tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 01

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 01


How did it begin? I could make excuses but I could tell you, I was determined for it to happen and I made it happen.

It started the day she arrived in my neighborhood, compared to everyone else in my neighborhood my new neighbor Yuki stood out, as a modest, conservative Japanese woman. She arrived in my neighborhood, with her daughter and husband.

The day their moving van screeched to a halt in the driveway of the two-story house, was the beginning of my obsession and love for Mrs Horimoto.

I watched Mrs Horimoto step out of the large SUV her husband drove, and stepped onto the driveway.

She was beautiful, in her modest, Japanese woman.

The way she moved, was elegant and beautiful.

She had a womanly figure, not surprising as she looked to be homely, and stayed at home for her husband.

I fell in love with her, as her brown hair curled around her ears gracefully, framing her face features.

She was married however, and a mother of a girl and that would make seducing her quite difficult.

She looked stunning in my opinion, she was wearing a modest Cream colored cardigan, over a low v-neck top beneath it that looked to be purple in color.

She wore further down a matching long, dress skirt in a Cream color with flower patterns. I couldn't be sure, but I assumed she was wearing flat-sole shoes to finish her dress today.

She stood at about 5'5 in height, quite petite and womanly in size. She was a mother, so she looked like one.

I heard that Japanese, and Asian women in general especially modest women wore pantyhose, or tights beneath their long skirts to appear modest.

I am going to admit, I loved women in tights or pantyhose as I loved how they would show a woman's legs off, and make their asses look tight, and firm.

Immediately like a modest, loving wife to her husband I saw through my window her husband entered the house first, and she bowed gently as he did.

Japanese customs, I assumed as she turned to begin emptying the contents of the SUV.

I didn't get a look at her daughter, but I wasn't interested in anyone but her.

From what I could make of her, I think she was well into her early forties and unhappy in her life with her husband, or at least I hoped she was.

I waited a few moments, as I quickly pulled on some jeans and a simple, black t-shirt. I didn't want to arouse her suspicions as to why I was taking such an interest in her.

I slipped out of my small, one story bungalow and slowly crossed the street watching her hoping her husband never came out as I introduced myself.

I was quick, fast on my feet not wanting to have her husband order her not to speak to me again out of suspicion.

She was leaning over into the back of the SUV, and I approached her gingerly.

"Hi there?" I said loudly, but only enough to get her attention and no one else.

Slowly she turned to me, her brown hair streaked glowed in the sunlight of the afternoon.

She smiled and said something in Japanese, bowing gently before looking up at me again.

"You speak any English, Hun?" I asked gently, sliding my hands into my pockets.

She looked at me, furrowing her eyebrows gently as if she was analyzing what I had said to her.

"Yes, I speak English." She smiled, speaking in her broken English.

I smiled, enjoying the fact that she was speaking back to me.

I wasn't scaring her off, she wanted to talk.

"So you new to the neighborhood?" I asked smiling.

She turned, as if scanning the driveway, perhaps seeing if her husband was nearby.

"Yes, we move from Tokyo." She said again in broken English.

"Ah, well welcome to the neighborhood. I'm James." I said extending my hand in a friendly manner to her.

She slowly extended her own hand and took mine, and slowly we shook hands.

"I is... I am Yuki Horimoto." She smiled, still shaking my hand as we exchanged pleasantries.

I pretended that I didn't see her wedding band, around her finger and smiled.

"Are you married, Yuki?" I asked.

She immediately bowed.

"Yes, my husband Gensi is inside house. He preparing for our move inside." She smiled.

I nodded, clearly running of things to talk to Yuki about without showing my true intentions to her.

"Well, maybe I could help improve your English and help you adapt to living in this new country." I said, hoping as my last thread of hope she would agree.

She looked around, again scanning for her husband coming into our conversation.

"Perhaps, I will see once we unpack fully. I feel my husband, would not like your interest in me. It very unique, he not understand. You live there?" She asked me, pointing to my bungalow.

I smiled and nodded.

"I tell you what, why don't I help you unpack and move things inside?" I offered.

Her eyes went wide, and she swung her head left to right fast.

"No, its alright my husband would not approve. We speak another time, yes?" She said.

I then saw movement through the large, pane glass windows of the house and saw her husband Gensi appearing as if he was about to come out of the house, to the SUV. I agreed, and would be over another time and quickly left.

This was a development, instead of out right saying no she was simply afraid of her husband disapproving of her speaking to a man, who was not her.

I went back into my bungalow, and planned to go over in the morning and wait for her husband to go to work.

The Next Morning, 9:37AM

I woke up around 7am the next morning, after spending most of yesterday watching Yuki and her husband move into their new house. I saw her daughter too, sadly I didn't know her name yet but she looked to be at least eighteen years old. She was obviously in High School, or perhaps even College. I was interested in finding out more about her daughter, but not as much as I was interested in Yuki herself.

I was going to make Yuki mine, my woman, my lover, my bitch.

I was going to seduce her, and make her mine even if I had to do it by force as a last option.

Finally at about 9:30am I heard the large SUV, Yuki's husband owned start up and I saw it pull out of the driveway and leave for work.

I quickly dressed, and stepped out of my bungalow and crossed the street fast hoping Yuki's daughter had left for school.

I wanted Yuki alone, in her house.

I stepped onto her doorstep, and hit the doorbell hard with my hand wanting to quickly talk my way inside the house.

I heard a shuffle of steps from within, and the door opened inwards and there Yuki stood.

She smiled and spoke in her cute, broken English.

"James, I did not expect you today."

Yuki chose today to wear a light brown long skirt, with lined patterns down it.

She wore a simple light cream cardigan, similar to yesterday and a top beneath it.

"May I come in?" I asked, but did not wake for an answer and stepped past her and I knew it surprised me.

I turned to Yuki, and she looked surprised but she closed the door dutifully.

"So have you moved everything into the house, unpacked everything?" I asked her.

She slowly swung her head, she seemed shy and never allowed our eyes to connect for long.

"Well i'm here, i'm not doing anything for the day so I can help you unpack." I said, it was more of a declaration of what I planned to do, and not an offer she had a chance to refuse.

"I... I not sure about that." She whispered, but I took her hand roughly and began to gently pull her towards the room with boxes in.

"My husband, Gensi will be home soon. We can do another day, James." She pleaded, but I kept directing her to the room.

"I know you're husband is gone for the day, he drove the SUV and I know he won't be back for a while. I think you need me help you around the house today." I said, making it clear I was in charge.

She dropped her head, and followed me into the room.

As if on cue, she knew what to do and began to open some of the boxes as I did the same, a few moments passed before I spoke.

"So how long have you, and Gensi been married for?" I asked.

As I waited for an answer I continued to turn, so she could see the bulge in my pants that was growing larger as I glanced at her body, hidden away under her modesty.

She looked away, like any married woman would do.

"We married when I young, we've been married long time. Over twenty years." She answered.

I emptied a box, and pulled some statues placing them on the coffee table nearby.

I jumped into the equation, with a question that could make or break things today.

"So when did you last have sex, together?" I asked, I used my eyes and looked deep into her own and put her on the spot.

Yuki's eyes widened, and looked at her feet in surprise.

"Tell me." I said firmly.

"No, I cannot talk about these things." Yuki said, and began to walk towards the door of the room but I put out my arm.

"I said tell me, Yuki." I said.

She looked up at me, and as if feeling guilty scanned the room and answered me finally.

"Five years." She said, looking down at her feet.

I understood, she felt guilty for even talking about this and that even if she was unhappy in her marriage she would never admit it at least not without motivation from me.

"That ain't fair on you." I said simply looking her up and down, noting her large bosoms, and womanly hips.

"Its not about fair, I is married to Gensi. I cannot cheat, or want more than what I have with him. I am loving wife, I love my husband." She said still not looking up at me.

"So it shouldn't matter that you don't get any pleasure, from a man be it Gensi or another man." I said trying to make her see the folly in her belief.

"It does not matter, I am loyal to my husband James. Please don't talk this way." She said pleading to me.

I sighed, but then I saw another way I could approach the idea I was trying to make clear to Yuki.

"OK, what about if I help you discover ways to show Gensi your sexuality. Western sexuality, and put the flame back in your sex lives together?" I offered her.

Yuki looked left and right shyly, and back up at me.

"Like what?" She asked.

"Well maybe I could show you, how to pose for him. Get him to notice you, why don't you stand against the box there Yuki." I said advising her, and she seemed to accept it more than before.

She slowly moved and stood, with her back against the box looking at me.

"Like this?" She asked.

I nodded.

"Right now, tell me what you wear under your skirt?" I asked her stepping towards her, inspecting her body.

"I... cannot tell you." She weakly said.

I sighed.

"Do you want to do better for Gensi?" I asked her crossing my arms.

She nodded mutely.

"Then tell me, and show me." I said, it sounded like an order but in a tone that I tried to hide.

"Pantyhose." She stammered, and slowly hooked her hands nimbly onto her skirt, and lifted it as I watched.

Slowly beneath her skirt, her cream color pantyhose came into sight encasing her legs.

"Higher, Yuki." I said like her lover.

She inched it higher, and slowly her thicker thighs appeared.

"I should not do this." She moaned, in a scared tone.

"He won't know you are doing this, besides it's for his benefit. Now higher." I said, putting her at rest.

She pulled it up higher and finally her black panties, came into view obscured by her pantyhose but they were there.

I watched her, and smiled.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Yuki. Your age makes you even more beautiful." I said moving closer towards her.

"I'm gonna do something Gensi will do, if he saw you like that. Just to make this realistic alright." I said, moving closer towards her I unbuckled my belt around my jeans.

She watched me, and she seemed surprised as I assumed she knew what I was doing, Gensi must have done it.

I pulled down my zipper, and slid my cock out into my hand rock hard, and erect.

It was quite large, and from Yuki's quick glances I know she was scared of it's size.

Gensi must not have had a nice big cock, he was probably either average or below.

"Please don't." She whispered, about to pull her skirt down again.

"Ah, this is what Gensi would do seeing you or should do. I am doing this to help you both." I said raising my hand to stop her from lowering her skirt.

"I took it out, to make this realistic. Is it big to you?" I asked her.

She looked away, but her skirt stayed up, always a good sign.

"Yes." She answered me simply.

"Bigger than Gensi?" I asked, and she turned and cringed but answered me.

"Yes, much larger you are." She said.

"Good." I said walking around her and the box, with my cock out for her to see no matter where she looked.

"So, what do you and Gensi usually do before having sex. What leads up to sex with you both?" I asked her.

She looked at me, and then down at my cock.

"I... stroke him, his penis. I would hold it." She replied, her eyes switching from my cock and the wall to her left.

I moved closer, and Yuki seemed to press in closer to the box away from me.

"Well to make it realistic, we have to act it out like I am Gensi. Like re-enacting the moment between you both, I'm not James. Right now, I am your Gensi." I said, pushing the line as far as my could not caring where it ended.

She still seemed unsure so I smiled.

"Gensi in the bed, with you is in charge. He decides what you both do, right?" I asked her, and she slowly nodded.

"Good, so I am Gensi and I need to act like him. So I am going to come over to you now, and you are going to take my penis in your hand like you do with him. Alright?" I said, but already made my way over to her before she could decide.

Yuki whispered something in Japanese, and as I stood in front of her I took her quivering hand and placed it on my cock. She slowly took it into her palm, and closed her fingers around my thick shaft.

"There we go, just like you do with Gensi Hun." I said smiling, proud of myself.

She nodded and slowly, delicately stroked my hard cock.

"Gensi touches you, as you do this so I am going to do the same he would." I said and without asking permission, grabbed the buttons of her cardigan and quickly undid them.

"Keep stroking me Yuki, and keep that skirt up." I said working my way down the buttons of the cardigan showing beneath it she was wearing a cream color top.

Her breasts were heaving, due to her breathing and they were big for her size.

I swiftly moved my hands as the cardigan was undone, to the bottom of her top and slid my hands up inside it to her breasts.

I groped and felt her breasts through the bra beneath, I could tell from its texture that it was a conservative bra type but it still felt good as I felt her smooth breasts.

"This wrong..." She muttered in labored breaths and I assumed my groping of her breasts was getting her worked up.

"This is for Gensi." I said simply and grabbed hold of her long skirt, and no longer cared if she held it up as I pulled it down her smooth legs fully and under her feet, before throwing it to the floor.

I dropped down to the floor briefly and undid her flat-sole house shoes and put them aside feeling her smooth feet in the pantyhose. I stood again, taking the opportunity to run my hands up her smooth legs to her waist and let my hands rest on her ass.

"Gensi fucked you, so I am going to." I said to her, and pulled off her cardigan. She struggled briefly, but feebly as if she didn't want to and it was soon off.

The top was next, now she simply shivered, and shook as it came off next and ended up on the floor. All she wore for modesty was her cream color pantyhose, and her black panties under them.

"Please, we not married. I cannot do this." She tried to reason with me.

But I continued to stroke my big cock in front of her.

"Tell me you don't want this then." I said pushing my cock between her legs, feeling the pantyhose around her inner thighs and the heat from her womanhood through them.

I leaned close, kissing her neck one and whispered to her.

"I bet I'm double the size as Gensi, I bet you would feel every inch of this." I said referring to what I was pushing against, and under her mound.

She shook, and shivered as she tried to squeezed her thighs closed but that only made my cock even harder.

"You love Gensi, so you'll love me." I said and grabbed hold of her waist, lifting her like a caveman over my shoulder and carried her to the bedrooms upstairs.

She didn't fight, hell I even felt wetness on top of my cock when I rubbed my cock under her mound.

She wanted this, as I did.

Slowly taking my time going up the staircase, I squeezed her ass and played with it, pushing my fingers into her ass crack, against the material of her pantyhose.

I even took the chance, to spank her ass twice on both cheeks and she simply shuddered in my arms.

I quickly found the temporary bedroom that her and Gensi were using, and put her on the bed closing the door behind us.

She slowly brought her legs up, almost into a fetal position but sitting on the bed watching me coming back to her.

"Did you suck Gensi's cock?" I asked her slowly approaching her on the bed.

She nodded slowly, watching my cock.

"You bigger than him, I cannot take you." She said in her broken English.

I smiled and stood against the bed, my cock in her face.

"Well you'll learn new things with me, open your mouth Yuki." I said and pressed my cock against her mouth, she didn't open it but slowly I worked the head into her mouth and my shaft slid in widening her mouth open obscenely.

It was like a porn film, watching Yuki's eyes widen in surprise as this violation of her mouth with such a larger cock shocked her.

I smiled as she looked up at me, still with my cock in her mouth as if waiting for an explanation for my actions.

My cock was the only explanation she was getting from me, as I shoved it in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

She was gagging, almost retching but I slowed down after the initial violation of her mouth and allowed her to get used to my cock size.

"There we go, get used to it babe." I smiled, savoring this amazing moment.

With my hands I grabbed hold of her pantyhose encased legs, by her ankles and pulled her onto her back still with my cock buried in her mouth, I positioned her until her head was hanging over the edge of the bed allowing me in the next few minutes to enter her throat without hurting her as much.

The other reason for this position, was to get her pantyhose off and holding her legs in the air above her, I pulled the tights up along her legs to her feet and slid them off as if she was a doll, with no resistance leaving her now in a pair of french panties in large size for her large ass and inner thighs.

Yuki was now using her tongue on me, I felt her use her tongue along my cock shaft, and to the head of it in her mouth she played with my bell-end.

I moaned and grabbed hold of her panties, she tried to grab them to stop again in a feeble attempt feeling like she was only pretending to struggle, as to not feel guilty for really enjoying this.

I slid them up her legs and off her feet throwing them across the room, hitting the large cupboard.

"Choke on my cock Yuki, Gensi can't do this to you can he?" I said getting aroused, my domination side to me coming out as I grabbed hold of her head holding her in place I rammed my cock all the way into her mouth, and along her throat filling it.

Yuki's eyes rolled, and she looked to be choking, gagging on my cock as it was airtight in her throat blocking any air.

I smiled and pulled out, and she coughed to get breath and saliva dripped from her lips and my cock onto the floor.

"You are a messy mommy aren't you, Yuki." I laughed, wiping my cock on her lips to keep them moist.

I got onto the bed, and pulling Yuki into the center of the bed on her back I positioned her.

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