tagGroup SexMy New Step-Dad is a Nudist Pt. 04

My New Step-Dad is a Nudist Pt. 04


Hi, my name's Jodie. This is the fourth instalment of my story about how I was brought into the nudist lifestyle after my mom married Frank, an avid nudist. This also led to my sexual initiation and awakening.

In previous instalments, I described how my mother and I moved into Frank's big house with pool. After a few weeks of me clothed while they lived naked, I stripped for Frank and chose to join them in the nudist lifestyle. Frank is a very hot mature man. He rubbed suntan lotion all over my body when we were alone by the pool. It almost drove me crazy with lust. Being a gentleman, he didn't take advantage of my innocence. But I can feel sexual tension in the air when I'm around him. In the last instalment, Frank and mom demonstrated how a loving couple with healthy sexual appetites, make love. This led to an erotic three-way scene.

Let me describe myself. I'd say I'm just your normal suburban-raised American girl. I graduated from high school last June and I'm working full-time as a waitress to earn money for college. Boys have said I'm hot. My measurements are 36-24-35 and I'm five feet six. I've got natural, long blonde hair, just below my shoulders. I was a cheerleader and all that exercise and gymnastics made my body very tight and toned.

I've had a few boyfriends but nothing serious. We did kissing and making out but never gone all the way. With Billy, I gave him a hand job after our Prom party and he felt me down there. It felt good and he wanted to have real sex but I was saving that for somebody super special.

I can't wait to share with you all the things that's happened over the last few weeks. My life will never be the same.

After being part of mom's and Frank's love-making session, I felt guilty about losing my cool and begging my step-dad to play with my pussy until I had an orgasm. It was so immature of me. But looking back, I was simply going mad with lust. In the days following, none of us mentioned what happened. We had crossed a forbidden line. All of us knew that I would have willingly let Frank deflower me right then in the heat of the moment. I was too young and didn't have the moral strength to overcome my body's needs. My sense was the group sex lessons were over until I could show more restraint.

But the horny images stayed in my head. I remembered mom sucking Frank's penis with such enthusiasm and him pleasuring her orally. I've masturbated almost daily since with those images in my head. When I recollect the part where Frank mounts my mom doggy-style, I often go onto my hands and knees on my bed with my bottom high up. It's my go-to position. I reach under, between my legs and finger my pussy until I scream into the pillow as my body rocks with a big orgasm.

My body was needing sex. The boys I knew and men in general seemed to sense it. All of a sudden, they were buzzing about me with obvious interest in being with me. I didn't think I was acting differently but somehow, they knew. Sure, I was more open to talking with men and I started dressing sexier, not like a slut, but just more feminine. Maybe this was all in my head, but my world seemed to be changing.

The next weekend we had another nudist pool party. Early in the evening, a new lady, named Rosemary, was chatting with me. She was a foxy forty with a beautiful face and killer body. Unlike most of the nudist women her age, her pubic area was cleanly shaven. Her manners were very direct. She had the habit of touching me as we talked. Nothing sexual, just the odd squeeze of my upper arm when she made a point or a hand on my lower back to guide me to the refreshment area, that sort of thing. She was a high-powered CFO of a local company. That made me think the touching was just a pleasant extension of her controlling nature. I did feel a bit unease standing close to her. Normally, being nude with a nude mature woman didn't arouse any sexual feelings. But with this lady, my nipples were just as diamond hard as when I talked with nude men. I could see her breasts were aroused too and she seemed to be flirting with me. I thought it must be all in my imagination.

When I mentioned I had a doll collection, she said she also collected dolls to since she was a little girl. She asked to see my collection. I naively agreed, and we went up to my bedroom.

Rosemary said, "Why don't I close the door. The noise from the party is so loud." It didn't seem too loud to me, but I didn't want to say no. After all, she wasn't a man that might have wanted to take advantage of a young girl. She was a woman.

I led her over to the display case with my precious dolls.

"This one is kind of beat up because it was my doll from when I was two years old. The others were given to me by mom and my grandmother. This one is over a hundred years old. It was passed down from my great-grandmother." Rosemary oohed and awed as I described them.

Rosemary put her hand over my shoulder and gave me a hug as we stood side by side. I could feel her breast on the side of my arm. That was a new sensation. She said, "This is a great collection! Wow, so many great dolls that were loved by so many young girls." She slipped her hand to my waist and pulled our hips together.

"Yes, I love them all."

"Do you mind if I hold this one that was yours as a child? It looks so cuddly."

"No, go ahead."

She picked it off the shelf and gave it a sweet kiss and said, "Why don't we sit on the bed and chat girl to girl?" She put a hand on my lower waist and strongly guided me. I didn't feel I could say no. She has such a commanding way about her.

She sat with her feet together on the bed and her knees splayed far apart in a yoga-type pose. My face blushed as I looked down and saw her clean-shaven pussy lips visibly opened wide like a flower with her vagina opening in the center.

I sat politely with my legs to the side.

She looked me in the eyes and said, "Why don't you sit like me. It's a yoga position that's great for hip flexibility and channeling your yang energy."

I was embarrassed to expose my sex but followed her lead sitting facing her with my knees spread wide. She leaned forward and put a warm hand on my knee as she continued.

"Isn't the nudist lifestyle so wonderful. My wife and I just love it."

What she said hit me like a bombshell. Her wife? She must be a lesbian. Holy jeez, I knew a couple of gay girls at school but never was nude on a bed with them.

"Jodie, you have a beautiful, attractive young body. You should be proud of it."

I squeaked out, "Thanks." My mind and body seemed frozen. What should I do? I didn't want to run away like a little child and insult her sexuality. I'm not anti-gay. Plus, I've been a bit curious about girl on girl sex. I wasn't sure if Rosemary was coming on to me or just being friendly. She squeezed my knee. My nipples hardened.

"Yes, your breasts are so nicely shaped." She reached out and cupped one. This sent a wave of pleasure over me and I closed my eyes. Her other hand cupped my other breast. "Yes, very, very nice." With the knowledge of a woman, she massaged with maximum effect. I was soon panting with erotic passion. "Why don't you feel my breasts, Jodie."

In a panicky, little girl voice a whispered, "Gee, I don't know."

"Come on. I'm sure you've always been a bit curious of what another girl's breasts feel like. It's totally natural. Give it a try."

She was right. I had wondered. She took my hand and brought it to her chest. The skin felt impossibly soft and warm. She moved my hand under to cup her breast and I felt its weight. I noticed her nipples were diamond hard. Looking up into her face, her eyes were closed, and she licked her lips in a sexy way. Wow, I could see she was getting very turned on. She moved her hand away and I massaged her breast. Her hand was back to my breast and tweaking my nipple. That sent and electric shock to my brain and crotch. I felt her hand slide from my knee up towards my private parts. I held my breath.

Suddenly the door flew open and a muscular, short-haired woman nudist stood looking very angry at the doorway.

"There you are Rosemary! I've been looking all over for you." She stood with her strong legs apart and her hands on her hips.

Rose looked up guiltily and said, "I was just looking at Jodie's doll collection."

She barked with military command, "I bet you were. It's time for us to leave. Let's go."

Rose seemed to cower at the command and got off the bed. She turned at the door and waved goodbye silently as she exited.

I sat there in shock trying to figure out in my own mind what had just happened. Rosemary was such a nice lady. I felt she was just being friendly. Soon, I just put on my headphones and listened to music while texting my friends and going onto social media. I didn't go back out to the pool party. I've found when it gets late, some of the men drink too much and often touch me 'accidentally' especially underwater when I'm in the pool.

Later that week, Rosemary called me and invited me over to see her doll collection. That seemed like a good idea but when I mentioned it to mom, she said I shouldn't go. She wouldn't say why but was very insistent.

One night, mom said, "You remember that the couple who had mentioned their 23 year-old son? Frank and I invited them over for dinner tomorrow night. Their son is coming too. He is taking a post-graduate degree and they showed me a picture. He's a good-looking lad. It's time you started going out with more mature young men. Those male friends you have now are just boys."

I couldn't believe mom was trying to hook me up. "Mom really, I don't need you to do that. I can find somebody myself."

"Sure, you can. But it won't hurt you to meet this fellow. Plus, his family is into the nudist lifestyle. To me, that means he will have a healthy attitude about the human body and sex."

I knew I couldn't argue her out of it, so I asked for his name, Graham Newcrest. I went up to my room and searched the web for his profile. His photo was pretty hot. He wasn't into team sports, but he looked like he was fit. Oh well, I thought, no harm in meeting him.

The next day mom told me the family was coming over at 6:00 PM. It was hot in the evenings, so she was planning dinner on the patio near the pool.

Then she shocked me by saying, "By the way, this will be a nudist dinner... for everyone"

"Mom, please no." I begged. "I've never met this guy. How can I be nude when we're meeting for the first time? I'll die."

"Nonsense, young lady. What is there to be embarrassed about. The human body is natural. Your body is beautiful. What better way to meet a man that may become your life partner?"

I ran upstairs in a huff and sulked in my room. Gradually I got my head around it. Graham had likely spent his whole life in nudist living. He wouldn't think twice about being nude. I'll be the only one there who'd be self-conscious. Resigned to it, I passed the time by painting my finger and toenails a bright red. Then, I showered and fixed my hair. Out came my new open-toed sandals. They are white with a thick cork sole that has a three-inch heel. Looking over my shoulder into my mirror, I could see that they made my calves look very nice and raised my bum-cheeks up in a sexy way. Even though I couldn't wear sexy clothes, I was determined to look my best, just in case this Graham was THE guy.

I heard some voices through my window and looked down from my second story window at the back yard below. There was mom and Frank showing the three guests to the patio table. They must have changed in the house because they were all nude. I got a sudden burst of adrenaline. Jeez, could I just walk up naked and say 'nice to meet you' to that nice looking guy. I paced back and forth for a few minutes and then screwed up the courage to go downstairs.

Mom was in the kitchen. "Hey Jodie. Help me out. Carry this tray of food out to the table. The Newcrest family is here. Graham looks like a handsome, nice guy."

I was relieved that I could carry something out and look casual rather than walking nude as a jaybird across the patio to the people. Mom and I carried our goodies.

When we got close she shouted gleefully, "Hey folks, Jodie's here. Come and meet my wonderful daughter."

Frank and the other father were standing already. The mother and Graham stood up. He was tall and very handsome. Better looking in person than his Facebook profile. I stood with my tray hiding my lower body just staring at him.

Mom rescued me from my daze. "Jodie, here let me take that tray. Frank, you introduce Jodie to our guests."

I fought the urge to cover myself. Being nude in front of Graham, a hot young person close to my age, sent me back to how shy I felt when I first exposed my body to my parents' nudist friends. The last month of getting accustomed to the lifestyle suddenly went out the window.

Frank put his hand on my back and pointed his other hand to Graham's parents. "Jodie, this is Lydia and Jacob. You must have seen them at one of our parties. But I don't know if you were introduced." I gave them a limp handshake. "And this is Graham, their son."

I blushed and squeaked out a nervous, "Hi. Nice to meet you." That sounded so lame. Jeez, I thought, what would he think of me?

Graham was quick to break the tension. "Hi Jodie. It's great to finally meet you. My parents kept talking about this wonderful girl that I should meet. Your parents were telling mine how great you are. I'm now on summer break from university." His voice was mature and confident. His being totally at ease started to put me at ease. I offered him my hand to shake. He just looked at it and smiled, "Hey, let me give you a big, 'nice to meet you', hug." He closed the gap between us and wrapped his strong arms around me. Our chests mashed together and his was muscular and felt oh so right. I'd never been naked body-to-body with a man. It was so sexy. I felt small but secure in his arms. He stepped back. I was blushing a million shades of red. My hands were in fists as I fought the strong urge to use them to cover my private parts. I felt like such a little girl.

Frank spoke up, "Jacob and I are going to go over and barbeque the steaks." I noticed Graham's father had a stiff erection as he turned and walked away with my step-dad.

Mom said, "Lydia, why don't you and I go to the kitchen and make a salad. Let the young folks get to know each other."

I instantly knew this was a big plan to let us be alone. But that was fine with me. Graham pulled a chair out from the table.

"Jodie, why don't we sit and chat a bit. I'd love to hear all about you."

The chair was pointed sideways and Graham pulled one over and sat directly facing me with legs in a wide 'man spread'. His impressive male equipment was proudly and casually displayed. Graham's handsome face grinned at me in a super friendly manner. My legs were crossed at the ankles with my knees together. I kept my hands on the arms of the chair as to not seem prudish by covering my breasts. My brain was pretty much scrambled from the sensory overload and the instant crush I felt for this man.

Graham, bless him, broke the ice, "I understand you're taking a break year before going to college. I think that's a great idea. Best to regroup after high school and make a good choice about what career you really want to aim for."

I was staring into his eyes in a daze, just catching the last part of what he said. Realizing I should respond, I blurted out, "Yes, that's what I'm doing." I almost crawled under the table. That was such a lame thing to say.

Graham sensed my discomfort. "Hey, why don't we take a quick dip in the pool before dinner?"

What an amazing idea. I said in my normal cheery voice, "Great idea." I got up and screamed, "Last one in is a rotten egg." We both ran like kids, as fast as possible and leaped in to the pool with a big splash. The moment I hit the water my whole attitude changed. I was in my element in the water. Graham came up from under with a huge smile.

He shouted in glee, "YES! I love the water." He splashed me with both hands.

I gave a cheerleader loud scream of joy, "I love the water even more than you!" And I splashed him back as much as I could. We had a splashing war like a couple of kids for few minutes until we stopped and hugged each other laughing our heads off and catching our breath. From that moment on, I felt at ease around Graham and it was that moment that I fell head over heels in love with him. My heart just seemed to fill up with immense caring and trust. It's impossible to explain how it hit me like a ton of bricks. Only a woman can really know.

We swam for a while. Graham is like a dolphin in the water. Occasionally, we touched but it was always just a natural thing. I never felt that he was groping me, quite the contrary. He was always a perfect gentleman. I was all just good-natured fun.

The parents brought over the food to the table. Graham and I toweled off. His body seemed so perfect as he dried himself. I made a special point of facing him and lifting my chest up to make my breasts as attractive as possible when I dried my hair. I wanted him to want me and see I was a real woman. His eyes drilled into my chest confidently as I took my time to finish. A surge of adrenaline hit me when his gaze went to my crotch and his penis thickened. My head was spinning, and I took his hand for balance as we walked over to our parents who we already sitting at the table.

I don't remember too much of the dinner other than I think I was talking too much. It may have been the two glasses of wine I had. This was double my previous amount. But, I was in such a happy mood. Graham sat opposite me and he seemed to glow. His smile lit up the night. Everyone seemed to have a great time. After the meal, Graham and his parents dressed and left. I could have kept going until the wee hours but I'm sure the parents had planned for Graham and I just to meet and see if we were compatible.

Graham gave me a big hug before he left and said he would call. As he walked away my heart sunk as I worried I would never see him again. Mom saw my distress.

She said, "I see you really like Graham. He's a great guy." I looked down with a worried look on my face. Knowing me, she consoled me, "Don't worry. I could see how much he liked you. I'm sure he's going to call. You can bet on it."

I went up to my room and slid under my cozy bed quilt with my head filled with images of Graham.

The next day, wonder of wonders, he called and invited me out to a movie. He jokingly said he wanted to check me out with clothes on. We both had a big laugh about that. We had a burger at the local diner and saw a comedy movie that was pretty lame. I loved it when he put his arm over my shoulder. I snuggled and lay my head on his chest in the darkened theater. His hands never went to any of my private parts, but the sexual tension almost made me breathless. When he drove me home, we kissed passionately in the front seat of his car. He ran his fingers through my hair but never touched my breasts. Lust filled my brain and I almost took his hand and put it on my breast, but I didn't want him to think I was a slut. When my feelings got too wild to contain, I broke free, said a quick goodnight and fled the car to the privacy of my bedroom where I masturbated thinking of Graham until came in a huge, explosive orgasm.

We talked every night on the phone after that. Graham is such an interesting and intelligent guy. I love hearing him talk. We never talked directly about sex but did mention the nudist lifestyle. He had been in it since he was a baby and was totally comfortable with nudity. I did say that I had noticed he had shaved his pubic hair and asked did he like it when a girl shaved hers? He said yes. The moment I got off the phone my fingers flew to my pussy and I pleasured myself. Then I shaved my crotch completely bald even up my crack and around my anus. Running my hand over my silky, smooth skin turned me on and I masturbated again. The next night I told him I had shaved my private areas. I hoped he would understand I was preparing myself for him. He just said thanks. I was so ready to experience real sex.

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