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My Night With Jennifer Aniston



[Teen is stood up at the senior prom and has to bum a ride home. He recognizes the Hollywood star in the back of the stretch limousine.]

I would never forget it. I had just turned eighteen and was at my senior prom. It was my first prom and my first tux (rental). I looked ridiculous in the maroon jacket, but it was the last and only one they had left. It was worth it though. Lacy was my date and she was 100% guaranteed (to put out) per the talk of the school. Unfortunately, she arrived only to tell me that she had 'other plans'. She then proceeded to dance with any (other) guy besides me. Humiliated, I stormed out of the gym.

Within seconds, I had gone from the luckiest guy at the prom to the biggest fool. Worse, while all my friends (and a few of my enemies) were 'enjoying' their dates, I'd be walking down the road, just trying to bum a ride home.

As I stood on the roadside, I remembered the old saying: "Well at least it isn't raining." Of course, the skies opened up and I was drenched. I doggedly hung in there as the maroon in my rented tux now started staining the sidewalk where I stood.

Just when I was going to give up and return to the 'scene of the crime' (the prom in the school gym), a stretch limo screeched to a halt. The driver came out and opened the door nearest me. It was sheer deliverance.

Settling in, I noticed I wasn't alone. I went into total shock when I saw it was Jennifer Aniston! (JA)

JA: "Don't you look surprised; as we came down the street I told my driver to pick you up. You looked like you needed a ride. Where did you want to go?"

Me: "Well, my home is just down the street where you're heading. Of course, where I WANT to go is to hang with you...just kidding; I know that isn't going to happen!"

Lo and behold, Jennifer picked up the intercom to the driver and said a few words. She giggled and hung up. My jaw dropped as the big Lincoln Town Car came up to my home and then zoomed by. My God, was she taking me to HER crib? Man alive!

We entered a nicer part of town and pulled into her circular driveway. The driver opened our door and I was in front of her big, beautiful home. We went in. She told me to camp out in the media room while she did a few things.

There was a big sectional leather couch which I sat on, sinking about 3 feet deep. I grabbed one of six remotes and the bookcase lit up with an on the wall LCD set. This was so nice, it didn't matter WHOSE home I was in.

I heard a tinkling of glasses and was stunned. Wearing a terry cloth robe, Jennifer was carrying a tray with pizza rolls (of all things) and a couple of Heineken's. She offered the tray goodies to me and then sat down with a sigh.

She folded those famous legs, her gorgeous perfect feet bare and bobbing nervously. Those shapely legs and gorgeous soft feet; I was getting hard, rock hard. Remember I was still wearing that damn rented tux, or what was left of it. She could actually hear as my powerful manhood strained against the confines of that tux, the rising love pole about to explode thru the tight clothes.

JA: "So, tell me about yourself. I mean: is all you do dress up in tuxes and go to proms?"

We both laughed. I filled her in on my uneventful life. What occurred to me was this: maybe Jennifer Aniston had had so many relationships with actors and 'somebody's' that she wanted at least a break by being with a 'nobody'. Well, that was my theory.

JA: "Do you want another beer or maybe watch a film?"

Me: "No thanks on the suds; it was great, but I haven't drunk a beer since...well I've never had beer before--believe it or not. As for films, that's cool. I'm open to any ratings from G to triple X."

JA: [She looked at me like I was a thoughtless creep.] "Well, I'm sure we have something in that range. You know, you COULD have asked if I had any of MY films, but..." [Ouch! I blew that one. Hope she wasn't too disappointed...Truth is, most of her movies were lame. The only one for guys was "Just go with it". The scene at the waterfall where she strips into a bikini was just incredible.]

The movie she found was a fantastic one for Nina Hartley fans (the queen of adult cinema) where she 'instructs' women on how to make it with men (!) The lucky guy in the film was not supposed to be so 'enthusiastic' but stayed hard the entire scene.

Jennifer for her part was starting to fidget. Her eyes got teary, she folded and re-folded those incredibly silky smooth, fantastic legs. I so wanted to worship those famous appendages, but good manners prohibited...

Well, the movie scene went from discussing intercourse to demonstrating it. At that Jennifer looked at me. I didn't know what was going to happen, but she grabbed my face and laid the firmest kiss I'd ever felt. Soon, her tongue was lashing my teeth as we made out. I didn't even notice as that terry cloth fell away and I was holding the most gorgeous woman in the world.

We continued making out as the film droned on with a lot of, well, 'in and out' activity on the big 60 inch LCD screen. My tux soon was history, spread out all over the floor.

SOFT! My God, Jennifer Aniston was soft. Her skin was baby bottom soft from head to toe, just perfect. She wasn't soft below the skin, thank goodness. She worked out hard to keep that figure and her arms and legs were as solid as any bodybuilder. God, she was in shape!

Our kiss broke finally as we both gasped for air. Her eyes were riveted upon mine. What was I going to do now? Was I in control here?

Spinning 180 degrees, I pushed Jennifer Aniston flat on her back on her huge leather couch. She reached over her head and the entire sectional flattened out into a bed!

Talk about dreams! There was Jennifer Aniston, the star of 'Friends' and innumerable movies. OK, none of those shows or movies were worthy of an Oscar, an Emmy or even a bag of M&M's, but this was JENNIFER ANISTON! I moved forward, mounting her. A magical moment which I could (and would) re-tell hundreds of times.

As I settled between those glistening thighs, my now ten inch baby-maker was guided in by her delicate hands. She moaned as I entered her about halfway. I paused, waiting for her to take it all in.

When she kissed me, that was my signal and I slammed it home, my mushroom shaped cockhead bouncing against her cervix. She stared at me wide-eyed.

JA: "Wow, dude! Nobody has ever touched me there! God, you are big...huge! To think that I was just being a good doobie, helping out a jilted prom nighter. Now he's got his cock in me, and it's fucking fantastic! I do have one confession. I wanted this to be special, kind of naughty. I hope it doesn't scare you that I'm letting you go bareback, something I didn't even let most of my famous suitors do. Also, my calendar says this is a risky day. If you were to cum inside of me, there's a chance I could get pregnant. I know that frightens a lot of guys, so I'll understand it if you want to put on a condom. I might even have one here for you."

I couldn't tell if she wanted me to be a gentleman or not. I figured that she did and agreed to wear a 'helmet on my soldier'. Jennifer got up and padded to her room on bare smooth feet, her overly large breasts bouncing and bouncing. In the nude she looked better than in the movies, with bigger boobs and better legs. Mama mia...

She tried to open the condom wrapper but couldn't. Finally, in desperation, she bit off the side and it was open. She tried to put it on me, but the condom would only cover the very peak of my cock, not even coming close to covering the wide mushroom sized cockhead. When she tried to stretch it across the end of my baby maker, it was like a rubber band and went flying across the room.

JA: "I don't understand. This fit all my other guys, but compared to you, they were mere boys. You are b-big...God you are huge! What a man! That high school girl that stood you up would hang herself if she knew what she had bypassed." [Jennifer Aniston was now keyholing my long thick cock, pumping even MORE power into a turbo-charged cunt pleaser.]

JA: "This thing has only one purpose: to scrape and rub raw the walls of a tight pussy, to bounce against a cervix, then to enter fully into an unprotected womb where it would unleash millions and millions of virile sperm. Gobs and gobs, oceans of manly foam, coating the insides of that womb white. I can just see that...and feel it. All that hot cum, teaming with life, all directed at my fertile womb. Finally, I might have found the man worthy of me, man enough to get me pregnant!"

Well, I didn't need an embroidered invitation. I stood up, my cock protruding in front of me like the gearshift of a sports car. I bent over and picked up that nude piece of fine art (Jennifer) and lifted her with all my strength above me. She quickly got the idea.

As I held her with her pert bum in my hands she wrapped her sexy legs around my head. I proceeded to give her a tongue lashing, giving her slavering pussy lips, her clit, and all points of interest down there a good washing. She had a shattering orgasm while being held high off the ground. It was hard to hold her as she shook from the sexual release.

I squeezed her firm behind and she loosened her grip with her legs. She then slid down my body, her dripping pussy leaving a marvelous trail. When she got down to the level, my cock eased its way inside of her. Once again overcome with lust, with eyes teared up and closed tightly, she kissed me.

I proceeded to use her like one of those blow-up plastic dolls, with up and down activity accelerating to a blur. She gave out a whimper or a gasp with every firm down-stroke. I know people say this, but it truly felt like my cock had been designed only to fit into her tight, grasping pussy.

Every time that I plumbed the depths of that blessed chamber, her walls pressed against my manly charger, giving both of us incredible pleasure. My oversized cockhead was dragging along her sensitive inner walls, rubbing and brushing up against the deepest part of her. At the bottom of each stroke, I merely tapped her innermost womanhood, but it was enough to make her gasp and kiss me. Lost in all the action was the fact that she must have had another three, four, maybe five orgasms.

JA: "Please, please, stop...stop....I mean DON'T stop...never stop. YOU...YOU'RE the MAN I want! Please make me yours...please cum inside of me! None of those other men were worth a damn, but YOU are! I want YOUR baby. Please make me a sexy mommy, and do it before it's too late. I've waited so long, TOO long. I want a baby; I want YOUR baby...NOW!"

Well, that was all the instruction I needed. I just held her so that I could feel her breathing. When I felt the next quake--the next orgasm coming up--I joined her so we could have a simultaneous big 'O'.

It worked out perfectly. As Jennifer Aniston put her head back, moaning in total ecstasy, I grabbed her in a vise-like grip which rammed me home as deep as possible. So warm, so tight, I was held like a glove. My cock could barely expand in that tight chamber, but it did...big-time!

With all the pent-up passion developed over this night, I came in a torrent, a tsunami of love. I normally would shoot a few drops maybe once. Now, with Jennifer Aniston as the subject of love, I came again and again. When I thought it was all over there was more liquid love that my powerful unit found and transferred into Jennifer's extremely fertile womb.

JA: "My God, so much, so very much. And so warm...it's like you could tell how sore that big thing made me in there and you were delivering some relief...lots of warm relief."

Finally the loving stopped. If you were staring at her entrance to heaven, it was as if there was a big lake filled with heavy cream whose flood gates were about to burst. At first a mere bubble, soon more and more thick white goo came oozing out. It trickled in two wide rivulets down those soft thighs, making puddles of potent seed in each of the little leather pockets of the couch. What a delightful mess.

We lay on her bed for what seemed like hours, though it was merely 40 minutes. Then I got a call from that eighteen year old slattern who'd stood me up. I wondered how she knew where I was when I remembered...it was a cell phone...

Me: "Oh, Lacy? Nice of you to call. Why am I so honored?"

Lacy: [With giggling in the background; she and her fellow witches' coven had had a post-prom girls-only party.] "Gee, I hope that you weren't TOO disappointed that I stood you up. I just wanted you to know you missed out on a make-out party with lots of kissing, then nachos by the pool! I bet you had to walk home and heat up some TV dinner." [More giggling.]

Me: "Actually, it was kind of nice. But it was pizza rolls, not a TV dinner. And I spent the night with, oh let me think, umm, Jennifer Aniston." [At that point, I put the phone on mute and wrapped my lips around one of Jennifer's nipples. Her nipples were pouting; she'd pinched them, making them pop. Erect like thumbs, she'd playfully dragged them against my arm while I tried to keep my composure talking to Lacy. I caressed those perfect breasts as Lacy droned on.]

The girls cackled like they were stooges in the Tonight Show audience, prompted to laugh at anything.

Lacy: "Sure, sure, and no doubt you had sex with her...NO, you had sex with her AND knocked her up. No doubt we'll be reading it in Variety next month." [With all of the swamp hags in her house laughing, she hung up.]

Jennifer Aniston had heard the crap on the phone and understood the BS that went with those nags. She kissed me warmly and we just huddled together. Her hands sought out and caressed my muscular frame and the ten inch long manhood that refused to go down. She cupped the 'family jewels' which had bathed her womb with potent seed and now were re-charged. They weren't as big as they were the first time, each one merely fist-sized.

I re-mounted her and we fucked the rest of the day. I came inside of her seven times, with her having a big 'O' each time at the same instant. At some point that evening, Jennifer Aniston conceived. God, I had made the ultimate woman pregnant; all of this because I was stood up at the prom.

Well, Lacy called it right. I DID date Jennifer Aniston, we DID make love, I DID get her pregnant, and it DID make Variety the next month. Jennifer was so thrilled and proud that she even did the first Playboy mother-to-be centerfold. That was their best selling issue, ever.

It was sweet, I tell you. Months later on New Year's Eve, Lacy was working in Wal-Mart, locked in the store so she wouldn't be disturbed from overnight stocking. Meanwhile, I was watching a bowl game, nibbling on milk and cookies. The cookies were Famous Amos, but the warm sweet milk was even better, drawn right in front of me from Famous Jennifer...Now THAT was sweet!

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