tagFetishMy Night in the Park

My Night in the Park


I'm down at the park tonight. It's about 3am, there's no one around, but the full moon seems as bright as the sun.

I've been in this clump of trees for a few minutes now, allowing myself to adjust to the light and the surroundings. Now that I've taken the time to do this, I can see just what a perfect spot it is.

The trees are all a little taller than me - tall enough to make things private, but not so tall that they block the light too much.

There's a narrow tiled path winding through the middle, and to the side of it sits a heavy park bench.

I sit on the bench to prepare myself, setting my little bag beside me. I leave what I'm wearing on for the moment - a plain black T-shirt and a knee-length skirt. I do pull the skirt up high, letting my bare buttocks sit on the warm bench.

As it's a long skirt though, my front is reasonably well covered - well, it looks like I'm wearing a mini now!

I pull a plastic bag out - this has knickers, track pants and another T-shirt in it for the walk home - and put it down on the ground behind the bench for safekeeping.

Next, I pull out what I've jokingly called my 'P' pipe. It's a length of hose (cut from the garden hose at home, actually), about a metre of the stuff. One end is attached to a medium-sized funnel somehow (I'm a dab hand with the resin now!), so it looks like a miniature beer bong.

I place the funnel under my skirt between my upper thighs, to hold it in place while I fish the next item out of the bag.

It's an ordinary, empty 1 litre drink bottle (Coke), which I clamp between my bare feet on the ground.

Now I'm set up to start.

I scoot my bum forward so that my fanny is totally clear of the bench. Just the very tips of my buttocks (so buttocks have tips now?) rest on the seat, and the front of my skirt falls back down to just above my knees.

Holding the funnel in my hand, I push my knees apart as wide as they will go (my feet have to keep the bottle upright, remember?), then push the mouth of the funnel up, hard. The hardness of the funnel's edge pressing all around my fanny (but not directly on to it) is great - this is a moment I will always look forward to.

I bring my knees back together again, clamping the funnel tightly between the top of my thighs (I don't want it falling out at exactly the wrong moment!). I'm horny as hell already, but horniness has never stopped me from weeing - quite the opposite, actually!

Just as I'm about to let go, I clench up as I realise I haven't put end of the hose into the bottle. I quickly reach down, pushing it in as far as I can (don't want it falling out).

Emergency over, I go back to just where I left off. Like I said, I'm REALLY horny, so in no time I can feel it - the heat running all over my fanny as I pee. Just going to the toilet can be a sexual event for me half the time, so when it is a sexual thing BEFORE I start peeing, I feel fantastic.

The familiar sound it makes on the funnel - and, a little more quietly, going into the bottle - brings back lovely memories of past sessions. I have a feeling that this particular one is going to be pretty hard to forget, though!

I love this feeling, balanced on the edge of the seat, my hands behind me on the bench, taking some of my weight. My head goes back, and I lose myself in this emptying-out.

I'm not aware of how long it's been (seconds, surely), but I'm still very much in the flow of things (so to speak) when I realise my feet are warm and wet.

Sure, enough, when I look down, the bottle is overflowing. With a supreme effort I manage to clench and tense myself to a dribbly stop. I would have liked nothing more than to continue weeing like that, but am actually glad to stop, for two reasons.

One, I would have had to stop eventually anyway, and this way I get to stop without that slightly dreaded letdown of realising there's no more. This way, I'm filled with hope and delight at the knowledge that I'll be able to do it all again (and more) later.

Secondly, I'll now be able to do some of my other favourite, more wasteful things, now that the bottle's full.

I reach down awkwardly to the bottle (remember where the funnel is!) and pull the hose out. The lid goes back on the bottle, and I put it to one side of the bench. I open my legs wide (I can move my feet apart now, too) and pull on the end of the hose so the funnel slides out from between my thighs. I put it in an empty plastic bag, and put that back into my big bag.

While there, I delve around in the bottom of the bag, and pull out a small towel, followed by some bike shorts. I don't often get to use these unless I've managed to keep something in reserve, but I can feel my bladder is still pretty full. Tonight's going to be one of those nights where I get to do something that turns me on incredibly - keep reading while I tell you!

I fold the towel up so it's about 20x40cm - it's not a big towel, so this only makes about four layers. The folded towel then gets laid on the edge of the bench so that a little more than half of its length hangs over. Now I pull the waist of my skirt up to just under my tits, and maneuver myself so that my bum is on the towel.

My feet go into the shorts, and I pull them as far up as I can without lifting my bum off the seat. I'm right on the edge of the bench, so I lie my upper body back as far as I can, and flip the bit of towel that was hanging down up. The shorts then get pulled up at the back while I lift my arse up ever so slightly.

Once I can feel that the towel is tightly clamped by the shorts at the back, I sqeeze the pants up over the towel at the front, making sure it doesn't slip down. When the shorts are on properly, I stand up. With a hand front and back on the waistband, I pull the shorts up as hard as I can. I move my knees together and apart while doing this, delighting in the feeling of the towel moulding itself to the shape of my cunt.

The gentle friction of the towel has made my clit harden, which makes it more sensitive. This in turn makes more blood flow into it, making it harder still, which makes it yet more sensitive. This ever-increasing arousal is something I absolutely love. Sometimes I get to a point where it seems to kind of plateau out, but tonight I'm so keyed up that the feeling in my clit just continues to build and build.

I'm still pulling the shorts up hard, pressing the towel into me, and the pressure on my clit feels fantastic! I'm sure I've had orgasms that didn't feel as good as this! This thought seems to shoot straight down to my fanny, jolting it beautifully, and then more thoughts follow - if the preamble feels this good, what's the first orgasm going to feel like? What are the subsequent orgasms going to feel like? Wow!

I feel a warmth spread through my whole fanny at the thought of this - god I'm horny! I'm so sexed up that the warm feeling reaches my bum and down my inner thighs - wait a second! That's not arousal (well it is, but not _just_ arousal) - I've started peeing again without even realising! Through my highly sexed state, I can remember only twice that this has happened before.

The reason I can recall these times in spite of my rather preoccupied state of mind is that both stand out as absolutely legendary sessions. I can also remember that both episodes of involuntary peeing due to arousal came (ha ha) towards the end of very long sessions, after I'd already had dozens of orgasms.

I'm just starting to think, "how good is tonight going to be if this is happening _now_, at the beginning?", when I pull a little too hard on the front of the shorts. Usually I try to pull equally at the front and back until I've finished letting go. This presses the towel hard onto me, but barely moves it around at all.

When I pull the front harder than the back though (as I do now), it makes the hot, soaking fabric slide over my lips. More importantly, it also rubs over my hard (and now very erect), exposed clit. Normally I won't be doing this until I've finished peeing, and it signals the start of some serious rubbing, building up to an orgasm (or seven!).

This time though, I'm in full flow, and this is something new for me. Time seems to slow right down, and it's as if I can feel every loop of thread in the towel pressing into and sliding across my clit. I must have moved the towel only about half a centimetre when I suddenly burst into orgasm. The tensing in my genitals at first forces pee out of me in a rush far more powerful than if I weren't coming. So powerful, in fact, that it goes right through the layers of cloth and I hear some drops hit the ground beneath me.

I have to describe here for a second all the things that are affecting me at the moment. First the purely physical: the pressure of the wet, hot cloth on my lips and clit; the first delicious wave of what I can only describe as an EPIC orgasm passing through my whole body; the jet of liquid coming from deep inside, seemingly a solid stream when taken in the exact moment, super-heating and wetting everything down there and making the earlier wetness seem like a cold damp cloth in comparison; the cool night air wafting sexily over my now soaking, naked thighs; the smell of jasmine, earth and nature all around me; my skirt pulled high up my body, brushing over my stomach and making me feel like a naughty schoolgirl (in addition to everything else).

Then there's the mental side to it, all the thoughts that seem to be running through my mind in the split second of the start of orgasm: the wondering about just how good this is going to be; the memory of those two previous involuntary moments and how absolutely gorgeous they felt at the time; the various little ideas and imaginings of what else I'm going to get up to tonight; the recurring thought I always have when masturbating of how absolutely incredible it is that I can make myself feel this way; and the extension of that same thought into amazement at the things I'm actually doing to myself at this second; the layered sexy, naughty feelings brought on by being naked and outside, by peeing for sexual reasons, by masturbating outside, and especially by cumming outside where (theoretically at least) anyone could discover me.

On top of this there are those random sexual images whipping through my mind - I'm sure other people must get these too? They can be anything from overtly sexual pictures of gigantic dripping wet vaginas and cocks, impossibly large orgies and the most depraved and odd sex acts, to things that could only possibly be sexually exciting to me, like the remembered feeling of wearing an adult's clogs when I was about three years old. God knows why, but I find this memory almost indescribably sexy!

Anyway, that gives you the merest hint of the myriad influences taking hold of me at that split second. Like I said before, time seemed to slow right down. Usually this happens at the start of an exam, or when I'm watching the clock for a lunch-break. This time though, it's occuring just when I most want it to. It enables me to feel every separate facet of my orgasm, rather than experiencing it as an overwhelming (but pleasurable) mix.

I'll put what I estimate to be real times in square brackets, to give an idea of how much actual time has passed.

After about a minute [about half the length of the 1 to 1.5 second spasm] of tensing, I can feel the flow gradually stop as my muscles clamp the hole shut. The tension only seems to increase in intensity after this - like holding in a wee, but completely involuntary, and running through my whole body. Even my tits feel tensed up, and my arms and legs have the definition of a bodybuilder's!

Nearly a minute (three-quarters of a second) after the flow stops, I feel the tension reach a peak. There is a moment of absolute pleasure as a wave runs through my entire body, then the tension releases, instantaneously. My knees go weak as I feel myself coming harder than the previous spasm. In that split second, I feel as if my whole body is both completely relaxed, and yet completely tensed up at the same time.

My mind has gone into pure sex mode now. I'm only dimly aware of pulling the dress up over my head - who knows where it ends up! I rip the bike shorts off too, and hear them splat wetly on the ground. They're quickly followed by the t-shirt, so I'm now totally naked, sitting on the hot, wet towel on the bench.

I'm still coming like never before as I look down, between my erect nipples, and over my tummy to my vagina. Just as I'm about to let go of the tension again, I put my hand, slighty cupped, just in front of my lips to splash pee back over my cunt and thighs.

As the tension disappears again, I feel my hole open up, and suddenly my hand is drenched with liquid. I soon realise that this is no ordinary liquid though - I really am coming, squirting not pee but sexual juices. I can even feel that it comes from a different place, although it's hard to pinpoint exactly where.

It's only now that I notice the smell - an overwhelming sexy smell. I've never been averse to my own aromas when I'm horny - quite the opposite in fact, they just make me feel even sexier. Whatever is coming out of me smells just like this, but a thousand times better. It's like some kind of drug, and every time I breathe it in, my orgasm builds back up to a peak higher than the last.

The liquid doesn't just smell different to pee either - it feels totally different. It's definitely more viscous, not so much that it doesn't run or squirt, but enough to coat my fingers, rather than just running off. I spread it up over my stomach and breasts, my nipples softening as the hot juices get rubbed in.

The orgasm is finally starting to subside, after what seems like ages. I'm still spasming, though, and still producing beautiful come. The spasms occur far enough apart now for me to be able to catch it in my hands, and rub it on myself before the next . . er . . delivery!

My front is completely coated, and unlike wee, it doesn't seem to be evaporating - at least, not as quickly. As I feel the orgasm gradually subside, I take the slowly diminishing handfuls of . . I dunno, come I suppose, and apply it to my arse and legs. When they're done, I start on my back, in some kind of half-involuntary, sexed-up quest to cover myself in my own sex juices.

Before I really know it, I really AM covered! I've left my face, but just can't resist a taste. I don't know what it would be like if I wasn't under the influence of orgasm (so to speak), but, in that state, it is the most potent aphrodisiac imaginable.

I imagine that every little taste increases my sexual power 100 times (and I'm pretty sure that's not too far off). In spite of my subsiding (but definitely not finished) orgasm, it seems as if I can feel the sex spreading down my throat, into my tummy, and emerging from my crotch (again, not really too far from the truth!).

It's hard to know whether this feeling was just in my imagination, or if it really happened. At the time, it absolutely seemed real. Each time I licked my finger, I could feel a beautiful, sexual warmth spread through my body. It spread downwards from the top of my body, and outwards from the inside. Each time it would reach crotch, my tits and nipples - in fact, just about every inch of my skin - simultaneously, and I'd feel the pulse of climax yet again.

Again, it's hard to know whether my tasting contributed to these climaxes, or if the climaxes were happening anyway, and I just found something to associate them with. I didn't even think about it at the time - then, there was no question that the climaxes were the result, not the cause.

I really wish (now) that I'd been keeping track of time - I honestly have no idea how long I'd been coming. It really could have been anywhere from a minute to an hour. Even looking back at it in the cold light of day, I just can't tell how long I was coming for. It doesn't matter though - time just makes no difference when you feel like that.

Anyway, since it the licking seemed to make me feel so good, I just kept going with it. Once all my fingers were licked clean, I'd lick the last bits off my palm, then move my hand down to my fanny. The spasm caused by the palm-lick would then cover my hand in come again, and I'd start licking the fingers one-by-one once more.

I timed it so that I'd start licking the next finger while I was still climaxing from the results of the first lick. This made sure that the climaxes were close enough together to start building on each other.

Looking at what I've written there, I KNOW it sounds crazy! Nevertheless, the experience remains very very clear in my mind, and, aside from any lack of ability to express myself, I'm writing exactly what I felt.

I have to step back for a second here though, just to go over what has happened so far. A list might not seem too sexy, but I quite like them:

1. I'd gone down to the park with the express purpose of masturbating, taking various sexy little toys and pieces of equipment I'd need to really get off;

2. Before even beginning to play with myself, I'd peed into a bottle - not to empty my bladder before starting, but as foreplay, and to increase my supplies.

3. I've found myself with a full bottle, yet still lots inside, so I've put on my towel and bike shorts and actually peed myself deliberately, solely for for sexual pleasure.

4. I've become so turned-on by doing this that I've started to come while I'm still peeing, something I've never done before.

5. My orgasm has focused me so completely on coming that I've thrown off the clothes I was wearing without even really noticing.

6. I've started to ejaculate for the first time ever, while my orgasm continues.

7. The combination of orgasm and real come has tipped me over the edge - I'm now doing whatever comes into my head to feel sexier.

8. I've rubbed my come all over my body - everywhere except my face.

9. I've tasted my come, experimentally.

10. I've discovered that eating and swallowing my come gives me even better sensations than before.

Well, I like the list, anyway.

So here I am, naked in the park in the middle of the night, covered in my own juices and still coming like crazy, licking the divine liquid off my fingers in what can only really be described as a sexual frenzy. In short, I'm having the absolute time of my life!

So, I've got this stuff flowing through my body, making me throb with orgasm ever time it does so (or it feels like that anyway). Before I'd started my tasting, the spasms were starting to get a little smaller each time, but with this added, I can feel them increasing in power again.

Each time I feel the warmth flow from inside to out, there's a burst of heat all over my body. Along with this goes a feeling like the tension of an orgasm, only somehow more relaxing. In between each peak it feels the same as it does between a normal orgasm's spasms, except I'm more aware that the next wave is coming (so to speak), which only makes the relaxed feeling even more sexy and satisfying.

Before long I can hear the come jetting out again each time I tense up, instead of running down my leg. I keep using my hand to catch it about every sixth climax, but soon it becomes too much for one hand. I start to use both hands, at first smearing it up over my body on the way to my mouth, and then splashing it over myself as the volume of come gets greater and greater.

With the bigger ejaculations come bigger tensing periods. Very soon, each one feels like the highest peak of orgasm I've had, and I start hearing my come splashing straight onto the ground (when I'm not catching it, that is).

The release from each peak of tension also becomes more intense - I can feel the muscles in my stomach tighten, as the muscles in my cunt (it just seems like the right word) relax.

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