My New Job


"You did? She's never said anything." I said in surprise.

"Good. After we talked, not before mind you, I donated twenty thousand dollars into your daughter's college fund to pay her last year, on the stipulation that she never tell you of our conversation." Amanda said quietly.

"You did what?" I squeaked in surprise.

"I hope that doesn't upset you." She said, turning to face me again.

I looked over at her and saw that she was genuinely concerned about how I would react. "Well, a bit surprised I guess."

"I knew you were in money trouble and I also knew your daughter was going to be maxed out on loans and would probably drop out. Her major is business, isn't it?"

"I think you know it is."

"I do. I hope what I say next wont upset you either. I've arranged for her to be offered a job at my company. I have directed my HR director to ensure she gets hired and that if she stays for a year that we will send her for her MBA. From all accounts she is an incredibly bright young woman."

"She is that, but why? Why do all this and why tell me, especially now?" I asked in confusion.

"Because I want you to know that no matter what happens between us, these plans are set and won't be influenced by anything you do or say. I trust you to be honest because you stayed with me, even when it looked like we might die. You stayed by my side when I needed someone more than ever in my life. I trust you with my life, and I need to know that you trust me as well." She said her voice barely above a whisper.

"You've never given me reason to doubt anything you have said or done." I answered with a dismissive shrug.

"So you think David isn't right for me?" She said, changing the subject back to her previous question.

"No. You deserve a lot better than that."

"Like what?"

"Someone who will love you and care for you, regardless of your money. Someone you can trust and share your dreams and secrets with. Someone who will treat you with respect and love and tenderness."

"You sound like you're describing the perfect man." She said with a chuckle. "Do you know such a man?"

"I'm afraid I don't. But that's what I think you deserve." I answered. "You asked, I said."

"I did ask. Thank you." She said, turning back to look out the windshield.

I looked over at her, wondering what was going through her mind. She was an extremely beautiful woman, the blue silky dress clinging to her slim shape, the deep cut V dipping deep below those two gorgeous breasts, her legs cased in either pantyhose or stockings, almost sparkling as the late morning sun flickered through the trees and splashed on them. Her short hem of the dress, quite a bit shorter than she usually wore, come to think of it, was slid up high on her thighs, resting in lightly rolled pleats that kept the hem tantalizingly high. Actually I did know what she had on, and it was stockings, now that I realized I could see the lacy top edge of one peaking from below the hem. Her long dark hair, usually put up in some kind of bun or knot at the back of her head was cascading down over her shoulders, shiny and smooth as she idly played with a few strands with her long slender fingers, her nails painted a soft pale blue that almost matched her dress. Yes she was indeed a very beautiful woman.

We sat in silence for the next twenty miles, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Mine about how I ended up here and the new revelations she had shared about my daughter. Her...well I don't know what exactly she was thinking, but the constant shifting of her legs and occasional stroke of her hand to smooth the top of her dress seemed to be on something much more physical.

"Looks like we're here." I said quietly as I turned onto the gravel road that the directions I had been given indicated. She turned and gave me a smile as we slowly drove down the narrow gravel track before breaking out into a large clearing containing a large cabin overlooking a large lake.

"It's called Milakokia. Beautiful isn't it?" She asked as she climbed out of the car and stood, letting the wind flutter the dress as she shaded her eyes from the sun.

"Yes it is." I answered as I got out and looked out at the almost three mile long lake. "Holy..." I muttered when I recognized my boat floating moored to the dock. "How did?" I stammered as I walked toward the dock, Amanda following behind me.

"You like?"

"Yeah. How did you get it up here?" I asked, turning to see her smiling broadly at me.

"Trish said you missed fishing and boating. I thought maybe it was time we took a little vacation and you taught me to fish." She said brightly.

"Well, yeah, if you want to learn." I answered.

"Let's go for a ride. Show me this boat you love to be on." She said, stepping past me and heading down to the dock. I followed her, still in shock, down to the dock, the deck boards banging gently with each step.

"Here, let me." I said, stepping down into the boat before her and holding a hand out to help her down.

"Thank you kind sir." She said with a laugh in her voice.

"I hope it starts. I haven't had it out in almost a year."

"If it doesn't I'm going to fire the marina mechanic. It was supposed to be all tuned up and ready to go."

I set the throttle and hit the key, bringing the 140 horse power I/O to life. "It sounds great." I answered as she stepped to the passenger side seat and settled into it.

My boat is a pretty standard sixteen and a half foot deep V hull capable of going on either small lakes or large lakes like Michigan. The open front bow has padded seats all the way around it, which can be covered in rough water or bad weather with a snap down cover to prevent water from washing or blowing into the passenger cockpit under the hinged windshield. The passenger seats are a back to back bucket style seat that can be pulled out into a long bench suitable for more people to sit on or if you just want to lie down. Behind the passenger seats sits the two padded stern seats and the large motor cover that houses the marine version of a 4 cylinder GM engine. The passenger compartment can be completely enclosed in a canvas roof and clear plastic side windows, making it rain tight for rough weather. I had modified it heavily to add state of the art GPS and depth finder electronics, a bow mounted electric trolling motor that has a wireless remote and a small gasoline outboard mounted to the stern for slow trolling.

All in all, I loved my boat and had it set up perfectly for the types of fishing I enjoyed. Of course I also enjoy just getting it up on plane at forty miles an hour and bouncing over the waves and wakes of other boats.

I untied the ropes from the dock and pushed away, kicking the engine into reverse and backing slowly away from the shore. "Can you swim?" I asked.

"Uh huh!" She shouted back with a smile.

"Just wanted to make sure. Otherwise I'd give you a life jacket. Wouldn't want you to drown if something happened."

"Always protecting me. I love that about you!" She called back over the sound of the engine as I started opening the throttle. Within seconds the bow rose high in the air as the prop bit into the lake water, forcing the two thousand pound fiberglass hull up and out of the water. As the bow came down the speed picked up until we were cruising along at a comfortable thirty miles an hour. The wind was blowing through the gap below the center portion of the walk through windshield, swirling in the passenger compartment as we bounded over the waves, the bow occasionally rising over a particularly large wave, only to crash down again into the trough. I glanced over at her and saw her grinning hugely, her hands holding the top of the windshield to keep herself in her seat, the bottom of the blue dress having blown all the way up until it was bunched around her waist, the tops of her beige stockings completely exposed, along with an incredibly tiny blue panty that clearly didn't cover much.

Sometimes remaining professional is harder than others. When I was in that car with her essentially naked, the situation allowed me to quickly push the sight of her body into a business like mode, but the images still remain. At this particular moment those images were flooding back as I split my attention between driving the boat and peeking at Amanda.

I made a long turn as we approached the end of the lake, running with the waves this time, which changed the bouncing from a hard choppy bounce to a long slow loping bounce that was much easier to tolerate.

"This is fun!" Amanda cried over the wind, letting go of one hand and holding it in the air as if on a roller coaster. The boat launched off a particularly large wave, tossing her at least six inches off the seat before she landed on it again, screaming in delight. She shifted her legs to help steady herself, sticking one out into the aisle between the seats. After the next big wave I looked over and was treated to a view of her spread legs, the tiny blue panty riding low on her obviously shaved mound, her hips and what I could see of her ass, now exposed, creamy white. My eyes traveled up where the swirling wind was periodically exposing different parts of her sexy breasts, which were bouncing and jiggling enticingly inside the dress.

As unprofessional as it was, I couldn't help but get a hardon from the view I was getting, and she didn't seem to be at all concerned or even notice that she was exposing parts of herself to me. I guess that's just a side effect of how safe she felt with me.

I throttled the boat down as we grew closer to the shore and dock, easing the boat in carefully so the waves running the length of the lake didn't push me past the dock and into the shore. I left the engine idle while I darted out of my seat to the stern and flipped the mooring line over the cleat, arresting the boats forward motion and swinging it snugly against the dock.

"That was a blast! I hope we get to do that again!" Amanda said, getting up from the seat and smoothing her dress reflexively. I doubted she even realized how much I had seen on our trip up the lake.

"I hope so, too." I agreed as I climbed out and held a hand out for her. After helping Amanda to the dock I moved to the front of the boat and tied it off as well.

"So, let's unload the luggage." Amanda said, leading the way up the pier and across the grass to the car. I opened the trunk and pulled out my suitcase and hers. Carrying both of them to the cabin as she led the way. Cabin was almost a misnomer; it was a log house as much as a cabin. Walking in we were treated to a comfortable living room area with a large screen TV, fireplace and a fully outfitted kitchen. I followed her down the hallway toward the two bedrooms and the single bathroom. "You want to put mine in there?" She asked, pointing toward the smaller of the two bedrooms.

"You sure?" I asked, surprised that she would give me the larger room.

"Uh huh. This is your vacation, I want you to relax and be number one on the list for a change." Amanda said with a grin.

"If you say so." I answered, still a bit bewildered. I stepped into the room and set her suitcase on the bed and then retreated, taking my bag to my room.

"I'm going to change and get out of this dress." She called as she closed the door. "Why don't you get out of those clothes too? This is vacation. Put on something comfortable!"

"Yes ma'am!" I called back.

"And don't call me ma'am, or I won't cook you lunch!" She shouted through the two closed doors.

I unzipped my bag and dug out a t-shirt and shorts, quickly shucking my kaki's and sport shirt. By the time I was dressed and had my day hikers on, my preferred footwear, Amanda was already out of her room and working in the kitchen.

"I didn't know you could cook." I said honestly as I stepped into the kitchen.

"Of course I can. I love to, but I rarely get a chance to. I can't think of the last time I actually got to cook a dinner for a man either." She said with a grin as she dug things out of the refrigerator. "There's a gas grill on the deck. Would you be a dear and fire it up for me?" She asked me sweetly.

"Sure." I said, turning and heading out, looking over my shoulder at Amanda bustling around the kitchen in a swim wrap kind of robe. As directed, I headed to the deck and lit the grill before dropping into a lounge chair where I could overlook the lake and the continuous procession of waves pushed by the wind.

"Ahhh, thank you!" She said sweetly as she stepped out, letting the screen door close behind her. She quickly placed several large sausage links on the grill and then disappeared back into the cabin.

"I know what those are." I said to myself as the smoke started to waft out of the grill, the grease from the bratwurst dripping onto the burner covers and sizzling into smoke.

"And a little birdie told me that they are your favorite." Amanda said as she came back out with a tray of items and set it on the table near the grill.

"They are, actually."

"Good. I'd hate to think that Trish missed by that much." She said with a giggle.

"Have you had Trish spying on me?" I asked her.

"Well. I wouldn't call it spying. I just asked her to find out a few things for me. It seems you'll tell a good looking woman anything if she flirts with you a little first!" Amanda said with a playful grin on her face.

"Well. Heck, any guy will respond to flirting." I answered back feeling a little defensive for some reason.

"Oh I see. So if I just give you a little peak of my thigh you'll do my bidding? Let's see if that works?" She said, lifting one leg and setting it on the arm of the lounge chair so that her wrap split down either side of her thigh.

"Wow. Nice leg." I said teasingly.

"You think so?" Amanda asked.

"Uh huh."

"I think it needs a shave though. It looks stubbly." She said reaching down and sliding a hand up her shin.

"Not to me." I said honestly.

"Sure they do. Here, feel." She said reaching for my hand and pulling it over to her leg and placing my palm against her shin. She slowly pulled my hand up her leg to her knee, sliding it over her knee and then pulling it up her thigh until my fingers touched the edges of her beach wrap. "See?"

"Uh...." I said with a little choke. "Uh. It feels pretty smooth to me."

"Really?" She asked, slowly pushing my hand down her leg again, stopping only when it reached her ankle. "I think it has a lot of stubble."

"Not in my book." I answered as she started pulling my hand back up her leg.

"Maybe they just need a little lotion." She said as she drew my hand along her thigh, not stopping until my fingers rested against the hot warmth of her pussy. "Would you like to put some on my legs for me?" She asked a huskily. "After lunch I mean." She added quickly.

"I could if you want me to." I said as she let my hand slid off her leg and put it down so she could step over to the grill.

She lifted the lid of the grill and quickly turned the sausages, closing the lid and walking away quickly. "Be right back." She called over her shoulder. I was still trying to get my breathing back to normal and my heart to slow down when she walked back in with a large purple tube in her hand. "No point waiting till after lunch. The food won't be done for a few more minutes." She said as she stepped next to me and turned to face me. She held the tube out to me and then lifted her right leg and set her foot on the arm of the chair. "You don't have to if you don't want." She said, just louder than a whisper.

"No...I don't mind." I croaked nervously as I reached for the tube. My heart was in my throat as I squeezed some lotion out onto my palm and then set the tube down. I gently wrapped one hand around her ankle, smushing the cream out of my palm onto her leg and began to slowly slide my hand up her leg. Inch by inch I eased it up to her knee and then slowly slid it back down, adding my other hand so both hands gently encased her slick leg. Up and down I moved my hands, working the lotion into her skin while I screwed up the courage to work higher. I leaned toward her and she leaned a bit more toward me as I slid my lotion slicked hands to her thigh and slowly stroked up toward her body, one hand sliding along her firm outer leg and the other up her incredibly soft and smooth inner thigh.

"Mmmmmm You have a nice touch." She whispered as my hands roamed up and down, the tips of my fingers occasionally brushing against the white and brightly colored flowered material of what I assumed was her bikini bottom.

We were both lost in the sensations of the moment, my middle finger slowly stroking up and down the material covering her pussy as I pretended to rub the lotion into her leg. We might still be there if the grill hadn't started to flare and burn our lunch.

"Oh shoot!" Amanda said quickly, pulling her leg from my grasp and turning to deal with the food.

"Sorry." I said nervously as she turned the sausages.

"For what?" She asked over her shoulder.

"Well. I think my lotion applying got a bit personal." I said with a tinge of embarrassment.

"Not to worry. I was enjoying it." She said as she pulled the food off the grill and set it on a plate. "Now how about some lunch?" She asked turning and handing me a plate.

"Looks good." I answered, taking the plate from her. She had bratwurst on a bun, liberally doused with sauerkraut, potato salad and beans.

"Good picnic lunch." She said, setting her own plate down on the chair next to mine. "Forgot the drinks. Be right back." She said a she practically ran to the kitchen. She came back a moment later with two beers, open and foaming from their chilled necks.

"Thank you!" I answered, taking one from her and setting it on the arm of the chair.

"You're welcome kind sir!" She said with an overdone flourish.

"This is quite good. Thank you." I said after eating several bites of the food.

"I'm glad." She said simply, smiling at me as she started to eat her own, only a bit more daintily than I was. "So Michael. Tell me. I haven't seen you with a girlfriend since you started working with me. Trish was beginning to think maybe you don't like girls, until she flirted with you that is."

"Oh I like girls just fine. No, no girlfriend. Haven't really had time." I said before taking another bite. "No that's not really true. I guess I just haven't been interested in the dating thing."

"Oh. Still got a thing for your wife?" She asked, her voice seeming to drop a little.

"No. Nancy and I...well we still love each other, but we both know that it's not worth the constant fight. No. It's not because of her." I answered quietly.

"So is it someone else?" She prompted again.

"Um....No, not really." I finally answered.

We continued to eat in silence until we had both finished and she cleared the dishes. "You know. I feel like getting wet!" Amanda said as she walked back out.

"Not in that lake." I said with a chuckle. "It's probably about sixty degrees."

"Oh? Who said anything about the lake?" She asked, reaching for my hand. "Come on."

"Come on, where?" I asked as she practically drug me out the screened porch and into the yard.

"Over here." She answered, pulling me toward a small cluster of pine trees a little ways from the cabin. To my surprise, nestled in the middle of the trees was a medium sized hot tub. She quickly flipped the cover back and turned on the pump, sending the water in the tub into a swirling chaotic mass of swirls and bubbles. "This will be plenty warm." She said as she climbed onto the little deck on one side of the tub and turned to face me.

She waited until I was watching her and then slowly undid the wrap that was around her, allowing it to slide down her arms and land in a pool on the deck. "I know you've already seen these once, so I didn't think you'd mind me not having a top on." She said as I stood there and stared at her. Her breasts were more than a good handful from this perspective, each one with a half dollar sized areola and protruding pink nipple. I stood mesmerized as she slowly turned and stepped down into the water, my stare finally broken only when they submerged under the water.

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