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My New Maid Robot


Hi there, this is a re-upload, there were a lot of grammatical errors in its first version thus I fixed them (I hope) and changed a few things here and there overall in this new version.

This story is about a lonely dude that buys a sex robot, it is very peachy and unrealistic.

As soon as his ass hit the couch Thierry let out a long sigh, relief spreading through his tired muscles and engulfing his body. It had been a long day. Work had been... well, work, neither hard nor challenging, just plain and pointless. Thierry turned on his TV, a smile danced across his lips. Tonight was Tuesday, and like every Tuesday, Thierry only thought about one thing: the weekly lotto draw. For four years now, Thierry had bought a ticket each Tuesday like clockwork, for him, it was like a religious practice. He craved this thrilling sensation, the one after the first number is correct. That was the only spice he had in his life. Thierry wasn't very talkative, he had no friends outside of work, his family barely contacted him from time to time and he was single.

Thierry checked his watch, he had enough time to treat himself to his "luxury" dinner, a can of 99 cent tomato soup. There were five minutes until the weekly draw would come on. As he walked toward his kitchen, he looked at the show playing, some trashy talk show, where the host, some old English psychologist, was in the middle of berating a man whose wife had apparently been stolen away by his robotic assistant. Pouring his soup into his almost too small bowl, Thierry walked back into his small lounge just as the show finished. Sitting down, the screen cut to the familiar background, a small podium, with six circular screens arranged one atop another, all blank, waiting to show the randomly selected numbers of the draw. The upbeat theme song started and a well presented middle-aged man in a back suit walked on to the podium, turning to the camera just as the theme song stopped.

"Hi, and good evening everybody, I'm Doug Harvey, and welcome to tonight's Mega-Draw. Yes indeed every week right here on Network 2 at 8 PM, brought to you by our dear sponsors Premier de Augustus Incorporated."

His right hand waved at the podium, its circular screens flashing the colors of the rainbow, as the animation of rapidly changing numbers came to life on each individual circle, stopping for the smallest of a fraction of a second, only to change rapidly as the eye tried to capture the number. It was beautifully hypnotic, Thierry knew that this was apart of the draw, that it had been designed this way to addict people to it, himself included.

"Every Tuesday night, this machine has decided the fortune of several lucky individuals with the flick of a switch, and just to make sure that all is proper the whole process is under the watchful eyes, or rather the watchful surveillance of Premier de Auguste Incorporated's most trusted and internationally acclaimed security AI, Themis, because if you need the leading edge, most unbiased, infallible, and secure surveillance system, then look no further than Premier de Auguste Incorporated's security AI's, first and best in name, first and best among competition. Give them a call today, because nothing gets past a premier solution..."

The camera angle locked onto the upper body of the announcer, his eyes locked to the camera as he made his pitch. Thierry lifted the spoon, "enjoying" a mouthful of his bland soup as he got comfortable.

"... And tonight is a special night to be sure, with a grand prize of up to 3 million Pounds Sterling, the fourth biggest jackpot in the history of the Mega-Draw. All you need to do is match the six numbers, randomly generated, to your ticket in order to be able to take it all. And here is the first number..."

Thierry knew he had no chance of winning. After 4 years choosing the 6 same exact numbers, he only won a few low prizes...

He won.

He won the whole thing.

He was rich now, 3 million pounds sterling richer to be exact.

Time seemed to freeze after Thierry stood, his jaw hung agape. He felt a burning sensation running from just below his belly button down his groin and inner thighs. His eyes, finally able to move under his control dropped down to the source of his discomfort, scalding hot soup ran down his pants and into a puddle on the floor, his bowl laying face down on the ground. None of that mattered for Thierry, the share rush of emotions and adrenaline coursing through his veins causing him to feel as though he was lighter than air. The feeling of elation was quickly extinguished as his euphoria was rudely interrupted by the single thought that had made it past the fragmenting stage to form into a single coherent idea, or rather question. What now?

Should he call now? Where is his ticket? What if he misread a number? How to clean this mess? Should he finish eating first?

"Find ticket and get the money first."

4 AM, it was a full moon night tonight.

Thierry was laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, his phone won't stop ringing. The night was eventful, after a few calls and a long distance recognition for his ticket, he was now officially a millionaire. He told his family about it, at first, it was gentle. Few texts from his father and a call from one of his siblings. But after less than an hour, his phone rung, one call after another. And now... It. Just. Won't. Stop. Thierry was overwhelmed, he had no idea what to do, what to say. He wanted to share, but how he had no idea. Soon the overwhelming buzzing of his phone was too much. He stood up, and walked, walked until he won't hear it anymore. He entered the living room, his gaze lingered down at the tomato soup stain on his floor. That's another thing he'll have to deal with.

A voice came from his still on TV now muffling his phone: "Is it hard to do every chore by yourself? Can't go get the kids because of an appointment? Your furniture broke but fixing it is out of your league? Wait no more and buy this fully functional Maid Robot! She will handle cleaning, cooking, tinkering, grocery and more!" Said a low-pitched man while what looks like a humanly sized doll winked at the camera.

"From 900£ to 6900£, our large variety of products made for you and your wallet! Don't wait any longer and buy a brand new Maid Robot!"

"Maid robot... I'd say why not?~~" a girly robotic-voiced sang cheerfully.

Fast speaking voice: "Also exists as male, see conditions in your local Maid Robot shop."

"Huh..." let out Thierry.

While he collected his thoughts, that was tempting. A pretty robot handling household chores, then he could focus on his family, on his life. He's rich, a mere 7k is not much for him, he can afford some comfort in his life. He thought about hiring a maid anyway, what's the difference if she's not human? Plus it would be more than a simple maid, as it could cook for him, protect him and chat with him. Still, could it chat like a human? Wouldn't it be a sterile talk or at its best, just awkward? Well, one way to find out, he could send it back at any time. That's decided he'll get a Maid Robot!

Yet, Thierry felt tricked. On the one hand, it would be good to have a companion like that, on the other hand, it still felt bad. There are a thousand things better to do than buy a Maid Robot with that much money, he could change the world. "They are taking advantage of you Thierry, tomorrow you probably won't need it..." Then he walked onto his still stained carpet.

Fuck it.

"Fuck it," he said out loud. "I have the money I can afford the luxury of a Maid Robot. That's it tomorrow morning I'll go buy a Maid Robot, then I'll see how to handle the rest, especially with my family."

Thierry rushed back to his room, his phone stopped ringing. No battery, a smartphone. Most of the time the lack of battery annoyed him because it always shut down in worst possible moments. Here, it was perfect. It was the moment of relief Thierry was looking for, he needed to calm down. He needed to breathe. Tomorrow he will get a Maid Robot, get some order in his life, deal with his family, and everything will be fine. He thought to himself. Now, he needed to sleep.

8 AM.

Thierry stood before a Maid Robot shop. He couldn't wait for it to open, he just couldn't. He was awake at 6 AM, those 2 hours should have gone flying, yet Thierry was dealing with the worst dilemma of his life. He couldn't enjoy breakfast with this stained carpet, but he didn't want to clean it considering his Maid Robot would clean it anyway in about 2 hours. At the end of the day, he couldn't stand it, he left home at 7 AM, only to wait in a car park. Thierry is a weird guy. The stores automatically opened as the shop sign lighted up. The letters M A I D R O B O T went to Thierry's mind, he rushed into it. A cute 20 year-ish ish old blonde woman welcomed him. She was tall, with a black skirt and a tight top. Her massive cleavage showing and the bottom of her skirt barely covered her panties. The outlines on her flesh made it obvious that she was a robot. Her juicy lips moved as she started talking.

"Welcome to Maid Robot Shop, you can call me Stacy. I will go with you throughout the shop and answer your questions, *a pause* unless you prefer a human employee." She cocked her head to the side waiting for an answer.

Thierry was daydreaming in her cleavage, "how the nipples are not showing at this point? It doesn't make sense, the only logical explanation is that she doesn't have any nipples at all. What a shame."

"Sir?" Stacy interrupted him. Thierry snapped, he wiped away his slobber and let the robot know he'll prefer a human employee. "Very good, Sir. Please follow me."

Stacy led him to a big desk, human and robot alike working behind it. A woman with a much less revealing outfit loomed from the desk. "Hello Sir, welcome to Robot Maid Shop. What brings you here?"

"I... Huh... I'd like to buy a Maid Robot," Thierry said.

"Well obviously, Sir, what kind of robot do you need? Chores alone? Do you have kids? Tell me a bit more please." She chuckled.

"Well, I want it to do chores and... cleaning would be nice and... cook... and might be decent at talking?" Thierry mumbled, he understood deep down that he needed someone to talk to, someone that wouldn't look down on him.

"Understood, Sir, this is a pretty standard model, some customers come with some more exotic ideas." She chuckled "What is your budget, Sir?"


She was startled by how nonchalantly he said that. "Oh! Huh... Understood, Sir, please follow me.

Third floor. A big sign with "Newest models" written on it loomed over a big door. "Sir, if you prefer, you could order custom ones, you could even buy a pack of them if you-"

"Just one." Thierry cut her mid-sentence. She became vexation.

The sophisticated door opened, both went in and Thierry saw multiple rows of really fleshy female robots. None of them were moving. "They are in sleep mode, you can awake one if you want to test it." She said.

Thierry was astounded by how absurdly erotic they all looked. Some had humongous boobs barely covered. Some had perky tits piercing through her light transparent fabric, their nipples seemingly permanently erect. Most showed long legs with incredibly short skirts. Some looked very much human, some looked very much not. With fluo hair color and thick outlines between pieces. One of them was easily 10 inches tall. While another one was 3 inches tall maximum with small perky tits.

"Those are the top maid robot you could ever get. They are incredibly resistant, strong and smart. They have access to the internet through XG, automatically updates and have access to our data bank. They can do almost anything you want them to do. They can clean anything, repair anything... Well, they could even build you a house from scratch if you give them enough time and resources. They have deep learning speech programs and feel really human to speak with. They won't sense pain, desire or hunger. They can perform any-"

"What's her name?" Thierry cut her off once again and pointed a 5.5 feet tall android. She had big bouncy tits, nipples piercing through the fabric. Wide hips, dark hair color with a short haircut. She has a traditional French maid outfit but shorter and 1 or 2 sizes smaller.

"She is the model MS-068-FF, Sir. A fairly old one, yet still really popular. She is automatically updated so don't worry about her age she will always be on the cutting edge of technology. You can give her any name you want, install behavioral drivers and even upgrade her body with specific features. Do you want to test her out? I can give you some privacy," the saleswoman asked.

"No she's perfect, I choose her," Thierry said.

"Wait are you sure? It won't add any expense to test her out."

"I'm a 100% sure, let's do the paperwork," Thierry concluded.

About what felt like easily 30 minutes of paperwork, Thierry had officially acquired a maid robot. It was lifelong covered which was "neat," he thought and should be delivered by Friday.

Thierry went home and laid on his sofa. Looking at the big scarlet stain on his carpet. Such a shame the Maid Robot has to be built from scratch and you can't buy exposition robots. He exhaled, it's drought now, seems really hard to clean. Now he had two days before his Maid Robot arrival, should he clean the carpet?


The next two days seemed so long for Thierry.

He found the courage to face his family. He is always anxious about his family. Thierry was a lonely guy, once he left his family home, he didn't bother keeping in touch with them, neither did they, except for Christmas that is. He agreed to share some money. He pertinently knew they were going to waste most of it. Could he blame them though? He already wasted some. And even if he wasn't on best terms with his family. He still loved them, he just can't find a way to say it. The day later, Thierry called his boss. "Thierry, if you don't want to finish miss Wright's case I'll give it to John but don't come up with such nonsense." Thierry chuckled. He's surprised his boss didn't trust him, well, not that it matters now. He won't have to work anymore. "But," he thought to himself "is it that good of a thing?"

His bell rung.

Here it is.

Thierry was anxious, he hoped everything would get along fine. He opened the door, a postman with a big cardboard based crate taller than himself stood there. Thierry gulped.

"Just sign here Mr. Nu, I'll help you to carry it inside. You just need to follow the leaflet after, then pretty much everything is automatic. If you have any issues just call your Maid Robot Shop. Here. Have a nice day sir."

The postman left, leaving Thierry alone with its big box.

Thierry hadn't moved yet. He was staring it. "That's a box Thierry, stop freaking out and open it," he said to himself.

Finally, he opened it.

Here she is, the maid robot. Beautiful face with a small nose, cream white skin, dark short hair, smirking pale rose lips. Two big breasts, not humongous but still way above average. Her nipples peaking right through the fabric. With enough imagination, you could determine her areola outline. Her skirt was dark with a white lace apron, barely covering her wide hips.

"Gah," Thierry managed to let out. He stood still a good minute simply by observing her natural beauty. Well not natural, she has thin but clearly visible outlines on her skin.

Her eyes were still closed. She was asleep, she looked so vulnerable. Thierry still mesmerized found her manual, laid on her belly. He took it.

"First, open her bag by pulling the zipper down."

"Ziiiiiiiiiiiip!" First part: Done. Good job Thierry.

"Now press the button in the middle of your maid's chest for 5 seconds."

"That's a weird place to put a button." Thierry thought, placing his hands right between the robot's boobs. It felt like real skin, smooth, fat, natural. Yet it was cold. Thierry let out an ounce of disappointment. He found the switch and pulled it for 5 whole seconds.

The android opened her eyes. Deep white blue eyes. "Hello, Sir, you are... Thierry Nu." She said without moving her mouth nor trying to make eye contact. "I am your personal Maid Robot. I will do everything I can to make you happy. You can order me to do anything, I will do it as long as it is not illegal nor it will hurt a human being." She turned her head toward Thierry "How do you want to call me, Master?" She cocked her head to the side, waiting for an answer.

"Huh," Thierry managed to say still not believing what he sees, "Can you choose your name?"

"Is... Lea a suitable name, Master?" She said, still without moving her lips. She cocked her head again waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, Lea is... fine" he babbled, he still didn't believe his eyes, he felt a rush within his body. It was hard to describe, but he couldn't move an inch.

"I like Lea too, Master. To finish my initialization you will have to wear this bracelet. It allows me to know where you are, register your vital signs such as your heartbeat, your blood composition, and your tension. It also allows you to command me when I'm not near enough to hear you." She tends her arms with the bracelet in her hands.

"Fine," Thierry says and put the bracelet on his left arm.

Lea turned her head toward Thierry locking eye contact and opened her mouth in a wide O "What do you want me to do Master?"

"I... huh," Thierry mumbled, he looked down on the floor, blushing. There he saw the wide red stain on his carpet and his neurons connected. "Can you please clean my carpet? I, Huh... spilled my soup on it."

"Understood," Lead said. She closed her mouth, Thierry could feel her deception and started scavenging through her box. She pulled out a mop. Then, extended her arm toward the carpet, a metallic grey rod could be seen between her arm and her forearm, it was at least 2 meters long. She shot green liquid for the middle of her palm, directly onto the carpet. She then proceeded to mop the carpet vigorously without seemingly any unnecessary movement nor using any water.

Thierry was still mesmerized by how beautiful she looked like. The front was good and the back was wild. Her ass bounced playfully while only half of it was covered by her skirt, she clearly wore no panties. Her tits and ass bounced in concert with what looks like forced physics. She must have some internal engines making it bounce like that. By the way, she moved, it was obvious she was showing her assets to Thierry, yet he was too gullible to understand at least a glimpse of it.

Lea suddenly stopped cleaning, turned toward Thierry, her body perfectly still and locked her eyes with him. "Master, you are horny, do you want me to suck you off?"

"What?! Huh! No! I..." Thierry gabled.

"Understood," Lea went back to work.

Thierry stood there for a good 5 seconds before he actually realized what happened. Those Maid Robots weren't just well built, they were also fully equipped for sex.

Thierry laid down on his sofa. "Lea?" He smirked.

"Yes, Master?" Lea stopped cleaning, then turned toward him. Her hopeful eyes locked with Thierry's.

"Could you remove your box after you are finished?"

"Yes Master, where should I store my stuff in?" Lea answered. You could hear the disappointment in her voice.

"What do you mean?"

"I have a lot of tools in my box, where can I store them?"

"I guess the closet will do," Thierry said.


A long silence occurred, Thierry was laid down looking sharply at Lea. Her perky tits pierced through her top, bouncing in an unnatural way. Her ass giggled each time she bent to mop the floor. She didn't need to bend, yet she did it anyway, giving him all possible angles to daze at her ass.

Lea broke the silence. "Master, you are even hornier than before, are you sure you don't want me to suck you off? Sexual frustration builds up stress, which is bad for your health. You should let me relieve this frustration out from you."

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