tagFetishMy New Home Ch. 1

My New Home Ch. 1


Having no luck at all finding an apartment or house (that I like or could afford) real close to my job I decided I would have to start looking further out. While at lunch one day perusing the classifieds yet again, I notice a new listing. It seems a little far out for me but sounds very nice. It says that it's an apartment that has just been converted from when it was servant's quarters, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room, pool access, 2 entrances - one from the property the house sits on and one in the back where there is a driveway and covered parking.

This place sounds nice but it surely must be out of my price range and probably already taken. I decide to call the number listed and give it a try anyway. On the third ring, a lady answered and I tell her I've called about the apartment for rent. She sounds excited that someone has called about it and tells me that I was the first one so far. I ask her to tell me a little more about the place so she does. The kitchen is state of the art with all new appliances, big double sink for cooking, lots of counter space, and new tile. The living room has an entertainment center built into one of the walls and the hardwood flooring has been refinished. The bathrooms have new fixtures and one of them has both a shower and a whirlpool tub. One of the bedrooms has a built-in work studio while the other bedroom has a set of French doors that open into a small patio. I tell her it sounds great and I ask her the price she is renting it for. It's a little over my budget but the place sounds fantastic so I ask her if I could come by and see it after work. She says yes so we exchange names and she gives me the directions and I tell her I'll see her at 5:30.

The rest of the afternoon I couldn't wait for my workday to be over so when 5:00 hits I'm out of there. The drive out is nice and uncomplicated and I arrive at the main entranceway to the house shortly before 5:30. The house is huge and the yard is landscaped beautifully. I park my car and walk up the steps to the front door and ring the doorbell. A lady who appears to be in her fifties or so opens the door and I introduce myself to her and tell her that I am there to see the apartment for rent. She introduces herself as Debbie, the lady I spoke to on the phone earlier. She leads me into her house and then into her huge kitchen where she says she needs to turn the stove down before she takes me to show me the apartment.

After turning down the heat, we make small chit chat as she guides me through her house and out some side doors that lead to a small pathway into the backyard. The backyard is huge. The pool is directly in the middle of the yard with a hot tub off to the side. There is a gigantic deck all around it with a few lawn chairs scattered around. She tells me that this is the pool and points out that I would be able to make use of it and the hot tub whenever I liked.

Further down the pathway I see the apartment, or rather, a mini version of the main house. It is set aside as its own place and is beautifully landscaped as well with huge oaks and mimosa trees scattered around. She unlocks the door and leads me into a short hallway which opens into the living room. It is nice and the entertainment center she told me about is lovely as is the floor. She takes me into the kitchen and it too is exactly as she had described. There are lots of windows and looking out the window over the sink I see my front yard and the pool area. Next to the kitchen is the laundry room and from the kitchen is a short hallway that leads to the front door that opens into the driveway. There are at least 5 covered parking spots so this place definitely has enough parking for a little get-together with friends on occasion. She takes me back through the kitchen and through the living room and down a hall towards the right. Off to one side is the bathroom which has just the shower and adjacent to it is the bedroom that has the built-in office. I could see myself spending many late nights in here on my computer either working or playing.

Taking me out of the bedroom and further down the hall a little is the second bedroom. It is bigger than the first bedroom and I enter the bathroom that it is connected to. The bathroom looks very pretty and the whirlpool tub looks luxurious. I walk back into the bedroom, go over to the French doors and open them. The patio is magnificent! There is a bench swing off to the right and towards the left is a nice little table and chairs. There are several more towering oaks and graceful mimosas on this side of the house as well. The greenery around the patio is abundant and Debbie explains that her son has sort of a green thumb and over the years he has spent hours upon hours just sitting back here and working with the plants.

I decide right then and there that I want this place. Debbie sounds thrilled as I tell her this. She explains that she was very worried that she would be unable to find a renter because of its location a little further out from the city. I told her that I was very happy that I was the first one to see it because surely it would have been gone the next day and she just laughed. We go back to the main house so that we can sign the paperwork and I can pay her.

She leads me into the study and we sit down and begin the signing. While going over the paperwork a knock at the door startles both of us. Looking over, a handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes begins to laugh at us. He apologized for startling us and told Debbie that he was getting ready to leave and was there anything else she needed. Debbie asked him if he could straighten the lawn chairs around the pool a little and to check the chemicals in the hot tub for her so she could get in later. He said that wouldn't be a problem and Debbie said that before he went though he should introduce himself to their new renter. He walks over to me and extends his hand and introduces himself as Kevin. He looks at me and says that I have a nice handshake. I laugh a little and told him the same. He then says goodbye to us and tells Debbie jokingly that after he's done with his chores he'll be back in a few days to check on her.

Only a few more lines to sign and then I give Debbie my deposit and first month's payment. While doing this, she explains that Kevin is her son and he stops in on her fairly often to check up on her and help her out with some things around the house. She tells me her husband, Tom, is away on business right now and when he's away, Kevin likes to make sure she's doing OK. She tells me that I can start moving in immediately if I like but I explain to her that since I found this place so suddenly it would take me a couple of days to get my things together and could I begin moving in on Friday after work. She says that is fine and hands me the keys to my new apartment. I ask her if it's OK to drive around to the private entrance to my apartment so I can get myself acquainted with it and she laughs saying that it's my place now.

I say bye to her and tell her I'll see her on Friday. She walks me out and I get into my car and drive down the entranceway and take a turn onto the driveway from off the entrance as she had instructed that leads to my new apartment. I parked my car and and go over to my front door. I unlock it and walk down the short hallway and into the kitchen. Standing there, I can't believe that I'm so lucky to have found this place and that Debbie is so nice. Kevin seems nice too. I lock back up and get into my car and driving home. All the way home I was thanking my lucky stars for such a great break!

The next couple of days were spent packing, getting the phone turned on and the bills switched into my name at my new apartment, and recruiting friends and their boyfriends to help me move. Friday arrives and after work we stuff the cars and load up the trucks and form the convoy on the way to my new apartment. Once there and showing everybody around and giving everybody an idea of where stuff would go, me and my girlfriends begin unpacking boxes the guys had carried in first so that we could get started while they started on the heavier stuff. While in the kitchen, I heard a knock on the back door. I walk through the living room and down the hall to the back door and open it. I was surprised to see Kevin standing there. We say Hi to each other and he tells me he saw us pull into the entranceway and decided to come back here to offer his assistance if I needed it. I tell him Thanks and that if he's offering that I'll take him up on it. After all, another pair of hands around will speed things up some more. I introduce him to my girlfriends and tell him the guys are out front unloading the heavy stuff. I walk him out front and introduce them to him and go back into the kitchen where I was barraged with questions immediately upon entering. "Why is he here?" "How do you know him?" They just gushed on and on about him and I must admit that he looked great even though he only had on a t-shirt and shorts. I was also impressed that he would come over and offer to help.

As the hours passed, the obligatory pizza and beer used for bribery was consumed. Before long, just about everything had been set up in my apartment and we all began lounging around at the table and in the living room having a good time talking and listening to the stereo that Kevin thankfully offered to set up for me.

Soon, couple by couple began leaving, and eventually just me and Kevin were left lazing on the couch with our feet propped up on the coffee table. It was now around midnight and I had long ago dismissed my shoes as I prefer to be barefoot when possible. (My toenails are painted a deep red and I wear a toe ring on the second toes of both my feet.) After stretching and yawning, I looked over at Kevin and he was staring at my feet. He knew that he had been caught staring and looked quickly away. I joke with him asking him what he was looking at (knowing full well what he was looking at). Kevin said that he liked the color of my toenail polish and thought it looked very good on me. I tell him thank you and say I get compliments about my feet every time I wear that color.

After some more chit chat, I tell him that I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow and that my feet are killing me after all this time on my feet. He immediately smiles and says that he gives great foot massages and asks me if I'd like one. I love to have my feet pampered and adored and could never resist a foot massage from any man. I gladly accept his offer and tell him that it would be wonderful if he would massage my feet. Upon hearing this, he stands and leaves the room.

Where did he go? I'm confused as to what just happened when Kevin walks back in to the living room with a couple of towels, a washcloth, and my foot lotion. (I'm confused at first as to how he came up with this but then realize he did help me move in....) He pushes the coffee table aside and sits the towels, dishcloth, and lotion on the floor. He walks into the kitchen and I hear him rustling around in the cabinets and then I hear the water running then turn off. He returns to the living room with a large bowl of water and sits it on the floor at my feet. Now he's just standing there looking into my eyes and then slowly moving his eyes down my body to my aching feet. I had long ago come to all my senses and was not tired at all anymore. I was very excited and very turned on that this fine man before me was about to hopefully do what I'd needed done for me for a while now.

He sits in the floor at my feet and slowly moves the bowl closer to my feet. He gingerly picks up my right foot and places it in the bowl and into the warm water. He looks up at me with the softest expression I had ever before seen on a man's face and it seemed his eyes were pleading with me not to back out. I told him with my eyes that there was no chance of that. He returned his gaze to the foot before him. He placed his fingers into the water and wrapped his hands gently but firmly around my foot. Using his fingertips he gently rubbed my instep and then my heel. His fingers moved towards my toes and then he ran his fingers in between my toes so gently. He then picked up the washcloth and dipped it into the water to wet it and grasping my ankle with one hand he began to rub my foot with the washcloth. Once he was satisfied that my foot was clean he carefully removed my foot, dried it with one of the towels beside him, wrapped it up in the towel and sat my enclosed foot on the floor next to him. I was so incredibly turned on and excited that even if I had words to say at the moment I would have not been able to utter them. Without missing a beat, he gingerly picked up my left foot and placed it in the soothing water and proceeded to lavish the same attention on that foot as he had done with my right foot. Removing it from the water, he took the other towel and dried it off so carefully then wrapped it up and placed it on the floor beside my other entrapped foot.

Slowly gazing from the scene in front of him and up my body his eyes met mine and time seemed to stand still. We were lost in this moment and totally engrossed in our fantasy. Breaking our gaze, he stood up and carried the bowl and washcloth into the kitchen. I looked down at my feet wrapped up in the plush white towels, looked over at the lotion on the floor, and then back at my feet. I could barely wait to have them unwrapped and I wanted it so much. Looking up, I saw that Kevin had been standing there watching me while I was taking in the scene before me. Uttering his first words since our encounter had begun, he assured me he was not finished with me yet.

Walking over to me he asked me to lay on the couch. He reached down and picked my feet up, making sure to leave their wrappings intact, and helped me get situated on the couch. He walked over to the other couch and picked up a throw pillow. Approaching me again he looked into my eyes, tenderly lifted my head, and placed the pillow underneath it. Kneeling down on the floor and literally inches away from my face he told me this has been the best night of his life so far and asked me if I was enjoying my evening as well. I was barely able to mouth the word 'Yes' and wanted to tell him I felt the same as he did but my lips could not move.

Kevin reached over for the foot lotion and placed it on my stomach. He then stood up and stepped down towards the end of the couch, picked my legs and feet up, and sat down on the couch facing me. His legs were straddling mine as he looked down at me. Returning his smoldering gaze to the task before him, he began to slowly remove the soft towels from my feet which were eagerly awaiting his touch and longing for air. He stared at the feet before him, creating a memory, perhaps, for recall later. He gently put one hand on each foot and just softly traced his fingers over the curves of my feet; around my heels, up my soft soles, to the pads of my toes, over the tops of my toes, across the top of my feet, and then caressing my ankles.

Removing his hands from his project, he reached down to take the bottle of lotion off of my stomach. He opened the bottle and squeezed a generous amount onto one palm and rubbed his hands together. Grasping around my right ankle, he slid his greased hands down my the entire length of my foot and then gently began to massage lotion into me. I thought I would surely pass out from the erotic scene I was looking at. My heart was beating so fast from the passion before me and I so awaited what would come next with bated breath.

Kevin begin to slide his slick fingers between my toes with one hand while kneading my sole like bread dough with the other hand. The sensation of this was overwhelming and I felt I would explode into orgasm at any moment. He began massaging more diligently my delicate instep and that was my breaking point. I could not hold my approaching orgasm any longer and began to cum with such a force I had never felt in my entire life. My body shuddered feeling the waves of pleasure wash over me and over me seemingly to never end thankfully. Eventually, however, I was able to open my eyes and looked down to see Kevin smiling up at me softly stroking my foot now. With a glint in his eye he welcomed me back from my trip. At that, he set my foot back down in his lap and I could feel how hard he was between my arches. He grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head revealing his nicely tanned chest.

Reaching down he picked my freshly massaged right foot up and placed its soft sole against his chest. After putting some more lotion onto his palm and rubbing his hands together he gingerly took my left ankle and proceeded to slide his newly lubed hands down my left foot just as he had done with my right foot. As if lost in a trance he massaged my foot so tenderly and lovingly making sure to not miss a spot on this precious prize before him. I began to rub my right foot slowly on his chest while his hands danced with the foot before him. Upon feeling my toes graze over his chest, he began to softly moan his approval. While his fingers mingled with the toes he was entranced in I gently moved my second set of toes over his nipple, trapping it slightly between my big toe and second toe, playing with it ever so softly. He was becoming more lost in what was happening to him and began to slow his movements on my left foot so I took the opportunity to place that sole as well onto his chest.

Feeling both of my soles and my ten toes on his chest, he began to moan a little louder. He was as powerless to my feet as his hands had been to my feet earlier. Taking both of his nipples between my toes, stroking his chest faster and faster was bringing him close to the edge. Suddenly, he grabbed my right foot, brought it up to his mouth, and began to suck on my big toe while I continued to rub his chest with my other foot. That was becoming difficult for me to continue as I was ready to climax at feeling my toe in his mouth myself. I took his right nipple and placed it between my toes and squeezed it harder and at that he took two more toes in my mouth and that was it for me. I began to cum so hard I screamed out. Then I heard a groan come from Kevin that sounded like it came from the darkest depths of him.

We laid there completely spent for several minutes before either of us were able to open our eyes and come back down to reality. We locked gazes for a couple of minutes before Kevin gently picked my feet up off his chest and got up off the couch. He reached over and took me by my hand and helped me stand before him. Without saying a word, he guided me to the bedroom I had decided to use. He helped me to sit on the bed and he sat beside me. Now shrouded in darkness and him still holding my hand, I felt a warm breath at my right ear. Kevin wanted to know if I had enjoyed my experience with him. Still staring into the darkness ahead of me I told him very much so and that he had indeed fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies. Already knowing the answer, I then asked Kevin if he would like to see my feet again. He heavily whispered into my ear "Yes, very much so." Upon hearing this I informed him that there would be one condition. Hesitating, he softly asked what it would be. "You must call me Mistress" I said.

With that, he let go of my hand and stood up. I could sense him moving away from me in the darkness. From what seemed to come from the doorway, I heard "Good night Mistress" and then a few seconds later I heard the back door open and then close. Extremely pleased to have heard that I laid down and fell fast asleep.

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