tagErotic CouplingsMy New Sister Ch. 07

My New Sister Ch. 07


There was a constant buzz around me at school that I couldn't make sense of. Obviously some major drama had half the school talking, mostly in over-loud whispers that ceased whenever I got close enough to decipher them. Sammie and Fallan both skipped first period, so they were no help in figuring out what had happened to suddenly make me the center of everyone's attention.

On my way to my second class, a football player I might've spoken too three times ever nearly ran into me coming out of a classroom. When he recognized me, a huge smile broke his face and he patted me on the shoulder exclaiming "Jason! My brother! We gotta talk later, you got some explaining to do." Before I could ask what the hell he was talking about he laughed out loud and sprinted in the opposite direction.

Turning away to hurry along to calculus, I caught Trish staring at me with an evil smirk on her brightly painted lips. I stalked over to her and growled out "What the fuck is everyone's problem with me today?" I almost resisted looking down at her huge breasts straining to bust out of an faded sweat shirt with the name yet another band I'd never heard of printed on it.

Her smirk turned into a grin as Trish asked "You really don't know?" Seeing my exasperation must've made her happy, as her grin almost turned into laughter. "Tell you what, give me your phone number, and I'll let you know." I eyed her suspiciously, not sure if I wanted the walking dick polisher to have my number. As people started filing into their classes, I heard one girl exclaim "Oh, is that him?" in a hushed breath and I relented; quickly typing my number into Trish's phone before stomping away to class.

Just before the bell sounded for class I got a message from Trish with a link to some streaming porn site. Rolling my eyes, I nearly deleted before I saw her subject line "Starring -- YOU!" I glanced around and muted my phone before trying to connect to the site. Urging my old Blackberry to hurry the hell up before class actually started, I almost missed Sammie and Fallan coming in- in nearly matching outfits consisting of heavy denim hiphuggers and a tight corset top- and staring directly at me. I glanced from them to my phone and instantly understood.

Right there on the screen I saw a stationary shot of Debbie Sollud's antique filled living room. I had just been pulled in the front door and Debbie was leading me towards the now-nearly-broken loveseat. Looking at the timer on the video, I knew it would continue until I unloaded sperm all over her face, and probably not much longer. "What the fuck?" I asked myself aloud as the tardy bell rung and my step sister sunk into a seat behind mine.

I remember next to nothing about the lesson that class. My brain was boiling over with the fact that there was a video of me fucking a cheerleader on the internet and obviously almost everyone in the school knew about it. I instantly regretted not trying harder to make at least a few friends since I'd been there so someone could've told me. "So how messed up is... everything?" I asked Sammie as soon as we out of the classroom and on the way to the cafeteria.

Sammie shrugged, making her long leather coat rustle the chains that hung off her pants. "I learned about it about a hour before you did, so I have no idea." She cut her eyes at a group of sophomores giggling as we passed and they instantly quieted down. "Debbie is completely off the map though. Nobody has seen or heard from her since last night. Not even a facebook post."

"Why though?" I scratched my head in confusion. "She had to be the one that put it up. Why would she hide after?" Something didn't fit and I was getting nowhere thinking it over.

"It doesn't really matter." Fallan chimed in, pushing her way between my sister and I. "I mean, it's done, and the only way it can worse is if your mom sees it." She explained. "Even then, what's she going to do, ground you? Kick you out?" Fallan shook her head. "You're eighteen and have almost three grand in your pocket, I don't think you have much to worry about at the moment." We all walked along in silence for a few more seconds before Fallan felt the need to add "Plus, it was a really hot vid."

Sammie and I both turned and looked at her with a mix of shock and confusion, at which she just shrugged. "Yeah, it was." Sammie finally agreed. "I didn't know you were into anal, Jason." She quipped as an afterthought.

I just sighed and shook my head. "Neither did I..." it was only then that I noticed we had actually walked far past the lunch room and were headed towards a series of classrooms that were being renovated after a fire. "Uh, Sam, where're we going?" I asked, nearly stopping, but feeling Fallan pressing against my back kept me walking.

"Don't worry; nobody comes down here during the day." Fallan told me, rubbing my back lower and lower with each step. Sammie pulled aside the plastic sheet hanging over one door and ushered us inside. It smelled of sawdust and oil inside. There was a fine layer of dust on everything and I wondered how the girls would make it out without their black clothes being completely covered in white.

I didn't have much time to think as soon after the plastic sheeting was replaced I had Fallen undoing my belt while Sammie was pressing against me and craning her neck up to kiss me. Fallan's nimble hands had my rapidly hardening dick out in seconds, and my step-sister's tongue invading my mouth was having as much effect on it as the darker girl's fingers. I felt and heard Fallan sink to her knees while Sammie continued to suck on my face. I couldn't help but moan as a pair of soft wet lips wrapped themselves around the head of my cock.

"Good isn't she?" Sammie giggled, breaking our kiss to watch Fallan push more meat into her mouth. "We got so turned on watching you fuck Debbie we missed first period to have some girl time in the parking lot." She stroked Fallan's dark hair as her head slowly bobbed on my dick, leaving shiny trails of spit on the shaft. Sammie looked back up at me with fire in her ice-blue eyes. "It just wasn't enough though." Sammie left us for long enough to hang her trenchcoat over a door, then returned to remove Fallan's jacket without interrupting the girl's oral work on my shaft.

Sammie's pants came off next- making a racket as the metal links hit and drug along the bare floor- leaving her in a red thong and her polished black corset that pushed her little tits together. She knelt next to her slave and pulled back on her hair until Fallan let my dripping tool slid out of her mouth. I watch Fallan stand as Sammie pulled her pierced tongue across the underside of my dick. Fallan's low-rise jeans didn't have chains on them, so they made less noise as she revealed her neatly trimmed bush to me. "No crotchless panties today?" I joked, then groaned as Sammie engulfed my cock.

Fallan grinned sheepishly as she came back to us. "Not today. I had on normal ones, but your sister ripped them in the car." She accused as Sammie swallowed the head of my dick and held it there for long seconds. Fallan tossed her top on the growing pile of clothes and I was gifted with the sight of her brown nipples standing up on the tips of her firm B-cups. She kissed me sweetly before helping me out of my clothes, adding my jacket and shirt to the pile while Sammie struggled with my winter boots while still trying to suck my cock.

I kissed Fallan again, tracing her full lips with my tongue before she pulled her mouth away to join Sammie on the floor. Sammie relinquished my twitching dick to the darker girl so she could finish pulling off my shoes and then my jeans. She had her hands all over Fallan's tan body, squeezing her breasts and pinching her ass, pulling her hair and making Fallan moan around her mouthful. Sammie's hand disappeared under Fallan's ass and I felt her tense up as Sammie whispered something in her ear with a wicked grin.

Fallan started rocking back on Sammie's fingers, moaning louder as she slurped up my cock. She had to pull her head back to breath and Sammie took the opportunity to grab the base of my shaft and sharply smack Fallan in the cheek with it. I tried not to laugh, but it was hopeless. Sammie drug the steel barbell and her tongue up the bottom of my dick again, swirling it around the head before wrapping her black lips around it.

Fallan pressed herself to Sammie's side, kissing and sucking her neck and caressing any bare skin she could get her hands on. Sammie groaned as she stroked and sucked me; Fallan's fingers had found a spot between my sister's thighs that made her eyelids flutter as she struggled to keep the attention on me. She broke the seal her lips hand on my dick and growled out "Fuck this, I need you in me." before nearly shoving me to the floor.

I was barely on my back before Sammie was straddling me. Fallan's hands wrapped around my pole and held it perfectly in place for Sammie's pussy to be lowered over it. My pale little step-sister had her red thong pulled to one side as she pushed her swollen lips down my dick with a groan leaking out between her clenched teeth. Fallan pulled away from me and I felt her straddle my right leg as Sammie started grinding her pelvis on mine.

She was pulling and squeezing me as deep as I could go, opening her womb with each rock backwards. Fallan was rubbing her dripping bush into my thigh and rubbing and kissing Sammie's shoulders. Sammie leaned back and craned her neck around to kiss her willing servant, and as their tongues intertwined I felt Sammie's inner walls convulse around me. Her brow furrowed and she dug her nails into my hand she was holding for balance as she moaned and twisted her other hand in Fallan's hair.

Fallan's arms were wrapped around Sammie, holding her as firmly as any lover would want, as she continued to kiss and suck on her lips. Sammie's spasms subsided and her hand left mine to caress Fallan's face. The kiss broke with a smile and a moan from Sammie, still grinding her pussy down on me. Fallan crawled half way around her and pulled Sammie's corset down far enough to get her lips around the pale girl's pierced pink nipple.

I reached out and grabbed the other breast with my left hand, while my right one ventured for Fallan and found her gooey twat waiting for something to penetrate it. While I fingered Fallan and fucked Sammie, I watched as they alternated between sloppy kisses and mauling each others tits with their mouths. After another shuddering orgasm that left claw marks on both me and Fallan, Sammie whispered into the tan skinned girl's ear something that made her smile and blush.

She veered away from Sammie, and with my fingers still busily stimulating her quim, leaned down to kiss me, dragging her nimble pink tongue over my lips and inside my mouth. "Fuck me." Fallan cooed and I felt her pussy tighten up. "Please, Jason, fuck me." She pleaded while Sammie started riding my cock faster. "Please fuck me. Please? I want to feel you cum inside me like you did yesterday." She went on begging, telling me how she wanted me to stretch her pussy out with my cock and fill her up with my cum and "...put a white man's baby inside me."

Sammie had worked herself to another orgasm, this one she contained by biting her lip and removing herself from my rigid and dripping dick. Fallan wasted no time turning around and sucking Sammie's juice off me; licking up from the base of my shaft and obviously enjoying the taste of my stepsister's -- her mistress's- pussy mixed with my flesh and precum.

I pulled myself from under her when I noticed Sammie was watching us, rubbing a lazy circle into her bald mound. I laid Fallan down on her back and pulled her by her hips to me. Spreading and lifting her legs, I lurched forward and impaled her with my rod. She let a yelp escape her mouth as her ass collided with my legs. As I started sawing in and out of her, her arms wrapped around mine, and Sammie made her way to us on her knees.

At first she stayed close to me, rubbing my back and looking down at Fallan getting fucked; watching her tan breasts with their hard brown nipples rock back and forth as she moaned through clenched teeth and grasped my wrists, trying to pull me down to her. Sammie lowered herself instead, putting a hand on either side of Fallan's head and kissing her, murmuring softly to her while I continued to plow into the young Kuwaiti. Sammie moved so that she was straddling Fallan, pressing her ass back against my stomach and moving in rhythm with each thrust.

Fallan wrapped her arms around Sammie and her legs around me as I traced the barbed heart inked into Sammie's back with my shaking fingertips. Sammie sunk lower under me, pressing her shaved sex against Fallan's soft fur. I could feel Sammie's wetness marking me every time I pushed into Fallan's box. They were both moaning between kissing each other on the face, lips, neck, and shoulders. My sister ducked her head to take one of her slave's dark nipples into her mouth and I caught Fallan staring up at me with more than lust in her eyes. "Cum for me..." she begged.

Without realizing what I was doing I grabbed Sammie by the hips instead of Fallan and pulled her back against me. Her legs being intertwined with Fallan's jerked the darker girl back as well, pushing my dick as deep into her as I could reach before I started flooding her body with my seed.

I stayed that way, deep inside her twitching, letting Fallan's pussy milk me for every drop until I started to fall forward. It was then that I noticed I was holding Sammie instead of Fallan. I let her go with small laugh, and leaned back on my knees. Sammie looked over her shoulder as my softening cock grazed her bare lips, but she didn't get off of Fallan. They talked in quiet whispers for a few seconds before Sammie jumped up and dressed in a hurry, leaving us there without a word.

I looked at Fallan, still naked on the floor, and asked "What the hell was that about?" before starting to pull my clothes on. I helped Fallan up and tied her corset back in place as I wondered if she was going to tell me what they said.

Finally, with a heavy sigh as she pulled her crushed leather jacket closed around her, Fallan answered. "Sam's jealous."

I looked at her incredulously. "Of what?" I asked as I was tying my boots. "That I came in you instead of her? That's ridiculous."

Fallan helped me off the floor and we dusted each other off as she spoke. "No, that you want to get me pregnant. That I can get pregnant." She sighed and tried to fix her hair. "That you can get me pregnant." She added with a roll of her eyes.

I almost laughed. "Are you trying to tell me my sister has penis envy?" The look on Fallan's face wasn't humorous though and I clamped down on my smile. "Seriously, she wishes you could have her baby?" I asked a minute later as we were walking back towards the lunchroom, hoping we could grab a bite before class started again.

"I don't know!" Fallan admitted while scrubbing her face with her hands. "When she got sick and they told her she'd never have kids it really fucked her up." She said stepping in front of me and stopping. "More than her parents' divorce and being tossed back and forth between them and her exes and everything else, that just wrecked her. Something inside of her is broken and she feels like she's not even human because of it. She wants to grow up and have a family and she can't." Fallan grabbed me the collar of my jacket and stared at me "You cannot tell her I told you that, or I swear to god if she doesn't kill you, I will."

I frowned and removed her clenched fists, holding them together for a few seconds. I kissed Fallan on the forehead and told her "You know me better than that." before pulling her along to the lunchroom. We found Sammie at her usual spot, munching on an apple and reading a thick book, sitting across from Katie. I plopped down next to her with my tray of lukewarm pizza and asked "You okay, Sam?"

She turned to me with freshly applied mascara and fake surprise on her face "Why wouldn't I be?" When I told her not to worry about it, she took a loud crunch out of her apple and turned back to her apple. "So, we really need to figure out who put that video up and why." She said absently and Katie coughed like she had choked on her drink.

"I thought we agreed that Debbie put it up." I said around a mouthful of grease and cheese. "I mean it was her or her parents, and I don't see her pristine parents wanting video their pristine daughter getting assfucked on the internet." We all settled into a silence as Fallan and I tried to finish our food before the bell rung, and Katie stared at the table and sipped her drink. When the bell for class rung, Katie pulled on my sleeve and said she needed to talk to me, alone. Sammie and Fallan didn't seem to notice, so we ducked into a stockroom doorway. "What's up?"

Katie was blushing and ringing her hands, stopping every other moment to run them through her curly bark-colored hair, she almost seemed to be shaking inside her heavy sweater. I urged her on and she blurted out "I uploaded the video." then started babbling too fast for me to keep up with. I clamped my hand over mouth and asked her what the hell was going on. She took a deep breath through her nose and slapped my hand away. "When our parents got divorced, I went to live with our dad because I didn't get along with mom at all, but Dad had to go overseas for work and couldn't take me with him, so I had to move out here . This whole thing is just a big stupid mistake and it's all my fault." She finally stopped talking when she noticed I had no clue what she was talking about. "I'm Debbie's little sister."

"I walked in on you two having sex yesterday." Katie admitted. "You were facing the other direction, but Debbie saw me watching. I just ran upstairs when the couch started to break After you left, Debbie stormed into my room and started threatening me, saying how she'd get people to beat me up and rape me if I told Mom." She looked like she was about to cry, and I actually started to see the family resemblance; Debbie's o-face and Katie's sad-face were remarkably similar. "I remembered one of the dolls was a nanny-cam so I took a chance and got the tape before Mom got home, I doubt she even knows the damn doll still works. Anyway, I got the tape to a friend of mine, and told him I wanted him to edit out all the money talk and make sure Debbie's boyfriend saw it. He misunderstood or something and everyone on Debbie's facebook saw it."

"Wait, Debbie has a boyfriend?" I interrupted. "I thought the whole point of her paying me was that she wasn't getting fucked by anymore." I felt like I was getting drawn into something I wanted no part of, and there wasn't much I could do about it.

"Her boyfriend went to a college out of state" Katie informed me. "She promised him they'd stay together even over the distance, but she's a total slut. She couldn't trust anyone she actually knew not to run their mouths, and heard about you somehow..." Katie looked at the floor. "I'm really sorry."

"Not as sorry as you're gonna be." I heard from behind me. I turned around to see Trish coming around the corner holding her phone out in front of her. "I recorded that whole little confession of yours." She informed us as she pressed a few buttons on her phone. "I'm sure your mother would just love to hear it." She looked up from her phone and beamed "Or Sammie! Oh, I'm sure it would just make her day."

I rolled my eyes. "What's your price?" I asked lowly, already thinking of the stack of money in my room disappearing between Trish's huge boobs.

"Oh... I dunno." Trish shrugged. "I'll let you know, cutie." She said brushing my face with her hand and spinning on her heels to bounce away.

"Your sister is going to kill me isn't she?" Katie squeaked from behind me.

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