tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy New Pet Elf Ch. 04

My New Pet Elf Ch. 04


I leaned back on my couch. Before me knelt my two pet elves. Emilliae, my high elf, wore a pair of tiny short shorts and a white t-shirt that fit tightly over her grapefruit sized breasts. The words "Property of Human Cock" were spelled out proudly across her T-shirt in bright pink letters. Emulstia, my dark elf, knelt beside her in a tiny black miniskirt and matching bikini top that showed off her striking purple skin.

My pets were not, at the moment, sucking me off, although they had many times before and would do so many times again. Right now, they were just kneeling, expressions thoughtful.

"Alright, times up!" I said. In my left hand I held up the five inch strap-on I had ordered from Amazon. I had to modify it a bit. My girls were extremely small at only three feet tall, so I had to cut and refasten the straps to elf-size it. I brandished the strap-on. "To the victor go the spoils. Emilliae, you go first."

Emilliae cleared her throat and began to recite.

With five inch strap-on
I will fuck this dark elf slut
After, she'll be sore."

"Your turn, Emulstia." I said. The dark elf smiled shyly.

"Pretty high elf cunt
Pounded by plastic fuck stick
Victory is mine."

I tossed the strap-on to Emulstia. "Yessssss!" she crowed, as she began to fasten it around her waist.

"Damn it," groaned Emilliae. She knew the rules, though. She peeled off her t-shirt and began unbuttoning her shorts.

"Kneel, before me, inferior high elf!" shouted Emulstia, clearly on a power trip. "HahahaHAHA!"

Emilliae knelt, mumbling morosely. "Stupid purple bit-GAK!"she gagged as Emulstia shoved the dildo down her throat.

"This is what you get for writing such a shitty Haiku!"


I sat back to watch my pets play their little game, pondering yesterday's events. I had just been promoted to Jeff's old position at work, thanks in no small part to my three foot tall invisible spies. Emilliae had learned that Jill, one of the senior managers, was sleeping with a janitor. Emulstia snapped a few photos. I let Jill know that if she didn't want her dalliances well known around the company, she should consider me for the position. The blackmail worked like a charm, and things were going great so far. Today was Saturday, and I planned on spending the whole day rewarding my little spies for their hard work.

Right now we were playing a game. The game worked like this: I would assign a task, and whichever of my elves won/did better got to fuck the other with a strap-on. This time, the task was to write a haiku about what happens when you win the game.

Emulstia pushed Emilliae onto her side and raised one of the high elf's legs into the air. "Ooooo, your're sopping wet. You're loving this, aren't you, you little high elf slut!"

"Don't get full of yourself, dark elf! I'm just turned on because master is watching."

"Well then, let's be sure to give him a good show!" She buried the dildo in Emilliae's muff.

Let me tell you, there isn't much in this world more gratifying than watching your impossibly hot sex slaves fuck each other with a strap-on. Really, the only thing better is fucking them yourself, and I was planning on doing so shortly. But then, of course, somebody had to knock on the door.

I sighed. "You girls keep going, I'll go take care of this," I said, giving Emulstia a light smack on the ass as I got up. I walked over to the door.

When I opened it, I was almost not surprised to see yet another elf on my doorstep. He wore a swanky suit and a bowler hat. "Hi," he said. "I'm Eldrago. You are the human who captured a dark elf, correct?" He extended his hand.

I took it. "Jason," I said. "What can I do for you, Eldrago?"

"It is a matter of some... sensitivity. Do you mind if I come in?"

"Alright." I lead him into the kitchen. Emilliae screamed from the living room.

Eldrago paled. "I-Is she alright?"

"Oh, don't worry about them, they're just-"

"Oh YES! I'm cumming! YES!" came Emilliae's voice from the living room.

"I... see..." said Eldrago.

I opened my fridge. "You want a beer?" I offered.

"Don't mind if I do," he replied. He opened the beer and took a long drink.

"So what brings you here?" I asked again.

"I have a favor to ask of you."

"Well, I'll listen, but no promises." I sipped my beer.

He took another long drink, then spoke. "I was wondering if you would copulate with my bride on our wedding night."

I nearly spat my beer all over him. "Are you serious?"

"I'm afraid so."

Emilliae walked into the room. She was now fully, if skimpily, clothed once more in her 'Property of Human Cock' t-shirt and short shorts. "Eldrago! I thought I heard your voice!"

"Oh, hello Emilliae," Eldrago said awkwardly.

"You two know each other?" I asked.

"I'm friends with his fiancé," Emilliae replied. "By the way, when are you and Emahna getting married?"

"Tomorrow morning. That's why I'm here, actually. I was wondering if your master might be willing to-" He coughed. He paused for a moment, probably trying to think of a polite way to say it. Finally he threw up his hands "...fuck my wife."

Emilliae's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "You're giving your wife a human stud for a wedding present? That's so SWEET! You are the best fiancé ever!"

Eldrago looked uncomfortable.

"Why?" I asked, still trying to process his request. "Why do you want another man to have sex with your bride on your wedding night?"

"Two reasons. First, Emahna and I want to have a child as quickly as possible."


Emilliae jumped in to explain. "Elf women become much more fertile shortly after experiencing a high level of sexual pleasure."

"Alright, what's the other reason?"

Eldrago shrugged uncomfortably. "A gift. For her. I want her to feel good on our wedding night. Better than I am capable of making her feel."

"That makes sense I guess. But wait a minute! If I fuck your wife, won't that activate the pact magic? She'll become my slave until I die!"

"Emahna and I hired a powerful warlock to cast a strong SNS on her in front of the pact magic to prevent any... sperm... from activating it. Even so, we would be more comfortable if you... ejaculated... outside of her vagina."

"Is there any particular reason you chose me? There are plenty of other humans."

"Well," Eldrago responded, "I figured since you already have two elves bound in Pact, you might be more willing to... have sex with another, but not claim her or seal a Pact with her. Plus, since you captured a Dark Elf, you've got a bit of a reputation around Faeton as some kind of super-stud. I realize it's a big favor to ask, but-"

"Okay," I broke in. "But I have a few conditions. First, Emilliae and Emulstia will be with us when I fuck your wife."

"That's alright with me, and I don't think Emahna will mind either. She and Emilliae are very close."

Emilliae smiled. "Emahna's never been with a human man before. You are going to be her first, master! Oh this is so exciting, I can hardly wait!"

I held up a finger. "Second, you also have to watch. I want her staring at you when I take her so she knows the pleasure is a gift from you."

Eldrago drained the last of his beer. "Done. We'll come over tomorrow night."

Emulstia poked her head into the room, stroking her strap-on. "Get back in here, high elf. Your pussy still resembles the way a vagina SHOULD look, so I'm not done with you yet." She noticed Eldrago. "Who's the little-dicked loser?"

Emilliae glared daggers at the dark elf. I sighed. Emulstia, please don't be rude to my guest.

"Yes, sir," she grumbled. "So why is this... fine elven gentleman... here?"

"He wants me to fuck his bride on their wedding night."

Emulstia looked stunned. "He... He wants you to... BAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" She nearly doubled over, laughing.

"Manners, Emulstia."

"I'm sorry it's just... AAHAHAHA, HAHAHA!" she couldn't contain her laughter. "He can't satisfy his girl with his wee elven penis so he's giving her to an ape! OhohahahaHAHAAA!"

I walked over and picked her up by the scruff of her neck, sat down, and set her down across my lap.

"Master, what are you- OH!" she cried as I spanked her hard.

"I apologize for my pet's bad manners," I said to Eldrago as I continued to rain blows on Emulstia's purple bottom. "Anyway, I believe we've come to an agreement. Bring your bride by tomorrow night. Emilliae, do you want to go to the wedding?"

"Yes master. Do I have your permission?"

"Of course."

"Alright. See you tomorrow night!"

"Wait, high elf!" said Emulstia. "I'm not done destroying your pussy yet!"

I spanked her again. My cock was hard from feeling my dark elf squirm around in my lap. As soon as Eldrago and Emilliae were out the door, I pulled it out and set Emulstia on the kitchen table. She spread her legs for me as I teased the lips of her purple cunt with the head. She was already sopping wet from the spanking. I tore off her top, squeezing her breasts roughly with my hands. Her grapefruit sized jugs would have been large on a human woman, but on Emulstia's slim three foot tall body they were downright ridiculous. I pinched a nipple, continuing to tease her pussy with the head of my rod.

"Oh, please, fuck me master," she finally begged. But instead of taking her wet, purple pussy, I slid the tip of my cock head downward to her tiny rosebud asshole and pushed forward.

"GAAAAAHHH!" Emulstia gasped as I penetrated her ass.

I pulled back and spanked her as I thrust forward into her ass once more. "Take it right up your ass, tiny slut!"

"Oh, YES, your cock is so HUGE, it feels like it's gonna tear me in HALF and I LOVE IT!!" she screeched as I began to pound her asshole in earnest, continuing to spank as I fucked. Her butt cheeks were turning a darker shade of purple beneath my blows. I stuck two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. Within seconds, her cunt was clenched around my fingers like a vice. "OOooh GOD!"

I pulled out of her asshole and spun her around so her head was hanging off the table, and pointed my dick right at her face. She understood what I wanted, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue with an "Ahhh!" like she was visiting a doctor's office. I plunged my cock, fresh from her asshole, into her mouth and right down her throat until my balls were sitting on her nose.

*Urk!* *Blak!* *Bleg!*

"Just a few weeks ago, you thought humans were all dumb inferior apes. How does it feel now that a human is using your mouth and throat like a sex toy?" She couldn't answer with my cock down her throat, of course, but her fingers shot into her pussy and began to work her clit, giving a pretty good indication of how she felt. I kept pounding her face, savoring my power over her and her complete submission to me, until I came down her throat so deep that she didn't even have to swallow.

I let the last of my spunk trickle onto her tongue as I pulled my softening dick from her mouth. Panting, she looked up at the underside of my cock with that sexy mix of fear, lust and awe in her eyes that I find is the most gratifying part of owning an elf girl. Finally she gasped, "All my holes are yours to fuck as you chose, sir."

"Damn right they are. And you love every minute of it, don't you, slave?"

"Yes sir!"

I picked her up and sat down, bringing her back to my lap. That look in her eyes (the sexy fear/lust/awe look) brought my flagpole right back up to full mast and I was more than ready to fuck her again. This time I lined up my cock with her pussy and slowly lowered her down, impaling her. She was so wet her juices ran down my dick as I pressed the head to her entrance. This time I didn't tease her, lowering her right onto my cock to the hilt. Despite her tightness, I entered her easily due to the rater excessive amount of lubricant her pussy was producing. She moaned, bracing herself against my lower chest with her tiny hands.

Come to think of it, now that her mouth was free I had some questions for her. "How many other Dark Elves are there?" I asked as I raised her up."

"Oh, GODS," she gasped as I lowered her back down onto my cock, "About a hundred. We live together in cells of five to ten." I raised her up again.

"That cop said you dark elves endangered all elf kind in the female reclamation campaign. How did your people manage that?" I lowered her back down.

"Oh SHIT!" she yowled. She gasped her explanation as I kept on screwing her, voice ragged. "In the old days, when elves more or less ruled the earth and humans were just disparate tribes of apes, elf women would go on "safaris" in order to get human dick. Most of them simply showed up in a human hut and spread their legs for the ape cock, but a few groups found the thought submitting to apes unpleasant. Instead, they abducted human men, paralyzed them with magic, and had their wicked way with them that way. Unfortunately, some of the human women witnessed these abductions, and so when the Elf armies came out of their cities a desperate attempt to reclaim the women they were met by a horde of human women, bereaved and enraged by the loss of their husbands, brothers, and fathers. The elven host was torn to shreds, and even now tales are told in Faeton of the horror that is the human female. FUCK!"

"Who taught you all this?"

"My mother. She was one of the original Dark Elves, who left Faeton after the elf Queen declared that in the future all elf women would be bound by the Pact. She told me humans are apes who hunger only for blood and sex, and that only the most wanton of sluts would ever submit themselves to such creatures. If only she could see me now."

"Where is she now?

"Probably in elf prison. She was with the cell I betrayed to the police."

"So, I made you betray your own mother? I'm sorry."

"Don't be. We were never that close, to be honest. Plus, she was wrong about humans. You aren't monsters, you just have monster cocks! I'm gonna cum! Oh YEEESSS!! My pussy belongs to this BIG HUMAN COCK!" Her back arched as her box convulsed around me. Before long I was cumming too, spurting up into her with a shout. "Yes," she hissed. "Blow your big load inside your little purple cumdump! Mark your property. Give me all that hot human seed, yessssss!"

I stood up and set my pet on the table, my spunk oozing from her pussy. I walked over to the fridge to make us some lunch.


Eldrago and Emahna arrived the next night, with Emilliae in tow. Eldrago looked even more awkward than when he had asked me to fuck his wife, if that was possible. His bride, Emahna, looked nervous. She was a pretty girl: light brown hair, killer smile, freckles. Her bosom was a bit smaller than Emilliae's but it still looked pretty sizable on her tiny frame. She was still wearing her wedding dress with the veil pulled back. Emilliae wore an elegant red silk dress with a tantalizingly low neckline. I gestured for everybody to come in. "Come on in elves! Welcome to my humble home. Emulstia was silent. She stood by sullenly in a maid outfit. I had lectured her soundly about manners because I didn't want her to be rude to our guests, and she was still a bit miffed.

"This is your human master, Emilliae?" said Emahna. "He's so tall..." It seemed she had never seen a human before and she was a bit scared.

"I'm Jason," I said, smiling and trying to look as nonthreatening as possible.

"I'm Emahna," she replied meekly, curtsying. "Please take good care of me, sir." Too cute. I could see why Eldrago liked her.

"Pleased to meet you. Right, well, let's move this into the living room and get down to business. Emilliae, Emulstia, strip."

"Yes master," they said simultaneously, and simultaneously their clothes fell off, like someone had cut them off with a knife.

I lay prone on the couch. "First, we're going to make sure the bride is mentally and physically prepared. Emilliae, make sure your friend is nice and wet for me."

"Ooooo, with pleasure sir," said the blonde elf, kneeling before the bride. She shot Emahna a sexy grin before she lifted up the skirts of Emahna's white wedding dress and dove in. She let the dress fall down around her, licking and slurping sounds letting everyone in the room know exactly what she was doing. Emahna gasped and her knees shook. Emilliae must have been doing a good job.

"Emulstia, let's give the bride a demonstration, so she understands what she's in for," I commanded.

"You got it, boss." Emulstia climbed onto the couch and straddled me, facing the bride and groom. She pulled down my pants and held up my cock, smirking at the newlyweds.

It was pretty funny to watch their jaws hit the floor. "You've gotta be kidding me," said Eldrago, eyes bulging out of his head.

"That's impossible," said Emahna, her voice incredulous. "There's no way that can fit into an elf."

Emulstia gave it a lick from base to tip, still smirking. "Not only can it fit..." She straddled me, positioning her pussy above my dick. "...its fucking awesome." She slowly lowered herself onto it with a moan. The newlyweds stared, figuratively spellbound (one has to make that distinction when dealing with elves) as the purple beauty slowly rode my schlong, panting, moaning, and staring right into the eyes of the bride every second. I let her control the pace. "Oh yes... yes!" she panted as she had her fist orgasm. "Oooh, I just came all over this huge human dick."

"A-already?" stammered Emahna quietly.

"Don't worry, there's plenty more to come," the dark elf said. She began to ride me once more.

Once she reached her third orgasm, I ordered her to stop. "I think it's time to take the bride," I said. "Is she ready, Emilliae?"

"If it were any wetter down here, I'd be drowning," came the blonde elf's response from beneath Emahna's wedding dress.

"Excellent." I stood up, grasped Emahna under the arms and lay her down on the couch. I hiked her skirts up around her waist and pushed her legs apart, revealing her pussy to all. Emilliae was right, it couldn't have been wetter. Her juices had run all the way down both of her legs to the ankles. Her eyes were glued to my dick with that sexy fear/lust/awe look. God, I will never get tired of that look.

Emulstia crept up to my ear and whispered, "Master, may I tease the groom?"

"Alright," I allowed. "But don't be too mean. We don't want to ruin their marriage."

Emulstia slinked over to Eldrago, who stood staring, as if shell shocked. She a got behind him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her firm purple tits against his back. "Look at your little wifey," she whispered in a tone designed to carry across the room. "She's about to experience the power that nearly fucked elf kind into extinction... and she's gonna love every second."

I brought my attention back to the bride. She was hyperventilating. "There's just *GASP* no way *GASP* that will fit *GASP* inside me!"

Emilliae wrapped her arms around her friend. "Calm down girl, don't worry. I know it looks big. Hell, it IS big. But you can take it."

"Will it hurt?"

Emilliae cradled the bride's veiled head in her lap. "Yes, it will hurt. But you can take that too. The pleasure is worth it. Actually the pain is part of the experience, just like the pleasure." She stroked Emahna's hair gently.

"Are you ready?" I asked Emahna.

"As I'll ever be," responded the bride, eyes still glued to my crotch.

I pushed forward, slowly, into a place no human had ever been before. Emahna gasped and huffed, as though she was giving birth in reverse. When it was all the way in, pressed against her cervix, she held her breath. Then, all of a sudden, she was cumming, tight pussy clamping down on my cock like a hand with a velvet glove squeezing me hard.

"Look at your husband," I told her. She turned her head to look at her stunned husband, who was staring, mouth agape, at his wife being stuffed by human dick. Emulstia's hands were pulling at his shit, his tuxedo already on the floor.

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