tagIncest/TabooMy 'Niece' Jerri Ch. 03

My 'Niece' Jerri Ch. 03


This story is my property and cannot be copied or distributed without my express permission. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and the not-so-innocent. Any resemblance to people living, dead or non-existent is merely a coincidence. All of my stories are written on my htc touch vogue cell phone using word mobile.


At six months along Jerri was still carrying very small. Her doctor ordered an ultrasound just to make sure the baby was still growing well. Joe decided to take the day and go with her as support. When they got to the clinic they found out that the ultrasound technician was a client of Joe's. She offered to let Joe in to observe the procedure and he accepted gladly.

They were almost done when Joe saw something on the screen, "Hey what's that?"

Julie, the technician quickly moved the monitor out of Jerri's eye-shot.

Once she was done Jerri barely made it into the bathroom. That gave Joe and Julie a few minutes to talk undisturbed.

"Did I see what I thought I saw Julie?" Joe asked excitedly.

She smiled and nodded, "I'm ninety percent sure she's a girl Joe, congratulations."

"And what about her size? Is she okay?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"Well she is a bit small but still within the normal range. She's just going to be a wee thing like her big sister, that's all."

Joe gave Julie a hug and thanked her again for everything.

Julie laughed and reminded Joe that the final say on everything was the doctor of course.


A few weeks later they were in the doctor's office to go over the ultrasound results. They got called in and sat quietly while their doctor quickly went over the report again.

Jerri's patience wore out, "So Doctor Young, is the baby okay?"

Doctor Young looked up from the report. "Yes the baby's fine, small but still within norms. Would you like to know it's sex?"

Jerri looked at Joe to help her decide. "Babygirl I don't care either way, but Zozo would kill us if she knew we could've found out but decided not to."

Jerri shook her head and grinned at her doctor. "Well I guess I'm out voted by a ten year old girl doc."

Doctor Young smiled as she told them that the baby was a girl. Jerri squealed with joy and hugged and kissed Joe.

"I have other good news for you two. It seems our little missy has decided to stick around for the duration. You should be safe to have sex again, just take it easy and if you start spotting stop okay?"

Jerri jumped into Joe's lap and cried out "Yay! We can have sex again! Isn't that great daddy?"

Dr Young chuckled and smiled at them, "You're definitely my cutest patients. We'll see you at your next visit."


They hadn't even put the car into park yet and Joe and Jerri were trying to get each other naked. Their lips were locked and their hands were busy groping. They managed to make it into the house before being charged with indecent exposure.

"Oh daddy, six months is way too long!" Jerri said as she shimmied out of her pants and panties on her way to their bedroom.

Joe was pulling off his clothes as fast as he could, "Tell me about it babygirl, I've loved fucking your hot little ass these past few months but daddy loves your pussy the best," Joe growled.

They fell on to their bed and Joe spooned behind Jerri, kissing her neck and stroking her softly rounded belly.

Jerri pushed back into Joe, moaning softly. "Fuck me daddy, I need to feel you inside me. Just remember to be gentle, we don't want to hurt the baby."

Joe's fingers slipped lower, finding her already moist pussy. "Hmm, it seems like someone's ready," Joe chuckled.

Jerri laughed, "Just fuck your babygirl before I find someone who will you ass."

Joe placed his cock against her pussy and slowly pushed in. Jerri's cunny engulfed Joe's cock, swallowing it hungrily. They both gasped and moaned.

"Oh Christ baby is it just me or are you tighter than you were before?

"Uhm, I think it's the baby daddy. I bet everything's shifted a bit because of her."

"Well I'm beginning to like her," Joe said as he slowly stroked into Jerri.

Jerri purred as Joe pumped in and out of her. "Oh daddy this feels so good. Let's make it last as long as possible."

Joe kissed her ear, "Well we've only got a half hour before the kids get home."

They made love slowly and sensually, enjoying each other's bodies and the sensations they were creating. Jerri came first, her body arching, and calling out Joe's name. She was gasping and moaning as Joe came in her, splashing his cum inside her tight pussy.

They slipped under the sheets and cuddled with five minutes to spare.

"Another little girl. Any ideas on what we should call the little squid?"

"Daddy you're terrible! You're talking about our daughter you know."

Joe laughed and hugged Jerri tight. "I know babygirl, and I'm so happy we've got a beautiful little girl on the way."

"Mom! Dad! We're home! Oh god Zo there's clothes everywhere. Are you guys in bed again?" Max called out.

Jerri giggled and Joe laughed, "Yup! And we're staying here until dinner."

Max shot back from his parents' bedroom door, "You know she's already pregnant dad, having sex with mom again won't make her pregnant a second time."

Zoey giggled at Maxie and her dad as she climbed into bed beside Jerri. "So how'd your appointment go today mom?"

Jerri hugged Zoey close, "It went fine sweetie, Dr Young said the baby's a bit small but she's going to be fine.

Zoey's eyes popped, "'She's' going to be fine? Like a baby girl?"

Jerri and Zoey hugged, and Zoey gave her mom a kiss.

Even though Max would've preferred a boy he was still excited and gave Jerri a hug and kiss too. "God you guys get dressed, you're perverting our young minds!" he said with a grin.

Jerri laughed and gave Maxie another kiss, "Blame your pervy old dad, he corrupted me when I was younger."

Max shook his head and made his way to the door, "Come on Zozo, let's go start dinner so they can get dressed."

"Get used to seeing my boobs son of mine, I plan on breast feeding your baby sister you know!" Jerri called after him with a laugh.

At dinner they were bantering about some names for the new baby. Everyone had their favourite names and they were close to having a serious argument.

Joe finally asked Zoey to get a piece of paper and some pens. "Okay, everyone pick your three favourite names and put them each on a slip of paper. We'll throw them in a pot and pick two and that will be the little squid's name okay?"

Everyone quickly wrote their choices down and Joe shook up the pot to mix them up. "Okay babygirl you pick first. But don't tell anyone until both names are picked. Your's is the first name. Max, you get to pick the second name."

Jerri and Max both picked out a slip. Jerri looked at her slip and Joe did a drum roll on the table. "And the baby's first name will be...'Rebecca'!"

Max jumped up and cheered then looked at his slip. With another drum roll from dad he peeked at the slip and looked around, "Her second name will be 'Leigh'!"

Now it was Zoey's turn to do her happy dance. "Yay! I'm going to call her Leelee!"

Jerri and Joe shared a look and grinned, both knowing the other had put the kids' first picks on their own slips.

"So there we go, Rebecca Leigh it is, and no more arguments okay?" Jerri said with a smile.


Joe got the call from Jerri in the middle of the afternoon while he was doing a project update with one of his biggest clients. He excused himself momentarily.

"Yeah babygirl? Ten minutes apart eh. Okay I'll call mom and dad, one of them will get you and the other will get the kids at school. I'm on my way honey, don't worry you'll be fine."

Joe called his partner and gave him the heads up. His partner told him to go ahead and he'd head over and finish the update.

Joe returned to the boardroom and apologized for the interruption. He had a big smile on his face, "Unfortunately I have to leave, but my partner will be here shortly to complete the progress report. On that note I have to go to the hospital as I'm going to be a daddy."

On the way to his car Joe called his folks, "Hey dad it's time. I need you to pick up Jerri and the kids. I'll meet you all at the hospital. Thanks dad, love to you and mom. Bye."

Joe got to the hospital a half hour after Jerri and the kids. He met his dad and the kids outside Jerri's room then went in to see how Jerri was doing.

"Hi mom, how's our girl doing?"

"I'm doing fine daddy, the contractions hurt but it's nothing I can't handle yet." Jerri said.

"The doctor's been in to see her and she says everything is progressing well. If you want, your dad and I will take the kids down to get some food. Did you want anything?"

"Thanks mom, maybe a coffee and a bagel?"

Joe's mom gave him a peck on the cheek, "Relax honey, Jerri's in good hands here. Just think of how beautiful your little girl is going to be."

"Was I this nervous with Max and Zozo?"


"Does it ever get easier mom?"

Joe's mom chuckled, "I think your dad still has nightmares from every one of you kids. We'll be back in a bit ok loves?"

Joe sat with Jerri, counting her contractions and helping her with her breathing. It was a very long evening, the kids refused to go home until Rebecca was born. She finally decided to pop out just shortly after ten o'clock. Everyone was ecstatic, the kids got to hold their baby sister and mommy came through everything with flying colours.

"Babygirl you were amazing, I'm so proud of you. I love you so much honey. Look at her babe, isn't she the most beautiful thing?"

Jerri was crying with relief and joy, she held little Rebecca and just kept kissing her. "Oh daddy she's perfect. I'm so happy. What a beautiful Christmas present for us all."

"Yeah baby, she's a few weeks early for Christmas but I couldn't think of a better gift. Get some rest and I'll get the kids home and in bed. I'm going to keep them home the rest of the week. I'm sure they want to spend time with you and their new sister."


This chapter closes off the series. Thank you for reading about Jerri and Joe.


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