tagGroup SexMy New Place Ch. 08

My New Place Ch. 08


My day started out about as normal as any other Saturday morning. I woke up around 9am. I stretched out across my bed taking my time waking up. I rolled out of bed, headed to the bathroom, and started running my shower. Looking at myself in the mirror I wiped the sleep from my eyes. Giving myself a once over, I reached up and took the band out of my ponytail letting my hair fall to my shoulders, lifted my shirt up over my head and tossed it on the floor. Reaching my hands up to my chest I ran them over my tits squeezing the soft flesh in my hands. I played with them a little in the mirror as I often do, moving them around and lifting them up and down to see what kind of cleavage I could be capable of if only they were a little bigger. My shorts were the last thing to drop to the floor and after turning around to look over my shoulder at the firm curves of my ass I climbed into the shower.

The water felt great as it ran down and around my curves. I soaped myself up and slide my hands up and down my body enjoying the slick feeling the soap gave my skin. I got out my razor and began working my way up each leg getting them as smooth as possible. It wasn't in my plans for the day to have anyone else touching them but figured you can never be too careful with things like that. I always feel a little sexier with smooth legs and once I was done with both legs I moved my attention to my pussy. It had been two days since I shaved it last so there was a little stubble beginning to grow which is something that I don't really care for. I ran the razor down my stubble taking extra special care once I got closer to my pussy. Slowly I worked my razor just inside my thigh towards the outside of my pussy lips getting the last bit of hair from each side.

Turning the water off I reached for my towel and dried myself off. I wrapped my hair up in the towel and worked it around my head. I slipped on my robe and started heading back to the bedroom to start getting dressed when I heard my doorbell ring. I wondered whether or not I should actually answer the door since I was only wearing my robe but after the way I have behaved with some of my neighbors the last few weeks I figured answering the door in a robe wasn't too big of a deal.

Looking through the peep hole I recognized the man at the door as Tom from down the street. Tom was the president of my neighborhood's home owner's association. "Oh, I didn't think you were home." Tom seemed as surprised that I was home as he was by the fact that I was only in a bathrobe. Tom was about 50 years old and had been living in the neighborhood for close to 25 years now. He was never married and didn't have any kids so he tends to take his role in the HOA very serious. He had already fined me twice in the past for violations like parking my car along the street on a garbage night even though I had family over and a full driveway. He also fined me once for the weeds in my yard being too high. I'll admit I had neglected my yard a little bit but it was far from looking like a mess or being bad enough for me to get fined for its' appearance. Anyway, Tom handed me an envelope similar to the ones I had been given before and after opening it my jaw almost dropped. I was being fined because the new mailbox I had put in last weekend was 6 inches too tall and the fine was for $200!

"Tom I can't pay $200; I didn't even know there was a rule about the height of our mailboxes. Can't I just fix it today and we can forget about it?"

"Sorry sweetheart it doesn't work that way. Rules are here for a reason and if you want to dispute your fine you can come to the HOA meeting tonight."

"Fine I will, and hopefully everyone else will realize how silly this is and leave it alone."

I turned away from Tom and shut the door hard behind me. I was so frustrated after my encounter that I found it hard to get anything done around the house all day. All I could think was who cares how tall a mailbox is? I was so distracted throughout the day that before I knew it I needed to get ready to head to the meeting. I wanted to feel confident because I was already at a disadvantage being young and a girl so I decided to dress up a little. I slipped on my new black fishnet and lace thing from VS and a matching black lacey bra. I put on a gray knee length skirt and a dark purple button up shirt. I wasn't sure who would actually show up to this meeting but just in case there were a few men there wanted to have the ability to sexy up my outfit. I buttoned up the shirt to a modest level before leaving the house but knew if I needed to use my sexuality to persuade some stubborn man I could easily open up a button or two.

When I arrived at Tom's house I wondered if I was early because there were only two other people there. Besides Tom there were two other men who I didn't really recognize but assumed lived somewhere in the neighborhood. They were both sitting down so it was hard to evaluate their size but they were wearing wedding rings and both looked to be in their early 40's. I introduced myself and then told me their names were Dan and Jay. Realizing these were the only people that were going to show up I figured the guys were just using this meeting as an excuse to get out of the house for a while so if I was going to get out of this fine the time was now.

"Let's get things started" Tom blurted out in an authoritative tone.

"Do you mind if I use your restroom first?" I asked knowing that if only these three men were going to be present I could take advantage of the situation.

I went down the hall and into the bathroom and began checking myself out in the mirror. I unbuttoned a few buttons of my shirt and rolled the waist of my skirt a few times so that it rode just a little higher up my legs. I leaned in and away from the mirror a few times to figure out how much could be seen in different positions so that I knew how much my audience would be able to see.

Opening the door I made my way to Tom's dining room where the meeting was about to take place.

Tom stood up from his chair and announced that the meeting was now underway in a very official voice. Obviously he took his job way too serious because besides rolling my eyes I caught the other two guys kind of laughing to themselves and doing the same.

"So Andrea, I believe you are here to discuss your mailbox violation. What do you have to say?"

"Well, I wasn't aware that my mailbox was the wrong height. To be honest I didn't even realize that there was a rule about how tall it could be but I am willing to fix it this weekend and wanted to get my fine thrown away. I'm willing to do anything to avoid paying it."

"Well what exactly did you have in mind?" Tom spoke from his chair across the table.

I couldn't really tell if he was grasping the idea I was trying to get across to him and the other two guys so I decided to make it a little more obvious.

"Well....." I said as I stood up from my chair and began unbuttoning my shirt. "Does this help my cause at all?"

Standing in front of the three men with my shirt open I shrugged it off my shoulders and to the floor. The guys couldn't be confused about my intensions anymore and I could see the faces of the two married guys light up with excitement. Tom stayed pretty quiet and I wondered if he was just stunned or upset that his meeting was now out of his control.

"If you are going to get rid of that fine it's going to take a lot more than that." One of the men spoke up.

"What exactly did you have in mind?"

They whispered back and forth leaving Tom still sitting pretty quite in his chair. His eyes were fixed on my chest though so I could tell he was at least considering my offer. It looked like the guys had come to some kind of decision.

"We want you to finish stripping for us and then we want blowjobs." Dan spoke.

I smiled at them playfully biting my bottom lip as if to give the appearance that I was struggling with the decision but as I looked at them I also reached around to the back of my skirt and lowered the zipper allowing it to fall to the floor. I stood before three men in just my thin black bra and see lacey black panties and they were all but drooling as they gazed upon my body.

"God damn; I haven't seen a body like that since I was in college." Jay said

I reached my hands up to my chest and playfully squeezed my tits together through my bra. I started to reach behind me to unhook my bra but had a better idea. I wanted to make sure these guys did something besides watch me do all the work so I walked over to Tom and turned my back to him. "Would you mind helping me out of this tight bra Tom?" I asked flirtatiously.

He stared at my ass for a few seconds until one of the other guys spoke up yelling at him about how they wanted to see my tits so he needed to hurry up and get my bra off. He slowly reached up running his hand up my back and after fumbling for a few seconds managed to un-snap the hooks. I turned to the guys with my hands still covering the cups of my bra and gave them a quick smile before letting it fall, exposing my tits to them for the first time. Their eyes lit up as they took in the sight of my breasts for the first time. Not too big, not too small, still young and firm, with my nipples now hard and pointing directly at them. They were speechless so I started.

"Who wants to go first?" I asked, followed by two quick hands raised from my new married friends.

I dropped to my knees and crawled towards the man closest to me, Jay. I reached my hands to his knees and slide them slowly up his thighs until I reached his belt. I unfastened his belt and opened up his pants. Reaching inside his boxers I felt for his dick and instantly found it just under his waistband ready to escape. I took it in my hand and stroked it slowly up and down inside of his pants as he lifted his butt off the chair and lowered his pants to his ankles. "Someone is anxious" I said looking up into his eyes. "Are you kidding me? I haven't gotten a blowjob from my wife in over a year." He said as he looked down with a smile on his face. "Well then you are really going to enjoy this."

I looked back down at the rock hard dick in my hand and lowered my head into his lap. I ran my tongue up the length of his dick and back down to his balls. I flicked my tongue around his balls lightly causing him to moan before I had even started sucking his dick. I knew he must not get much attention from his wife so I started feeling bad for him and wanted to make him feel good. I lined my head up with the head of his dick and opened my mouth. I lowered my head letting his dick slip inch by inch past my lips and into my mouth. I love the way it feels to let a warm hard cock slide into my mouth. I started moaning on his dick as my tongue ran circles around his helmet while inside my mouth.

I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Dan rubbing his hard on through his pants. Not wanting him to feel left out I motioned for him to come closer to where I was performing my talent. He sat his chair beside Jay and I used a free hand to reach up and rub his cock through his pants. I pulled the dick from my mouth only long enough to instruct him to pull it out so I can play with it; then slipped the hard rod back inside my wanting mouth. I reached to my left and began stroking the second cock in my hand as I sucked the first. Dan's was slightly bigger that the one in my mouth already but not as hard. I wondered if it was as hard as it got and wanted to find out so I slipped Jay's dick out of my mouth and moved in front of Dan. I opened up a little wider than I had to for Jay's dick and I let Dan's hard cock slide past my lips and deep into my throat. Dan was moaning in approval as I began working my magic on his raging erection. I looked up into his eyes as he looked down at mine approvingly. I went back to work gliding my lips tightly around his shaft and letting my tongue do the work under his shaft as I bobbed up and down.

I started switching back and forth from Jay's dick to Dan's giving each a few strokes in my mouth before switching back to the other and was so into my work that I was panting for breathe. I almost forgot about Tom until I felt a set of hands on my waist grab me from behind. I turned my head back to see Tom completely naked with his fingers hooked inside my black thong looking very intently at my ass. I closed my legs together a bit to help his more easily slide off my panties and lifted each knee as his pulled the soft material down each leg. Once my panties were off I spread my knees back out again giving Tom a gorgeous view of my wet pussy from behind while I continued to work on my new friends Dan and Jay.

I felt Tom's hand find my ass and he began caressing it slowly in his hands taking his time rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks. His hand then reached between my legs cupping my pussy. I'm sure he could feel the heat radiating off my pussy as his thumb began running up and down my slit, spreading my juices all around my clit. I was already out of breath, but now I was starting to moan softly on the dicks in my mouth as Tom played with me.

His hand disappeared for a moment and was replaced by his cock. I felt him rub the helmet up and down across my pussy getting it lubed up before he pushed into me slowly. It felt as good as he filled me up from behind. He finally got his full length inside me which was only about 5 inches but just thick enough to hit the spots he needed to. Then he began fucking me slowly with a grip on my waist. I couldn't believe this normally stuck up old man was fucking me, and even more surprising to me was how turned on I was getting fucked while sucking off two married men just to get out of a fine. Watching me get fucked while I sucked him off must have a been a big turn on for Dan because he was beginning to fuck my face with two hands full of hair and as I played with his balls I felt them tense and a flood of jazz filled my mouth in several short bursts. I kept his dick in my mouth as I swallowed down his load and milked any remaining drops from his balls.

"Damn, she swallows too?" said Dan sounding a bit shocked at the slut he met tonight.

Tom was still going to town behind me and my ass was shaking with each slap he landed on my butt while he fucked me. His balls were smacking against my clit while he pounded and the added stimulation felt amazing. Jay grabbed my hair and made it into a ponytail with this hand as he guided my head up and down on his cock. I knew he was probably getting close but Tom was the first to announce that he was Cumming. Just as he announced that Jay told me the same thing and within seconds I felt my mouth and pussy both getting filled simultaneously with hot seed and it was indescribable. I had never felt anything like multiple blasts filling my up at the same time but I knew I couldn't wait to do that again soon.

I helped the guys clean themselves up a bit after they finally came down from their orgasms and I left that evening with no reason to worry about having to pay for that fine regarding my mailbox.

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