tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 05

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 05


The Next Day, Late Afternoon, 5:55PM, Outside Yuki's House

I don't know why I was outside Yuki's home, last night after making love she told me that Gensi had decided to take her out for a meal in the evening after he finished word. I spoke to Riko, but she couldn't help to get her mother out of the meal, and sadly I had to accept again, that Gensi was trying to stop me and Yuki from meeting. Riko was home alone, and she wasn't supposed to be home until late that evening, and she was going to wait for her parents to get home. I was actually on my way back from the 7/11 Store nearby, and bought a bottle of Mountain Dew, a Three Musketeers' Bar, and a pack of spicy chips.

I was really just trying to occupy myself, to make my mind off of Yuki, and snacking was my only way. I began to pass Yuki's house, and it was dark now, and I began to hear unusual sounds from a window on the upper floor. I moved closer, throwing my empty Mountain Dew onto the grass and moved closer to the outside of the house. As I moved closer, I could make out Riko's voice through the ajar window. She was supposed to be in a late class, and not home until tonight. I assumed she had simply skipped class.

"Jimmy, come on we can't do it. My parents will be back soon." Riko said in an irritated voice.

Then came the boy's voice, he could only be eighteen years old. It sounded like he was trying to push for more with Riko, more than a bit of kissing and petting it seemed.

"Come on Riko, I've been waiting almost a fucking year for you. Just let me finger your pussy a little bit." Jimmy said in his annoying, footballer jock voice.

"No Jimmy, look I want to stay a virgin. I'll give you a hand job, and you can feel my tits but that's where it stops. I am going to stay a virgin until College." Riko retorted, angry and annoyed with Jimmy's pestering.

"Fuck this, I know you Japanese sluts love it rough." Jimmy's voice rose, and I heard a scuffle from above, I was about to force my way inside to help her, when I heard Riko's voice.

"Jimmy please stop this! Don't tie me up, please!" Riko screamed, and then I heard a muffled voice, as if something stopped her from speaking any more.

I moved to the front door of the house, and knew a way inside without having to force the door open. I knew Riko always left the backdoor unlocked until the evening, when her or Gensi would lock it. I moved around the house quickly fearing for Riko, and found the backdoor and entered quickly.

I moved through the dark kitchen, and remembering the layout of the house moved to the staircase, and took two steps at a time to get to the to the next floor of the house. I was going to break little fucking Jimmy's jaw for this. I moved around the staircase and down a corridor to Riko's bedroom, the door was ajar with light filtering through. I moved fast, but silently to the door and pushed it open slightly. Inside the room there was Riko, on her back on her floor bound and gagged, and hell even blindfolded. Jimmy must have had this planned, should she have refused his advances.

She was still in her school uniform, a white shirt, and her green and blue plaid school skirt, it was now up around her thighs exposing her pantyhose clad legs. She was wearing her white plain socks over the the pantyhose, and the tights looked to be skin color. Her usual red ribbon around her neck was now tied in place around her wrists above her head, and Jimmy had obviously substituted binds for pantyhose, and had tied a balled up sock into her mouth, and used a darker pair of tights to blindfold her.

Her usually spiky, free brown hair was now a mess, probably due to her struggle. Riko's chest heaved from the trouble of breathing through the gag in her mouth, and her nipples were even evident through her shirt. I had to admit I was getting a raging hard on, staring at her predicament. Jimmy wasn't much to look at, he was a cute boy to girls, with his flop of blonde hair, and big build from his past-time of football. He looked like a little punk to me, as he had his back to me, busy pulling off Riko's flat-sole shoes.

"I know you Japanese sluts want to be raped, I've watched enough of the porn on the internet, and you girls love a man to just rape you." Jimmy laughed, his knowledge of the Japanese culture surprised even me, as he sounded like a complete fucking idiot.

I knew Riko was struggling to throw an obscenity at Jimmy, as the gag muffled her words, and she obviously couldn't see me sneaking into the room.

"Don't bother exhausting yourself Riko, that mouth is going to be chock full of cock in a moment." Jimmy said smiling contently to himself.

She began to cry heavily, and the gag she had in her mouth began to become wet from her saliva, I moved in for the hit and struck Jimmy hard in the side of the head in silence. My blow knocked the fat lump onto his face on the floor, I moved quickly and struck him again and he fell unconscious from the blow. I moved quickly and dragged the bastard out of the room quietly, and out of the room. To make sure he didn't wake and attack me again, I tied his ass up with a pair of Riko's scarves.

I moved back into the room, preparing to free Riko. Then a thought hit my mind, Jimmy had given me my chance for a fuck tonight, with Yuki gone and out I was left with blue balls. Riko was here tied up, and ready for me, or Jimmy had I not knocked him out. As long as I kept the blindfold on her, she would be none of the wiser in thinking it was Jimmy raping her, and not me. I knelt down, and inspected Jimmy's handiwork, and had to admit he must have been planning this for a long time. That much was evident in how well he had tied her up, it was amateur work, but good enough for the job he had planned.

I knocked out little Jimmy, and he was unlikely to wake up for a while, and with Yuki and Gensi gone until the evening I was pretty much alone with Riko for a good, few hours. I rubbed my bulge now, fully erect cock in my jeans, I knew I was going to fuck Riko for a good few hours. I leaned down and with my hands as still as steel I took hold of the buttons of her shirt, this wasn't the first time I had done this. I began to quickly undo the buttons, and Riko instinctively shivered, and began to cry into her gag.

"Please!" Riko screamed, and her words were muffled by the gag, but she was obviously aware her shirt was coming off. I enjoyed her being so helpless, but the truth was that I was breaking my sworn promise to Riko, and Yuki. What she didn't know, wouldn't hurt her I thought.

Slowly the shirt came away revealing Riko's valley of gracious flesh underneath it, and she had breasts almost as big as her mother's, but much firmer and stuck outwards. Beneath the shirt, as I unbuttoned it further I saw she had a plain black, silk bra that held in her breasts, and even the bra looked large. I had to keep silent, one word uttered and she would know it was me. With the final button undone, her fair tanned skin and exposed flat tummy was on display to me. I smiled at the idea of having such control over this sexy bitch, and Riko was a virgin, double reward.

With my palms I roughly massaged her breasts, through the cups of her bra. Her moans were soft through the gag of the sock in her mouth, and I enjoyed the torture I was putting on her body. I found her hardening nipples through the cups, and they were quite big, and I rubbed on them to make them harden quicker for my own pleasure.

"Please stop this..." Riko screamed into her gag, her words were almost inaudible but being close to her I could just make out her pleading.

Shut the fuck up. I thought to myself, Riko's muffled pleading was getting irritating now, I wanted to shove my cock in her mouth to keep her quiet. Keep you fucking muffled words down bitch. The thought gnawed at my mind. I began to press my thumb into her nipples, and they were now erect, pressing against the bra cups, and evidently obvious to anyone of being erect. I grinned, even if she was resisting, and pleading for me to stop, her body was reacting to my touch. Double standards, huh? I asked myself.

I began to push up her skirt now, no time in wasting since I did have time on my hands, but eventualities could always ruin my night with Riko. Slowly her green and blue plaid skirt rose, thanks to my own fingers, and her skin color pantyhose shone as more of her legs came into view.

"Please Jimmy stop, I just asked for time, I would have given it to you eventually." Her muffled words came out, god I have to admit, Jimmy's ingenuity of using her sock as Riko's gag was inspired. He had truly researched his plans before putting them into action.

Slowly her inner thighs came into view now, and they shone brightly in her pantyhose. Her whole body quivered, and shook as my fingertips gently touched her inner thighs. I smiled contently to myself, Riko had no idea I wasn't Jimmy, and I loved that little secret I had over her. I wasted no time in being gentle, and forced her thighs as wide as her hips would allow, with her skirt around her waist. I could see under her pantyhose she had straight, simple black silk panties.

The bitch may be a virgin, but she was built for fucking. That's what struck my mind, seeing her body. Well I was now going to be this sexy bitch's first cock, and first man inside her for sure. I gently rubbed her crotch through her pantyhose, and felt the intense heat of her womanhood beneath them. I moved my hand up to the waistband of her pantyhose, and onto the clip of her skirt, and I undid it. I began to pull them down, and Riko struggled with her legs. She tried to swing her legs to force me to stop pulling down her skirt, but I quickly had them around her ankles and off of her legs.

All that resisting only got your skirt off much quicker than I expected, bitch. I thought happily to myself. My hands returned to the waistband of her pantyhose, and quickly rolled them down her firm, sexy legs. She tried resisting, but by the time I felt movement in her legs, I had the pantyhose down around her feet and off across the carpet of her bedroom. My speed of undressing Riko, surpassed even my own expectations. I expected Riko to resist all the fucking way, and I would have had to rip her clothes off to get to her. I now could see her black silk panties, and wanted to see how wet she was.

I pressed my bare palm against her crotch, and felt her hot, searing mound underneath her panties. She was extremely hot, warm and even wet, the panties were soaked through. This dirty bitch was getting hot from being raped. I leaned down, and pressed my nose and mouth against the wet crotch of her panties and tasted her womanly juices. She was sweet, yet her panties began to leak of her juices as I pressed my nose, and mouth against her mound.

I was getting tired of the foreplay, and took hold of her panties by the waistband, and roughly yanked them down to be show the prize of her hairless, smooth virgin pussy. Riko began to cry heavily, knowing I could see her pussy, a prize no man, not even Jimmy had been lucky enough to see. I shoved my face hungrily into her muff, and slurped, licked, sucked and kiss her wet, slippery pussy. Her crying turned immediately into hungry moans, that I knew meant I was on the verge of putting her through an orgasm. I smiled, and like a hungry animal continued to maul her pussy with my mouth.

I wanted to hear Riko now, we were alone, and she would think I was still Jimmy, as long as I said absolutely nothing. I undid the gag in her mouth, and threw the sock aside and Riko breathed in heavily. I continued to maul her pussy, knowing she was helpless, and for some unknown reason I knew she was no longer going to cry. I knew she was going to moan now in ecstasy. I pressed my tongue against her open, wet pussy lips. She shuddered and screamed.

"Fuck Jimmy, where did you learn this stuff from! You never did this for me, ever!" She squealed like a happy pig in mud.

I smiled, yet felt strangely jealous that she thought it was Jimmy doing this to her, and not knowing it was me. I continued to apply pressure from my tongue onto her nub, her sexy clitoris. She shuddered against her binds, and gritted her teeth. I loved her face, no longer a contortion of anger and pain, but of ecstasy.

"Jesus this can't be you Jimmy, you are too good to be this good! Give me more Jimmy!" She screamed ecstatically.

I lapped at her cunt, her womanly pussy like a hungry dog who hadn't been fed by it's owner for days. Her body writhed, shuddered, shook, shivered as I devoured her young, virgin pussy. Her body shuddered harder, and I felt her press her pussy against my mouth willingly. If I did now show myself to Riko, I knew she wouldn't fight me off, but I wasn't going to risk it all for that. I moved away from her pussy a few moments later, and sitting up I looked down at her beautiful bound body, it was moist and glistening in sweat worked up from our actions.

I began to tug down my jeans now, not caring as I was going to fuck Riko like the little bitch she was. Riko began to swing her head left to right, as if listening intently to what I was doing. She could not mistake the sound of my belt coming off, and jangling for anything but me getting ready to fuck her.

"Jimmy please, can't we just stop at this! You've had your fun, let me go and I'll give you this soon enough." She said now, in a gentle tone as if trying to coax Jimmy in backing off, but I wasn't Jimmy.

Just shut up, or the gag goes back in. I wanted to shout out, but she would know it was me. I began to pull my hard, erect cock from my boxers and moved closer to her wet, glistening pussy. I pressed my cock against her pussy lips gently, and then slapped her pussy with it. I wanted to tease the bitch. I began to prod, and poke her pussy with my cock-head and she began to breath hard.

"Please I'm a virgin, I'm not ready for this." She pleaded.

I don't give a fucking shit. I thought to myself. I began to press my cock-head against her womanhood, and her feeble attempts to push away from me failed, as slowly her virgin womanhood opened up to me.

"Please don't take this away from me, Jimmy! This is all a woman has!" She pleaded, and I pulled back my hips before shoving hard into her, and her holy gates opened around my rod.

"No! Fuck! Please stop it!" She pleaded, as her neck tensed, and I felt her try to roll her hips, to get away from me. I held her in place, as half of my cock's length entered her, and a few drops of blood appeared around my cock. I had penetrated her young womanhood.

I still had half of my cock to shove inside her, but she was extremely tight around me. I began to push like a drill, slowing knocking down her inner walls to get closer to her womb.

"Please, you're inside me now you son of a bitch. Just stop at that for me, Jimmy." She pleaded in a lower tone, mixed with gasps and cries, and she still thought I was Jimmy.

I wasn't paying her any heed, and slammed into her with one final buck of my hips, forcing my cock inside her fully. She screamed like she had been impaled on a spear, and cried out, the cry died quickly away, but her mouth was still wide open as if it hadn't left her throat yet. Her face spoke of a scream, but no scream came from her throat, just a gurgling sound. That was soon followed by hollow breathing, and the only real sound was the wet, smacking sound from my cock sliding in and out of her.

"I will never forgive you, Jimmy. Ever." She whispered, I could only just hear it over my own grunts.

Too bad I ain't Jimmy, he's going to truly suffer once he comes around. I suspected that Riko would push for Jimmy to be charged with rape, and the one truly responsible would get away with it. The perfect crime. With every movement I made her body bounced, and moved, but throughout it all her tears rolled knowing what I was doing to her. Riko was innocent in all of this, she had done her best to help me and her mother be together. She was just in the wrong place, and at the wrong time when I had blue balls.

A few minutes passed, the only noises were the smacking sounds from my fucking of Riko's pussy, and her own groans and gasps. Eventually I felt close to erupting inside her, and I pushed my cock fully inside her at the last moment, and erupted inside her pussy. She cried out, and her whole body shook.

"No! Don't cum inside me, I'll get pregnant you fucker!" She gasped, and slowly her cry died, and she simple mumbled, and shivered on the floor.

I eased my cock out of her pussy, and a string of cum leaked from her pussy onto my cock, and left a trail on her floor as I sat back admiring my handiwork. Rape was a strong word, I just saw what I did as the means to getting rid of my blue balls, caused by Riko's mother. I stood as quietly as I could, other than my own ragged grunts for breath. I moved over to her head, and she was still blindfolded. I moved down and crouched next to her, and pressed my limp cock against her quivering lips.

"No you sick fuck, I'm not sucking your dirty limp dick!" She protested blindly, but I quickly shoved my limp cock-head into her mouth.

She gagged, and looked repulsed but I held her head in place on my cock. But she quickly submitted, and growled around my cock as I violated her mouth with it. Slowly I became hard once again, it wasn't difficult with a woman like Riko in front of me. I was now fully erect in her mouth, and Riko was gagging helplessly as my cock-head struck the back of her throat over and over again.

This was what Riko was capable of, she wasn't supposed to look sexy around me, and not expect repercussions. Riko was my back-up woman, if Yuki was away, and I had needs of her. She was quite a competent cock sucker, and a good fuck, I actually liked when she tried to resist. It made the fuck even more thrilling, to know I was taking away Riko's only personal belonging, and she was truly mine. I enjoyed taking a woman's virginity, either by force or consensual.

I felt close once more, with Riko's wet, warm mouth at work around my cock it wasn't surprising I was ready to explode again. I wanted to speak, I wanted to shout out like a victorious warrior that had taken his prize, I wanted her to know it was me who was fucking her, and not Jimmy. But I couldn't do that, this was only the start of our extremely close, and personal relationship, even if she was unaware of it. I exploded in her mouth, and smiled as she was forced to swallow most of it, and the rest she spurted out around my cock in her mouth.

I pulled out of her mouth, and she gasped for air. I smiled at my work, cum drops across her face, and some even on her chest. I stood up, and began to dress quickly, my plan was to call the Police from a public telephone, and have Police find her, and Jimmy unconscious. I smiled and dressed she called after me as she heard my footsteps.

"You're done Jimmy, I am going to make sure you're put in prison for this." She gasped, and smiled contently.

Yeah right. I thought to myself, and left her room stepping over Jimmy who was unconscious. I moved his body to make it look like he fell over, and knocked himself into unconsciousness, that he wasn't looking where he stepped. I quickly left the house now dressed, leaving Riko naked, truly raped, and waiting helplessly for Police. I did a quick jog down the street to a public phone, that was about a five minute walk away from Riko's house in distance. I shoved a quarter into the phone coin slot, and dialed 911.

The operator asked for the details of my emergency.

"Yes I believe a woman has been raped, and he may still be raping her. The address is..." I said and trailed off with the address of Riko's house, and demanded that female officers respond with male officers, as the victim seemed in shock to me.

The moment she asked for my details, I hung up the phone and began a brisk sprint back to my house before the Police arrived. Riko in thinking it was Jimmy who had raped her, would tell Police that he did rape her, and they would arrest him. I stood in my lounge, and smiled happily to myself, and waited for the show to begin.

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