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My New Roomie


After my ex-wife told me our marriage was over and I needed to find a new place to live, I decided it would me easier to find somebody looking for a roommate than to find my own apartment. I was lucky, the first place I looked at was great and my share of the rent was really reasonable.

Joey, the guy who I would be sharing the place with, was about my age and seemed like a regular sort of guy. We hit it off well, although we didn't see each other much because of our work schedules.

I had been living there for about three weeks when, late one night, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I figured that I'd go to the kitchen and get something to eat. On my way to the refrigerator, I passed the den, and noticed Joey sitting at the computer, which was up against the wall. At the angle Joey was sitting, he had his back slightly toward me, but I could see that he had his bathrobe open and was stroking his erect penis.

I had never seen another man masturbating before and I stood in the doorway intrigued, watching him as he would alternately rub his cockhead and then slide his hand up and down his hard shaft. His stiff hard-on looked to be maybe six and a half, or seven inches long, about the same size as mine.

The sight in front of my eyes excited me and I could feel my own penis beginning to grow. I slipped my hand into my boxer shorts, which was all I was wearing, and began gently rubbing my cock. It was a strange sensation to play with myself while I was watching another man jerk off, but it felt good. It occurred to me that he might look over and see me watching him, but then I realized that he was so intent on the computer screen that I wouldn't have anything to worry about until he shot his load.

I couldn't see what he was looking at, but it must have been good the way he was moaning. Joey shrugged off the robe with his free hand and then he poured what looked like baby oil on his beautiful erection. By now my own penis was hard as a rock in my hand and I decided to quietly walk into the room behind him and take a look at what he was beating his meat to.

There on the screen were two men; one was on his knees, sucking the erect cock of the other man. He held the other man's penis in his hand and was busy stoking his own cock with his other hand.

I couldn't have been more surprised by my own reaction. My cock was throbbing and a sudden urge came over me to have a hard dick in my own mouth like the guy on the computer. I slid off my boxer shorts and walked over next to Joey, still stroking my penis.

He looked up. I had startled him and he was a little embarrassed to be caught jacking off. But when he saw my hard-on, he smiled and resumed masturbating, what I could now see was, his clean-shaven cock and balls. He reached out, put his hand on my penis, and gently pulled me toward him. Turning his chair to face me, he drew me closer until I was almost sitting on his lap and our cocks were rubbing against each other. He took them in his hand and began to stroke both of them together, sending a shutter of pleasure through my body.

It felt good to feel his penis against mine, but I knew I had to suck his cock son; before I shot my own wad. I slid off his lap on to the floor in front of him. First, I ran my tongue around his balls and then along the underside of his shaft. He took hold of my head and gently guided his throbbing cock into my hungry mouth.

I ran my tongue around his cock head and he let out a low moan. Slowing I began suck on his cock, sliding it up and down in my mouth. As Joey began thrusting his hips forward in time with my mouth, I began to stroke my own hard penis.

His moaning became faster and louder and then suddenly he trust his cock deep into my throat, let out a cry as he shot a load of hot cum into my mouth. I had never tasted a man's semen, but his was delicious. I stroked my own cock harder and faster. As he shot another wad down my throat, my own cock exploded. I sucked every last drop from his cock as I continued to jerk off until I too was dry.

Since then, we have enjoyed each other many times, but that is another story.

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by liz33nd06/27/17

sexy story

cant wait to get to florida, and have the chance to make this happen. I was in Cancun a few years ago, changing in the beach locker room, and being the exhibitionist I am left the curtain open, so anyonemore...

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