tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 02

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 02


My niece Jennifer had gotten herself into a pickle. The girl, who was consistently in trouble throughout high school hadn't changed much in college.

A recent set of whirlybirds in the school parking lot while showing off cause damage to her mother's car, which, if found off, would bring down a wrath of my sister unlike anything Jennifer had ever seen.

Jennifer would have gotten off lighter if she'd failed a course, came home late or stole a hundred bucks from the cookie jar. But that car was my sister's pride and joy. Well, growing up she called her breasts "pride" and "joy" (she never said which was which) but as she aged her souped up Dodge was something that brought her joy and took her back years.

"I feel like a teenager again when driving the beast," my sister had on numerous times said to any and all. "That ride is rad, is random, is, well, you know what I mean."

My niece Jennifer knew about her mother's obsession with the vehicle, I knew it, and when Jennifer came to me to fix her problem I knew it was time to really teach her a lesson she'd never forget. Thinking quickly on my feet, I came up with a solution that would not only solve her problem but also teach her a lesson she'd never forget.

With the help on a wonderful auto body expert in the dealership I manage, a guy who had reason to accept a challenge for the right price and who'd done tons of favors for me in the past, I weaved a plan in my mind to kill several birds with one stone. My sister was going to use her oral talents to solve the problem she created.

Jennifer had to be relieved I'd had a way to solve her problem, ensure her mother wasn't the wiser, but by the same token had to be taken aback at the price she'd have to pay. Still, it was her only way out.

Later that night after convincing my niece of the course of action I unveiled my twisted story to Will, the auto body expert extraordinaire. Leaving out some of the details, I did say it was a charity case, a personal favor, but one that would make him very, very happy.

Being careful to leave out some details, I did say he's be paid handsomely off the books in trade, leaving him wondering what kind of bartering he'd be getting himself into. We'd been friends for years, so he trusted me. Still, a lot of work for who knows what is a lot to ask even the best of friends.

"It's not illegal, is it? I mean, she didn't hit and run or anything?"

Laughing, I said no. She was fine with the law. She hadn't really damaged the light post, only my sister's coveted car.

"And the barter, isn't legal?"

Continuing the laugh, I said it was...in some states! I mentioned a cheerleader, sexy outfits and who knows what else to the guy to get his attention...and handiwork.

"Okay, you got my interest. I might regret this, but I'll be at the shop first thing tomorrow. It's Sunday, nobody will be around. Let me look over things... but I want more details."

At morning's light I was at the shop, leaving the back door ajar. Will arrived promptly, and looked over the vehicle. I had washed off the muck, so he had a good view of the damage. He felt here and there, rubbed a couple spots. Heck, he had the hands of a surgeon.

"It's not as bad as you led me to believe," said my buddy. "It looks awful, but I think there is maybe 5-7 hours of work. We will only need a couple parts, I mean, it's not an easy fix but it's not a super hard one either. Mostly personal labor."

Telling him to remember that, but to not let on to my niece the simplicity of the repair, I explained that Jennifer would be offer to ask for his help within the hour and to let me do the talking.

We left it at that, and got right to work. Working his magic he had the side panel off in no time and I was working on it on a bench following his instructions to the "T". At about 8 there was a timid knock at the door, and soon Jennifer presented herself to us in shorts and a sexy tee top.

"Hi guys, how's it look?" She was obviously concerned, as it looked awful. Parts were strung out here and there, the panel was off, and to the uninformed it was a disaster in front of her.

"It's worse than we thought," was all I could say, shaking my head. "Will thinks he can fix this up, but it will take time and money and a whole lot of hand labor. Yes, this was a doozy you got yourself into."

Will wheeled out from under the car. "What the hell did you do here, did you hit someone?....No, don't tell me, I don't want to know. If the police find out...."

That Will was quite the actor. I hadn't wanted him to say much, but what he did say was perfect for the situation. Jennifer turned several shades of blue.

"This is the culprit, my 18-year-old niece Jennifer. She's over at college sometimes learning, but not very smart," was my introduction, shaking my head. "Not very smart."

Jennifer did as expected, she began to cry. The tears flowed as we spoke of how hard the job would be, how it was probably crazy to help her, and how t would cost a bundle to do right.

"But Jennifer will only be able chip in a little, right? I will have to front the bucks for this operation," was my lament. "But she has an idea of how to pay you for your services, Will, if you agree."

The man looked, first a me and then at my pretty niece, eyes questioning what was on the docket for discussion.

"Well go on, Jennifer. Tell the man what you will do to get his help on this enormous project? Go ahead."

She appeared mortified. "I, uh, I can't...."

"You can't what, Jennifer. I thought we had an arrangement."

"I can't, you know, uh, say it."

Shaking my head, I merely said for her then to just do it.

"Uncle Rob, don't you have to, uh, get something in your office....for 20 minutes or so?"

Taking the hint, I left the shop floor, but instead of walking to my office I slipped upstairs onto the cat walk above the working area, eyes glued to Will and my niece. From my spy spot I could see everything. How she came over and whispered something to Will, how he smiled, and how he held his hand out.

Will walked with her to the back seat of the car, slipping inside. Jennifer followed, and without a lot of words began paying for the repair. As Will leaned again the far door, Jennifer slowly unbuckled his jeans and slipped them down below his knees. His boxers followed, and soon Jennifer was slowly stroking his expanding cock.

Clearly I was out of Jennifer's sight but not out of Will's mind. I think he expected me to be watching, and he didn't disappoint. He spied me in the rafters, then moved Jennifer around slightly to get he a bird's eye view. I think he was getting off being an exhibitionist!

While I had suspected Jennifer might balk at the assignment, it was clear she was practiced in the Art of Fellating. While she started with a slow and sensuous stroking of Will's dick while kissing his bare thighs, she soon progressed to licking the tip of my friend's cock.

No longer growing, his big bold cock was soon being lathed by the lips and tongue of my nasty niece. She worked the tip, and then licked down to the stem while Will wiggled in his seat. I couldn't hear the moans, but I felt them! He was enjoying, eyes closed, head back.

Soon Jennifer rose from her cock-loving handiwork and lifted her head, saying something to my friend. He nodded, almost with a grimace, and looked down at his midsection. Jennifer followed the gaze, then dropped her head and opened her mouth.

His cock entered, very slowly, before Jennifer began the work of a sensuous teenage blowjob. Well practiced, slowly up and down she went, her thumb and first finger ovaled around the base jerking up and her head slid down the shaft. Up and down they worked unison, her wet lips grasping the cock lightly while her fingers surrounded the base like a vice grip.

It didn't take long, as soon Will was rocking up and down in the back seat like a teenager with the school slut. Really. I mean, my mind wandered and thought that's probably where Jennifer learned her skills. So she must have been right at home.

Soon Will let out an urgent groan and began pistoning up and down like a Hemi with the pedal down. ""Oh yes, suck it Jennifer! Oh yes, suck my dick!" That's all I heard, but I did hear a worldly groan followed by him stopping mid stroke as the girl continued rocking up and down his cock.

Will was buried back against the seat when Jennifer arose from her actions, wiping her mouth on her tee before slipping out from the back seat. Will soon followed, and I heard the two exchanging pleasantries before I walked back to the floor.

"Hi Uncle Rob, I think we have a deal," said my niece. "Don't we, Will?"

The man was quiet as a mouse.

Jennifer thought a blowjob would seal the deal. Not hardly.

"Well, Jennifer, if will agrees, that will be a down payment to get the work started."

She appeared confused. "Down payment? You said...."

Looking at the car, the damage and then Will, I laid out the cost of repair.

'There's a lot of work here and a short time to do it in. It's going to mean working until midnight after a full day or work in the shop. One blowjob just won't cut it. No, that was a down payment. But the full cost is 20 blowjobs. Take it or leave it. But if you leave it you have to drive this hunk of crap out of here tonight and explain how you wrecked the car when you mom comes home."

Once again, the look on Jennifer's face was priceless. She started stammering, and then started bargaining the details.

"How about 5, uh, blowjobs?"

"How about 21?"

The girl's mind was whirling.

"Come on, Uncle Rob, how about 12?"

"The price is now 22, and if you keep negotiating you will be on your knees daily for the next month."

That stopped the negotiating in its tracks.

Jennifer lowered her head and quietly said okay.

"What Jennifer?"

"Okay, I will do it. Please fix the car as quickly as you can and I will pay my debt."

With that, the girl left in a huff, after which Will high fived me while thanking me for the job.

"Oh, I think Jennifer's the one with the job!"

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