tagIncest/TabooMy New Sis Ch. 04

My New Sis Ch. 04


All characters are fictional and over 18 years old.

Shelly went home feeling horny after her locker room encounter with Taylor. She couldn't believe how hot she had gotten while watching Taylor shower. Since she and Sara had been together with Joey, she was looking at girls differently. She decided to tease Joey and see how hot she could get him before Taylor and Sara showed up later.

Joey knew something was up with Shelly as he sat down to dinner. She was looking hotter than ever in her skimpy shorts and tight top. Shelly sat next to him and whenever her Mom and John weren't looking, her hand was in his lap, squeezing his cock.

Joey still had trouble adjusting to the fact that the hottest girl at East High was living with him and he was fucking her when ever he could. Now, she was squeezing his dick while their parents were in the same room. By the time they were finished with dinner, Joey and Shelly were both horny as hell.

John announced that he was going to take a shower while Sheri said she had to clear up some laundry in the basement. Shelly went to her room when she heard John start his shower. She needed to relieve her sexual tension so she decided to suprise him. She took off her clothes and wrapped a towel around her. She knew her Mom would be busy in the basement for a while. Quietly, she snuck across the hall and slipped into her parents' bedroom and into the bathroom.

Joey saw his Dad and Shelly go upstairs and he followed Sheri to the laundry room. His cock was so hard he had to find some fun soon. When he got to the laundry room, he could see Sheri bent over some baskets sorting clothes. Her tight ass was calling him to her and he rubbed his dick as it throbbed. He quickly slipped up behind her and rubbed his dick against her soft ass. Sheri smiled as she knew Joey was behind her and he was horny. She ground her ass back into his cock and she quickly became excited and wet.

Shelly shook off her towel and entered the shower. John jumped in shock as he saw his step daughter's gorgeous nude body.

"Shelly, what are you doing?" John hissed nervously. However shocked he may have been, his cock reacted to the beautiful eighteen year old standing before him. His cock grew to his full size and became rock hard.

"Sshh, I need this and I want you," Shelly whispered. "Just relax."

She soaped up his body, running her hands all over him. She enjoyed feeling his body and it made her hornier still. John followed suit and he was soon stroking her perfect body. He squeezed her nipples and admired her shaved pussy.

Sheri stood up and turned to face Joey. She hugged her body to him and gave him a long tongue dueling kiss. Then she sunk to her knees and released his hard cock. She really loved his dick and held it out so she could take a good look at it. She stroked it a few times and saw precum on the end of his dick. She rubbed it into his cock and made him slippery. Soon, she was sucking and kissing his cock, making him crazy.

Shelly was in front of John as he fondled her tits, his cock rubbing against her slim ass. She reached back and grasped his dick and pulled it to her hot, wet slit. She was soaked and his cock easily slipped into her tight pussy.

"Fuck me, John," She said through clenched teeth. "Fuck me hard."

John sped up his strokes and told her he was going to cum soon. He was hanging on to her hips, driving his cock deep into her pussy.

"Cum in me, John, I need it," Shelly gasped.

John needed no further prodding and he fucked her hard, hanging on to her. John grunted as he shot his cum deep into her young pussy. Water poured over them as Shelly began to cum on his cock. He reached around and rubbed her clit as she shook on his dick. Her legs were weak and her head hung low as she pushed back, trying to get his dick deeper into her.

Sheri pulled her shorts off and laid back onto a table, pulling Joey by his big dick. After rubbing it across her wet pussy a few times, she pulled his cock into her tight pussy. Joey slid into her easily and began pumping his cock into her. He was worked up and wouldn't last long. He squeezed her tits while Sheri reached down to massage his balls.

When he pinched her clit, Sheri began to cum. She laid her head back and bit her lips as she came hard. Her new step son's cock filled her and made her feel so good. As her orgasm cooled, she realized that Joey was still pumping his cock into her pussy. He began to pant and started cumming. He unloaded a huge load into her hot pussy, filling her.

Everyone cleaned up and quickly parted so they wouldn't be caught by the others. Joey took a short nap while Shelly got ready for her friends that were coming over.

Later, Taylor and Sara came over and joined Shelly in her room. They decided to practice some of their cheerleader routines. It was Sara, always the wild one, who said they should practice in their underwear, that way their boobs would be free to bounce. They all laughed and giggled while they peeled off their clothes. As usual, they talked about boys and who was doing who at school.

Although they had seen each other in the locker room, Shelly was checking out Taylor. She already knew and experienced Sara. Now she wanted to play with Taylor, too. Taylor had really nice tits with suckable nipples on the end. Her ass was firm and tight as well.

Sara said she was going to try a handstand. She sis it perfectly, standing on her hands, her legs straight up. Her boobs fell toward her head, almost hitting her chin.

Shelly, laughing, "You need some help with those." With that, she reached down and grabbed Sara's bobbs and lifted them off her chin. Shelly could feel the hard nips poking her hand. Sara broke out laughing and lost her balance. She fell forward onto Shelly, her legs trapping Shelly's head between them. Sara ended up sitting on Shelly's face.

"Oohh, this feels nice," Sara said, slightly grinding her panty covered pussy onto Shelly's mouth. Taylor watched as Shelly tried to push Sara off her, but not before using her lips to pull on Sara's pussy.

As Sara fell off Shelly, she said, "Taylor, you try that now."

"Oh no, my boobs would definitely hit me in the face," Taylor said.

"No, kidding," Sara exclaimed. "Can you suck your own tits?"

Taylor blushed and said, "I did try it once and I got most of my nipple between my lips."

"That's incredible, I have to see that," Sara cried.

"Ohh, I'd be too embarrassed," Taylor said, giggling.

"Here, we'll help," Sara said, who was getting more excited by the minute. She motioned Shelly over too and both girls got on each side of the blushing Taylor. Sara reached out and gently lifted Taylor's tit, feeling and squeezing it. Shelly did the same with the other one, loving the feel of the slightly bigger tit in her hand.

Sara pulled on her nipple, making it extend out. Shelly mimicked her friend and both girls were fondling their friend. Sara then lifted Taylor's tit towards her mouth. Taylor bent her head down and stuck out her tongue. Shelly and Sara both squealed as Taylor tongued her nipple. Taylor then went to the tit Shelly was holding and did the same thing to it.

Shelly laughed, "That is too cool. I wish I could do that to my tits."

"I'll help you with that," Sara said, bending over and sucking Shelly's tit into her mouth.

Taylor worked up the nerve to rub Sara's tits and then she also began sucking on her tits. Soon all three girls were sucking and kissing each others boobs.

Joey woke up from his nap and heard the girls laughing and giggling in Shelly's room. He decided to take a quick shower and then he hoped to join them. He jumped into the shower and quickly washed up.

Sara looked up from Shelly's sweet tits when she heard the shower in the connecting bathroom start up.

"Who's in there?" she asked. She was ready to jump Joey again.

Shelly replied, "That's probably Joey, what are you thinking?" Knowing Sara she was going to go attack him.

"I'm going to sneak in there," Sara said, moving to the door. "You guys can watch and learn." Sara was laughing hard as she gently opened the door. Sara stepped into the bathroom as Shelly and Taylor peeked through the small opening in the door left by Sara.

Joey had just stepped out of the shower and was reaching for his towel when he saw Sara coming towards him.

"What a pleasant surprise," Joey said smiling. Before he could even begin toweling off, Sara had sunk to her knees in front of him and grasped his quickly growing cock.

"Hi stud," Sara said giggling. She proceeded to stroke him to hardness and then sucked in a few inches into her wet mouth. Joey just stood there and grinned as she worked his cock to a rigid state.

Shelly was standing behind Taylor as they peeked in on Sara. Her hard nipples were poking Taylor in the back. Shelly wrapped her hands around Taylor and gently massaged her tits.

"She's wild, isn't she?" Shelly whipsered into Taylor's ear. Taylor could only nod as she was getting hot with Shelly rubbing and squeezing her tits. She could see Sara sucking on that beautiful cock and she was getting wet in her pussy. Shelly slid her hands down into Taylor's panties and began to run her fingers into her friend's hot, wet pussy. Taylor slumped back into her friend as she was on fire.

Sara was sucking and slurping on the big cock in front of her and decided to bring the other girls in on the fun. She stood up and pulled Joey by his dick into his sister's room. Shelly and Taylor jumped back on to the bed as Sara came in parading Joey around.

"Look what I found, girls," Sara laughed. Joey was a little stunned to see his step sister and Taylor bare breasted, wearing only sheer panties. However, he was extremely pleased and although Shelly had the best body he had ever seen, he was still interested in checking out Taylor too.

Sara had Joey lay down and then she began sucking his cock again. Shelly motioned for Taylor to sit on Joey's face.

"Trust me, he's good and you'll love it," Shelly said to Taylor, giggling. Taylor pulled her panties off and jumped up above Joey. She straddled his head and lowered her steamy pussy to his lips. Joey enjoyed being able to suck on another beautiful girls' pussy and he wanted to make sure she enjoyed it too. He quickly used his tongue to explore her entire pussy. He sucked and nibbled her lips and found her clit sticking out.

With his attention busy in Taylor's pussy, he could last longer as Sara sucked and licked his cock and balls. Sara muffled a moan as she felt Shelly pull her panties off and slid her tongue into Sara's pussy. Shelly dove in with gusto and sucked her friend's pussy, licking her everywhere. Taylor was the first to cum as Joey flicked her clit with his lips. Joey licked up her juices as they flowed. Sara squeezed Joey's cock as she started cumming on Shelly's talented tongue. As Taylor and Sara came down from their orgasms, Joey and Shelly sat next to them.

"Well, big boy, you still haven't cum yet. What do you want to do now?" Sara asked Joey, slowly stroking his cock.

"I would really like to fuck all three of you," Joey said excitedly.

"You think you can do that, Big Guy?" Sara questioned.

"I'd love to try," Joey said laughing. "And, I'd like to start with Taylor, if she is ok with it."

All the girls laughed and squealed as Taylor laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide, inviting Joey in. Joey quickly knelt in front of her and laid down, kissing her for the first time. He felt her tits and licked her nipples. Taylor could feel his hard cock sliding against her soaked pussy lips. She arched her hips down and allowed his dick to slide into her. Joey slid in easily for a few inches and then her tight pussy seemed to clamp down on his cock.

Sara pushed Shelly on the bed next to the fucking couple and they fell into a sixty-nine, licking each others wet pussies. Joey looked over at Sara's skinny ass sticking up as Shelly's hands pulled and squeezed her ass cheeks. Sara was sucking on Shelly's clit and then slid two fingers deep into her pussy, causing Shelly to moan.

Joey broke his concentration as Taylor was pulling his ass into her, trying to get his cock deeper. He began kissing her as he fucked her and soon Taylor was approaching her orgasm. Joey sped up his strokes and he too was going to cum. About ten strokes later, Taylor moaned as she started cumming, triggering Joey's cock to blast his cum deep inside her. He unloaded his cum and filled Taylor's little pussy to overflowing.

Joey rolled off her and Sara quickly swooped in and sucked Taylor's pussy. She wanted to taste Joey's cum and clean her friend's pussy up too. Shelly grabbed Joey's cock and she started to suck Taylor's juices off of it. She loved the taste of Joey's cum mixed with pussy juice and she licked and sucked him clean. Joey began to get hard again watching Sara suck Taylor and having Shelly suck and clean his cock for him.

Shelly leaned over and whispered into Joey's ear, "Go ahead and fuck Sara now, I'll get you later." Joey rolled over with his renewed hard on and pulled Sara's little butt on to his cock. Sara almost screamed as Joey jammed his cock deep into her and stroked her fast.

Shelly turned around and planted her pussy onto Taylor's face. She smiled as Taylor grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy closer to her lips. She sucked and licked Shelly with enthusiasm. Shelly had not cum yet and she was crashing close to a huge orgasm as Taylor lovingly sucked her clit for her. Shelly ground her pussy onto her tongue and she closed her eyes as she was getting close.

Sara was moaning and growling as Joey slammed his cock into her, causing Sara to cum in a couple small orgasms. Her pussy felt so full being roughly pounded that she felt like she was having one long orgasm that would not quit. Her pussy was pulling on Joey's cock and its' tightness began to get to him. He felt his cum begin to surge into his cock and he let go deep into her. Sara felt his juices and she squeezed her pussy muscles, milking him dry.

Shelly was groaning as she rubbed her pussy across Taylor's sucking lips. Taylor nabbed her clit and sucked her hard. Shelly starting cumming and she lathered Taylor's face with her hot juices. Taylor just kept nibbling on her pussy as Shelly coasted through her orgasm. Satisfied, all four kids relaxed and napped.

At school on the following Monday, Joey was all smiles. Standing at his locker, he saw Taylor and Sara walking down the hall.

"Bleachers at noon," Sara whispered as they walked past. Joey knew what that meant and his cock lurched in his pants knowing he would be getting one or both of them to suck his cock. The Bleachers was an area under the bleachers in the gym that was walled off by huge tarps, meant to keep kids out. The senior kids meet there for quickie sucks and, sometimes, even fucks. Just as he took that in, a blonde underclassman, who was very cute, walked by and saw his pants tent out.

"Hi," the girl said, smiling and looking at Joey's pants. Joey could not believe what was happening. Just a few months before, he could barely talk to a girl without choking up. Then his Dad marries the mother of the hottest girl in school and his life is turned around. He was getting sucked and fucked by the prettiest girls at East High and even underclassmen he did not know, were talking to him.

During lunch Joey snuck off and slipped in under the bleachers. The girls were not there yet but he saw another couple already getting busy. A girl, a very pretty brown haired girl, was sitting on the face of a boy. He had his pants partially pulled down and his dick was laying on his stomach. The guy was a big boy, Joey thought, probably a football player. Joey thought the girl was a cheerleader named Amy. She was extremely cute with long hair and bright eyes. As he approached, she looked over at him and smiled. The guy was busy and could not see anything with her sitting on his face.

Space was cramped under the bleachers as was used as a storage area for some sports equipment. Joey did not want to crowd the couple but there was not much room. He looked down at the boy's body and guessed it to be Moose, the school's big football lineman. Then Joey looked at his dick. It was hard but Joey could see that it was only about 5 inches long. Joey almost laughed out loud when he realized that their big football stud had a much smaller dick than a nobody like him.

Amy was beginning to grind her pussy on to Moose's tongue and she was getting excited with another boy watching her. Joey's cock was growing as he saw Sara and Taylor coming. Taylor came up and kissed Joey and Sara leaned down and kissed Amy quickly on her mouth. Then Sara opened Joey's pants and pulled out his long cock.

Joey was a little nervous being exposed in front of another girl but he quickly forgot that as Sara sucked in about six inches of his cock. He watched Taylor as she kept looking at Amy rocking on some guys' face. Sara was stroking Joey's big dick when he saw Amy motion to her. Joey gasped as Sara pulled him by his dick over to Amy. The pretty girl looked up at Joey as she sucked his dick deep into her mouth. He could feel her tongue as she swirled it around the head of his cock. Joey was in shock as yet another beautiful girl, who he barely even knew, sucked on his dick while she was getting her pussy eaten.

Taylor had seen enough and she pulled Joey back to her and she began sucking on Joey. Joey loved getting passed back and forth and Taylor was very good at giving head.

Sara pointed to Moose's little dick and Amy shook her head affirmatively. Sara picked up his cock and sucked the whole thing into her throat. Moose, thinking Amy had started sucking his dick, moaned and thrust his hips towards Sara. Sara licked and sucked his cock while she rubbed his balls. She felt them tighten up and knew the football stud was not going to last very long.

Taylor was bobbing her head up and down the full length of Joey's dick. She was slobbering and sucking as hard as she could. Joey was feeling good and knew his cum would be shooting soon.

Moose must have found Amy's clit because she began to shiver and felt her orgasm coming on. Amy reached her hand out and grabbed Joey's hand. They held hands while Amy began to cum on Moose's face. Joey felt added excitement in holding the hand of a pretty girl while she orgasmed and he too began spurting into Taylor's hot wet mouth. Moose did not last long under Sara's expert sucking and was soon filling her mouth.

As they all untangled, Moose was surprised to see others there but did not say much. He tucked his shriveling dick back into his pants. The girls all whispered their goodbyes as they had to get to class. Taylor kissed Joey and said she would see him later. Just as they turned to leave, Sara pulled Joey aside and said she had a surprise for him.

Sara pulled Joey to the far end of the bleachers where the door to the girls locker room was located. She told Joey to be quiet and to follow her. They quickly entered the locker room and Sara told Joey to kneel down behind some rubber matting.

"What are we doing here?" Joey whispered, nervously looking around to see if anyone was there.

"This will be a little treat for you," Sara replied. "Our cheerleading squad will be in here after next period. You will get to see all of the naked pussy you want."

Joey hid under the matting and Sara arranged it so that he had a small slit to see through but no one else would know he was there. Joey was breathing hard, anticipating seeing the hottest girls at East High but also scared that he might get caught.

Soon enough Joey heard the sound of giggling girls coming into the room. He held his breath as the girls starting filing in. He felt sure that he would be busted and in deep trouble. The cheerleaders came in and went to their respective lockers and began to undress.

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