My 'Niece' Jerri Ch. 02


Joe squeezed Jerri softly, he could smell the soft lilac smell of her shampoo. God he loved her. He'd always loved her, despite her father and stepmother she had always been full of life and joy. When he and Tina had had the kids she'd loved them to bits, often helping to take care of them and volunteering to baby-sit them. She was the greatest treasure in his life, not including his kids of course. Jerri was Joe's best friend and soul mate. He kissed the top of Jerri's head and let one of his hands drop onto her breast. His fingers gently kneaded it, making Jerri moan softly. Joe continued playing with Jerri's breast feeling her nipple harden against his hand.

Jerri grinned up at Joe, "Mmmm, Uncle Joe are you trying to take advantage of your little niece?"

Joe grinned wickedly, "You my little tart don't have a choice. I'm going to fuck you silly."

"Joe? Are you ready to be a daddy again?"

Joe looked down at his beautiful fiancée, "Why, are you pregnant baby?"

Jerri caressed his cheek and chuckled, "Not yet, but I stopped taking the pill two months ago. Is that okay with you daddy?"

Joe smiled and kissed Jerri, "That would be perfect sugar-plum, after three years together I don't think either of us is planning to go anywhere any time soon."

"Make love to me daddy, let's make a beautiful baby for our kids to love."

Joe picked Jerri up and slung her over his shoulder as he carried her to their bedroom.

"Daddy no! What are you doing? Put me down you big meanie!" Jerri giggled as she playfully smacked his butt.

Joe gently placed Jerri on their bed then stepped back as he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it across the room. Jerri propped herself up on her elbows and grinned. "Uncle Joe please don't, I'm still a virgin!"

Joe got right into Jerri's little game. "Well my sweet little niece maybe you should learn not to tease people by showing off your skimpy little panties."

Jerri pulled her shirt off, letting Joe have a good look at her lovely breasts. "But Uncle Joe it was an accident, I didn't mean to flash my panties at you."

Joe snickered and undid his pants, letting them fall. His erection was quite evident in his boxers. "Listen young lady, once may be an accident but three times in less that ten minutes is definitely teasing."

Jerri shimmied out of her short, denim skirt and kicked it aside. Now she was just in her lacy panties. She bit her finger and smiled a naughty little smile at Joe. "Oh Uncle Joe what's that big lump in your boxers?"

"That my hot little niece, is my cock, you're going to suck it then I'm going to fuck you with it."

Jerri put a hand over her warm little pussy and gave Joe a wide eyed innocent look. "But will it hurt? I'm scared Uncle Joe."

Joe looked at his girl tenderly and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, "Don't worry baby, Uncle Joe will do his best to make it as painless as possible. I promise you that once I'm in you, you will love it."

"I trust you Uncle Joe, you've never hurt me before." Jerri said as she acted relieved.

"I want you to get naked for me baby, I want to see your sexy little body." Joe murmured with hungry eyes.

Jerri smiled shyly and pulled her lacy red panties down her legs. "Are you sure it's okay to do this Uncle?"

Joe sat on the bed beside Jerri, "Yes baby, it's okay. I would never do something like this without making sure it was okay first. God you have beautiful boobs sweetie. You shouldn't hide them from me." Joe leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, causing Jerri to moan softly.

Jerri laid back on the bed bringing Joe down with her. She held him to her breast and stroked his hair. Joe's hand slipped down her belly and lightly stroked her warm, moist pussy.

"Ohh Uncle Joe, you're making me all tingly and squishy." Jerri moaned.

Joe lifted his hand off of her and asked Jerri if she wanted him to stop. Her response was to take his hand and firmly put it back on her pussy. Joe chuckled and kissed his sweet niece.

When they broke their kiss Jerri smiled up at Joe. "Would you like to fuck me now Uncle Joe?"

"Oh baby Jerri, I would love to fuck you now, but first you have to take off my boxers and suck on me."

Jerri pushed Joe onto his back and kissed her way down his body. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and tugged on them. Joe lifted his hips and Jerri slipped his boxers all the way off.

She looked at him with a coy smile. "What do I do now Uncle Joe?"

"Well baby why don't you just do whatever feels good. I'm sure you'll do fine." Joe said with a knowing smile.

Jerri ran her fingers lightly up Joe's cock, which made him shiver and moan. "Do you like that Uncle Joe?"

"Yes baby, that feels very nice."

Jerri smiled at Joe as she wrapped her hand around him and slowly stroked him.

"Yess babygirl, you're doing great. Now put my tip into your mouth and suck it sweetie."

Being a good girl, Jerri did as she was told. Joe stroked her soft blonde hair and made encouraging noises as his hips lifted, pushing more of his cock into her sweet mouth. Jerri began to bob her head on Joe's cock, taking more and more into her mouth until he was nestled in the back of her throat. She knew what to do next as it always brought him off, she began humming with him buried in her throat.

Joe's eyes closed and he pushed his cock deeper into Jerri's throat and unloaded his sperm into her. He cried out and grabbed her hair, holding her on his cock as jet after jet of his seed sprayed against the back of her throat. Jerri's tongue swirled around his cock, cleaning up any stray cum from it. She moved back up to Joe and gave him a kiss, then snuggled under his arm.

"Did I do a good job Uncle Joe?" She asked with a little smirk.

"You always do a good job sugar-plum, " chuckled Joe. "You really like hamming it up when you're my naughty niece don't you?"

Jerri blushed, "Yeah, I still love being your almost innocent sex-kitten Joe."

Joe patted her bum, "Almost and innocent being the operative words babygirl. So are you okay marrying an old geezer like me sweetie?"

Jerri raised her head and looked Joe in the eye, "Daddy, the only reason I call you 'old man' is because it feeds my uncle and niece fetish. I've loved you since I was eight. I fell in love with you when you opened the door that night three years ago and let me into your life. I love you Joe, your age doesn't matter to me."

Joe kissed Jerri until they were both breathless, "So if I recall correctly, you mentioned something about me getting laid earlier today, is that offer still open?"

Jerri grinned and pulled herself up onto Joe's chest, "Yes I do seem to remember saying something like that."

Jerri sat up on Joe's hips, wedging his cock between them. She slowly slid herself up and down his member, coating it with her copious juices. Joe groaned and grabbed her hips, trying to lift her so he could enter her. She playfully batted his hands away and continued to tease him. "No daddy, I'm in charge right now. Remember, whoever's on top is the boss." she said with a playful grin.

That being said, Jerri continued to grind her pussy onto Joe's cock until they were both soaked with her pussy juice. She leaned over and kissed Joe tenderly. "Are you ready daddy?"

"Yes babygirl, I'm ready. I'm more than ready."

Jerri lifted her bum and slipped a hand between them, raising Joe's cock so it was at her entrance. She pushed down and felt his cock fill her up. Jerri began slowly riding Joe, rolling her hips and grinding herself down onto him. Joe reached up and played with Jerri's breasts, caressing them and tweaking her nipples. Jerri sighed and sped up her pace a bit causing Joe to moan.

"Oh god babygirl why do you always have to be such a tease?" Joe said with a husky voice.

"Uhnn, to make sure you come back for more daddy, ohhh, I don't want to lose you to some other girl." Jerri responded.

They continued on, gasping and moaning, Jerri's pussy slurping on Joe's cock. Joe was reaching the breaking point, he needed release. In one swift motion Joe rolled them over and Jerri found herself on her back with Joe stroking into her. Joe grabbed Jerri's legs and put them over his shoulders.

Jerri gasped and smiled up at Joe, " Yes daddy, fuck your baby girl. Give me a baby daddy, let's make a baby tonight."

"Oh god babygirl, I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck honey, here it comes!" Joe bellowed as his cum blasted from his cock and splattered against Jerri's cervix.

"Oh fuck daddy, Jesus I can feel you cumming in me. Ohh! Fuck me daddy, yes oh yes." Jerri cried out as her young body responded to Joe's orgasm. Her pussy locked around Joe's cock and began milking it for every drop of semen. Jerri's body was bouncing on the bed from the force of Joe's thrusts and the intensity of her own orgasm.

Joe eventually pulled out of Jerri and spooned behind her, gently stroking her and murmuring to her.

Jerri looked over her shoulder and kissed Joe, "So what do you think the odds are that we made us a baby tonight daddy?"

Joe shook his head, "I don't know babygirl, I take it you've been keeping track of things since before you went off the pill?"

Jerri grinned, "Yup, for the past six months. If my calculations are correct we had a seventy percent chance of success tonight."

"Ha ha, hearing you talk like that makes me so glad I was able to help you with college." Joe said as he hugged her tight.

"We won't know for a few weeks, but if it doesn't take we'll just have to keep trying. Think you're up to the challenge daddy?"

Joe chuckled and held Jerri tight. "I think I can handle the job babygirl."


Three weeks had passed and the family had settled back into their normal routine. It was Saturday morning and the kids were helping Joe and Jerri clean the house. They'd balked at first when Jerri had instituted that rule.

Max was in the living room dusting when there was a knock on the front door.

"I got it!" Max called out as he opened the door. He was shocked speechless for a minute when he saw who was at the door.

"Oh my god, Maxie I almost didn't recognize you! You've grown into such a fine young man!"

Max glanced over his shoulder, "Mom, Dad, Zoey, you better get down here!"

"Mom? What do you mean? I'm your mom silly!"

Max looked very uncomfortable with his mother at the door.

"Well aren't you going to ask me in Max?" Tina asked impatiently.

Joe, Jerri and Zoey came up behind Max. "That won't be necessary Tina, you're not welcome here." Joe said coldly.

Tina was quite offended by Joe's attitude, "How dare you! These are my children, this is my house and you're my husband."

Joe sighed and used his patient voice, "Tina we've been divorced for almost five years. You gave up all rights to the kids and we haven't seen or heard from you in over four years."

Tina's eyes locked on to Jerri, "I know you, you're the little whore Lynn's husband kicked out. So now you're here trying to steal my husband from me. You little bitch, I won't let you have him!"

Jerri stepped forward, "I didn't have to steal him, you left him and the kids. We love each other and his kids adore me, kids go up to your rooms. Mom and Dad need to have a talk with Tina."

Tina was incensed, "How dare you pretend to be their mother! I'm their mother and always will be!"

Max had had enough, "You're not our mom! Where were you when I turned ten? I know where Jerri was, she was riding the rollercoasters at Wonderland with me Dad and Zoey. Where were you when I got that academics award last year? Jerri was in the front row in the gym hollering and taking pictures. And where were you when Zozo had her first period? You sure weren't here helping her clean herself up and telling her what was happening. Jerri was here though. Jerri's always been here for us, have you?"

Tina slapped Max across the face, "How dare you speak to me in that way young man! It's quite obvious that tramp has turned you against me."

"Aunt Tina, if you touch either one of my kids again you'll be talking to the police," Jerri said in a cold and threatening tone.

"Tina you need to leave, there's nothing here for you anymore. Goodbye." Joe said as he closed the door on her.

They could still hear her yelling ten minutes later. Joe went and opened the door, "Tina you have two choices, you can leave peacefully now, or I can call the police. I'm not prepared to put up with your bullshit anymore."

Tina gave Joe a haughty look, "Well, we'll have to see what my lawyer has to say about this."

Jerri walked up and put her arm around Joe's waist. "He'll probably say the same thing ours will bitch, you don't have a leg to stand on."

Tina huffed, went back to her car and drove off. Joe closed the door and hugged Jerri tight as he shook with barely controlled anger. "You did good Jerri, you stood up to Tina and defended our kids."

"We both did daddy, it must've been very hard on you seeing her like that."

Joe kissed the top of Jerri's head, "Yeah, coming here out of the blue and making demands. I just hope her lawyer is smart enough to realize that she's got a hopeless case."

"Well let's get your mind off of her. Why don't you go and get some tests at the drug store and see where we stand?"

"Really? You mean you might be?" Joe asked in disbelief.

Jerri blushed, "Well I'm only three days late but it doesn't hurt to check right? Just keep it quiet, I don't want to get the kids' hopes up and find out it's a false alarm."

Joe smiled, "I'll bring home three okay? If Tina comes back, I've got my cell with me. Don't open the door to her and call the police after you call me. I love you babygirl."

"I love you too daddy. Hurry home and be safe." Jerri said as she kissed him goodbye.

Joe didn't take long and was back with a bag of pregnancy tests. He motioned to Jerri for her to follow him to their room. Jerri got up and followed him, closing the door behind herself.

"I bought a few different types, are you ready to test right now honey?"

Jerri took one of the test kits and read the instructions then went into their bathroom. A few minutes later she called Joe in and asked him if what she saw was right.

Joe took a quick look at the instructions and looked at the test. He smiled and hugged and kissed her. "Well babygirl it looks like we might be preggers."

"Wow, I'm going to be a mommy. Should we do the other tests just to make sure?"

Joe grinned, "Sure baby, it doesn't hurt to make sure right? So what next? Maybe wait an hour between tests?"

Jerri was shaking she was so excited. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a big glass of water. Joe watched her as she nervously paced around the house. The hour seemed to take forever for both of them. The kids picked up on their nervous energy and started crabbing at each other. Jerri checked the clock and started heading to their room. Joe was two steps behind her. They went into the washroom and Jerri peed on the test. Another five minutes of hell as they waited for the test to register. They both checked the little display window.

"Positive?" Jerri asked Joe.

"Positive," He replied.

They grinned at each other and hugged. Joe kissing her and squeezing her tightly.

Jerri looked up at Joe, "Should we tell the kids or wait until we do the third test?"

"These tests are pretty accurate now babygirl, we've tried two different ones and they've both said positive."

"Let's go tell them then! I can't wait to see their faces." Jerri said with a cheshire cat grin.

Joe and Jerri returned to the livingroom, Max and Zoey were playing on the wii.

"Glad to see you two getting along again," Joe said. "Why don't you turn that off for a few minutes, your mom and I have to talk to you about a few things."

"Kids we have a question to ask you. I don't think I should be asking you this I think it's your Mom's job."

Jerri looked at both kids, "Remember how you asked us for a baby brother or sister? I need to know if you still feel that way."

Zoey's face lit up. "You mean?"

"Shut up!" Max said in disbelief.

Jerri nodded her head and barely had time to open her arms as the kids piled into her. "In about eight months we should have a new baby, kids."

Joe looked at Jerri and the kids, Max was at least an inch or more taller than her. Zoey was catching up, but was still very petite. There was no denying they were his kids, their dark brown hair and eyes and features were all him. Max was a gentle and generally quiet giant, always protective of his little sister even though she was more than able to fight her own battles. Little Zoey was a shining beauty who would leave a lot of broken hearts in her path when she matured. They'd both come into their own with Jerri's influence. Joe thought that maybe it was her way of paying him back for all he'd done for her. He never expected that from her, he'd been happy just knowing he'd done the right thing.

"Ok kids stop trying to squish that baby out of your mom before it's ready." Joe said with a laugh.

"Joe, we can't have this baby before we're married. I love you to death daddy, but this baby needs to have your name."

"I'm assuming you want to get married before you're too far along then, right babygirl?"

Jerri laughed, "Do you really want me to look like a land whale on our wedding day Joe?"

Joe gave Max a wink, "Well how about a walrus then?"

Jerri gave Joe a dirty look and threw her plastic tumbler at him. "You wanna have sex again you'd better watch what you say old man."

"Okay, okay I'll call in the cavalry." Joe got the phone and called the best wedding planners he knew. "Hey mom? Call the girls and get over here. Yes I know she's a wonderful girl, I wouldn't have proposed if I didn't think so. I'm glad the family all loves her, it means a lot to me. Listen mom, I need you, Karen and Marie to come over right away. We have a marriage emergency. No it's not what you think, Jerri's pregnant and insists that we get married before the baby comes." Joe pulled the phone from his ear as his mother cheered loudly, "Yeah I think we've got a window of three to four months. Okay thanks mom, love you and see you in a bit."

Joe turned and smiled at Jerri, "Well we've got our planners coming over babygirl."

Jerri looked nervously at Joe, "Are you sure we can do all this on such short notice?"

"Sugar-plum if anyone can do it, it's my mom and sisters," Joe laughed.


Three months can go by awfully fast when you're planning a wedding in that time. Joe's mom and sisters had done an amazing job coordinating everything. They'd been on time and in the budget. Joe's mom and dad had even offered to pay for half of the wedding as a gift to them.

Joe waited at the head of the church with his best men and groomsmen. He and Jerri had decided that Zoey and Maxie would be co-best man and maid of honour. Joe's dad had volunteered to walk Jerri down the aisle. Joe looked over at Max, he was a damn handsome kid Joe thought to himself.

The music started and the bride's maids started down the aisle. Zozo lead the procession, looking gorgeous, Joe was so proud of her too, she was so pretty she could be a model.

Then Jerri and his dad turned into the aisle and Joe took in a sharp breath. He'd never seen Jerri look so beautiful before. She literally glowed, everyone was stunned into silence. The only way you could tell she was pregnant was the slight bulge in her belly.

Joe smiled at Jerri as she walked toward him and she smiled back nervously. Joe's dad handed her off when they got to the front of the church. His dad shook his hand, then hugged and kissed Jerri. Joe's dad's eyes misted up, "Be good to each other, never forget the joy you feel today." With that he went and sat with Joe's, mom.

The ceremony started and went very well until Jerri messed up on a line.

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