tagIncest/TabooMy Niece's High School Graduation Ch. 03

My Niece's High School Graduation Ch. 03


"What's that, Uncle Jeff?" Emma asked as she looked at the jar in my hand. I sat back down in the easy chair and held out the jar of lubricant that my gorgeous 18-year old niece was eyeing up.

"This is something that will make this next handjob feel even better for both of us. It's Vaseline. And it's the best thing for jerking off with," I said as I unscrewed the lid.

"Vaseline? I thought that was just for babies," she said as she looked questioningly into the jar. "It even smells like babies."

"Yeah, this is the "Baby Fresh Scent" kind. I love the smell. I use it all the time when I jerk off."

"You jerk off, Uncle Jeff?"

"Sure I do, honey. There's nothing wrong with that. Everybody does it. Especially when they don't have a pretty girl like you around to do it for them."

"Did you like it better when I did it for you than when you do it yourself?"

"Oh absolutely, dear. I think that was the best handjob I've ever had. I can't wait for the next one." She simply beamed under my words of praise.

"Uncle Jeff, how often do you do it? You know....jerk off I mean?" she asked with a note of intense interest in her voice.

"Well honey, usually about four or five times a day," I answered honestly.

"WOW! Four or five times a day! That is so cool!" She paused and I could almost see the wheels turning in her head. "When you do it that many times a day.....when you shoot....is there always that much sperm....er....I mean...is there always that much cum as last time?"

"Well, I've been told my loads of cum are a lot bigger than most people shoot...and...well...yeah, all my loads are usually that big. The amount doesn't seem to drop off the more often I cum."

"Oh, it must be so much fun to make it shoot off like that." I watched her eyes zero in on my heavy thick cock lying dormantly along my thigh. "Uncle Jeff, have you....uh.....have you ever thought about me when you jerk off?" She looked up at me with that insecure look of young innocence again.

"Yes, honey, I have."

"How many times?"

"Well, I can honestly say, more times than I can even count." As my words registered she broke into a broad smile and was positively glowing with pride.

"Oh, Uncle Jeff! That is just so cool! That's so awesome that you think about me when you jerk off." She paused as she looked once more at the jar in my hand. "Okay, the Vaseline. What do you want me to do?" She had that eager tone to her voice again.

"Just reach your fingers in there and scoop some up on your fingers......yeah....that's about enough. Now rub your two hands together so they get well covered and warmed up." She complied with my directions instantly and soon her two delicate hands were slick shiny instruments of pleasure.

"Like that, Uncle Jeff?"

"That's perfect, dear. Now I'm just going to sit back here and relax. You take both of those nice slippery warm hands and make my cock feel real good like you did last time. Go ahead and do whatever you like. If you do anything wrong or if I want you to do something different, I'll let you know." I set the jar of lube on the little table beside me and sat back comfortably in the chair.

Emma had been sitting down between my spread thighs with her bum resting on her calves beneath her. Once she had her hands greased up, she rose onto her knees and looked down at my half-hard cock. She reached out tentatively and I felt her tiny fingertips seem to dance along the length of my rod. I looked at her beautiful face and she seemed totally fascinated and enthralled with my cock. Her fingers slipped around the thick girth and I felt that warm luxurious feeling of being encompassed by a slick warm hand.

"Mmmmmmm....that's nice, honey. Just take your time and do whatever you like," I said as I settled in to enjoy it.

"Okay, Uncle Jeff. It feels so warm and spongy in my hand." I knew it wouldn't stay like that for long.

She took her other hand and wrapped it around the head and started rotating it back and forth around the protruding crown. It felt great and I felt an initial twitch as more blood started to pump back into my manhood.

"I can feel it starting to get bigger, Uncle Jeff," she said with excitement in her voice. She put both hands together and started to pump up and down in unison as my cock continued to fill and extend. "Oh.....it's so beautiful."

"That's good, honey. You're doing that just like a grown-up woman," I said as my eyes focused in on her pert little tits jiggling enticingly beneath her tight dress as she milked her hands up an down. Her face was glowing with the thrill of pleasuring her uncle. After just a couple more minutes under the stimulation of her pumping hands, my dick was back up to its full nine thick inches.

"Oh gosh, Uncle Jeff," she said as she stared wide-eyed at my rearing stallion-like cock. "It's so big! As it kept getting harder it kept spreading the ends of my fingers further and further away from the rest of my hand. I can't believe how big around it is!"

"That's okay, Emma. It feels great just the way you're doing that."

She kept this up for another minute or so and then put one around the base of my cock while she let go with the other one. I watched as she gripped my rod and then slowly pulled it downwards until it was pointing straight towards her. She then took her hand and drew it slowly and firmly along the full length of my cock until she reached the flared crown. Just before she fully slid her hand off the tip, she reached forward with her other hand and wrapped it once again around the thick base. She started the same slow upward movement as her first hand finished its smooth stroke right off the tip. She then brought her first hand back to the base and repeated the process. It was like she was pulling a boat to shore by pulling hand over hand on a thick rope attached to the bow.

"Oh my God, Emma. Thank feels fucking incredible," I said with a noticeable moan. It felt so good in her pulling hands. My cock felt so incredibly hard. It almost felt like she was pulling more and more blood into it with her coaxing manipulations.

"I'm glad you like it, Uncle Jeff. You were right about this Vaseline. I love it. Your cock feels so hard and powerful like this. Oooops!" she squealed as her hands slipped off my cock and it sprang up to slap noisily against my stomach.

"OH GOSH! I'M SORRY! ARE YOU OKAY UNCLE JEFF?" she almost shouted in her shock at the speed and force with which my rigid cock snapped out of her hands. I was about to answer that I was fine and then noticing the genuine look of concern on her face, I thought I could take a little advantage of the situation.

"Yeah honey, I guess. The end kind of stings a bit where it slapped against my stomach." I put my fingers near the base of my dick and started to push it back down towards her. "How about you give it a little kiss to make it all better?" I suggested.

"Uh, okay," she said tentatively. With my fingers pushing on the topside of my cock, I held it in position pointing directly towards her sweet mouth. I watched enthralled as she pursed her plump full lips as her mouth descended towards my engorged crimson crown. Those beautiful soft lips got closer and closer until I felt almost a jolt of pleasure as they touched the sensitive membranes of my cock-head. Those full gorgeous lips felt so incredibly soft and warm as she pressed them against my slippery skin. She gave it a quick smooch and then lifted her head up again to look at me.

"Is that better, Uncle Jeff?"

"A little. Why don't you give it one more kiss; only this time, open your mouth a little bit more and kiss it like we kissed that second time. If you let your tongue slide over the stinging part a bit...well....that should soothe it a bit."

"Okay." She lowered her wide full mouth once again only this time I could see her lips were parted slightly. She pressed them once again to the wide mushroom head and I watched her 18-year old lips stretch further open as they allowed the very tip of my cock to enter her mouth. Oh fuck! Her mouth felt so deliciously warm and moist. Her full pouting lips spread further open and then I felt the tip of her tongue pressing into my piss-slit. Oh man! Did it ever feel great! I felt my cock surge and it was like a hard iron bar as her tongue slid out of my piss-slit and over the top of those sensitive spongy membranes. She bathed the top of my engorged flared head with her cooling saliva while keeping her lips adhered tightly above the corona. I felt her tongue slide back slightly and probe again into the very tip before she pulled her nursing mouth back off my cock.

"Was that better, Uncle Jeff? I'm sorry I let go of it like that." She continued to look genuinely concerned about my welfare.

"That was much better, dear. I'll be fine now." I paused for a second as she looked relieved. "What did you think of kissing it?"

"I couldn't believe how hot it is! And the end is so big too. I didn't know if I'd be able to get my lips around it. It's amazing how something so hard can feel so silky smooth at the same time."

"So.....you liked having it in your mouth?" I asked slowly.

"Ummmm.....yeah, I did." She paused for a second and I could see she was about to say something else. "And you know what else, Uncle Jeff? When I first let my tongue touch the end, I could taste your ummmm....what did you call it?....precum?" I nodded in agreement. "And it had that same creamy flavor as those other piles of cum I licked up last time. It tasted good so after I finished licking the top, I stuck my tongue into the end again to get a little more. Is that okay, Uncle Jeff?"

"That's fine, dear. You can have as much precum and cum as you like. The more you get, the quicker it'll help your breasts grow too." I paused as I thought about the whole weekend we had in front of us and looked down at her holding her two slick hands up anxiously. "We can try more of that with your mouth later, sweetie. Right now, can you put your hands back on it and do that "pulling the rope" hand over hand thing again?"

"Sure Uncle Jeff. Whatever you say." She reached forward and took my rigid shaft once more into her slick supple hands and pulled it downwards away from my body and then started pulling it in that hand over hand motion once again. This time she made sure she had a grip on it before she let the leading hand slide off the end. I just sat back and luxuriated in the feeling as she manipulated my raging erection.

"So, Uncle Jeff. You said we'd be able to try it out again with my mouth later?" she asked questioningly. I nodded in agreement. "So you'll still be able to go again after this time?" she said with spark of excitement.

"Oh yeah honey. I'll be able to go again in a little while. Where you're concerned, I'm pretty sure it won't be problem getting hard again. Also, I've got to keep you supplied with cum now, right?"

"Oh thanks Uncle Jeff! I'm glad I make you happy. And if you think more cum is good for me, I'll take as much as you want to give me."

"Okay sweetie. There'll be lots more for you....don't worry about it. But right now, I'd like you to try something different with your hands. Put both of then around it and put them together right in the middle....yeah, that's it. Now, slide the top hand up to the end and at the same time slide your bottom hand down to the base. Then bring them both back to the middle at the same time."

"Like this?" She moved her slick hot little hands exactly as I directed.

"Oh God, yes! That's perfect"

She got into a rhythm again of sliding her hands in opposite directions on my rigid cock. It felt so good. I let her keep that up for a few minutes before giving her some new instructions.

"Now honey, I want you to keep one hand working on the top half and I want you to take your other hand and scratch your fingernails all around the base of my cock."

"Won't that hurt, Uncle Jeff?"

"Oh no, sweetie. It'll feel really good." She did as I asked and I looked on as her blood-red fingernails scratched through my pubic hair and against the taut skin on the lower part of my shaft and all around the base of my thrusting manhood. I could see some of the Vaseline gathering under the tips of her nails as she gave me a good sense-heightening scratch. Once again, I enjoyed the pleasure of having her do this for a couple of minutes before giving her the next set of instructions.

"Oooooh.....you are so good at that Emma. I could just sit back and let you do that all day long." Her face shone with pride again at my words. "But we have to give you some more cum pretty soon so here's what I'd like you to do now. Put both hands together again....yeah...that's it. Now this time, move them both up and down in the same direction at the same time keeping them together. All the way from the base to the tip......yeah.....that's good......just like that.....only now.....I want you to kind of spin your hands around it at the same time you're moving them up and down. Do you think you can.........oh.........that is so fucking good." I was about to ask her if she thought she could do that okay but she had already started to move her sliding hands back and forth around my rigid erection at the same time she was sliding them up and down the full 9" length. I started a series of low guttural growls as waves of lustful pleasure coursed through me.

"Uncle Jeff.....the precum is starting to drip from the end of your cock. Is that okay?"

"Yes, Emma. That just means it loves what you're doing to it."

"Can I....can I lick it off?" she asked eagerly.

"Sure honey. Go ahead." I watched her tongue slide out as she lowered her mouth and she lapped at my oozing piss-slit. I watched a gooey strand get pulled back between her lips and I saw the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed.

"Mmmmmm," she purred out loud. Her milking hands were coaxing more and more of my precum to the surface and a further gob started to distend and hang from the end of my dick before she swept in with her darting tongue and captured it again. She paused in raising her head to stick her tongue directly into my gaping piss-slit and probe for more of my succulent seed. I saw a milky gob pulled back by her tongue disappear into her waiting mouth once more. That lewd display by my 18-year old niece was all it took to send me over the precipice.

"OH EMMA! KEEP THOSE HANDS MOVING.....I'M GONNA CUM!" I shouted as I felt the rush of semen speeding thru my cock. I looked at her intently long-stroking my thick shaft as she kept her eyes glued to the oozing tip. Her beautiful face and hooded eyes were a mask of lust as she pumped away with her slick little hands. My eyes focused again on her jiggling little tits tightly encased in her dress.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH......" I let out a big moan as the first thick ropey strand erupted from the end of my engorged cock-head. It spat out in a huge milky gob that shot high in the air and then splashed down on my chest once again. She kept up her ardent jacking as a second, third and fourth wad spurted forth. I was gasping breathlessly as I watched my cock continue to shoot and shoot under her skillful manipulations. My body had gone rigid and was almost convulsing as I was deep in the throes of an intense toe-curling orgasm. I looked at her face and she was wide-eyed with awe as she watched my cock spit out gob after gob of creamy thick cum. I was quivering and shaking as she pumped and pumped every last warm drop of milky semen out of me. The last few shots dropped onto her jacking hands and she slowed her pumping instinctively as the final dribbles oozed forth.

This 18--year old kid was a natural with a cock in her hands. She slowed down at the exact moment the sensitivity got to be too much for me and her hands came to an almost complete stand still as I felt the final sensations of my climax flow through me. I watched as she gripped firmly around the base with both hands and made one final upward stroke. She watched the gaping opening at the end closely as she coaxed a last milky gob to ooze forth. As the drop filled and grew in size it started to run sluggishly down the V on the underside of my cock-head. She dove forward and pressed the flat of her tongue into the creamy drop of warm semen.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as she captured her savory morsel and then rolled her tongue around the end of my cock and delved the tip into my piss-slit looking for more. I looked on breathless, my chest heaving as I drew in cool draughts of fresh air. She lifted her head from the end of my spent dick and I saw her eyes open wide as she looked up past my cock.

"UNCLE JEFF! THERE'S EVEN MORE THAN LAST TIME!" she said excitedly. We both looked down at my smooth chest and stomach. Fuck! She wasn't kidding! My chest and stomach were a total mess of cum. Little puddles and ribbons of warm milky semen made a bizarre mosaic as they covered most of my torso.

"See sweetie, I told you. That's because of the Vaseline. It always makes jerking off better."

"Wow! You're not kidding. It did feel better when my hands were all hot and slippery. And by the look at the amount of stuff.....I mean cum....that you shot, I guess you liked it better too."

We both looked down at the copious amount of warm milky semen covering me in a creamy whitish coating. I took my index finger and scooped up a sizable gob from the biggest puddle in my navel.

"Here Emma," I said as I extended my finger towards her. "It's better for you if you eat it while it's still fresh." She opened her mouth automatically and I slipped my thick cum-covered digit between her full soft lips. I felt her warm lips close around my invading finger and then her tongue swirled about it to capture the creamy viscous seed. Her mouth sucked lovingly at my finger as I slid it back and forth gently between her soft swollen lips.

"That's a good girl. Let me feed you some more of this nice fresh cream," I said as I withdrew my finger and this time used two fingers to scoop up a more sizeable amount. She edged even closer to me as she anxiously awaited her next dose of cum. As I moved my dripping hand towards her mouth, she eagerly darted her face forward and lapped at my fingers as her warm swollen lips closed around them. I saw her eyes close and she let out a soft moan as she swallowed the milky baby-batter. I scooped up another gob and slid my fingers back into her suctioning mouth. She was like a baby bird taking food from its mother as she licked and sucked eagerly at my invading digits.

"Okay sweetie, you can come and clean up the rest now," I said as I sat back and nodded towards the remaining cum strewn across me. She lifted her two hands to her face first and licked the final drops of my seed that had spewed forth at the end of my climax. She then put her hands on the tops of my thighs and leaned forwards past my deflating cock and delved her tongue deep into my navel where the biggest puddle remained. She noisily sucked and lapped up every drop of my milky man-juice. She leaned further forward and chased down every stray ribbon and drop of cum until my smooth hairless chest shone with the drying remnants of her saliva. She finally sat back and I reached forward to wipe up a final drop that was clinging to her chin.

"There you go, dear. You got it all," I said as I slowly sawed my finger back and forth between her nursing lips. After she had licked it clean, I left if there for a little while longer as her tongue and lips continued to suck enthusiastically at my thick digit. Fuck! Was she ever good! I knew I'd have more than my finger deep in her mouth before this night was over...

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