tagInterracial LoveMy New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 02

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 02


I awoke at about 3PM in the afternoon, and found myself spooning Yuki who was sleeping away in my lap.

It was a sexy sight, looking at her like she was a sleeping cat with her rump pressed against my cock.

She was breathing gently, her chest rising and falling with every breath as she slept.

I looked at the clock, and assumed that her daughter wouldn't be back from classes until about 4pm and her husband Gensi, wouldn't be home til 6pm or later.

I lean down and kissed Yuki's exposed neck gently, and with my hand guided my rock hard cock against her open, loose pussy and pressed in sliding inside her.

The surprise intrusion made Yuki moan, and move gently along my cock, probably to get away from it sub-consciously but I wasn't giving her any chance to get away.

I grabbed a hold of her hips firmly, yet not roughly as to not wake her and drawing her back against my lap I slid my cock fully up her pussy, as we lay spooning.

Still Yuki had not awoken yet.

In her sleep, as I slowly entered her from behind Yuki mumbled something in Japanese.

"Hmm mumble away sweetie, you're like my wife now the way I'm treating you. I'm fucking my woman." I said in a low whisper to myself, rocking Yuki's sleeping body along, and up my cock.

Yuki had a womanly body, and being in her early forties left her after giving birth to her daughter, slightly some tummy fat, but nothing off-putting.

In-fact it was attractive, knowing she was mature and still sexy.

I slid in and out of her her easily, the slight moist sounds were emitting as her pussy sucked on my cock, pulling it in and out of her.

I was surprised I hadn't woken her up, with this wake-up fuck I was giving to her.

I sped up my thrusts, and she began to wake now as I could see her eyes open and she began to move her head around as if awakening to her surroundings.

"Wake up sleepyhead, I'm fucking you so you better wake up." I said to her gently fucking her.

"Riko... my Riko home soon from school." Yuki gasped, her eyes wide now aware she was getting fucked from behind and her eyes were dead set on the clock, atop of the box next to the bed.

She tried to pull off of me, but I wasn't going to let her go yet as I continued shafting her hard.

"First I'm going to cum inside you, Yuki. Lay back, we'll dress before she gets home." I said trying to appease her.

She mumbled something in Japanese, but I felt her resistance fade and she began to pant, and moan in response to me.

"There we go, just enjoy it. We'll be done before she gets home." I said, mostly to myself.

I began to moan, feeling my explosion close as I was feeling my balls tighten, and on fire.

"She home at 4 o'clock." Yuki gasped, clenching her eyes closed again.

I nodded, and continued to hammer into her from behind making her big, mature ass cheeks clap, and shake from the thrusts.

The sound was so erotic, it was as if our bodies were signalling their unison in song.

Moments more passed, and I felt a surge within me about to explode.

"Here we go gorgeous, squeeze hard baby because i'm cumming in there." I said, and exploded closing my eyes tight.

My cock exploded, and began to pump my heavy, white, creamy cum inside her pussy from behind.

She grunted, and moaned feeling the intrusion of my liquid and I pumped what last drops I had left inside her.

I allowed myself a few seconds to get some air in my lungs, and become calm before sliding out of her Yuki's sloppy, wet pussy.

I laid on my back on the bed, Yuki wasn't moving until I sat up over the bed and she did the same.

She didn't look at me, and kept her eyes averted as she picked up her panties and bra dressing once more.

I did the same picking up my own clothes, and remembered most of her clothes were downstairs in the room with the moving boxes.

Before I pulled my jeans up over my cock, I made sure Yuki could see it rock hard again, and even she couldn't hide her arousal for it, her eyes dead set on my cock.

"Lets go downstairs, get the rest of your clothes for you." I said and we walked downstairs, in the room she dressed in silence.

Her clothes were a mess, clear indications that they had been removed and put back on in a hurry.

I watched her and spoke.

"So how old is your daughter?" I asked her.

She looked up at me.

"She, nineteen." She said simply.

I smiled.

"Good age, she been fucked yet?" I asked straight forward, I didn't care if this was out of line.

I had already crossed the line anyway.

"She never sleep with a man, nor will she until she married." Yuki gasped.

I smiled, rubbing my bulge.

"We'll see about that." I said, as her eyes were drawn to my large bulge again.

I unzipped my jeans, and slid my big, thick cock out for her to see.

"You are loving this cock aren't you, bigger than your husband's." I smiled, and then we both heard the front door unlock.

I quickly shoved my cock into my jeans, and turned and could see a young girl, barely 5'3 in height enter the room.

The daughter was a picture of young, sexuality at it's peak.

She must have attended a Japanese school, as she was wearing a school uniform like the girls in Japanese porn wore.

She wore a short, but plain white shirt, with a red ribbon around her collar entwined, and crossing her chest.

Further down she wore a demure, plain grey and red plaid skirt.

On her legs she wore knee high white, plain socks and on her feet were a pair of simple flat-sole shoes.

Riko, the young beauty was perfect.

With short spiky hair, brown and hazel in color with matching hazel eyes.

She was a beauty, no doubt.

Riko looked back and forth, at me and her mother.

"Mom, is everything alright?" She asked, in a gentle Japanese accent.

I watched Yuki for any hesitance, if she was going to spoil our new arrangement.

Yuki forced a smile.

"Everything fine, sweet. This is James, he is our new neighbor. He help me with boxes earlier on." She said forcing a smile.

Riko's initial suspicion of me waned, and she smiled extending her hand.

"I'm Riko." She said smiling.

I smiled in response taking her hand, and Yuki watched helpless as I introduced myself to her young daughter.

"James." I grinned.

Riko unwittingly shook hands with the man who had recently just fucked her mother, five ways from Sunday and had thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now the idea of Riko was just as interesting.

Riko seemed interested, she was smiling, giddy and every so often I saw her eyes drop to my bulge, I must have been showing.

"Well, I'll see you around James. I must get to studying, I'll be upstairs mom." Riko said shaking my hand, before going upstairs leaving us both alone.

Yuki immediately walked over to me and put her hands on my chest, palms flat with teary eyes.

"You not touch her, you want piece of meat use me. Do not use her, I will be yours just not her." Yuki pleaded in broken English.

I smiled, my plan had worked fully.

Using Riko, I could now make Yuki my slave in order to put her fears of my interest in her daughter to rest.

"Alright, then you better make it worth my fucking time Yuki." I said placing one of her hands on my chest, on my bulge.

She knew her position, and breathing hard she squeezed my hard on through the jeans.

"Good girl, I can see our little arrangement is going to be very fun indeed for us both." I said with a grin.

Yuki squeezed my cock through my jeans for a few minutes, as we began to kiss heavily.

My hands roaming Yuki's own body, at my pleasure from squeezing her ass through her skirt to sliding my hand up her front, and rubbing her pussy through the tights.

For the next two hours, with Riko upstairs we sat in the lounge and fondled, and played with each other.

Now this was without coercing Yuki, her hands were exploring just as much as me as I was exploring her.

We lay on the couch, as Yuki said if Riko did come out of her room we would know as her bedroom door was stuck, and would emit a loud noise for her to open it giving us ample time to stop what we were doing.

At first it was simple petting, with her sitting next to me and leaning into kiss her and fondle her breasts and legs.

Soon enough I had my hand up her skirt as we lay on the sofa, rubbing her pussy through her tights, as she stroked my cock.

Soon enough we were done with foreplay of the fondling kind, and laying across my legs, with my jeans wide open Yuki bobbed her head up and down my cock, sucking it of her own accord.

She even commented as she blew my cock.

"You so big, Gensi not as big as this, not even close to half." She would mumble getting a mouthful of it.

I played with her breasts through her cardigan and top, shoving upwards so I filled her mouth.

I had to admit, I was going to hate having to leave Yuki before 6pm before Gensi came home.

Yuki continued to gag on my cock, but I didn't force her down on my cock as much now as she was willing to suck me.

She even took the time to stroke my cock gently, or play with my balls with her hand as she sucked on me.

She was becoming my slave now, and I was enjoying it.

With her mouth and hands, she was simply getting to know what I had and my body, I don't think Gensi even let her do that for him.

Most likely he never did the same for her, which was a shame really.

I came twice from just her mouth, and once again today I was rock hard with my cock as she was stroking it.

She did this laying on her side on the sofa, her lips and face were coated in my cum but mostly dried in.

"We need to dress you up more, once we get more time alone. Sexy little outfits, and such." I moaned abruptly, taking her off guard.

She kissed me deeply, and nodded in agreement still stroking my shaft.

There was a change in how Yuki was behaving around me, as I spotted that she was no longer resisting as much, perhaps even enjoying my company.

We finally stopped pawing at each other, and even began to talk together.

"Do you love Gensi?" I asked her gently as we sat together.

She nodded gently, but then spoke.

"I love him, but he not love me as we once did. He not touch me, make love to me, or say he love me." She said, her head hung low.

I gently rubbed her back, in a comforting way.

"Why not? Does he not see your beauty? How much you love him? If he refuses to see that, because he does not want to then it's his loss." I said trying to appease her.

Yuki nodded slowly.

"But I betray him, I betray my love, my promise to love him." She moaned.

"You need to love someone, and someone to love you." I explained, and she looked up at me.

I gently took her hand squeezing it lovingly.

"I'll love you, if you love me Yuki." I offered.

Yuki sighed.

"You not my husband though, it's wrong." Yuki said.

I swung my head.

"Usually if a man no longer seems to love his wife, or want to show his love to her its because either he's cheating on her, or he simply doesn't love her anymore. I'm the opposite, I can love you and make up for his five years of ignoring you." I said squeezing her hand again.

She looked around the room, from the hallway then back to me.

"Gensi never know about this, if I do love you. But you love promise to leave Riko alone." She pleaded.

I nodded.

"He will never know, and I only want you. Riko is a free woman, and I will leave her alone, but I won't leave you alone." I said and smiled at my last words, leaning into kiss Yuki on her wet, moist lips.

She moaned back, kissing me deeply in response.

Then we heard it, the fucking car pulling into the driveway of the house.

Gensi was home, and soon to be entering the house.

I stood up calmly, and presented myself so as not to arouse his suspicions.

I patted down Yuki's cardigan, getting rid of any creases and hairs from me or her bodies.

"Tell him I came over about two hours ago, before Riko came home and I was helping you with the unpacking." I said gently.

Yuki nodded, and even smiled as I squeezed her hand reassuringly.

I let go of her hand, as we walked to the room where the boxes were stacked to add value to our lie.

The front door opened, and Gensi walked in.

He looked his age, just under 5'6 in height and only about 160lbs in weight.

He had gray hair, with only a few remaining black hairs on his head.

He saw me first, and then looked at Yuki.

Yuki smiled, and then spoke in Japanese to Gensi.

He responded in their language, but continued to look at me as he spoke.

Something Yuki said put his mind to rest I assumed, as he nodded and said one single word before walking away from us towards his study.

Yuki's forced smile disappeared and she looked at me.

"What did he say?" I asked her gently.

Yuki sighed, and her face was full of pain, and sorrow.

"He say he not care, he complain I not clean the house, or empty all boxes. He not care you here." She said sadly, as if the ignorance of her husband hurt more than anything else.

"He not care about me anymore." Yuki added with a gasp.

I immediately took her hand, squeezing it gently keeping my eyes on his study as the door closed behind him.

"Then I will care for you, and love you Yuki." I said reassuringly, and at that moment she squeezed my hand back.

I handed her a piece of paper with my phone number on it, as I usually forgot my own cellphone number so I kept it written down.

"Call me whenever you want me over, for us to make love, or to keep you company." I smiled gently rubbing her cheek gently with my hand, and she nodded.

"I will, James." She grinned, no longer caring if Gensi was in the house anymore.

I left the house, and made my way back to my house across the street.

Just because Gensi didn't suspect anything now, didn't mean he wouldn't if I spent too much time around Yuki.

The rest of the day went quietly, I made some quick dinner and watched some HBO and at about 9:30pm my cellphone rang.

I answered it putting aside my bowl of noodles.

I hit the answer button, and spoke.

"Hello." I said.

There was silence, as if the caller had hung up but then a female voice spoke.

It was Yuki.

She was breathing hard.

"Gensi is in bed, I am alone." She said simply.

I smiled and sat up on the sofa.

"Good, I ain't much of a fan of the man." I said, making it clear I didn't like her husband.

Yuki breathed hard, and asked me what I was doing.

I told her I was on the sofa watching television.

She breathed hard again, as if the words felt like weights on her lungs to speak.

"Are you... big for me?" She asked, like a conflicted school girl.

I grinned, looking down and just her voice was making me hard and erect.

"Yeah, are you wet?" I asked her back.

Yuki shuddered on the other end of the line.

"Yes, I wet for you. I wet two pairs of pantyhose, after you left." She said.

I had to admit I did not expect that, but I liked it.

"I've got my hand around my cock, right now." I said to stir emotions in her.

She was panting now.

"You opened up bad, I not able to stop being wet now." She said gasping.

I smiled stroking my cock through my gray bottoms.

"That's what you've needed for the last five years, a good hard fuck. Long overdue." I said grinning, and I think it was evident in my voice how happy I was.

"If Gensi chooses to sleep with me, or wants to he will know I've been with another man." She said worryingly.

I stroked my pole through the bottoms.

"Then just make excuses honey, say you can't because you're hurting or that you physically can't. Give him no reason to see that you've been with me." I said gently, more as an idea.

She agreed, and was quiet again.

"I'm in bathroom, so Gensi not wake up." She added again, she wanted to keep this going and so did I.

"Really, what are you wearing?" I asked her getting rock hard again.

Silence, and then she broke it.

"I wearing bed robe, tied shut." She said.

I pulled my cock out of my bottoms, now erect and free I stroked gently.

"What color is your robe?" I asked her.

She panted harder.

"Purple." She moaned.

"Do you have underwear on under the robe?" I asked.

She breathed harder.

"Simple white panties, no bra." She said in her broken English.

She was learning, and I was enjoying it.

"You loved my big cock in you today, didn't you?" I asked grinning away, knowing her answer.

"Yes, you too big in me.You emptied in me, I have your seed. You did not wear protection." She panted, gasps between every two words she spoke.

"Does that scare you, or excite you?" I asked her.

Yuki said nothing at first, but took a deep breath.

"Excite." She gasped, as if it shamed her to feel excitement at a man's semen inside her, that wasn't Gensi's.

I had enough of this teasing.

"Right, get your panties off and drop your robe off. Bend over the sink in the bathroom - now." I said sternly.

She shuddered, but I heard the sound of a heavy robe drop to the floor, and sounds of difficult movements with her phone in hand but she had her panties off eventually.

"Now bend over the fucking sink." I said, not in a menacingly but in a tone that told her what I wanted.

I heard sounds of feet, and shuffling and she gasped down the phone line.

"I bent over for you." She gasped.

I stroked my cock harder.

"Your ass high in the air, your wet pussy drooling?" I asked in a grunt.

"Yes!" She answered, her voice shaking.

"Yuki, this is how I am going to fuck you tomorrow. Bent over your bathroom sink tomorrow morning, and then we're going to go shopping together." I said breathing hard, as if I was out of breath.

"I cum! Ah!" She gasped aloud, and I hear the sound of liquid dripping onto the marble floor of the bathroom.

Whatever I said, and told her it had made her orgasm hard for me.

"Good baby, I own you now, but I will love you more than Gensi will." I said hard.

"I love you, James." She shuddered, she was just getting over her orgasm.

Then I heard it, a male's voice down the line even though faint.


Whatever he was saying, Yuki responded in her own language.

Eventually I could not longer hear Gensi speaking, and Yuki spoke again in English.

"Tomorrow morning, Riko and Gensi leave at 9am. That good time for us. I love you." She said fast, and before I could speak, even to say goodbye the call went dead.

"I'll see you tomorrow, my angel." I said to myself, putting the phone down and prepared myself, mentally for tomorrow.

All feedback, or ideas are appreciated. If you have anything to advise, comment and if I can I will incorporate it into the next installment of this series. Any comments are appreciated as soon as possible, as I would like to start the next installment soon. Thank you. Hope you enjoy this series.

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