tagIncest/TabooMy Niece Comes To Visit

My Niece Comes To Visit


For the record some of this story is based on fact but the rest is based on fantasies that have danced in my head ever since. I would like to thank KaylaCakes for all of her editing and suggestions.

My sister and I have always been close. A lot closer than our parents or brothers suspected. We shared our beds and our baths, but never doing more than kissing and touching each other, until, one afternoon in 1984 when we made love for the first and last time. Around Christmas of that year I found out that my sister was pregnant, the father was the 18 year old she was dating. I couldn't help but wonder if the coming baby could have been mine if I had cum in her, but we knew better. You see I was 19 and she was 15. I guess the boyfriend didn't know any better.

Antonia Lynn, "Toni", was born in 1985 and like any good uncle I helped to take care of her. There were days that I could get her to calm down and go to sleep when her mother couldn't. Her dad was a sailor in the Navy, he was around when he wasn't out to sea but during this year, most of his time he was gone.

One day in 1987, Vivian found out I was dating one of her friends and that we were intimate, although we hadn't gone all the way yet. I don't know if she was jealous or if there were other things going on, but Vivian came forward to tell our mom and dad that I had raped her. They believed every word. No one talked about pressing charges but I was asked to leave, so I went into the service myself.

In 1992, I got out and came back home to find out if the family had changed their minds about me. They had in some ways, but not in every way, so I moved away to a different city and got married. Dad died in 1997 and the family came together for his funeral. I hadn't seen Toni for several years; she had grown and blossomed into a beautiful young woman. When she saw me she practically jumped into my arms to give me a hug. Every time she could do so, without being seen, she was hugging me and I started noticing that she was hugging me closer and closer. I had to make a break for it because at the time, she was only 13 and as much as I wanted to fuck her, I knew I just couldn't.

Time ticked into the year 2002 and I was living Upstate in New York. I hadn't seen the family for over 5 years and hadn't done anything more than send Christmas Cards. I'd also let them know about the odd changes that came to occur in my life.

One day there was a knock on my door, followed by the prolonged ringing of my doorbell. The woman standing at my door was vaguely familiar, but I know I hadn't met her here. "Uncle Dave?" asked the woman at the door. I was shocked to find out it was my niece, Toni.

"Come in, come in! What in the hell are you doing around here?" I asked.

"Well I'm signed up for college here and I wanted to stop by to say hello." I did what every uncle would do and made her comfortable. We went out to dinner and then went to the park to sit by the water and catch up.

"Uncle Dave, it's so good to see you. I've been missing you all of this time and well... I was afraid you were staying away because of me," She enquired.

"No Toni," I affirmed, "it wasn't you."

"Then why haven't you been around?" she asked.

"Toni, it's such a long story..." I said "part of it probably should be kept quiet, even from you."

Toni and I stayed out at the park for several hours before I thought about asking where she was staying.

"Oh, I'm gonna get a room at the motel down by the Airport and start looking for apartments tomorrow!" Toni said.

"Toni, it's late and I COULD drop you off but you are more than welcome to stay at my place for the night. I have plenty of room." Toni was delighted, so off we went back to my place. I showed her the guest room and made the bed for her, then wished her good night.

A few hours later I heard a knock on my door and Toni walked in. She had been crying and was still near tears as she confided, "Uncle Dave I still feel responsible for you staying away for so long."

Nothing I could tell her would disprove her until I finally broke down and told her about her mother and me. I was expecting shock and anger but got giggles instead. It seemed like she had walked past her mother's room a few times and heard her mother moaning out my name, when she knew neither her dad or me were there.

She was shocked to hear that her mother had accused me of raping her, since she always admitted to Toni that her first was a special occasion, though it wasn't her father. Out talking was having an affect on the both of us. To this day, I can't tell you who made the first move but we wound up kissing and falling back into my bed together.

I won't try to sit here and tell you that I didn't want to fuck my niece. Toni is 5'8" and about 100 lbs tops. Her breasts are small compared to most women, a little more than a hand full but that's just the way I like them. She was wearing a cotton, knee length, cream colored night gown and white panties. I was dressed for bed in just my undies. Most woman don't find me too sexy, so any chance at getting some pussy is a chance I don't walk away from. Over the years though, I've learned to ask how old my prospective lover is before we get started because some 15 or 16 year old girls look like they are 20.

I laid Toni down on her back and then laid down on her left side and began kissing her, while gently kneading her right breast over her night gown. Her gown had 6 buttons that went from the neck down, so I slowly started undoing her buttons one at a time, with a break in between for more breast action. Finally I was able to spread her night gown open to see a breast and her dainty nipple perched on top. I kissed my way down her neck to this lovely breast and then began licking and sucking the nipple. My hand moved to her free breast to continue to please her.

Guys let me be the first to tell you, you can bring your lover off without touching her pussy if you just take your time because breasts can be so sensitive. Toni never said a word. She just closed her eyes, grabbed the sheets with her left fist, wrapped her right arm around my neck and bucked her way to orgasm.

When she finally calmed down we decided it was time to shed what we were wearing. One of the things I had talked over with Toni, was her mom's love of stripping to some tunes so she decided to give me a show. She went into her room and came back with a CD of romantic piano and guitar tunes, which she put into my stereo and got it going softly. Meanwhile I was getting some soft scented candles going in the bedroom. Toni loved the effect and gave me a huge hug and kiss.

"Uncle Dave, I love this setup. It's so romantic."

"Toni, we are about to get naked and make love. Don't you think you can drop the 'Uncle' and just call me Dave?" I asked.

"Well 'Dave', just take a seat on the bed and enjoy the show."

Toni began slowly swishing her hips back and forth to the tunes. She closed her eyes and began rubbing her hands up from her hips to her breasts then back down again. She smiled a little and turned slowly, so her back was to me. Her hands grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and slowly started edging it up. Just before she got her nightgown up to her breasts she turned so I could watch her in profile. My eyes were glued to her body as her gown came up.

"My god, you're beautiful!" I whispered.

After she got her gown off she turned to face me and slid her hands down the front of her body to her panties. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and slowly slid them down her legs. I got the shock of my life. Her pussy was bare. To me, a well trimmed or bare pussy is so sexy. It is also nice when you go down on your lover because you aren't smothered by hair.

"Now for you Unc..... I mean Dave," Toni suggested.

Not being a dancer and not having anything more than my undies to take off. I just hooked my thumbs into them and down they went. Finally we were both naked and I could not resist standing her up again and pulling her close for a hug. I enjoyed the way her nipples felt as they pressed against my chest. I then picked her up and gently laid her down on the bed and then joined her.

Toni lay on her back again so I took my position on her left side. I felt a bit of a nervous shock as she reached down to wrap a hand around my dick. It had been a year since any hand other than mine had touched me. I looked into her eyes as I slid my hand down from her stomach to her pussy. The look she gave me was one of pure love.

I began with a gentle, open hand probing of her pussy. All I did was just to rub my hand over her pussy without trying to spread her lips. Then I slowly started sliding my fingers deeper into her pussy, spreading her lips and exploring her depths. Her clit was already distended so I had no problems finding it and enjoyed watching her shudder when I began gently flicking a finger over it.

While I was doing that I gave in to one of my fetishes. I love kissing and sucking on nipples. I also will do a little nipping but have never gotten into really biting hard, or doing anything that might actually cause pain. I leaned over and began licking and sucking on Toni's left breast and nipple while my right hand explored her sex. I soon had Toni bucking and moaning with pleasure. Her hand would tighten on my dick almost to the point of hurting and then she would release me as she came again which brought me over the edge. I wound up shooting cum all over the bed and her leg. I sent her into the bathroom to clean up while I changed the sheets. Afterwards we were so exhausted that we both decided to curl up in my bed where we were and faded off to sleep.

Being a typical guy, I woke up with a boner and since we were cuddling, it was pressing up against her rear. I decided to take advantage of the situation so I aimed my dick to slide between her ass cheeks and when I slid forward I would press against her anus. I shifted back and forth slowly, just pushing gently against her ass hole. Other than this movement, I pretended to be asleep and timed each slide forward with my breathing. Toni soon woke up and was VERY horny. She gently moved away from me and went to the bathroom. When she returned she gently rolled me over onto my back and then climbed on top of me. I "woke up" to her sliding her moist pussy onto my dick. She smiled at me as I reached up and began rubbing her breasts.

There are times when guys and gals get together and fuck. There is no real concern for feelings other than your own. Then there are times when they get together and make love. Toni and I were in perfect harmony. Her pussy easily stretched to admit me and then she held me inside her like a glove. Without shifting around, she began undulating her muscles in her pussy wall in such a way that I shuddered with pleasure. She then began slowly rising and falling back down. Since my bed is a water bed I really didn't need to do anything, just to lie there and enjoy the experience. It was a difficult job to do but I'd do it again in a heart beat. I wish I could say that I made her cum before I did, but I can't. Not the way she was milking me. I came and enjoyed it.

Toni rolled off of me onto her side facing away from me. I moved my left hand under her, so I could play with a breast while my right hand found her pussy. On her own accord she moved up until she could position my dick against her ass hole, then threw her upper leg back and up so it rested on top of mine. Her left leg curled up like she was sitting down. The first thing I heard from Toni that morning other than a quick good morning as she slid her pussy onto my dick was something that stunned me.

"You can put it into me if you want." she told me.

"Huh?????" was all I could think to say.

"Your dick, you can put it inside of me if you want." she repeated.

I guess I was a bit slow that morning so I asked, "In your pussy or your ass?"

"My ass, silly." she giggled.

I don't know if it was because my dick was still wet from her juices, as was her ass hole, whether it was our position, or because she was relaxed but my dick slowly slid in with just minor pressure. It was so easy, that I thought that she had anal sex often enough to stretch her out, but I found out later that she had a virgin ass until I entered her. I didn't try to get all of the way in, I think I made it in about half way and just slowly rocked back and forth. I still had one hand working her breast and the other hand working her pussy so it didn't take her long to cum. When I felt her tighten up, just before she came I blew my load for the second time, this time in her ass.

That day began a new life for us. No one knew we were related and except for the people teasing me about robbing the cradle, people accepted us as a couple. We weren't sure if we could pull off getting a marriage license so we settled for living together. Our relationship lasted for two years and ended on pretty good terms. We found out that I was shooting blanks and couldn't get her pregnant which disappointed her. We were afraid that the paperwork for adopting children might turn up the fact that we were related, so we didn't even have that route to follow. In the end it was Toni's desire to have kids of her own that caused her to leave me. We still see each other socially but, since she got married, we haven't so much as kissed. Yet, I will always remember the two years we had.

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