tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Northern WI Vacation Ch. 01

My Northern WI Vacation Ch. 01


I got home around 7 p.m., went up to my room, and started getting out of my drenched clothes. For the last four hours, I had been mowing and cutting away the encroaching wilderness on my grandmother's property. I'd been at it for the last three days, and was already not looking forward to the four weeks of hell that I would have to submit to. Certainly not the way I was planning on spending my summer vacation.

In fact, I had been looking forward to spending the entire time in Madison, at my apartment, making connections, and utterly slacking around. But, my parents figured it would be better for me to get some fresh air and exercise. Shit.

I had taken off my shirt and was about to drop my pants when I noticed that the house just down the street now had an occupant. My grandmother's property actually encompassed just over 10 homes, right off a lake in Northern Wisconsin. There were small houses, large houses, and medium houses, but they all had approximately the same amount of land. Some of the smaller houses were close to the lake, with lots of grass, while others were nestled in the woods, with lots of brush that needed to be trimmed back. This house was one of the latter.

While it had been empty the day before, there was now a tall blonde woman, with lots of golden-brown leg, tiny red shorts, tight stomach, golden-brown back and arms, and a fairly tight white top. The top was one of those with fabric around the mid-section, which covered the front, but left the top half of the back open, and tying at the back of the neck.

I wasn't quite close enough, but it looked like she was pretty trim, and would have no problem lifting the boxes she was lifting and carrying from her car to her house. As she was making her way to the house with a larger box, a dark-haired man was coming out of the house, making his way to the car.

He was wearing a rather ugly green pair of shorts, and nothing else. His arms looked fine, but even from the distance I could see that his stomach was developing quite the belly. The blonde looked at him while he walked by, but he was looking solely at the car. With a woman like that, I knew what I'd be doing.

The guy grabbed a box and started heading towards the house. About halfway there, the blonde starts coming out of the house. I take a quick look around and see that there's no one else in sight. When I get back to looking at the couple, he's inside, and she's almost to the car. I drop my pants and underwear. I know that if she looks over towards my grandmother's that she'll see me.

She grabs a smaller box and starts towards the house; she didn't even raise her eyes. The box she's carrying is small enough for her to wrap her arms around it. By doing so, it pushes her breasts up, making them twice as large as before. Unfortunately, I'm too far away to see anything really good.

Like clockwork, before she reaches the house, the guy steps out and makes his way towards the house. This time, neither looks at the other, until the guy is a couple of steps behind her. She turns her head, looking back over her shoulder, but they both keep walking. Obviously, some tension is going on next door. For the time being, all thoughts of how much this summer is going to suck are completely out of my mind.

When she makes her way back outside, he's almost inside the house once more. Again, neither looks at the other. By now, the boxes are more towards the back of their wagon, so she has to partially climb into the back. Her ass looks great, but from the distance, I suppose any ass would look great.

She backs up, plants both feet back on the pavement, and I take a very deep breath. I haven't realized, but I've been holding not only my breath, but also my piece. It's hard and sweaty in my hand. I watch her going into the house, slowly pulling my tight skin towards the head. I've been cut, so it doesn't feel too bad at all. I've never not been cut, so maybe it would feel even better if I had more skin, but you live with what you've got.

By this time, she's back in the house, and he's out and at the car. I glance at the clock and decide that I've spent enough time watching them - it's time to grab the trunks and hit the lake. I should be able to get at least an hour of good swimming time before the exhaustion starts kicking in.

I grab my dark blue and green swimming trunks, put one foot after the other in them, and pull them up my legs. I purposely keep them close to my body in the front, so they rub against the underside of my penis, until it slips into the trunks.

I breathe a couple of times, very deep, focusing my mind on nothing, until I'm tight, but flexible; would be a waste for my grandmother to see a bulge.

I head downstairs, making my way through the living room, to the back patio, down the lawn, onto the dock, and into the water, feet first. The cool rush simultaneously cools me down and makes me rock hard. Unfortunately, the only other people visible are about four houses down, and splashing in the water - what appear to be kids.

While the summer promised to be boring and gruelling, things were starting to look up ...

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