tagIncest/TabooMy 'Niece' Jerri

My 'Niece' Jerri


As usual this story is exclusively my property and may not be reproduced or republished without my express permission. Any resemblance to real, imaginary or non-existent people is merely a coincidence.


Jerri loved her Uncle Joe. Even before her dad married her step-mom her Uncle Joe had always been there for her. From the first day they met they'd had a special bond, and from that day on he was her 'Uncle Joe'. He always took Jerri out on adventures and showed her how to do things, like how to clean fish and change a tire. Not always important things but fun things that he knew she'd like. He told her that he didn't want her to be a 'helpless female'.

For her sweet sixteen birthday he took her and some of her friends to play paintball, and he didn't even mind when she accidentally shot him in the back of the head. All he had done was laugh and say 'Nice shooting tex!'

When her Uncle Joe and Aunt Tina had her cousins Max and Zoey she felt like she had a new brother and sister. She loved baby-sitting them and got to act goofy with them when they got together. The kids were always good for her and she loved them so much.

Then her Aunt Tina started acting weird, she was always snapping at her Uncle and treating him terribly. It didn't really make sense to Jerri, she couldn't understand why she acted that way because her Uncle was such a kind man.


Jerri and Joe were out on a geo-caching day, tramping through the woods looking for another hide when she decided to ask her Uncle how things were.

"Uncle Joe? Is everything okay with you and Aunt Tina?"

Joe looked at his sixteen year old niece, standing there on the trail in cut-offs and a baggy tee. Even with scratches and dirt on her arms and legs, and thistles, leaves and twigs in her hair, he could see that his little tomboy niece was growing up into a beautiful young woman.

He had promised her when she was little that he would never lie to her. "I'm sorry if I'm a bit distracted sweetie, your Aunt wants a divorce. I just never thought this would happen to me."

"But why? You haven't done anything wrong that I could see." She said with surprise.

"Well baby, just like people fall in love, sometimes they fall out of love. I can't force your Aunt Tina to love me. I've done everything I can to make her happy but I guess that just isn't enough anymore." Joe said sadly.

"But what about Maxie and Zo? Do they know yet?" Jerri asked with concern.

"Not yet Jerri, there are some things that I don't want them to know just yet. I'll tell you but don't dare tell them okay?"

Jerri gave Joe a solemn look and promised not to tell anyone.

Joe sighed and looked into Jerri's deep blue eyes, "Your Aunt Tina doesn't want any type of custody arrangement. She doesn't want any visitation rights with the kids at all."

Jerri's jaw dropped in disbelief, "Huh? She doesn't even want to see them? I'm sorry Uncle Joe I know you don't like me swearing, but I have to use a bad word now. That's just fucked up!"

Joe could feel himself tearing up and Jerri hugged him tight. Joe's arms wrapped around her and he squeezed her tight to him as the tears coursed down his cheeks. "That's the thing that hurts the most babygirl, I just don't understand how she could do that to the kids."

Joe could feel Jerri shaking with her own sobs. He knew she loved Max and Zoey. He kissed the top of her head and gently stroked her back until they'd both calmed down.

Jerri wiped her eyes and looked up at Joe, "Does this mean you won't be my Uncle anymore if you get divorced Uncle Joe?"

Joe hugged Jerri again and smiled at her, "Babygirl I'll always be your Uncle no matter what!"

"So we'll still do fun things together then?" Jerri asked with a smile.

"You bet sweetie. Nothing will change between us."

Jerri grinned playfully, "Promise?"

Joe laughed and kissed her on the forehead, "I promise babygirl. Now lets go find that geo-cache."


Joe's divorce was finalized just before Jerri turned seventeen. He was crushed and the kids were devastated. Jerri's heart ached for them all. She didn't know what she could do to help them. She'd spend almost every weekend she could with them, and would help take care of everyone then go home Sunday nights and cry herself to sleep for them.

Even months later Joe was an absolute wreck. He disconnected from life, just barely functioning enough to care for the kids and go to work. He was hardly aware of what was going on around him.

"Daddy? When's Mommy coming home?" Zoey asked as she cuddled up into his lap.

Max joined them on the sofa and Joe wrapped them both in his arms, holding them tight to him.

"I don't know when she's coming back sweetie, your mom just needs some time away and maybe she'll come home soon. But if she doesn't, you and Max will always have me."

"Did we do something wrong dad?" Max ask with concern in his voice. "Would she come home if we said we were sorry?"

"Maxie you guys didn't do anything wrong," Joe replied. "Sometimes things like this just happen."


On Jerri's eighteenth birthday instead of spending the day with her dad and step-mom she'd gone to her Uncle Joe's and celebrated it with him and the kids.

"The kids are in bed now Uncle Joe." Jerri said as she plunked down on the sofa beside him.

Joe unconsciously wrapped an arm around Jerri and she snuggled under it. "Thanks babygirl, I don't know what we'd do without you."

"Uncle Joe can I ask you something?"

"Hmm? Sure sweetie." Joe said distractedly.

Jerri blushed a bit before continuing, "Uhm do guys really like blow...I mean oral sex?"

Joe perked up when he realized what Jerri was asking, "Ahh sweetie shouldn't you be asking your step-mom about stuff like this?"

Jerri huffed and blew her bangs off of her eyes, "I did but she said I was too young to know about stuff like that."

Joe chuckled, "Well you're at that age where you'll want to try these things. I think it's better you hear it from someone you know and trust than from anyone else I guess."

"So guys like getting blow jobs then?" Jerri asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Joe chuckled again "Yes, guys like blow jobs. Joe still felt uncomfortable having this conversation with his niece, but was also glad that she trusted him enough to answer her questions openly and honestly.

"Any other awkward questions for me sweetie? Joe asked Jerri as he gave her a little hug.

Jerri blushed an even deeper crimson, "Well...do guys masturbate? My boyfriend says it's not true but I think he's lying."

"Wow you're pulling out all the stops aren't you babygirl?" Joe said with a laugh. "But yes, guys do do it even though most won't admit it."

"Do you?" Jerri asked with an impish grin.

Now it was Joe's turn to blush as he stammered, "Well, ahh let's just say that there have been times when it was necessary."

Jerri giggled at Joe's discomfort, they talked for over an hour and Jerri asked Joe more pointed questions regarding sex.

"Thanks for talking with me Uncle Joe. I think I'm going to go to bed now, Maxie and Zozo wore me out today." With that she gave Joe a quick peck on the cheek and a hug, and got up to head to Zoey's room where she had a hide-a-bed.

Joe sat on the sofa and mulled over his conversation with Jerri. He knew she was still young and had had a boyfriend for several months now. Joe was worried that her boyfriend might be pressuring her into having sex. Even though she was only eighteen Jerri was very mature for her age, yet she still had a playful, child-like nature. Max and Zoey loved her and were always glad when she came to visit.

Jerri lay awake in her bed thinking about what her Uncle had told her. She was glad he'd answered her questions because she felt very confused about sex. It didn't help that her boyfriend was bugging her to have sex. She wanted to, but felt that she just wasn't ready to take that step just yet, even though she really loved him. It surprised her a bit when her Uncle admitted that he masturbated, she hadn't thought that he'd actually admit it to her. It made her feel good that he trusted her to tell her things like that. He'd always treated her like someone who was mature enough to know what she needed to know. She fell asleep knowing that her Uncle Joe loved and trusted her.


Jerri's relationship with her dad had always been a little rocky, and it didn't get any better when her mom died and he'd married her step-mom. He'd always called her a little trouble maker because she was strong willed and wouldn't back down when she knew she was right.

Things went from bad to worse when she had gotten a job so she'd have her own spending money. Her dad started calling her a little slut and asked how much she charged her johns. He also insisted that she pay room and board even though she was only working part-time and trying to save money for school.

Jerri soon started noticing that every now and then some of her money would go missing. It was never a lot, but every time some went missing her dad would suddenly have money for pot.

She knew she couldn't prove anything but she always went to her step-mom to talk to her about it anyway.

"Lynn? Some of my money's missing from my room again."

Lynn gave Jerri a long suffering look, "Jerri we've gone through this a million times before. With the way you spend money on clothes and that fancy new laptop, I'm surprised you have any money left for room and board."

"I saved up for months to buy my laptop." Jerri said in frustration.

"Well maybe you just miscounted or something." Lynn said.

Jerri knew that without proof she wouldn't get anywhere. She decided to cut a small hole in an old teddy bear of hers, and stash her money there with a little note pad showing how much money she should have.

This worked for a while until one day she went to put some money in her bear and found that it was torn open and all of her stash was missing. She started to cry in frustration, knowing her dad was stealing from her to feed his drug habit and Lynn wouldn't do anything about it. She decided to wait to confront her dad about his theft.

A couple of days later she'd just got in from a shift at her job when she saw her dad smoking a fatty on the couch. She just lost it then.

"So how's that pot dad? I bet it gives you a better buzz when you don't have to pay for it with your own money!"

Jerri's dad scowled at her, "What the fuck are you talking about you little bitch?"

"You know goddamn well what I'm talking about you fat fuck!" Jerri yelled at him.

"Watch your mouth Jerri, don't think I won't fucking hit you," he yelled back.

Jerri laughed in her father's face, "Yeah and you don't think I'd call the cops on you you shit-licking druggie?"

Jerri's dad stood up and snarled at her, "What did you call me you little whore?"

She stood her ground and looked him right in the eye, "I called you a shit-licking druggie. I know you stole my money to buy your drugs and I know you've been doing it for a long time. I know you couldn't have bought that much pot unless you took all the money I had stashed away."

"You miserable, ungrateful little bitch! I feed you and put a roof over your head and you think you can act like this? Get out of my house! Now!"

Jerri spat in her dad's face, "Fine! I'm tired of your shit and I'm tired of paying for your drugs! I'm eighteen now, I'm old enough to take care of myself!"

She stormed off to her room, grabbed her overnight bag and threw some clothes in it. Jerri was in such a towering rage she totally forgot about her laptop as she flew to the front door and slammed her way out of the house.

Jerri started walking, not caring where she went. She just wanted to get away. Away from her dad and away from the miserable life he'd given her.

"That fucking asshole! I hate him! I fucking HATE him!"

She walked for hours not even realizing when it started to drizzle then to pour down in cold sheets. Jerri's tears of anger mingled with the rain dripping from her hair onto her cheeks.

"God-damned cocksucker! Fuck him and that bitch! I HATE THEM BOTH!" She screamed to the thundering clouds.

When she began to shiver uncontrollably Jerri finally looked up to see where she was. She was surprised to see that she was in front of her Uncle Joe's house. She couldn't even remember how she'd gotten there. Jerri could see the living room light was on so she walked up to the front door and knocked on it lightly.


It was 11:30 on a Friday, the kids were in bed and Joe was doing what he'd done for the past year, he was surfing for porn. His life was in a serious funk since his wife had left him and the kids to 'find herself '.

He was just shutting down his computer and killing the lights when he heard a soft knocking at his door. He went to the door and found his eighteen year old niece standing out in the cold in a little jacket blouse and skirt.

"Jerri, what are you doing here? It's freezing out there, get in here and warm up sweetie."

Jerri picked up her little bag and walked in, Joe closed the door and locked up behind her. He saw that she was shivering badly and he told her to sit on the sofa as he piled blankets on her.

"You're frozen! How long have you been out there?"

"A couple of hours, my dad kicked me out and I had nowhere else to go Uncle Joe." Jerri sobbed as she shivered under the blankets.

Joe felt his anger rise in him. "He what? That son of a bitch! Sorry I shouldn't talk like that in front of you."

Jerri smiled a bit, "I called him worse Uncle Joe. That fucker stole my money so he could buy drugs then yelled at me because I couldn't pay my room and board."

Joe frowned, "We'll go see your mom and dad about your money tomorrow sweetie, right now rest and try and get warm. I'll go make you some warm tea and you get out of those cold, wet things.

Joe went into the kitchen and brewed up a warm herbal tea and poured in a shot of cherry brandy to help Jerri warm up. He brought the steaming cup of tea into the living room and placed it on a table next to Jerri. She took the cup and sipped some tea, her eyes widened from the alcohol and she choked a bit.

Joe laughed, "Sorry I should have warned you that I'd put some brandy in it to help warm you up.

"No it's fine, I was just surprised that's all." Jerri giggled.

"Where are your clothes, I'll put them in the dryer for you."

She pointed to a small pile beside her bag. Joe picked them up and saw that there was a bra and panties in with her skirt and top. Joe felt embarrassed holding on to his young nieces dainty things.

"You had clothes to change in to in your bag?"

"No, they're all wet too. I'm sorry for being such a bother Uncle Joe."

"So you're naked under the blankets."

"I'm afraid so Uncle Joe," Jerri giggled.

Joe got a funny look on his face and told Jerri he'd be back in a sec. He went to his room and grabbed an old sweat top and rummaged through his ex-wife's dresser, finally coming up with one of her thongs. He returned to the living room and handed Jerri the underwear and shirt.

"Here sweetie, it's the best I could do on short notice. The thong should fit, you're close in size to Tina.

Jerri smiled and got up, letting the blankets fall. Joe blushed and turned away.

"Jerri! Jeez you could at least warn me!" Joe laughed. He waited a minute then asked if it was safe.

"Yes it's safe Uncle Joe, I'm not going to embarrass you any more."

Joe looked over his shoulder and saw that Jerri was sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket. He really looked at her, and he thought that she'd grown into a very beautiful young woman since he'd first known her as his little tomboy shadow.

"I'll get you a pillow and put your stuff in the dryer. Okay kiddo?"

"Okay Uncle Joe, I'll see you in the morning." Jerri said with a slight pout.

Jerri lay on the sofa under a pile of blankets. She was still shivering but not as bad as she had been. Thank god for Uncle Joe, she thought to herself. He'd looked out for her since she was a kid, even stopping her dad from hitting her when he was drunk or high. She loved him so much, she couldn't understand why her Aunt Tina left him. She tossed and turned for a bit but still felt a deep chill in her bones. She threw off her covers and crept down the hall to her Uncle's door. It was slightly ajar so she pushed it open and poked her head in.

"Uncle Joe, I'm still cold and I can't sleep can I cuddle with you until I'm warm?" she whispered.

Joe made a muffled grunt so Jerri figured he'd said okay. She slipped into the room and climbed under the covers, snuggling up against him. Very soon she was fast asleep.

Joe thought he was dreaming, he had a lovely warm body pressed up against his chest and his hand on a firm, round breast. He could feel his hard cock wedged between some very tight little buns and they were grinding back into him. Without warning he felt his cum jet out and splash against his stomach and the bum he was still humping.

"Oh fuck that was so good baby, thank you so much, it's been way too long." Joe murmured in a half sleeping fog.

"That was fun Uncle Joe, I was surprised at first but it was kinda hot!" Jerri chirped enthusiastically.

"Jerri? What the hell are you doing in my bed? Oh my god I can't believe what I just did! I'm so sorry sweetie, I didn't know it was you!"

Jerri grabbed her Uncle and told him to shut up for a second. "Uncle Joe, you didn't do anything wrong. We're both adults and while I was surprised by what you were doing, I chose to stay until we were done. If I didn't like it I could've gotten out of the bed right?"

"But honey you're my niece, it's wrong to take advantage of you like that."

"Uncle Joe, I'm only your niece because you say I am. You've been the only person in my life who's been a constant. Not my mom, my dad or my stepmother. Just you. Why do you think I came to you first? It was because I knew that you loved me, and you wouldn't let anything bad happen to me."

"And the first thing I do is almost rape you Jerri. You trusted me to protect you and I didn't."

"No Joe, the first thing you did was bring me into your home and take care of me. And I really appreciate everything you've done for me, think of what we did this morning as payment on account and I'll let you know when we're even okay?"

Jerri got out of bed, took off her sweat top and used it to wipe Joe's cum from her back and bum. Joe watched, amazed that she wasn't shy about showing herself to him. He lay in bed admiring her compact frame and couldn't get the thought of her firm breast from his mind. Jerri grabbed one of his tees and put it on as she smiled at him and left the room.

Joe could hear Jerri in the kitchen banging pots and pans. He listened as she called out if anyone wanted pancakes. Joe's kids ran out of their rooms and hugged Jerri, asking her why she was there and if they could help make the pancakes. Jerri laughed and told them she was visiting for a while, and yes they could help.

Joe got out of bed and used the same sweat top Jerri had used to clean himself up. He put some clean shorts on and joined Jerri and the kids in the kitchen. Everyone was busy making breakfast so Joe busied himself making the coffee. He poured two cups and added a splash of Bailey's to each. He handed Jerri a cup and warned her about the Bailey's and smiled. Jerri smiled back and winked at him.

Max and Zoey greeted their dad with pancake mix dusted hugs and kisses, Joe couldn't believe that they were nine and seven already. Jerri was so good with them, she always had been. The kids just lit up when she was around. He hadn't seen them this excited in months.

In a short time there was a large stack of pancakes ready and everyone was at the table. Joe looked across and watched Jerri with his kids, she was amazing.

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