tagIncest/TabooMy Niece, The Cleaning Lady Pt. 02

My Niece, The Cleaning Lady Pt. 02


I accidentally flashed my niece when she came to my house to clean one day. I had no idea until I discovered her diary, quite by accident, and saw how she described the incident and the events that followed.

I began really looking forward to cleaning day at my house. Every week my niece would wear something provocative and I got more than one chance to admire her beautiful perky breasts and shapely butt sealed within tight short shorts.

Just as she had dreamed about me, stroking my hard throbbing cock and sucking it until I exploded all over her, I dreamed of her too.

More than once I woke up in the middle of the night with my cock throbbing and spewing cum all over the place remembering a dream that featured her. The vision of her sitting in front of me with legs spread wide and pussy wet and begging for attention from my tongue brought me to climax in my sleep. Then I couldn't help but lay there running my fingers through the wet sticky mess imagining her silky, wet cunt on my lips.

I would eventually drift back off to sleep amidst my fantasy only to awaken hard as a rock again in the morning.

My niece called me and invited me over for dinner one night. She said she was having some friends from college over and would like me to come over to show her appreciation for all the help with the moving etc. I naturally accepted.

I arrived a little early only to find her dressed in nothing but a towel with wet hair just out of the shower. She answered with the door wide open for all to see and I saw one of her neighbors nearly walk into a wall as he passed by just at the right time. It was understandable. Her body was barely covered by the towel and where it came together split all the way up to her hip on the right side completely exposing her smooth, shapely leg. Caught at the right angle one would definitely see some pubic hair, assuming there was any. I couldn't help but wonder how much the guy saw and what he was thinking about right now.

"Come on in, I was just about to get dressed. My friends should be around in a few."

She turned and walked away and I got a good look at that gorgeous, perfect butt, barely covered by the towel, and I started to tingle already with the thought that there was nothing between us but that towel.

"I guess I'm a little early."

"That's ok, I'm glad. Help yourself to the fridge, there's beer or whatever in there. I'm gonna grill some burgers."

She disappeared around the corner as she entered her bedroom but I saw the towel drop on the bed meaning she was totally naked with the door open in there.

I could imagine myself walking in, looking her in the eye, and touching her cheek. I would slowly draw my hand down her neck to her shoulder. Her smooth glistening skin bringing a charge of electricity to my whole body as I took in every sensation. My cock stiffened as I saw myself gently and slowly moving down her arm all the way to her hand moving it to my shoulder and sliding back up her arm to her side and softly feeling her breast on the back of my fingers, watching her breath quicken as I reached her nipple. She gasps for air as I touch the hardened tip and linger there.

"Say, would you mind grabbing the burgers out of the fridge? There's spices in the cupboard. Just put whatever you like on them."

Her voice jerked me out of my fantasy. "Sure" I stuttered.

I moved around to the kitchen and glanced directly into the bedroom. She was in the bathroom completely naked, her beautiful body reflected in a full length mirror. She was hotter than I imagined. As she faced the sink I could see her tits in the mirror perfect and firm, her ass shapely and smooth. I could think of nothing but dropping my pants and sticking my now rock hard member between her legs and pumping her until she screamed.

I came to myself and realized I should get to the task at hand. I was pretty sure she was flashing me on purpose.

I had everything out on the counter when the doorbell rang.

"Oh, would you get that? That'll be Rachel and Jeannie"

Again "Sure" was all I could manage and she disappeared from view as the door closed.

I tried to adjust myself so my excitement wouldn't be so obvious as I opened the door to two very hot young ladies, one wearing one of those halter tops and loose, short, cutoffs and the other a sun dress. Short and flimsy.

So much for calming down.

We made introductions and they joined me in the cramped kitchen working side by side on the meal. Soon there was four of us in there and it was impossible to avoid contact with one body part or another. I was glad to have been distracted enough by the food prep that I was at least calming down a little for now.

My niece wasn't exactly helping. She came out wearing a white button up shirt, no bra and gym shorts that left little to the imagination.

We soon moved to the balcony, beer and burgers in hand to start the grill.

Sitting around the patio was an experience all to itself. I always loved sundresses and the way they ride up when a girl is sitting down and Rachel wasn't being any kind of careful how she sat. I couldn't help but fixate on her smooth, shapely legs leading my eyes slowly up to her perfect, luscious ass.

At the same time Jeannie was sitting across from me, feet perched on the front of the chair, legs spread giving me a clear shot up her shorts all the way to her scant, pink panties barely covering her vagina. I could see pubic hair and wanted nothing more than to slowly move my tongue up her leg to part her luscious, wet lips. How it must feel to caress that soft, supple warm slit, tasting her juices.

By now we had all had at least a couple of beers and more than a few laughs. I had also noticed a balcony in the next building where a young man was sitting, eyes transfixed on us, or more specifically the girls. He was no doubt envious of me and who could blame him. Here I sat with three beautiful young girls, barely covered at all, getting an up close show. And a show it was since my niece was non too careful either. More than once I had an up close look at gorgeous bare titties. Perfect brown nipples standing erect so they were obvious even through the fabric of her shirt. I know she was having a good time.

She described to the girls how I had helped her move a couple of times and how grateful she was for my help putting furniture together etc.

"Oh by the way" she quipped. "Could you take a quick look at my headboard? I put it together but it doesn't seem to be tight. It wiggles".

"Sure" It seems that's the only reply I had tonight, but then, who could be glib right now.

I made my way into the bedroom to have a look. I was laying on the floor to see better as Rachel approached from out of the bathroom.

"Can I help?"

She was standing over me, feet positioned on either side providing a perfect view up her skirt,,, and there were no panties. Her pussy was beautiful. Full, dark lips and a swollen clit. It was cleanly shaved and already wet. I was taken by surprise and my cock reacted immediately. I needed to adjust but didn't want to be obvious so there it was, bent over and asking for attention.

"Ah, sure" ,,,Again with the sure!

"Can you just steady the headboard while I put this screw in? I seem to be having a little trouble hitting the hole". We both smiled making the same connection.

She moved in closer kneeling down so she was only about a foot away from my face. I had a really hard time concentrating on the bolt since I was looking straight at that inviting, wet hole. I could see the pink and smell her at this point.

I managed to get the bolt in when I felt her hand first on my leg and then move to my cock.

"Oooh, you seem to need attention".

Positioning herself so she was nearly sitting on my face, I heard my fly unzipping and felt her unbutton my pants.

She gave me very needed relief straightening my cock and stroking it through my underwear. It wasn't long though before she freed it from it's prison and had it in the open grasping it firmly with her hand.

She reached my cock with her tongue and began to circle my swollen knob and lapping up the precum with a sigh of satisfaction. I lay there as she took it slowly into her mouth and began to pump, fingers caressing my balls and tongue tickling the tip on each stroke.

The combination of surprise, a wet pussy in my face and her expert movements had me breathing heavily and moving toward climax way quicker than I would have imagined. It wasn't long before I was beginning to convulse and tried to slow down when she thrust her pussy directly into my face so all I could do was give in while tasting those awesome juices. Feeling that soft smooth wetness on my mouth and face. Pumping and caressing her with my tongue.

I heard a soft sigh and I exploded in her mouth as her juices flowed all over my face and her legs pressed tightly on my sides. We shook in unison, muffling our pleasure so as not to alert the others of our excitement.

She swallowed every drop, lapping up every bit that escaped and making sure to lick the tip until I was completely limp and dry. She then turned around and began to lick her own juices off of my face and stuck her tongue deeply into my mouth groaning with satisfaction as she tasted her own wetness mixed with my cum and saliva. I felt her warm, wet pussy press against my flaccid cock and relished the feeling wishing I were once again hard and thrusting deep inside her.

I lay there spent and amazed as she stood and walked away with a smile.

It took me a few minutes to gather my strength enough to finish the task at hand, wash my face and manage my way back to the balcony, job done.

An hour or two of talking and drinking brought more of a great show with all three girls doing their best to make a game of revealing themselves in ways that would seem accidental in order to watch me going up and down like an elevator, mostly up.

They also noticed the guy across the way. It was a kick watching them flashing him and watching as he was obviously more and more turned on by the show. Soon he had his hand inside his pants. This only served to encourage the girls to flash more. My favorite was when Rachel bent over the railing and let her boobs fall out of her dress while exposing her bare ass and pussy to me from behind. Soon they were all three standing at the railing baring tits and cunts while encouraging him to cum for them, which he did in short order. This brought a chorus of cheers. I found myself erect and on the verge myself imagining what he was seeing.

All good things come to an end and as it got late we soon decided we had all drank too much to go anywhere. All three girls went to the bedroom and I curled up on the couch.

The giggles began in the other room immediately but it wasn't long before things got quiet. I was nearly asleep when I started hearing moaning sounds and rather loud sighs. It was definitely the sounds of sex between those three. That surprised me, especially about my niece, but I recognized her voice in a muffled scream. I could envision myself entwined with all three of their bodies, writhing in uncontrollable fury, each of us cumming with shrieks of pleasure. This pretty much sent me over the edge and it was everything I could to avoid cumming in my shorts.

I was awakened by an extreme hard-on, feeling it being squeezed and caressed. I opened my eyes to see Jeannie, in the dark, completely naked leaning over me with her hand in my shorts. I had only imagined how beautiful she was. Her tits were full and perfect, large areolas and hard erect nipples. Perfectly trimmed hair accented her swollen, wet pussy. Flowing blonde hair brushed against my chest as she slowly pulled my shorts off revealing my rock-hard member in all it's glory.

I really wasn't expecting what happened next.

She climbed on top of me slowly guiding me inside her as she sighed, closing her eyes in utter ecstasy.

There was that feeling. That smooth, wet, warm enveloping of my cock as it slid inside her. Deep, deep inside. I love that. There's no substitute for a hot, tight woman's pussy clenched around my cock as it slides in and out.

Her breathing quickened as her breasts heaved and she rocked back and forth on me. It wasn't long before she started to moan. Louder as the pitch in her voice rose and suddenly, without warning her whole body began convulsing and she squealed in painful pleasure.

"Aaaaaah, oh god!. Oh god so deep"

She began convulsing uncontrollably again and this set me off. I exploded inside her sending stream after stream deep inside her vagina. Our bodies were jerking in unison for what seemed like minutes.

Then it was over.

She dismounted, leaned down and gave me a deep, long, loving kiss. Exploring my mouth with her tongue as if she were fucking me all over again.

She broke away and strolled out of the room.

I awoke to the sun in my eyes. I lay there waking and realized I was still naked and exposed. There was a note on my chest.

"Had a great time last night.

Looks like you did too.

Help yourself to the fridge.

Thanks again for all your help."

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