tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy New Pet Elf Ch. 05

My New Pet Elf Ch. 05


AN: I'm planning one more chapter for My New Pet Elf. This one is second to last. Also, If you're looking for my story "Lust Island," It was taken down from this site. You can find it at AdultFanFiction.net, where the rules about what you can do to copyrighted characters are a little less stringent.

"What's the matter, Jase? You look a little distracted," said my buddy Joe as he finished dealing.

"Nothing at all," I replied casually, trying hard to ignore the elven mouths firmly latched to my cock head and balls. I anteed up.

"Move over, dark one! I can't deepthroat properly if you take up so much space," came a voice from beneath the table. My poker buddies John and Joe couldn't hear them, of course. The invisibility spell which protected my pet elves also blocked any sound they made from any ear that I didn't want to hear. Of course, it would have been pretty awkward if either of my buddies looked under the table and saw my exposed, saliva covered boner.

Anyway, it's really hard to concentrate on poker while receiving a blowjob from two extremely skilled, extremely hot, and extremely slutty elves. I was losing, badly. I could have used my pet elves to cheat, of course, but Joe and John were my friends. If they were just some random shmucks, I probably would have cheated, honestly. Two hands later, I was out of chips.

"Man, you used to be good at this," said Joe. "What happened?"

"I don't know. Guess I've just lost my touch."

"That sucks dude," said John.

"So, how are things with you and Rita?" I asked to change the subject. John's face fell. He looked like someone had just asked about his dead mother.

"You didn't hear?" said Joe.

"Hear what? What the fuck happened?"

"She ran off with some guy," John said, taking a long pull at his beer. "Took my car, my credit card, and just about anything else she could carry. I was up all last night trying to cancel my credit cards before she could bleed me dry."

"That fucking bitch! How could she do that?"

"I don't know man. I thought we really had something. She said some things on her way out, too. Things I'm not gonna repeat." He took another long drink.

I was really shocked and angered by this news. John and I went way back, we'd been buddies since high school, and he always had my back when it counted. He'd been dating Rita for over a year now, and they seemed really close. I just didn't understand how something like this could happen.

"Whatever man. I'm tired of thinking about it. Just keep the beers coming," said John. He drained the last of his beer. That was it for the beers at the table. As host, it fell to me to go over to the fridge and get more. That was extremely inconvenient, because I was about thirty seconds away from exploding in Emilliae's waiting mouth. Oh well, plenty of time for that later. I tapped my leg, signaling my girls to put me back in my pants and zip up the fly. They both moaned in disappointment, but they did as they were told. I stood up and walked over to the fridge, got all the beer I could carry, and then walked back.

"That's a lot of beer," remarked Joe.

"I don't want to have to get up again," I explained.

"Man, you're lazy."

I grinned and sat back down. As soon as my ass hit the chair, Emulstia was unzipping my fly and Emilliae was reaching into my pants. The double-elf blowjob resumed immediately.

I bought my way back into the game with another fifty bucks, then spent the next hour losing my chips to Joe and John. Mostly to Joe. It wasn't all bad, though. I blasted my cum down Emilliae's throat about ten minutes in. I folded the hand so I could pretend my orgasmic groan was a groan of disappointment. Emilliae and Emulstia switched places and began to lick and suck once more, and within a minute I was hard again.

Joe wound up winning the poker game. "Man, I almost feel bad about taking money from you guys. Almost," he said as he stuffed a hundred and fifty bucks into his wallet.

"More beer," slurred John, as he reached for another bottle, but he collapsed, passed out on the table.

"Don't worry. I'll get him home," said Joe.

"Thanks man," I said.

"Hey, no sweat. It's the least I can do after you guys practically handed me all this money." He tugged John to his feet and practically carried him out the door.

Once they were out the door, I picked my elves up and set them down side by side on the table. "You girls just made me lose a hundred bucks. I hope you're proud."

"If you wanted us to stop, you could have just said so," said Emilliae, pouting.

Emulstia smiled seductively. "Oh, we're very sorry sir. Punish us however you like."

I picked up the purple skinned dark elf and set her on her hands and knees over the prone blonde high elf. The smell of wet elvish pussy filled the air. I pushed Emulstia down so that the two elf snatches were pressed together, then shoved my cock between them, rubbing against the labia and clits of both elves. My pets found themselves face to face with their breasts smashed together and only my dick between them.

"OH!" They moaned in unison, releasing even more lubricant onto my shaft. I pulled back and rammed myself to the hilt in Emilliae's pink pussy.

"Use my cunt, master!" Emilliae cried. "Use it to bring pleasure to your big human cock! Oh, yes!" Soon she was cumming, tightening around me like a vice. I pulled out of Emilliae and plunged myself into Emulstia's purple slit.

"Oh GODS, yes!" squeeled Emulstia "Use my little dark elf box to bring yourself off! You know you want to blow your load in your little purple cumdump!" After a couple thrusts, she threw her head back, crying out as she came hard on my cock. I pulled out and pushed back into Emilliae.

"Dream on, dark elf slut. Master is gonna give his cum to ME. Maybe he'll let you eat it out of my pussy, bitch! Oh fuck, I'm cumming again!" This time, I took Emulstia's purple rosebud asshole.

"OH SHIT!" screamed the dark elf as I bottomed out in her ass. "FUCK my FUCKING ASS, SIR! You know my asshole is better than that little blonde whore's. Give me your cum, PLEASE!" I spanked her, causing her to have another orgasm. Emulstia really liked being spanked.

I took Emilliae's asshole next. "BORGIN ALFLE ELEAGEN SHNARGIN!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. That happens sometimes. When elven women experience extreme sexual pleasure, the part of the brain that controls speech is flooded with so much dopamine that it temporarily stops working properly.

"Ha! What a slut. OH EXPATE TOE BLOZ FARG MEWQUEA!" said Emulstia as I pushed my dick back into her pussy to the cervix. I smirked.

I was close. With a grunt I pulled out of Emulstia and shoved my cock once again between their pussies, emptying my spurts of semen on their abdomens and the bottoms of their tits. "Kiss," I commanded, and stumbled back into my chair as my cum-covered pets sloppily obeyed my order. God I love my pet elves.

Then I was falling to the floor. My head hit the ground with a painful *CRACK* and I was momentarily dazed. When I recovered my senses, I found I couldn't move a muscle. A familiar sense of dread washed over me.

"Let GO OF ME!" screamed Emilliae. She entered my field of vision as she was dragged by two three foot tall purple women wearing nineteenth century style ball gowns. Dark Elves. God damn it.

Another dark elf put one foot on my chest. This one was different. Her skin was such a dark shade of purple it was almost black, and her hair was (I kid you not) orange. She spoke. "Surprise, Ape. You didn't really think we would let you get away with attacking one of our own, did you?"

She turned. "Emulstia, sister, I'm glad to see you're ok. I can't imagine what torture they used on you to force you to reveal you're cell, but don't worry. You're safe now."

"M-Matriarch?" Emulstia stuttered. "Y-you c-came to s-save me? I..."

"As leader of the Dark Elves, the safety of all my Sisters is my responsibility. That's why I came myself to put this ape in his place." She leaned down so her face was only inches from mine. "Listen up, human. You are going to spend the rest of your short, miserable life as a human dildo. And I will see to it personally that you never, ever have another orgasm." She grasped my cock in her hands, muttering. The air seemed to bend as a familiar and extremely unwelcome glow surrounded my cock. "This is more than just your run of the mill orgasm denial spell. It cannot ever be removed, except by me, Matriarch of the Dark Elves, and I will never remove it. You will never cum again, monster. How does that make you feel?"

The best I could manage was a slight moan. God damn paralysis. God damn Dark Elves.

"Chain the high elf slut and bring her with us," the Matriarch commanded. "She'll spend her days licking the cunts of her betters. Take them away."


I paced my dark cell over and over. It felt like I'd been down here for days, but I had no way of telling time. A noise came from the corridor outside. I spun, but found myself once again paralyzed, and collapsed to the ground. The door opened, and in stepped a naked dark elf, with light purple skin and freckles dotting her petite frame. In her hand she held a leash, the other end of which was around the neck of a naked high elf man who crawled at her feet.

"Hello there Ape," she said cheerfully. "I'm trying to get pregnant to further the Dark Elf race. You don't mind if I use you as a fertility aid, do you? Of course you don't. That is, after all, the greatest honor a human can receive." Then, to her leashed high elf: "Wait in the corner, worm."

"Yes mistress," he replied meekly, complying with her order.

She took my dick into her hand, stroking it slowly to erection. "Tonight is the Cabal. It's a sort of festival where all the Dark elf cells gather together. The Matriarch gives a speech, the different cells show off the humans we've captured, it's all very fun. I do believe you are going to be one of the main attractions." She giggled. "I bet you can't wait."

She straddled my waist and positioned her wet slit above it, then she sank slowly down, impaling herself. "Oooooooooooo yeeeeeeaaaahhh," she hissed. She began to ride, punctuating every downward thrust of her hips with a word. "You're.... just... a... big... dumb... ape... with... a... big... hard... ape... cock... yes... YES!" She threw her head back as her folds clenched around me. Then she pulled off, bending over. "Worm!" she commanded. "Get to it!"

"Yes, mistress," the male elf replied. He stepped up behind her and thrust his two and a half inch dick into her pussy.

"I don't even feel it," the dark elf sighed. "Oh, well. Be quick about it, worm. I don't have all day." About thirty seconds later, the male elf fell unconscious to the floor after spurting his seed into the dark elf's fertile snatch.

The dark elf took my dick in her hand, stroking it softly. "You were a very good dildo, ape. If I could, I would let you cum, but the Matriarch's orders are absolute. Besides, this ODS She cast on you is a real doozy. Only She can remove it." She gave my dickhead a light kiss.

Fuck. My dick was throbbing so painfully I thought it was literally about to explode. I was nearly in tears.

Just then, someone pushed the door to my cell open. The dark elf turned. "Oh, Emulstia! Come to lord it over the monstrous ape that captured y- OOOF!" A magic bolt flew through the doorway, knocking the nameless dark elf to the wall. She collapsed, unconscious, as Emulstia strode into the room. She quickly knelt to drain all of her victim's magic.

As soon as my captor hit the floor, I found I could move again. Now I really was crying, but they were tears of joy. Emulstia had come back for me! "Thank you," I sobbed.

"Get a hold of yourself, sir! We need to get out of here!" She was right. I dried my eyes and concentrated.

"Our first priority is rescuing Emilliae. After that, we escape."

"I'm not sure we have time, sir. The Cabal is starting. This place is going to be overflowing with Dark Elves."

"We are not leaving her behind," I said flatly.

"Of course not! You escape. I'll go save the high elf."

"When does the Cabal start?" I asked.

"The Matriarch will be giving the commencement speech in about ten minutes. Why?" she asked.

A plan was beginning to form in my mind. "Go save Emilliae. I've got a score to settle."

"Yes sir," she said, plainly still worried, but she left the cell and moved along the corridor, searching for Emilliae.

I stealthily exited the dungeon area via a trapdoor at the top of the staircase. To the left, dark elves were filing into chairs by the dozen in front of a stage, the curtains to witch remained drawn. To my right, a line of naked human men stood chained together by collars around the necks. They stood sullenly, as if all the fight had been beaten from them. I slipped in between two of them, guessing that they would be brought to the stage and hoping no one would notice one more.

Moments later a Dark Elf wielding a whip stepped up. "Move it apes!" she cried, and led us backstage. I slipped away and hid behind some boxes stage-right. Minutes later, the Dark Elf Matriarch herself walked past, speaking to her aid. "It's time to begin," she said. "In light of recent events I must reassure the cells that we are secure, that we are superior. Bring out the monster from his cell. I'm going to make him beg me to let him cum in front of all our sisters. That should prove that humans are no threat."

"Will you let him cum, Matriarch?" asked the aide.

"Of course not!"

The two Dark Elves laughed as I seethed in the shadows. Another dark elf hurried over. "Matriarch, we caught Emulstia trying to free the high elf." My heart lept in my throat.

"So she was corrupted. I feared as much," replied the Matriarch. "Very well, if she wants to side with the high elf, she will get the same treatment. Bring them out, strip them, and set them to licking pussies."

"Yes, Matriarch." The dark elf hurried off to do her mistress's bidding. I focused. More than my dick was at stake now, but if everything went according to plan, I could still save my pets as well as myself.

The Matriarch took the stage and prepared to address the crowd of Dark Elves. I left my hiding place, strode up behind her, and seized her by the (orange!) hair. The dark elves gasped. I guessed there were about a hundred of them in the crowd, probably every dark elf in existence. Many of them gathered magic bolts and prepared to throw them. "It's the monster!" shouted one. "He has the Matriarch, get him!"

"CAREFUL!" I shouted to the panicking dark elf throng. "We apes are violent if threatened. Put down the magic, or I might just tear your Matriarch in half!" The magic bolts in the hands of the purple elves slowly dissipated.

"What's your game, monster?" asked the Matriarch, completely calm despite her situation. "We both know you won't kill me. If you do, you'll never cum again."

"That's why I'm here, actually," I replied. "You are gonna remove this ODS from my cock and then I'm gonna walk out of here, with Emilliae and Emulstia."

The Matriarch snorted. "Look around, you stupid ape. You're surrounded. Soon you will find yourself right back in your cell. And why would I release your ODS?"

"Because soon, you'll be begging for my cum." I tore her black ball gown down the front and pulled it off, exposing her dark purple breasts and pussy to the crowd. She seemed unperturbed.

"HA, HA, HA, HA!" her laughter rang thought the theatre. "So you think you can make me beg for Ape-seed, do you? Very well. I accept your challenge." She spoke to the crowd. "Do not interfere, sisters. I will show you once and for all that Dark Elves are superior to humans."

I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up, lining her cunt up with my rock hard cock. "Expect no mercy, bitch," I spat.

"When you double over and pass out from the pain of your pent up ape-seed, will you finally accept your place? You are a dildo, ape, and nothing more."

"We'll see," I said, and rammed my cock to the hilt in her cunt. To her credit, she didn't scream like Emilliae or Emulstia did when I penetrated them, but a slight gasp did escape the Matriarch's lips. I bunched my fist in her orange hair, pulling her head up so the crowd could see her face. "LOOK AT YOUR LEADER!" I roared. "THIS IS YOUR PLACE, ELF SLUTS, YOU EXIST TO BE FUCKED BY HUMAN COCK!"

"Pay him... oh... no mind... sisters... AH!" gasped the Matriarch as I savagely fucked her pussy, her dark purple tits bouncing lewdly on her chest. "He is but... an inferior... OH SHIT" she shrieked as I pounded into her cervix as hard as I could. Her cunt clamped down on me like a vice as she came, but I didn't stop thrusting.

The Dark Elves in the crowd were obviously getting horny. A few of them were openly fingering themselves. Soon, dresses began to hit the floor and hot purple babes were pairing up, tongues lapping at pussies, fingers pinching nipples and exploring assholes. Within minutes, the Cabal had turned into one big purple lesbian orgy. "Look at your people," I whispered to the Matriarch. "They're a bunch of wanton whores. Just the sight of one of their own being properly fucked sends them into a slut-frenzy." I looked out at the orgy with a feeling of pride. This lust filled chaos was completely caused by me. In a way, it was like I was fucking every single dark elf in existence at once.

"It's... my victory over you... that turns them on. I will OOOOH FUUUCK!" she moaned. I smirked. Bitch couldn't even finish her sentences.

The Matriarch was a pretty tough nut to crack, for an elf girl. When I broke Emulstia, she was begging for my cum in about two minutes. The Matriarch lasted almost half an hour.

She sobbed as I impaled her over and over on my rock hard cock. Finally she broke. "I lose. Please cum inside me. I need your seed!"



"Is that really what you want?" I whispered.

"Please," she muttered.

"Very well then. Release the spell."

She lowered her head, muttering. I felt the force preventing my orgasm fade. With a roar of victory, I slammed the Matriarch down even more roughly on my dick, pounding her with all the strength in my body. She threw her head back and emitted a scream almost high pitched enough to break glass. And then she was squirting.

Her squirt was like someone had knocked over a fire hydrant. Suddenly I was soaked, she was soaked, and the front row of the crowd, who were still engaged in fucking each other senseless, was soaked in the Matriarch's sweet juices. I turned her as she continued to squirt, spraying more of the audience. I'm not sure how she had so much of the stuff, because the amount of nectar she ejaculated into the crowd was surly more than her own body weight. Magic I guess.

I pulled her, nearly comatose, off of my cock and set her on her knees, holding her up with one fist in her orange hair. I pointed my dick at her stunned dark purple face and unloaded. I don't think I've ever cum so hard or so much in my life, before or since. Her entire face was coated in globs of my white spunk, running down her cheeks, dripping off her chin onto her heaving breasts. I released her hair and smacked her across the face with my dick. The impact of cock to face made a satisfying *SMACK* as it whipped her head around. She crumpled, face down, to the floor.

I crouched down next to her. "I want you to understand what just happened. You begged me to cum inside your pussy. You don't have an SNS, do you?"

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