tagErotic CouplingsMy New Sister Ch. 09

My New Sister Ch. 09


Sneaking out of the bathroom was easy enough, explaining to my mother why I was rude enough to leave a guest sitting alone in the house while I showered was another story. Slice- or Sybil, as I learned her first name was when I introduced her to my mother- stayed for dinner so she would have a chance to discuss business with Sammie and me in the privacy of my room. Throughout her time there, Slice barely put down the controller to my old Super Nintendo even as she talked about the possibilities of hiring me for a good time every now and again.

I ran outside when she left, catching her at the sidewalk and continuing with her away from the house. "Listen, I have to ask about Connie." I told her and was instantly met with rolling eyes. "I just want her to know I wasn't paid for that night." That actually wasn't a lie, I refused to take the money Sammie tried to give me after that night. "Everything I said and did that night was me. It was real." We walked along in silence for a bit longer and I realized we were heading for a bus stop. "I could give you a ride home, you know?" I offered just before Slice plopped down on the metal bench and checked her watch.

"Nah." She answered. "I paid for a bus pass, so I might as well use it." Slice leaned back and laced her fingers behind her head. "Besides, I'm not sure how Connie would react to seeing me get out of your car, especially as late as it already is." I frowned and I know she saw it. "Listen, she doesn't hate you." She explained. "She's scared okay? You're the first guy she's kissed in like... years. She wanted nothing more than bring you inside that night and let you do things to her that nobody's done since... well... you know."

I nodded. "Yeah, I know." I sighed and watched my breath float away in the dark. "I don't care about her eye." I felt compelled to keep talking. "I mean it was a shock, but it's like... well that all it was; a shock. It was a big deal for all of about a second, and it's over." I looked around to make sure nobody was in earshot. "Are you gonna tell her you were with me today? I mean, the 'free sample' and all?" I asked, worried although I wasn't sure why.

"She knew I was coming to see Sammie." She avoided the question like a pro. "If she asks, I won't lie to her, but she probably won't ask." Slice stood up when she saw her bus coming down the street. "Maybe I'll let her know what she's been missing for the past three months." She blurted out with more blush than she intended to show. She stood on her tippy-toes and pecked me on the lips. "See ya around, sausage delivery specialist." She told me before stomping up the steps to the bus.

"That was fast." Sammie accused as I passed her on the stairs. When I didn't reply, she turned and came up them after me. "I hope she didn't drain you too much, I have something lined up for you tonight."

I sighed and turned to stare at her. "With my face still busted up?" I asked, pointing at my eye. Sammie nodded. "Seriously? Wow, Sam, you have some desperate friends." I told her. She flipped me off but we were both smiling. It wasn't too hard to hammer out the details once we were in Sam's room, sifting through the girl's facebook page. It was a straightforward deal, her roommates weren't home, and she was horny.

Sammie and headed out the door, quickly explaining we were going to get some icecream and slamming the door behind us before any more questions could be asked. "Her name's Lara." Sammie reminded me as she drove her car to her friend's apartment complex, "Her place will probably be a mess and smell like old incense." She went over a few other things before I told her I could handle whatever happened. When she pulled into a parking lot she grabbed my arm before I had the door open. "If you see a cat, do no touch it." Sammie warned. "Seriously, that thing is fucking evil."

"Noted." I said and leaned across the seat for a quick kiss that turned into my step-sister and I rubbing tongues for several long seconds. By the time our lips separated, I was more than ready to get out of my pants. Sammie grinned and shoved me out of the car, shouting the apartment number after me. I climbed the stairs trying to adjust my jeans and boxers with each step. The apartment was easy to find, it was the one with heavy metal blasting so loud it shook the door. I beat on the door several times, wondering if there was even the slightest chance of Lara hearing me. Just as I was about to try again, the music snapped off and the door jerked open and a round face with huge dark eyes and chubby cheeks appeared in the oddly lit space beyond the doorway.

Her hair was a tangled mess of dreadlocks with strips of bright red ribbon woven into them, and it hung down around her face like a mane. She wore a tight black tank top that wasn't doing much to contain her breasts and a short red plaid skirt that wasn't doing much to hide her ass. There were also red and black fuzzy legwarmers around the bottom of her legs and a matching set hanging off her elbows and over her hands. "Jason?" she asked, somewhat out of breath. There was a slight sheen of sweat on her bare stomach and I wondered what she had been doing.

"That's me. I'm guessing you're La-" I was cut off as her hand shot out and drug me inside by my jacket. I nearly tripped over something, but Lara didn't even notice as she led me through her apartment. The odd light was coming from several black lights hanging around the living room, and I noticed a much larger one suspended from her bed room ceiling. She spun me around at the foot of her bed and shoved my coat off my shoulders before ripping my shirt up over my head. I barely had time to protest before she had my pants undone and all I got out was "Whoa!" as she pushed me back on the bed with enough force that I was still bouncing when she jerked my boots off and my pants and boxers soon after them.

I looked around the room quickly as my dick sprung up without its cloth prison holding it down. Sammie was right, the room was a mess, and the bed smelled like sandalwood. Before I had a chance to register much else, Lara-still dressed- had crawled up on the bed over me and was already rubbing the tip of my pole up and down her extremely wet slit under her skirt. "Oooooo!" She moaned long and loud as she dropped her weight down on me, impaling her thick pussy lips on my cock. I reached my hands out to grab her hips, but she smacked them away and held my wrists tightly down on my own stomach as she started grinding down on me.

In the weird light, her pinkish skin was stained dark brown, and her teeth were glowing. The furry things she wore were set ablaze with color that seemed to glow against everything else in the room. Lara's pussy was already gushing juice on my cock, and I could feel her tunnel twisting around me with each off-balance gyration of her hips. She was moaning like she'd be stabbed as she ground her cunt down harder, forcing the head of my cock to poke at her womb and me to groan through gritted teeth. She stopped for a breath and I could feel her pussy throbbing around me, slick liquid was running down my balls and smearing across my stomach.

Before starting to ride me again, Lara whipped her top off, baring her swaying tits to me. She let me decide what do with my hands this time, placing her own on my abs and poking me with her nails as she started rocking and twisting her hips downward, filling her hot tube with meat and stirring it up. I went for her tits, squeezing and groping them; cherishing the weight of them in my palms and the hardness of her nipples on my skin. Pinching one of the erect little nubs granted me a growl of pleasure from her and I instantly felt her pussy squeeze me tighter. "Like that, huh?" I gasped and sharply tweaked her other nipple, turning her growl into a cry as she threw her head back, almost pulling her breasts away from my hands as she drove my dick deeper up inside her body.

I sat up, holding her around the back and sucked one of her tits into my mouth, catching her nipple between my teeth and lashing it with tongue. I freed a hand and instantly assaulted the opposite breast with my fingers, tweaking and pinching while Lara held her head back and howled. I could feel her cunt seize up, trying to suck me back deeper into her, so I laid back, pulling her upper body with me so I could continue torturing her tits while thrusting up into her greasy little pussy.

Lara's dreadlocks hung down over us, making a black and red cave inside her already dark bedroom. Her hand knotted in my hair and pulled, which only added to torsion on her nipple, making her screams rival those of whatever band she had blasting out over the neighborhood before I arrived. Lara's arms started shaking and her eyes clenched shut soon after, and I could feel even more sloppy fluid coming out of her pussy, coating my cock, balls, and legs in slickness.

With a congratulatory grunt, I rolled us over and released her nipple from my mouth. Lara frowned and started to caress the obviously sore extremity, but was soon lost back to moans and cries as I started pounding my hips into hers. I grabbed her by the chest and held her down, mauling her tits as I forced my dick into her again and again. "Yeah! Fuck me!" she yelled. She grunted and groaned and thrust her hips in rhythm to mine.

I felt her dig her heels into my back soon and I narrowed my eyes at her. "Fuck me!" she ordered and dug her nails into my wrists. In retaliation I twisted her nipples sharply towards each other and drove my cock deeper in her. She released one wrist to smack me in the face. "Fuck me, I said! Is that all you got?" she screeched. I let her boobs go and wrenched her ankles out from behind me. I held her legs vertical in front of me, still thrusting into her slick little box, and folded them back towards her head, lifting her ass off the mattress and boring my cock down into her. "Oh, fuck yes!" she hollered.

I held her by the hips and drilled into her, sawing past her slit and deep into her closely trimmed pussy. Her screams had devolved into wordless stutters with the occasional "Fuck!" for good measure and her inner walls were pulling on my way out and squeezing on my way in, going crazy trying to keep up with the abuse my cock was giving them. I felt her nails dig into my hands and she yelled out "Fuckin hell, you're gonna make me co-" this time it was my turn to cut her off as my dick rubbed the right spot inside her and launched her into a quaking series of wordless shouts.

I did my best to keep pace with her, but once her legs started bucking against my chest, I leaned back on my knees and let her keep fucking herself on my cock. Her spasming pussy was squeezing and teasing every ripple and vein in my dick and I was trying to tell her I was about to cum, my voice was lost behind her screams of ecstasy. I kept my dick inside her as long as I could- relishing the wet heat sliding all over my shaft- before I jerked away with a grunt and shot a rope of cum across the bottom of her slit. She pulled me back against her, pushing my dick up along her lips and across her clit as she kept humping me and I kept spurting all over her crotch and the inside of her too-short schoolgirl skirt.

After we both caught our breath, Lara was slowly stroking my dripping dick where it rested on top of her mound. "You could've came in me." She pouted. "I'm on BC." Then she proceeded to roll off the bed and help me gather my clothes.

"I'll remember that for next time." I told her before I dressed. She left me in her bed room as I put my clothes on and walked out to see her crouched in the floor in front of her laptop giggling and talking in a low voice. She looked over at me with a grin and sprang up, pushing me away from the computer and towards the door.

"Here you go," she said plucking a stack of bills from a key holder next to the door, "four hundred, plus a tip." Lara pulled me close and pecked me on the cheek. "See ya cutie." She chirped and shoved me through the door, slamming it as soon as I was outside.

Sammie was waiting in the parking lot looking at something on her phone. "Here." I said, handing her cut of the money to her as I plopped into the seat. "What are you looking at?" I asked when she didn't take the money. I craned my neck to see as she was reluctant to actually release her phone and let me get a closer look. I squinted into the small screen and instantly recognized Lara, talking about her first experience with a 'hookerman' even pausing and showing the camera her crotch, still splattered with my jizz when someone protested she was faking. "Jesus Christ." I spat. "How many times am I going to end up on the internet because of this shit?"

Sammie glanced up from her phone for a second. "Relax, she never said your name and the camera never saw your face." She returned her attention to the phone while she spoke. "She does a live show every other night, usually just playing with herself, modeling, dancing; shit like that. I told her about you and she thought it would make a good show if she let everyone listen in on her first time paying for sex." Sammie typed something on her phone and shut down the video feed. "It worked. I mean she made over a grand off of the show tonight already." She explained to me and I suddenly felt silly with my $450. "Imagine what she'd bring in if she had the camera where it could see you two."

I sighed and shoved the money in my pocket. "Can we please just go home?" I asked, feeling lied to and more used than usual after getting fucked for money. I shook it by the time we pulled up to a Baskin Robbins to complete the illusion that we actually did go out for icecream. I told myself I did my job and I enjoyed it immensely, so I shouldn't care how much Lara had raked in.

The next morning, while Gracie and our parents were at church, Sammie and I prepared a quick breakfast and talked business at the table while we ate. "Any other girls that're willing to overlook a swollen face?" I asked, shoveling egg into my mouth.

Sammie sipped her orange juice and thought. "Maybe two." She answered. "One's still deliberating the morality of paying for sex." She stopped to take a bite of toast with bacon laid across it. I looked at her with raised eyebrows while I chewed. She knew what I was asking but didn't answer until the food was almost gone. "The other," she spoke with a grin, "is sitting right in front of you."

I smirked and pushed our plates back before grabbing Sammie and lifting her small body onto the table. Her skin was salty and soft under my lips as I kissed up her thigh, opening her robe to reveal the pale naked flesh underneath. I pushed her legs further apart with my face so I could get close enough to run my tongue between the folds of her bald slit. Sammie sighed and leaned back to give me more access, propping herself up on her arms so she could watch my mouth go to work on her pussy.

As I worked my tongue between her pale pink lips, I was instantly reminded of Katie's description of my sister's pussy and smiled while I went on eating her out. She was tender between my lips and warm on my tongue, with her savory juices coating my mouth. I moved my tongue up to her clit, poking and stroking it to bring it out further from its hiding place inside her slit. Sammie moaned and I felt her shudder. Looking up at her I could see chill bumps racing up her body and her pierced nipples already pointing towards the ceiling.

I ground my chin against her pussy as I continued to lick and lap at her hard little button, and ran my hands up her sides to slowly cup and stroke her breasts. Sammie shuddered more and I saw her eyes nearly close as she moaned between her teeth. When my fingers reached the tungsten rings through her nipples and gave a small tug her head flew back with a choked scream and I felt her twitch and throb under my tongue. Her knees hooked around the edge of the breakfast table and pulled her crotch against my mouth as she gasped for a breath.

"Oh, God." I heard Sammie whimper before one of her hands left the table and found a new place on the back of my head, pressing my face into her gushing pussy as she pushed her hips in rhythm with my tongue lashing on her clit. I pulled her nipple rings up towards her face and twisted slightly, which made her roll her head back around, now screaming at the attention I was giving her body.

I sucked and licked at her slit until the hand knotted in my hair relaxed and Sammie was laying flat on the wooden table with her other hand gently rubbing my wrist. I stood slowly, kissing my way up her stomach to her chest as I a rose. Stopping to pay extra attention to her obviously tender nipples with my mouth before continuing to her neck and then to trace the hard ridges of her ear with my lips. Sammie shuddered and giggled under me as I made my way around the few flat rings permanently implanted on the outsides of her ear, and I felt her legs rise up and wrap around me as I moved to kiss her, playing with the steel bar in her tongue and tracing the sharp ends of her modified smile.

She managed to push the waistband of the track pants I had slipped on before breakfast down with her feet, forcing me to interrupt our kissing so I could laugh at her eagerness. She laughed herself, but added "Stop giggling and fuck me!" once my boxers were also out of the way. A few misplaced thrusts had us laughing again, but once I wedged the head of my cock between her glistening wet pussy lips we both decided moaning was more appropriate. We locked eyes for as long as we could as I pushed deeper, burying my manhood inside Sammie; as our hips met, her eyes closed and she shuddered out a "Ooooohh..."

I was in no hurry as I slowly pulled away from her, feeling her inner walls squeeze me and try to keep from losing their filling of flesh. I watched her face as I pushed my dick back in; her lips parting to moan and her head tilting back against the table as her hips rose to meet mine. I ground my body against hers, spreading her tight passage around my shaft, forcing the head against her cervix, and feeling her nails digging into my back. It was an agonizingly slow wave of pleasure each time I pulled my cock from Sammie and reburied it, throbbing, inside her quivering pink tunnel. "You feel so damn good." I growled out just as I started to refill Sammie's cockpit. "I never want this to end." I added as she gasped and moaned with the feeling of my dick opening her womb.

Her arms went from around my shoulders to around my neck and Sammie pulled me close for a long hard kiss while she rolled her pelvis up at me, bending my shaft to touch every part of her it could. Our kiss barely broke for breath we continued our slow sex; pressing our sweaty bodies against one another as liberal amounts of lubricant flowed from her box and coated my tool as it slid in and out of her, rocking her taut pale body back and forth on the kitchen table. Then came a sound from her, a mewling inside her throat, trapped behind our lips and tongues, as her pussy clinched around me and her hips rocked with a new urgency.

I made a fist in her hair, pulling her head back and latching my mouth to her neck inches above where I had scarred her months before and driving my cock inside her with increasing fervor. Sammie's fingernails once again dug into my skin as her voice erupted into gasping screams and her slit sprayed my waist with girl cum. While her insides were still quaking, I dropped to my feet in front of the table, and pulled her to me, impaling her on my dick again.

I held her roughly by her hips and rocked in and out of her, slapping her ass with my balls each time my cock bottomed out inside her. Sammie stared up at me with a scream frozen on her lips, and her hands found mine, squeezing my wrists almost as hard as her pussy squeezed my dick as her pert little tits bounced back and forth with each thrust. Her knees slapped against my side as the scream caught in her throat finally freed itself, and her cunt gave my stomach a fresh coat of orgasm juice.

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