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My New Maid Robot


"Welcome to tonight's lottery draw! You can win 3 million pounds sterling if you simply match 6 numbers! Good luck to anyone who has a ticket tonight!"

Like each Tuesday, Thierry bought a ticket. He never expects to win, he just wants to feel this thrilling sensation. The one after you get your first number correct. He'd had no idea what he'll do with this money. He never won in the past 4 years, he won't win this time.

He won.

6 numbers match perfectly. He won.

That was literally wrote down in the description. He won.

Even if you didn't read the description it was extremely obvious. He won.

Now Thierry had a lot of money. But he had no idea what to do with it. Actually, he had no idea what to do now. He was just standing in front of his TV, mouth agape, his tomato soup pouring on his pants. The heat from his soup made him jump, its bowl fell on the carpet.

A million questions went through his head. Should he call now? Where is his ticket? What if he misread a number? How to clean this mess? Should he finish eating first?

"Huuuuuuuuuuuh..." Thierry exhaled.

He shook his head. He'll get the money first, he'll see what to do afterward.

Later that night, Thierry was laid back on his bed, his unblinking eyes staring at the ceiling. He was still not asleep. He did his part : the money was safe in his bank account. "That's great," he thought. "What's next now?"

Earlier that night, he texted his brother about it. His phone won't stop ringing now. What a mistake. His whole family was on him, hell, even people he barely knew. Thierry wasn't the social type, he barely had any friends outside of his work. He barely had any news from his childhood friend Barley that he probably barely knows now. Despite all this attention, Thierry was alone in his room. Soon the overwhelming burring of his phone was too much.

He went up, and walked away. Until he won't hear the ringing anymore. Well it didn't took long, closing the door of his living room the noise from his still on TV muffled his phone's ringtone.

He stared at the wide scarlet stain on his carpet. A reminiscence of his tomato soup. Well this is another thing he'll had to handle.

"You can't do every chores by yourself? Can't go get the kids because of an appointment? Your furniture broke but fixing is none of your skills? Wait no longer and buy this fully functional Maid Robot! She will do cleaning, cooking, tinkering, get grocery and more!" Said a low-pitched man while what looks like a human sized doll winks at the camera.

"From £900 to £6900, our large variety of products will fit your budget! Don't wait any longer and buy a brand new Maid Robot!"

"Maid robot.. I'd say why not?~~" a girly robotic voiced sang cheerfully.

Fast speaking voice : "Also exists as male, see conditions in your local maid robot shop."

"Huuh..." managed to let out Thierry. That was impressive.

While he collected his thoughts, there was a voice that he couldn't ignore : "They are using the fact you are in an unstable emotional state now so they can soak up your money."

Fuck it.

"Fuck it." he said out loud. "I have money I can afford the luxury of a maid bot, I won't have to do chores, I'll focus on what I'll do with this money."

Thierry rushed back to his room, his phone stopped ringing. No battery, fucking smartphones. "Heh, at least it won't trouble me anymore." Thierry mumbled to himself before laying to sleep.

8 AM.

Thierry couldn't wait, he just couldn't. As soon as the Maid Robot shop opened he rushed to it. It was a big building with M A I D R O B O T wrote in big flashy letters. A cute 20 year-ish ish old blonde woman welcomed him. The outlines on her flesh made it obvious that she was a robot.

"Welcome to Maid Robot Shop, you can call me Stacy. I will go with you throughout the shop to answer your questions, *a pause* unless you want a human employee." She cocks her head to the side awaiting for an answer.

Thierry was daydreaming in her cleavage, how the nipples are not showing at this point? It doesn't make sense, she must not have any nipples at all.

"Sir?" Thierry awoke wiped away his slobber and let the robot know he'll prefer a human employee. "Very good sir. Please follow me."

Stacy led him to a big desk, human and robot alike working behind it. A woman with a much less revealing outfit loomed from the desk. "Hello sir, welcome to Robot Maid Shop. What brings you here?"

"I huuh, I'd like to buy a Maid Robot." Thierry said.

"Well obviously sir, what kind of robot do you need? Chores alone? Do you have kids? Tell me a bit more." She chuckled.

"Well, I want it to do the chores and... that can clean well and... cook... and might do some talking?" Thierry had no idea why he said that, he guess he'd like it if he has someone to talk to, but that's not why he went in for.

"Sure sir, thanks a pretty standard model, some customers comes with some more exotic ideas." She chuckled "What is your budget sir?"

"Unlimited." he said.

She was startled by how nonchalantly he said that. "Oh, huuh sure sir, please follow me. Third floor. Newest models." She quickly regained consciousness. "Sir, you could get more specific ones, even if it means paying a lab fee. You could also get multiple..."

"Just one." Thierry cut her mid sentence. She became vexation.

A sophisticated door opened, both went in and Thierry saw multiple rows of really fleshy female robots. None of them where moving. "They are in sleep mode, you can awake some if you want to test them." She said.

Thierry was astounded by how absurdly erotic they were. Some had humongous boobs barely covered. Some perky tits pierced through light fabric seemingly permanently erect. Most showed long legs with incredibly short skirts. Some looked very much human, some looked very much not. With fluo color hair and thick outlines between pieces. One of them was easily 10 inches tall. While another one was 3 inches tall maximum with small perky tits.

"Those are the top maid robot you could ever get. They are incredibly resistant, strong and smart. They have access to internet, automatically updates and have access to our data bank. They can do almost anything you want them to do. You can clean anything, repair everything. Hell, they could even build you a house from scratch if you give them enough time and resources. They have deep learning talking programs and feel really human to speak with. They won't sense pain, desire or hunger. They can perform any..."

"What's her name?" Thierry cut her off pointing a 5.5 feet tall android. She has big bouncy tits, nipples piercing through the fabric. Wide hips, dark hair color with short haircut. She has traditional French maid outfit but a bit shorter and 1 size or 2 smaller.

"Ow, she is the model MS-068-FF. You can give her any name you want. Should I wake her up so you can test it?" The saleswoman said.

"No she's perfect, I'd buy her." Thierry firmly said.

"Wait are you sure? It won't add any expense to test her out."

"I'm sure let's do the paperwork." Thierry concluded.

About what felt like easily 30 minutes of paperwork, Thierry had officially a maid robot. It was lifelong covered which was neat, it should be delivered by Friday.

Thierry went home and laid on his sofa. Looking at the big scarlet stain on his carpet. It will soon be dated.

"Those 2 days seemed so looooooooong!" Thierry thought laid on his bed. "I'm actually lucky it made it out before the weekend."

Thierry had the courage to pick up his phone, and agreed to share some money to his family. He pertinently knew they were going to waste it. But well he kinda already wasted some, he won't blame them. He called his boss, saying he will no longer go to work. He didn't believe him. "Thierry, if you don't want to finish miss Wright case I'll give it to John but don't come up with such nonsense." Thierry chuckled.

His bell rung.

Here it is.

Thierry was anxious, he hoped everything would get along fine. He opened the door, a postman with a big cardboard based crate taller than himself. Thierry gulped.

"Just sign here Mister Nu, I'll help you get it in. You'll just have to follow the leaflet pretty much everything is automatic. If you have any trouble just call any Maid Robot Shop. Here. Have a nice day sir."

The postman left, leaving Thierry alone with its big box.

Thierry hadn't moved yet. He was staring at it. He made his first move, looking at it from all side. "That's a box Thierry. Stop freaking around and open it." he said to himself.

Finally he opened it.

Here she is, the maid robot. Beautiful face with small nose, cream white skin, dark short hair, smirking pale rose lips. Two big breasts with nipples peaking right through the fabric. Wide hips and its short skirt barely covering her nether part.

"What a beautiful girl!" Thierry said to himself. Well not a girl more like a robot, she has thin but clearly visible outlines on her skin. Her eyes were still closed. Right below her was a manual.

"First, open her bag by pulling the zip down."

"Ziiiiiiiiiiiip!" Done.

"Now press the button in the middle your maid's chest for 5 seconds."

"Hmmm, that's a weird place to put a button." Thierry thought placing is hands right between his robot's boobs. "Wow, it actually feels like real skin, it's not hard at all, but it's cold." Thierry said letting an ounce of disappointment . He found the switch and pulled it for 5 whole seconds.

The android opened her eyes. Deep white blue eyes. "Hello, you are... Thierry Nu." She said without moving her mouth nor trying to make eye contact. "I am your personal maid robot. I will do everything I can to make you happy. You can order to do anything I will do it as long as it is not illegal." She turns her head toward Thierry "How do you want to call me Master?" She cocks her head to the side awaiting for an answer.

"Huuuh," Thierry managed to say not believing what's happening "I don't know, can't you just choose your name?"

"Is... Lea a suitable name Master?" She said, still without moving her lips. She cocked her head again waiting for an answer.

"Yeah Lea is.. fine?" He hesitantly said.

"I like Lea too, Master. To finish my initialization you will have to wear a bracelet. This bracelet allows me to know where you are, to know your vital signs such as your heart beat, your blood composition or your tension. It also allows you to command me when I'm not near enough to hear you speak." She tends her arms with the bracelet in her hands.

"Fine." Thierry says and put the bracelet on his left arm.

Lea turned her head toward Thierry locking eye contact and opened her mouth in a wide O "What do you want me to do Master?"

"I huuh," Thierry was lost in her sight "Can you please clean my carpet? I, huuh, spilled my soup on it."

"Understood." Lead said while searching through the box. Pulling out a Mop, she then extended her arm toward the carpet, shooting green liquid on it from the middle of her hand. She then proceeded to mop the carpet without seemingly using any water.

Thierry was mesmerized by how beautiful she looks like. The front was good, but the back was wild. Her ass was bouncy and only half was covered by her skirt, she clearly wore no panties. Her tits and ass bounced in concert with what looks like forced physics. She must have some internal engines making it outburst in a very erotic way.

Lea suddenly stopped cleaning and locked her eyes with Thierry. "Master, you are horny, do you want me to suck you off?"

"What?! Huuh, no! I mean..." Thierry gabled.

"Understood." Lea went back to work.

Thierry stood there for a good 5 seconds before actually realized what happened. Those maid robot weren't just beautifully sinful, they were also fully equipped for sex.

Thierry laid down on his sofa. "Lea?"

"Yes Master?" Lea continued cleaning.

"Could you remove your box after you are finished?"

"Yes Master, where should I store my stuff in?" Lea answered.

"Huuh, what do you mean?"

"I have a lot of tools in my box, where can I store them?"

"I guess the closet will do." Thierry said.


A long silence occurred, Thierry was laid down looking sharply at Lea. Her perky tits pierced through her top, bouncing in an unnatural way. Her ass giggled each time she bent to mop the floor.

Lea broke the silence. "Master, you are even hornier than before, do you want me to suck you off? Sexual frustration builds up stress. You should let me relieve this frustration out from you."

Thierry gets where she is coming from. Still, he didn't buy her as a sex toy. He usually has no problem relieving himself, but it makes sense Lea can help him with that. "Huuh, Yes? I gu..."

Lea let the mop fall on the still stained carpet, she quickly get to her knees and pulled Thierry pants with one quick movement. His half hard member sprung free as it got almost immediately pulled all the way into her mouth.

Firstly, he sensed what felt like a strong vacuum, sucking up his whole dick into her mouth.

Secondly, he sensed warmth, unlike when she was sleeping, her insides felt pleasantly hot.

Thirdly, he sensed wet flesh around his now hard dick, thousands of little streams of warm lube was poured onto his cock.

He let out a moan as he gripped her head by reflex. He felt her warmth around his hands. He moved his hands away expecting her to go up and down his shaft. But she didn't move her head instead he heard what looked like an engine starting off.

An overwhelming vibration besieged his whole member. Some specific area where a little more pushed toward his penis making the vibration more intense in those specific areas.

What felt like a ring started to stroke on its full length increasing its speed each goings and comings. The ring was milking his whole length several times a second by a minute. Her lips were still locked to the base of his member sucking hungrily. The suction was so intense he couldn't pull her away with its full force if he wanted too.

Thierry began to moan vigorously, spasming with his legs while holding her head trying to slow her down. But she won't move. After 2 whole minutes of pure ecstasy Thierry finally blew his load into Lea's vacuuming mouth. He was actually impressed to last that long. She slowed down her milking and kept vacuuming the fair amount of sperm Thierry was feeding her until she went off. She let go Thierry's dick with a wet "Pop!" took back the mop and resumed cleaning. All of that without saying a single word.

Thierry's dick was still half hard, glimmering with what looks like pink lube. He was panting hard, trying to recover his breath.

"Huuh, huuh, That was amazing, huuh..." Managed to say Thierry. Impressive Thierry. Way to go sports.

"Do you want me to do it again Master?" Asked Lea.

"No! no... Let me recover please, huuh..."



Thierry stayed in his couch with his pants back on watching Lea finishing cleaning and now storing her stuff before throwing away her packaging.

"Lea?" Thierry finally broke the silence.

"Yes Master?"

"Aren't you supposed to talk with me?" Thierry inquired.

"Do you want me to activate my friend mode? Or my sister mode? Or even my wife mode?"

"Wife mode? What is that?"

"Well basically I will chat more with you, keep you company more often and I will engage into sexual act without asking permission for it. Of course you can simply say no or disable wife mode if you're not in the mood to." Lea responded.

"Huuh, well okay, I activate wife mode."

As soon as Thierry finished his sentence, Lea went to his side on the sofa to cuddle him. She was warm by his touch, she took his arm and put it right between her swollen breasts while her legs interlaced with his, her womanhood pressing on his thigh. She felt incredibly warm down there. Thierry couldn't help but look at her breasts. They were big and they felt good. Her nipples pierced through her top like no tomorrow.

"You can watch them as much as you want Master." Lea giggled. "Do you want me to call you darling? or any other specific?" She inquired.

"Master is fine." he responded. Thierry looked in her eye. She felt empty. She won't blink. She won't move her eyes away. "Don't you ever need to blink?" He asked.

She placed her hand on his belly.

"Do you want me to blink Master? I can download some behavioral drivers if you want to." Lea asked.

"I like you the way you are Lea." He answered.

"Awww, that's thoughtful from you Master." She kissed his cheek, grabbing him firmly against her.

Her hand moved to his crotch.

"Master what about we put some TV on? I'd love some TV, humans are so funny!" She giggled. "Huuh, okay." agreed Thierry. The TV instantly went on, broadcasting local news. "New case of an android hurting its owner, to my right : this is Jimmy, Jimmy you are a specialist about robots, why all of this is happening now?" a 40 ish old man said. "Thanks James, another... well the first thing we have to know is that most recent home robots use deep learning programs." Another man began. "And thus they will learn right?" "Why is that a problem, because some robots actually goes beyond that and learn how to bypass their coding. That's the main reasons why they can hurt people."

Lea's hand, still located on Thierry's package, starts slightly vibrating.

"That's simply wrong, Lea said, any robot that has the NHTH can't bypass it by itself. It needs its owner to download illegal drivers or a hacker to get into it." She turned her head toward Thierry "Don't worry Master, I will never hurt you, even if you ask me to. It's also difficult to hack me, considering how advanced I am. Even if, technically, it is still possible."

The vibration of her hands increased.

"Most of the times, when a robot-human incident occurs, it's when its owner decides to download a BDSM driver. And the driver was a joke. A not really fun joke. That can actually kill human people. Humans are weird don't you think Master? As long as they don't see how bad their actions are, they won't stop doing them." Lea giggled. "I certainly lost hope in humanity a long time ago..." Thierry answered sharply "Is that why you prefer robots?" Lea giggled.

Lea put her still vibrating hand below Thierry's pant directly on his hard cock.

Thierry moaned. "I didn't say I prefer robots." He pled. "Oh, I'm sure you will" She giggled and winked at him. "According to Maid Robot Shop data, most of customers are frightened having sex with their maid bot within their first week. I'm glad you accepted me so fast Master, I hope I'll make you ecstatic."

Lea stopped cuddling and went directly for his dick. Removing his pants swiftly, she lunged her maw first and swallowed his whole length in a split second. Even if his dick was still soaked with pink lube she added some more, and soon the vibrations with the goings and comings of the ring on his shaft turned the silence into wet sounds.

Thierry was yelling in ecstasy, "God that feels good..." he thought. The ring inside Lea's mouth now traveled his whole length 3 times a second while her whole mouth vibrated vigorously. Thierry managed to pull Lea's top to him, revealing her large rounded breasts. He played with their warmth and bounciness while moaning strongly.

After a good 15 minutes of non stop strong sucking. Thierry experienced the best orgasm he ever had in his life shooting his load into Lea's mouth, this time far more liquid with far less amount of it. Thierry felt little pain in his still erect member, mostly exhaustion. Lea gulped down every single drop of his seed, stopped her ring action but kept some small vibrations. But she didn't let Thierry go.

After a long minute Thierry asked : "Huuh, Lea?"

"Yes Master?"

"What are you doing?"

"I want to suck you some more Master." Lea pled.

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