tagIncest/TabooMy Niece Sees Something She Likes

My Niece Sees Something She Likes


The bathroom door opened and my niece stood there, looking right at me, with her mouth hanging open.

I was standing at the sink, completely naked, brushing my teeth. I turned toward her, holding my toothbrush in my own mouth, probably with toothpaste froth leaking onto my chin.

Her eyes darted to my semi-erect cock. It was jutting right out from my body. I usually masturbate in the shower, and I often start a fantasy and get hard while brushing my teeth.

"I'm sorry, uncle Mike," she said and closed the door.

I rinsed my mouth and spat the toothpaste foam into the sink. I wrapped a towel around my waist and carefully knotted it and went out to talk to my niece. She is only eighteen years old.

She was in her room.

"I'm sorry, Jenny."

I'd been staying with them while I looked for a new job.

My sister and my niece live alone. They have their own little house, a legacy of my sister's divorce. My sister has a bedroom on the ground floor and my niece had the three small rooms in the attic all to herself until I'd come to stay with them. I was using one of those rooms. She has her own bathroom up there too, and I had been using it when she'd caught me naked.

In her room, she said, "It's my fault. I should've knocked. When I get home from school, I'm always the only one in the house, and that's my bathroom. Mom never comes upstairs, and I forgot that you're here. I'm so sorry." She was blushing.

I'd only been staying with them for three days, and they were still getting used to having me in the house.

"It's okay, sweetie, no harm done."

My niece giggled nervously. "You sure? I'd feel so embarrassed if a guy did that to me."

"Guys aren't shy like girls. I really don't mind. I am sorry, but only sorry that I embarrassed you."

"It really doesn't bother you that I saw?"

I laughed and said, "Really, truly. I'm just not shy that way."

"I never saw a guy before."

I laughed. "Well, I'm honored to be the first," I joked.

I was surprised that she'd never seen a boy naked before. My niece is a very beautiful girl. She has gray eyes that sometimes suddenly turn sky blue. Her jet black hair is thick and long and curly, and it goes down to the middle of her back. She has creamy white skin that freckles lightly in the summer in a way that is quite fetching. She is only about five feet tall. Her breasts seem to be a b-cup, but her waif-like frame makes them seem to aggressively jut out.

"It looked so big!"

"I don't know. I've not seen other guys half erect, so I don't know if mine is big or small or average." Girlfriends have told me that I have a big one, but I think a lot of women just say that because they believe that every man on the planet wants and needs to hear it.

She laughed and said, "I only saw it for a second."

I laughed and teased her, "You missed your chance. You shouldn't have closed the door so quick."

"You could show me again."

I laughed. "Your mom wouldn't like that." I assumed that she was joking.

"She wouldn't care. When I turned thirteen, she put me on the pill, even though I didn't have a boyfriend. Sometimes I think that she wants me to start having sex. She rented dirty movies and wanted me to watch them, so that I'd know about sex --- as if she didn't tell me enough all the time already! --- but I didn't ever watch them. She bought a bunch of them too, even lesbian ones and ones with fags, and mixed them in with all with 'The Little Mermaid,' 'Erin Brockovich,' and all the other movies we have. It's so embarrassing and gross and just way too weird and creepy. I swear, I never watched any of them. I put them in a box and hid the box so that my friends won't find them when they come over." She giggled, "That's why I hide up here. It's like she's nosy about everything, and she's always lecturing me. She embarrasses me in front of my friends all the time too."

I laughed. It sounded like the kind of things that my sister would do. My sister is very liberal, and often jokingly calls herself a "moonbat progressive."

"I'm sorry that I invaded your sanctuary."

"It's okay, uncle Mike. I love you and I'm glad that you're here. Besides, now I saw my first penis! I just wish that I got a better look."

"Why would you want to see mine again? You have all those nasty movies. You can just pop one in and fast forward until you see some cute guy naked, a guy a lot cuter than me too. You really don't want to see mine first, believe me. I'm your uncle, and I'm older than your mother."

"I already saw it first." She giggled and teased me, "It doesn't bother me that you an old man. I just want a better look, and yours is real, not one on the TV."

I laughed nervously and repeated, "Your mom wouldn't approve."

"I turned eighteen two months ago, a legal adult in all fifty states, and I'm old enough to decide what I want to do."

"I guess you're right about that," I said, "but your mom is my sister, and I really don't want her to throw me out on my ear or to be angry at me for the rest of our lives. I need to make what little money I have left last until I find another decent paying job. Besides, I don't much like the idea of being taken for a nice scenic ride in a police car with my hands handcuffed behind my back."

"What if she said that it's okay? I won't tell anyone else, I promise." She already had her cellphone out and was calling her mother.

I laughed again, even more nervously. I'm a lot more sexually conservative than my sister, and I simply didn't consider the possibility that my niece would actually think to call to ask her mother.

I sat there as she laughingly told her mother what had happened and told her that she just wanted another look and that I wanted "signed permission slip" from her "mommie."

She handed me the phone.

"Hi, sis, I'm really . . . " I was going to apologize for what had happened, but my sister interrupted me.

"Mike, she's old enough to decide what she wants to do. If she just wants to see your cock or even if she wants you to be her first lover or just her first fuck, I don't see why not, unless you don't want to do it. What consenting adults do in private --- I consider her an adult --- is entirely between them. It's in both the Ten Commandments and the Constitution, for christssake." My sister laughed, "Besides, I don't know why you wouldn't. She's pretty cute. I bet she'd be a very eager learner. She's right in the house, and you two are all alone up there up there in the attic. No one will ever know what the two of you do this afternoon or every night for a long as you're here. It's not like someone like you without a job who lives with his sister is likely to meet anyone else any time soon. I told her that she shouldn't tell anyone, whatever you two do. I told her that I just don't want to know the details. She has been on the Pill since she was thirteen, and I simply do not know for the life of me why she hasn't been fucking like a little bunny in heat all this time."

Our parents were conservative Catholics. My sister had gone so far the other way that she had become just as nutty and fanatical in her progressive politics and her sexually liberated beliefs as our parents were in their conservative-Republican and puritanical ones.

I thought of myself as somewhere between those two extremes.

"Okay, sis, okay." It was what I usually ended up saying. My sister always took it as a sign that she'd convinced me with her irrefutable logic, but I always said it simply out of complete exhaustion.

I handed the phone back to my niece.

My niece got an earful too. She rolled her eyes and made mocking faces while her mother droned on and on.

"Thanks mom!" My niece hung up, probably cutting off half or more of my sister's lecture.

Like a lot of middle-aged liberal women, my sister absolutely loves to pontificate.

My niece laughed. "I hate to ask her about stuff. She never knows when to just say 'yes,' even though she always ends up saying 'yes.'"

I laughed. I love my sister, but I hate talking with her.

"I bet if I asked her permission to get an operation to be turned into a dolphin that she'd give me back-to-back lectures about the rights of transgender people and on dolphin-safe tuna fishing."

I laughed, but then asked, "Why a dolphin?"

"Duh, 'South Park'! You know, when Kyle's dad gets dolphinplasty."

"Okay." I didn't watch the show, so I still didn't know what she was talking about.

She said, "So let me see."

"You sure, sweetie? I'm your uncle and I'm almost three times your age."

She giggled. "No more excuses. Whip it out. I really want to see it, want a good long look too."

She pulled the chair right up close to the bed and even leaned forward for a better look. She was sitting on the only chair in the room and I was sitting on her bed.

She said, "I really never saw one before."

For a moment, I felt trapped. I wished that I had simply said that I didn't think it a good idea rather than rely upon my sister's custodial authority over my niece to protect me.

But then I thought, what the heck? I truly wasn't shy. It was just that she was my niece.

But she really did want to see my cock. I figured that no harm would come of it, and her mother had green-lighted my showing her.

I laughed nervously and opened the towel, uncovering my cock, and opened my knees so that she could see it better.

She was looking, her eyes wide. "Wow."

I laughed.

"It was bigger before and sticking straight out. Now small and just dangling there. It was erect before."

My cock had shrunk quickly after she'd opened the bathroom door.

"I was aroused before."

She asked, "Were you going to masturbate in the shower?"

I laughed nervously again, and I'm sure that I blushed. I didn't know how to answer her question. I didn't want to lie to her, however.

"I don't mean to embarrass you," she said. "Mom saw that I was rubbing myself when I was little. She gave me a vibrator and told me how to use it and even offered to show me how to use it. But I said 'no,' because that was like way way weird and creepy." She giggled and added, "I use it three time a day. The Rabbit is the best. I love it!"

"The 'Rabbit'?" I didn't know what she meant.

She giggled and reached under her bed and brought out her vibrator. It was pink clear plastic, a phallic shape but with a second, smaller phallic-like bulge that had something like bunny ears sticking out of the top. The whole thing looked more like a kangaroo with a baby kangaroo sticking out of its pouch than a rabbit to me, other than that the two ears on the baby kangaroo stuck right up.

"It's waterproof. I use it in the shower every morning and at night before bed, and I come right home and use it in bed as soon as get home from school too."

She giggled and said, "I have six or seven of them. She gives me a new one every year, for my birthday." She reached under the bed and brought out two more. "The others are around here somewhere, other than I gave two to my best bud Alicia."

I laughed. When I had been her age, I had masturbated by the same schedule, and had done pretty much the same ever since, three times a day, morning, afternoon, and night.

She went on without stopping, "After school, I look at these."

She showed me a beefcake calender with young, cute, very good-looking men in tight little speedos. She flipped through the months, showing me the men. One of the twelve was Asian, another black, and a third appeared to be Hispanic. She giggled, "Mom gives me two calendars every year, one with guys and one with girls, but the girls never float my boat the way that the guys do."

I laughed again. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't imagine telling anyone about my jacking off when I had been her age, and I was a guy.

"In the shower in the morning and at night I just think naughty and even nasty thoughts."

"Jenny, I'm fifty-two years old, twelve years older than your mother. I'm bald. I'm fat. I already have a few little liver spots on my face." I pointed at the sides of my face. "I'm your uncle. You can get a guy as good looking as any of these," I pointed to the her beefcake calender, "to show you his penis, even get more than one of them to do it, if that's what you want."

"Guys don't ask me out. They don't even like talking to me."

"Guys your age act like doofuses with the prettiest girls."

"Everyone says that I'm pretty, but no one asks me out."

"It's because you're so pretty that it scares them."

She giggled. "Whatever. I saw yours and I wanted to see it again. I really like looking at it. I'd like it if you'd show me whenever I want while you're here, if you don't mind too much. Besides, I feel safe with you. You're changing the subject. I showed you my vibrator, told you that I'm an obsessive-compulsive masturbator. I know that all guys do it too. But you still won't tell me if you were gonna spank your naughty monkey in my shower today."

I laughed. Since she was so open and honest with me, I told her the truth. "Yes, I was going to jack off in the shower."

"Wow. You did it in my shower before?" She joked, "I'm glad I'm on the Pill already! Sometimes I use underwater Roger Rabbit in the tub."

Her bathroom had a standard prefab shower-tub combination unit.

I laughed and said, "Yup, a very good thing. Otherwise you'd be knocked up already."

She giggled. "I wish you'd let me watch, but I know that I've weirded you out already."

I laughed. "You haven't really weirded me out. I'm just not used to girls being this forward, and of course you are my niece."

"Can I touch it, uncle Mike, please, or is that too weird too? I just want to know what it feels like. Everyone says that it's normal at my age to be curious."

I thought about it, and said, "Okay, I guess."

"Thank you."

She reached out and lightly touched my penis with just the tips of her index and middle fingers. Then she wrapped her whole hand around it. Her hand felt warm.

"Wow, it's getting bigger."

I laughed and said, "He likes being touched."

"So I can touch him every day after school?" She giggled. "Does he have a name? Mom told me that all guys name theirs."

"An old girlfriend used to call him 'Rufus,' but later she told me that her first dog was named Rufus."

She laughed. She had let go of my penis and instead was examining my balls and my scrotum. She had leaned closer, for a better look, and I could feel her breath on my thighs and my belly.

"This is so cool. The skin is so soft."

She took my cock in her hand again and squeezed it gently and released, and squeezed and released again. "It's sort of squishy, and it's getting bigger.

I was already half erect.

"The top of it is like a mushroom."

"It's called the head."

"Please, let me watch you masturbate. If you want, you can watch me do it. I'm really wet right now. I do it when I get home from school anyway, but I haven't yet."

She had only been out of school for a little while.

"We really shouldn't."

My cock quickly got fully erect, however, right in her warm little hand. She watched, wide eyed, and giggled. "Oh my gawd, it's so big and hard!"

She wrapped her hand around the shaft and examined the cockhead with her other hand. She had her right elbow and most of her right forearm on my left thigh.

I laughed nervously.

"Why did it do that? Was it that I offered to let you watch me masturbate?"

"Yes." She had been so honest with me that I didn't want to lie to her, so I added, "It was the thought of seeing you naked too. You're a very beautiful girl too, and you're so young. I've not seen a girl as young and beautiful as you naked in a very long time, since college, maybe not even then."

She giggled and let go of my cock and laughed. "No guy has ever seen me naked, but I saw you."

She began to unbutton her blouse.

"You don't have to do that."

"I want to. You can watch me masturbate even if you don't want to let me watch you. It'd be cool to do it while you watch. I bet it would make me even wetter than I am now. It feels so good when I masturbate when I get really excited and it's even better when I cum."

She took off her shirt and then took off her bra. It hooked in the front. She giggled nervously but didn't cover her breasts at all.

Her avocado-sized breasts were beautiful Because she was so thin, her breasts looked bigger and seemed to stick out even more than they would've otherwise. Her upturned nipples were hard and pointy; they were nut brown and the size of quarters.

She leaned down and took off her shoes and then her socks. She unbuckled and unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them and pulled them and her azure-colored panties down at the same time. She was completely naked.

"I'm so wet right now. I can't believe it. Can I go first? I know that I'll be able to do it again after you do it, unless you don't want to do it. Even then, I bet I'll want to do it again, maybe more than once. Sometimes I come home and play with my pussy for an hour or more."

She came and sat next to me an the bed.

She opened her legs, and I leaned over and looked right at her pussy. Like the hair on her head, her pussy hair was jet black. It wasn't so thick that I couldn't see the lips. She was right: she was very wet.

"You can touch it if you want. I touched you. You can touch it as much as you want."

I laughed nervously.

She said, "You don't have to if you don't want to," but she took my hand and put it on it.

I pushed a finger inside her and then two. I pushed them all the way in, and they went in easily. She was even wetter inside, and she was so warm.

"Oh god, that's so good too. I always wondered what it would be like to have a guy finger me."

She lay back on the bed and opened her legs wider. She took the vibrator and turned it on. I was surprised at how loud it sounded. She gently brushed my hand aside and pushed the dildo shaped head and body of it into her pussy.

"Mom gives me KY lube, but I never need it, since I always get wet as soon as I start."

She fucked herself in and out with the vibrator.

"The bunny ears tickle my clit! That's the best part."

She pushed it in deep and held it inside her.

I was sitting up, watching her. I'd never watched a woman masturbate before, outside porn, and my niece was the best-looking girl I'd ever seen naked..

She reached over and took my hard cock in her other hand and held the last four or five inches, including the head, and squeezed it.

She pushed the vibrator hard inside her pussy, clenched her legs together and raised her butt off the bed and came. She moaned, "Oh god, oh god, Jesus fucking Christ, it's so good."

Afterward, she giggled.

My cock was big and hard, huge even, and tingling. I was very excited.

I reached over and gently lifted and pushed her by one hip. "Roll on your side, sweetie. I really need to be inside you."

"Okay. Just don't tell mom, please."

She rolled on her side and I got behind her, spooning with her.

I reached down and lifted her butt-cheek.

She giggled nervously, "I don't think that you should put it in my butt. One time mom lectured me about how . . ."

I pushed my cock into her pussy. It slid right in.

"Oh, I didn't know . . . But it's okay, I'm on the Pill."

I started to fuck her, sliding my cock all the way in and then I pulled it all the way out.

I started to moan. It was wettest, smoothest, tightest, and hottest pussy that I'd ever been in.

I fucked her and fucked her.

She raised her leg a little and put the head of the phallus of the vibrator between her legs and pushed it as close as she could get it to her clit. I could hear it humming.

She moaned too. We were both moaning.

I reached over and took one of her breasts into my hand and cupped and then squeezed it and the pulled and twisted her nipple. She put her hand over mine.

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