several of the PA's chose to sit on the thick carpet. Maybe it was so they could be closer than the chairs. However it only took seconds to ascertain that none of them were wearing underwear ... with most of them sitting cross-legged or leaning against a piece of furniture with their legs splayed out, their bare pussies were a testimony to their reason for being there. I was awestruck by the number of curly haired cunts staring back at me.

I started "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your welcome of me to Napoli Castle. I am overwhelmed with the beauty of the place and appreciate everything you do to make it thus. At this point, I cannot imagine anything that could possibly be done better than what you are doing. Thus I would like to ask each and every one of you to please continue in your current assignment. Rest assured that I have no plans to make staff changes. If you have questions about your assignment or you are unhappy, I would ask you to speak with Gerard first and then we will see if we can amend the situation. Are there any questions?"

There were none so I continued "This place is so large that I'm sure it will take me a long time to fully comprehend what goes on here so I would ask your indulgence. If you see me doing something that I should not, please let me know. Do not be afraid to speak. I really will appreciate your candor. Also I'm sure I'm going to be asking a lot of dumb questions until I get up to speed, so I will ask for your patience in answering so that I might learn. I am not used to the formality that seems to have been very natural here. I know that I have already offended Gerard unintentionally and I will probably do it again inadvertently." There was a snicker through the staff. "Okay. I thank you for your continued support and please let us know if you have any suggestions for changing the estate. Thank you for coming."

As the staff rose, I said "Can I ask the personal assistants to stay with me a few more minutes, please." The women sat back down and the rest of the staff left.

When the door closed, I said "Thank you for staying, ladies. I wanted to talk with all of you about your jobs. What is your understanding of what you are to do?"

They looked around and finally one spoke. She said "Our job is to take care of the personal needs of the master ... you know ... fuck him whenever he wanted to. You are now the master so we are here to fuck you whenever you want to. The former master also wanted an heir but he did not sire any children."

"Thank you" I said. "That is about what I had come to understand. Do you think you can serve the same assignment with me as the master?"

Around the group, there was a chorus of yesses and nods. I said "Before you decide, let me say that I will probably want your services more often than my uncle did. I'm guessing that I will want to take advantage of your offer anywhere from three to five times most days although, looking at the beauty of this group of ladies, it just might be more." There was a giggle from them and lots of smiles. One of them, a magnificent blonde, said "That will be more than acceptable with us. We have been getting . . . how do you say it? ... very horny." Again there was a chorus of agreement.

I said "You may or may not know that the country requires that I have an heir with local citizenship within five years. Since I am not married, I would like to continue the same agreement about having a son. Will that be acceptable with you all?" Looking around, there was complete agreement. "And after one of you gives me a son, the rest of you will continue to stay with us in the same capacity, I hope." Again there was agreement.

"Okay, ladies, I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you for staying." I stood to indicate that the meeting was over. The beautiful blonde came toward me but stopped six feet away. Lifting her skirt, she revealed a completely bare pussy and said in a Scandinavian accent "Please, would you get to know me tonight? I am very much in need of good fucking."

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