tagErotic CouplingsMy New Sister Ch. 05

My New Sister Ch. 05


I didn't see Sammie until the next day at lunch. I got worried when Fallan showed up just as first period ended, wearing a corset top that nearly made her firm little tits pop out for the entire school to see, and a black leather pair of shorts that ended right before her thigh-high boots started. However, she assured me Sammie was fine, and would be there before lunch was over. When I pressed her for information, she grabbed me by the crotch and promised me that everything was fine. So when Sammie walked into the cafeteria wearing a denim miniskirt that looked like it was made of old belts, a long-sleeved top that was reflective black spider webs on plain black cotton, and a big cast on her left hand that covered most of her fingers and forearm, I shot Fallan a look that would've vaporized her if I were Superman.

"Leave her alone Jason." Sammie told me, plopping down next to me with a sack of food from Hardees. "She was only doing what I told her to." I started to ask her what happened to her, but she wrinkled her cute little nose up at my tray with greasy spaghetti on it and said, "What the hell, Jason?" before shoving it away and handing me a bacon cheeseburger from her bag, and giving a smaller one to Fallan.

"Um.. Thanks." I said and bit into it. "So what happened to you?" I asked after swallowing.

Sammie gave me a weird look. "What? This?" she said holding up her cast covered hand. "I got in a fight, no big deal." she said with a dismissive shrug.

"No big deal?" I asked, a little shocked. "She broke your fucking hand."

Sammie shook her head as she chewed. "Wrist." she said around the mouthful of bread and beef. "And technically, I broke it myself by punching him too hard." She paused when she saw my slack-jawed shock. "Oh God, Jason, quit with the fake worry." she ordered. "You aren't my boyfriend, or my brother, so just stop trying to take care of me like you are."

Ok, I'm not going to lie, that hurt my feelings. I thought about telling my dear step-sister how it made me feel, but if that's how she wanted it. "So, who's the next girl?" I asked bluntly.

Sammie stopped chewing for a second, and I wondered if she knew she upset me. "Constance Koplin." she finally said, not showing any concern if she did realize the effect she had on me. I knew the name from somewhere, but I couldn't think of what she looked like or where I knew her from. "I met her on the net a few years back," Sammie went on, "She's really a sweet girl in person, despite how the media vilified her."

That's when it hit me. "Constance Koplin?" I asked, and Sammie nodded while she took a long drink from her giant Hardee's cup. "Connie the Cop Killer?" I gaped at her.

Sammie rolled her eyes, and Fallan tried not to laugh. "Try not to call her that when you meet her." the pale girl told me.

I shook my head and laughed sourly. "You don't have to worry about that," I said, "I'm not going to meet her." Sammie looked at me like she was confused so I explained. "She's batshit insane, and so are you if think I'm going to fuck her!" I said and realized just how loud I'd gotten by the other students staring at me from other tables.

Sammie glared at me for a few long seconds. "Fine." she spat and started digging in her pockets. She pulled out a wad of money and threw it at my face, saying "That's yours" before getting up a stomping away with Fallan quickly in tow.

I tried to gather up the three hundred or so worth of twenties and tens while yelling for Sammie to wait. I chased her halfway to third period before I snatched her by the wrist to face me. "What's the big deal, Sam?" I asked, breathless. "Why don't you just give her money back?"

Sammie's jaw started to drop, but instead she jerked her hand away from me and smacked me hard enough to make me see colors. "You're so fucking dumb sometimes!" she hissed. She raised her hand again and I flinched, but she just threw her arms up in the air. "Just forget it, Jason, forget the whole deal." The she turned around, and I barely heard her say, "Forget about me too." before she huffed off to history class. Sammie sat there and glared at me the whole class, making no attempt to be discrete about how mad at me she was

She was up and gone as soon as the bell rung, nowhere to be seen before the start of last period. While she missing, I asked Fallan "What's Sammie's problem anyway?" when I was sure my step-sister wouldn't interrupt us.

Fallan acted nervous and answered very quietly. "She just really cares about her friends, and you just insulted one of the best ones she has."

I winced, knowing she was right. "But Connie Koplin is a psychopath." I told her. "She killed four men with not much more than her bare hands, two were cops." I said remembering the news feeds and newspaper stories from a few years before. It was a huge deal because Connie had went to school not far from where I lived.

Fallan just shook her head and frowned. "You only know that side of it Jason." she told me as the bell rung. "I mean, just don't judge people by what others have told you ok?" Fallan kissed me on the cheek and started to turn away. "Get to class, and try to patch things up with Sammie ok? If she stays mad at you, then we won't get to spend any time together." she asked and then ran off.

Sammie was already in fourth period, Economics, when I got there, and the look on her face scared me more than when she was mad. She was grinning ear to ear, and still staring me. "So, I'm sorry." she said after class as we walked to my car together. "I shouldn't expect you to just take whatever I tell you. You're not my slave, not like Fallan." she informed me. "So, I made a few calls, and got you tomorrow's appointment today, but we gotta be quick ok?"

"Oh yeah?" I asked, waving to Gracie as I saw her climbing into one of her friend's car for a ride home. "Who is it this time, Lorena Bobbit?" I joked, then saw Sammie's expression of near-hatred. "Sorry."

When we got on the road, Sammie started giving me directions while telling me about her friend. "I think you'll like her. She's tall, has a really nice body. Turn left," she said and pointed. "And I know how much you like tattoos and piercings." she went on and traced her fingers up my thigh to rub the outline of my dick through my jeans. "Take a right, and it's at the end."

I pulled up to the house, noticing we were far from in a nice neighborhood, and looked at Sammie. "This place?" I said pointing a thumb at the unkempt yard, cluttered porch, and multitude of non-lethal animal traps (some holding animals inside).

Sammie smirked and lifted her hand off my crotch. "Don't tell me you've been living in leisure for so long that you've forgotten how some people have to survive."

"Says the girl with three trust funds." I shot back quickly.

Sammie just grinned again, showing me her elongated canines, before leaning across the seat to give me a kiss. "Go have fun." she said as she pulled away. "I'll wait in the car and do my homework," she let me know then waved her broken wrist at me "Go, now."

I got out of the car and picked my way through the yard, careful not to step on anything living or that might be a trap. I rang the doorbell and immediately heard a dog barking, and either a baby or a bird screaming. Moments later a low female voice joined the noises, yelling for the other to shut up. The door swung open and a young woman looked out at me, waiting with a lit cigarette resting between her unpainted lips.

She was taller than Sammie, maybe two inches shy of matching my own height, with dark brown roots under her bleach-blonde hair. Her heart-shaped face was cute, even without any makeup coving the large dark circles under her eyes, and her bare lips were still just pink and full enough to make me envy the cigarette they held resting between to close rings the pierced the center of her bottom lip. "Well?" I heard her ask roughly.

I knew I should've responded, but I was dragging my eyes over her body. The gray tank top she was wearing was nearly see-through showing me her braless breasts with their pierced nipples and the tribal tattoo that seemed to wind their way out of her exposed navel, up her sides, and across her toned arms. They tiny matching shorts left little to the imagination, and proved the vine-like ink stretched down her well-shaped legs as well. "Hi!" I finally belted out. "Sorry," I tried to apologize, "I'm Jason, Sammie's... uh..." I stammered and looked over my shoulder at Sammie, who was watching me from the front seat.

The woman smiled and blew smoke sideways. "You're the man-whore." she stated bluntly.

I blinked a few times and nodded. "Yeah, I'm him." Then she motioned for me to come in and turned to walk inside, letting me watched her firm ass sway away. I glanced at Sammie again, and she waved me on before I went after the tattooed hottie. The inside of the house smelled like smoke and wet dog. The cause of one walked in front of me, the other watched me intently from an overstuffed couch in front of an old television.

He was a big rottweiler that seemed to missing part of his back right leg. He growled at me when I made eye-contact with him, and I nearly ran into a birdcage that housed a grey and yellow parrot that called me stupid when I stumbled. "Stow it Gimp!" The woman yelled, making me and dog jump. The parrot echoed her quickly and started making clicking noises. "I'm Nina, by the way." she finally introduced herself as I followed her to a door off the side of the kitchen. "We're almost there now." she said and opened the door leading down to the basement.

The smell was different down there. Less smoky and more musty; less wet dog and more wet earth. Like an old dead tree rotting in woods. I knew hardship and poverty, but Nina lived in something entirely different. In the center of the room, above the concrete floor, under a bare bulb, was an elevated bed with a white sheet stretched over it. "So...?" I started.

Nina turned to me with her lips, still holding her smoke, curled into a weird little smile. "Take off your clothes," she ordered, "Then get on the bed."

As I did as I was told, I watched Nina drop her shorts and toss her tank away. Revealing in full nudity how well-toned and muscled her body was. Her tits were not much more than handfuls, but were firm and perky, with the tattoo from the rest of her body cradling their undersides like a painted on bra. Her butt cheeks received the same treatment, and the ink even went up between her legs and I'm guessing disappeared into her peach-fuzz covered pussy. I got up on the table, laying down on my side and watching her watch me. I tried to not make it too obvious that my cock had been hard since before I met her, and had only gotten more rigid since. She grinned, still not releasing her cig, and pushed my flat on my back and swung her leg over me.

She ran her hands over me, pressing them into my skin just enough to hurt, flattening herself against me as she massaged my arms and pressed her cheek to mine. "This must be a present from your sister," she commented and I felt her lick the bandage on my neck.

I worried about that cigarette burning me, but stopped when I felt her wetness touched the tip of my dick. I thrust upwards sharply, involuntarily, and stabbed an inch or two into Nina's cunt. "Oh..." she moaned and closed her eyes. "Someone's eager." she said and sat back, pulling my hands to her chest as she sunk down on me. She was biting her lip and moaning lowly as her ass touched the tops of my legs.

I groaned myself. Nina's tunnel was soaking wet and so hot wrapped around my dick. She pulled and gripped me with her pussy muscles without even moving her body. I roughly rubbed her breasts and started pushing at her, trying to fuck her even though she refused to give me the room to. I tried lifting her up using my hips, only to find she had locked her legs under mine and refused to move, even when I pulled on the tiny black barbells sitting vertical in her nipples.

She breathed in sharply and I felt her cunt tighten up when I twisted her tits to get a better grip. "Hold still!" she growled at me and yanked my hands away, pinning them to the bed. It might've taken away the pleasure of her tits, but at least she had to move her hips and her pussy on my cock to do it. Then I felt something cold on my wrists, and heard the metal clicking together. "There, that aughta do it" she chided and slammed her ass back down on me, pushing the tip of my dick up against the back of her slick tunnel.

I craned my neck to look up at my hand, and saw that she had manacles bolted around my wrists and chained to the bottom of the bed. "Kinky." I joked and pulled on them to test their strength. They were solid, and firmly attached to the bed just behind my own head.

Nina just laughed, still with a cigarette in her mouth, and started slowly riding me. "You don't know the half of it." she whispered to me and started moving faster. Up and down, in and out, her slick pussy sliding on and over my cock, gripping in on the way down, pulling on it as it came back out. I felt her get wetter as she braced her hands on my sides, digging her nails into my skin and throwing her head back.

Nina started slamming her hot cunt down on my dick. Forcing more and more of it into her tattooed body as she shuddered and screamed. Telling anyone that could hear that she was having an orgasm. Upstairs, Gimp the Rottweiler started barking at the door. I felt it inside of her, pulsating and spasming on my cock. "Oh.. Nina!" I groaned and tried to keep my dick inside her longer. "I'm gonna cum!" I shouted to her.

Then she was off of me. "Not yet you aren't" she laughed, and she was right. My dick twitched and my face begged her. I was right there and she took it from me. "I'm not done with you, Jason," Nina told me and walked out of the small halo of light cast down by the bare bulb. "I have a surprise for you, Sammie told me you'd like it." I heard her say, and then I heard her grunt and there was some metallic noises like old hinges and rusted clasps breaking open.

I felt it hit my chest first. It was maybe two feet long, and cold. "What... was that?" I asked the light bulb and I lifted my head as much as I could with my hands chained up and I saw a snake looking back at me. It was fat, black and coming closer to my face. The little experience I had told me it wasn't poisonous, but it was still a snake on my chest. I twisted back and forth as much as I could and slung the reptile into the floor. "What the fuck!?" I yelled when it was gone.

Nina giggled like a schoolgirl. "What's wrong?" she asked, sounding like she thought I should be enjoying this. "Not enough?" I heard a few more odd sounds, then a loud crash. "Enjoy it, Jason!" Nina yelled, "Not everyone gets to live out their fantasy."

And then I was covered in snakes, they come out of the ceiling in one huge tangle. I prayed that none of them were venomous as they crawled all over my naked body. On my face, arms, chest, even over my dick, which was still hard despite me being scared and freaked out. I started yanking on the manacles hard enough to hurt my hands, thinking if I could pull hard enough I might be able to get free somehow. I took a breath through my nose, fearing a snake would crawl in my mouth otherwise, and tried to calm down. They're only constrictors, I told myself, I mean nobody's crazy enough to throw poisonous snakes on someone else's naked body just for kicks.

Then I heard the distinctive rattle. "Oh, fuck this!" I yelled and yanked one more good time and broke the board I was chained too. I sat up, slinging snakes everywhere while Nina screamed at me to lay back down. I bolted for the stairs, grabbing clothes and shoes mid step. Something bit my ankle, but I didn't have the nerve to look and see if it was the rattle-snake or something much less dangerous. I bounded up the stairs and crashed through the door, meeting Gimp in the kitchen.

My movements combined with Nina's screams had set him off and he was doing all he could do to pull me down to the floor to get his jaws on something vital. Not having the will to actually harm the dog, I shoved him off balance and sprinted for the door.

Sammie was already in the driver's seat, laughing. "Go!" I started yelling as soon as I was close enough. "Drive, drive, drive!" I told her as I jumped naked through the window. Sammie started to tell me I was being stupid, then she looked up to see Gimp charging across Nina's lawn barking at the car.

"Oh, shit!" she screamed and punched the gas, screeching the tires before taking off down the street. Neither of us talked until she pulled into a nearly empty parking garage about ten minutes from home. "So, how was it?" she tried to ask, but started giggling.

I whirled on her. "How was it? She tried to fucking kill me!" I yelled. "She bolted me to a table, "I showed her the two chains hanging from my bruised wrists with a bit of wood attached to the ends, "And then the crazy bitch dumped fucking snakes on me! SNAKES!" I feel back against the car seat, holding onto the headrest, trying to breath. "And one of them bit me, it might've been a rattle snake," I finished.

Sammie smirked. "Lemme see." I wrenched my leg up for her to examine my ankle. "Nope." she said quickly. "No punctures, just teeth marks. Probably just a king snake." She reassured me, then I noticed her eyes were looking down at my cock, which hadn't gone completely down. "Anyway," she shook her head "That was about the worst punishment I could've gave you. You insulted my friend, called her crazy." Sammie reminded me of Connie Koplin. "Now Nina, she's crazy, as you could tell. She did just want to fuck you, but I told her you had a thing for snakes cause you needed to be taught a lesson."

I looked at her and I wished then that I could've thought of a way to kill her and hide the body. "A lesson?" I asked "About what?"

"Don't judge people, Jason." Sammie told me and sat sideways in her seat. "You think Connie's crazy cause people told you so. But you saw sweet little Nina, and never thought she'd throw venomous snakes at your dick." Sammie leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, pushing my clothes and shoes into the floor. "Just... Think about it ok?" she said and kept getting closer.

I started to move my hands down to lift her skirt. I figured she wasn't wearing underwear, and knew what was coming; I'd also never been happier to be done with a fight. But Sammie stopped me, she grabbed the chains and looped them around the back of the headrest, then pulled them tight to her, drawing my hands back behind my head as she hoisted herself over me. "Sammie, what are you doing?" I asked with a knowing smile.

"Shut up, Jason." she said bluntly and moved her hips back and forth until I felt her hairless pussy rub up against my dick. She gasped a little and I concentrated on making myself as hard and stable as I could for her. Sammie lifted slightly and eased herself down on my dick, spreading her tight lips and splitting her box open as she lowered. We both held our breath until she had as much in her as she could handle. I knew I could feel her cervix on the head of my dick, but there was still an inch or so of my shaft sticking out of her cunt. "You feel a lot bigger today." Sammie moaned and nearly let my hands free.

I had control long enough to rip her shirt open and attach my lips to her right breast. Then she jerked on the chains and yanked me back. When she pulled and I rocked back, the motion caused her to fall back, and me to push forward. Opening my new sister's womb with my dick was a new feeling for both of us. "Oh, God." I groaned. "Oh, fuck." I looked up at Sammie, clenching those chains in her fist and baring her tightly closed teeth, I couldn't tell if she was in Heaven or Hell. "Are you okay, baby?"

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