tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Nosiness Was My Problem

My Nosiness Was My Problem


Hello, my name is Shelagh, Shelagh Nealan, I am 28 years old, and I work as a chambermaid in a largish hotel.

I am employed mainly as a chambermaid, I have worked there since I left school, and I have worked and managed every post there is to work and manage over the years.

I have no ambitions to go higher than I am; I just happen love my job.

The owner has asked me to go on this course and that course, to put me through hotel management, but I just am not interested.

I am married, have 2 children, the hotel has 50 rooms, it's not the biggest, but it is up there with the best.

Most of our guests are business men and foreign dignitaries; minor government ministers from overseas that kind of thing.

I am continually propositioned by men and guests, I've been offered money, jewellery etc, lots of it from mid and far eastern guests, Arab princes, that sort of thing, but always kept my virtue.

A couple have tried to force me, but I have resisted all advances, I would never ever bring shame on the hotel's name. I am married after all.

But if one had ever succeeded with that, I would have gone to the gate post with it, all the way!

My husband is called Ron, we have been married for 7 years and I am very happy in my marriage, apart from one thing which I will come to later in my story.

He works in pharmaceuticals as a lab technician, they find and produce new drugs, and is well paid and thought of.

The only problem I have in my life is my nosiness, I love to know who is doing what, when where and how, I delve into guests property and private papers, I go through desks and all sorts of things, I cant help it.

I check all the mail, I even check other hotel staff, I don't ever use anything to my benefit, I just have this absolute need to know things.

The only thing that I have had a use for is whenever this particular man stays with us.

It happens he is a professional gambler on horses.

I came across a list of names that looked like horse names, so I copied it and showed it to Ron.

He told me after looking at the paper, that they were running at different courses that weekend.

Ron likes to bet small on the races, so he tried backing them, and with great success.

When he came back a month later I did the same thing, Ron won over £3.000!

And now he has won enough to pay for a very expensive all inclusive 3 week trip to the Caribbean on a cruise ship.

And all this nosiness has caused me to have the problems I now have, if you can call them problems, I'll let you decide that. But I now have no control of them what so ever.

My boss is 45 years old, he took over this hotel from his father and it runs, with my help, like clockwork.

His wife is a wonderful woman and we are great friends, we are more like sisters.

There is nothing in this hotel I haven't worked on, I manage the front desk when needed, I work in the kitchen, I chambermaid, I porter, nothing is too much trouble for me.

And they in turn allow me to keep flexible hours.

I know all the computer operations that keep the hotel running, the heating, cooling, hot water, rooms off when unoccupied, all of those things and more, including the BMS, Building Management Service.

All the security cameras, inside and out, the security codes, the combination for the safe etc, everything.

My trouble started one night, I was on duty for 7 nights as night manager, and it was on the 3rd of those nights that it started for me.

But first let me tell you about me okay?

I am 5ft 7" tall, very very good looking, I hesitate to use the word beautiful, but I am near it for sure, a woman knows these things don't they?

My hair is a beautiful chestnut, wavy, curly but manageable; it runs past my shoulders to my blades.

It is thick, lustrous and glossy, the only trouble is, because of the job, I have to wear it up when at work.

My face is without doubt lovely, my eyebrows arch upwards naturally, my eyes are wide, big, and brown in colour.

My nose is my nose, and it fits my face just perfectly.

My lips are firm looking and pouty, and every man I have ever known has wanted to kiss me.

I have a good body, nice firm upturned tits, with prominent sensitive nipples.

Nice long legs, I keep my pussy shaved, its glass smooth, fluffy pouty pussy lips that hide an extremely touchy feely clit.

I love sex, but sometimes I can't get enough, so I use a nice ribbed vibrating dildo when necessary.

My boss has a 20 year old son Mark, who is as bright as a button, he works in the hotel for pin money, he is tall and good looking, naturally athletic, and his hair is almost the same as mine in colour.

He has a very masculine way about him, and I know he is successful with the women, married or single, he even brings one back here now and again, and for sure when he is older, he is definitely going to be, a man's man!

His one failing trait is, he is a bit brusque with some people, or tries to be, I don't know why, and I have seen him being a bit of a brute, but not with his parents or hotel staff.

And now 9 months on from my infamous 3rd night he is fucking me wholesale. Whenever he can get his hands on me, which is quite often. I hated it at the start, but now I love it.

He is brutish with me, dominates me, makes do things I have never done, but doesn't hurt me; he just fucks me with a ferocity that drives me nuts.

I have to wear nothing but the sexiest of underwear at work, just for him, sometime's when I'm getting ready for work and I'm selecting my 'gear' my pussy sets itself on fire, there I am at home with my husband, dressed in a skirt blouse and jacket, looking for all the world like any other hotel worker, and underneath I am dressed to kill!

And sometimes as I kiss him goodbye, I am thinking to myself, Ron, if you only knew what I would be getting up to half the night!

I don't love Mark, or I didn't, I do love what he does with me, and to me though, I love my husband, and feel awful for not only being unfaithful to him, but loving it.

All my life, because I am beautiful, men have deferred to me, even my husband does, my friend's husbands do, men seem to treat me differently to other women, which I find really embarrassing, but not Mark, he just takes me, fucks me and puts me back.

I make love to him; he fucks me, end of!

So here I was, it was 2:00am Wednesday morning, my 3rd night on, (Shakespeare?) and all was quiet, I opened the security system via the computer to turn off the spy camera covering the front desk.

This was so I could open the safe and check what some of the guests had deposited for safe keeping.

There were papers, documents, jewellery, passports, and all sorts of things.

There wasn't anything of significance, so I put them all back, and had a snooze in the back office.

What I hadn't known was that Mark was in the security room, more of a large cupboard really.

His father had asked him to review hotel security with a view to updating it.

He had fallen asleep in the chair, and woken up just in time to hear, and see the light blink denoting the guest safe being opened. He looked at the monitor to see what was going on and noticed it was off, he pressed the reset button and watched me going into the safe, rifling the contents and putting them back.

Because the camera was now on, I was being automatically recorded, on a 12 hour run-around tape.

He had me cold, although I was blissfully unaware of it.

The following night he secreted himself in the room and watched and recorded me going through all the desks, including my employers, cabinets, the safe again, and anything I felt like.

I had thought I was turning cameras on and off, as I went here and there in the hotel, he had over rode my commands with his own

I was on the 5th of my 7 nights on duty. And as the last of the guests left and returned to their rooms. I finished off the last of my work before settling down to my nights doings!

It was 1:00am, and I was startled to see Mark approaching me at my desk.

He was wearing slacks and a tee shirt; I asked him how he had got in,

He replied that he hadn't actually ever left, and that he wanted to show me something on the computer.

'Oh okay,' I said, 'what is it?'

'Move over and sit beside me,' he told me.

I did, and he slid a DVD into the PC, loaded it and turned it on.

I was aghast to see myself going through the safe, desks and everything else I could, all over the hotel. It was jumpy because, he said, this DVD was the edited version of the previous 4 nights.

'What about all this Shelagh?' He asked.

'My dad and mum are not going to be very happy are they?'

'They see this, and they trust you implicitly, don't they?'

'Oh my God Mark, you can't show them this, please don't! I begged.

'I have never stolen anything, I have only just looked at things, it isn't what it looks like,' I bleated.

'You are committing serious criminal acts Shelagh, abusing your authority and position, and breaking hotel guests trusts in the hotel, you can end up in jail, imagine the shame and humiliation, to the hotel, your family and friends, your life will be ruined won't it?' He told me.

'Mark, you can't do this to me, please don't,' I begged again.

I pressed the eject button, pulled out the DVD and snapped it.

'There,' I said, 'it won't show anything now,' I said, rather pleased with myself.

He laughed, and said. 'Don't be silly Shelagh; I have all 4 nights on hard drive and another copy.'

I groaned and sank into the swivel chair I was on.

'Well Shelagh, what do you think we can do to kept this quiet?' He said.

'I don't know Mark, what do you suggest, do you have something in mind?' I asked.

'But please Mark, don't show this, it will kill me, my marriage, my life, and my family.' I cried to him.

'Stand up Shelagh,' he commanded me.

I did so woodenly.

'Look in that mirror over there,' he told me.

'What do you see?' he said.

'Me,' I told him.

'Is that all Shelagh?'


'Shelagh when I look at you, I see a very lovely, beautiful gorgeous sexy woman.' He replied.

My heart lurched; I was starting to see where this was going.

'Please Mark, don't?'

'Don't what Shelagh?' he asked.

'Don't do this please,' I whispered.

'Don't do what Shelagh?' he asked again!

'I can get you some money Mark, about £5.000, will that be okay?' I asked hopefully.

'I'm still looking at a beautiful, gorgeous sexy woman, and all the money can't ever buy that, can it Shelagh?' He taunted.

He stood up, grabbed me by my pony tail, and frog marched me into the back office.

'Mark, please stop, I'm so sorry, let me go please, I promise I won't ever do it again.'

'Too late Shelagh, now you have a decision to make haven't you?'

'Take it now, or by 9:00 you might or might not be in a prison cell, but you will certainly be talking to my parents, and the police, won't you?'

'And your life as you know it will be well and truly over won't it?'

I suddenly found myself on my knees in front of him, he had thrust me to the floor, he still had hold of my hair, keeping me up on my knees up and facing him.

I was looking up at him, I tried once more before I gave in.

'Mark, I'm begging you to let me go, I will do anything if you will, please Mark?'

'I can e mail the footage to my dad right now if you like Shelagh, he can watch it while he's having his breakfast,' he replied.

I reached up and undid his belt.

'Good girl Shelagh, I knew you would do the right thing,' he murmured as my mouth closed over a very impressive (as I was about to find out) prick!

He sank into the chair behind him, keeping my pony tail in his hand, and started working me back and forth over the mammoth bulbous head that was the point of my attention now.

I somehow began to compare Ron's prick to Marks, and Marks won hands down. I hated myself for the thought, but it was already in my head.

I had it in both hands now as I sucked it as fiercely as I could, while he wanked my head up and down on him.

I know for a fact that men prefer that, to having the cocks slobbered over.

And I was certain Mark was no different.

He wasn't, he came in double quick time, he held my head in place, and made me swallow all he blew into my mouth. I kept sucking it to make sure I didn't let any go.

I looked up into his eyes, and I saw that look on his face that a man has when he is happy from a good blow job.

And don't ask me why, but I felt a flush of pleasure myself in his look, I love a good blow job, that's why I have always made sure that when I did it, it was nothing if not the best

My pussy twitched twice.

He stood up, pulled me up to him and kissed me. I had to kiss him back; I wasn't in a position to say no was I?

He took me back to behind the desk, set the phone to the Kings suite, picked up a lap top, took my hand and went upstairs, I knew for certain where I was going, and what would happen when we got there.

I was going to be screwed by him, my nipples told my head what was about to happen, that his big prick would be in me in the next few minutes.

My pussy twitched again.

How dare you! I silently yelled at it.

I am about to be raped, don't you dare respond!

It did respond, it responded by twitching more powerfully this time!

I wasn't wrong either, as soon as we got in he told me to strip, he was already getting his clothes off, I followed suit, but a little slower.

I am a feline feminine woman, I want romance and love, when I am about to make love, even unwillingly.

He just got on the bed and faced me, and what I saw took my breath away. I wasn't prepared to be confronted like this, his prick was fully erect and waiting for me, the head was bright purple, I had him fully turned on.

And his body was that of a powerful man, even though he is only 20, a thick dark hairy strong chest right down to his navel.

And a mass of dark curly hair around his prick and balls.

I almost swooned at the sight, he looked fabulous, I didn't like myself for this, but there in front of me was an animalistic sex predator, and I was already his captured prey. I had never been unfaithful to Ron, but I was about to be!

My nipples were fully stood up, hard stiff and ready for action, my shaved pussy was getting more and more moist, and soon it would be flooding me, I could tell.

I went to the bed and climbed on, and into his arms, and into infidelity, onto my back, his prick found it's way into me the moment he raised his hard body over me.

My legs went unbidden and willingly over his back,

He was driving it in and out so strongly I couldn't stop myself from going with it, and wanting to go where ever he took me.

Because of his youth, the fact that he had unloaded in my mouth a mere 10 minutes before, didn't detract from me getting the fucking my body was now desiring.

In my head I knew what was happening shouldn't have been, it was wrong, I had no right to be enjoying or wanting this, but my nipples and pussy did, and they were in total control, my body was getting more and more in tune with this male fucking machine on top of me.

And that's when one particularly hard thrust of his manic prick, made me orgasm so hard it took my breath away, I wasn't ready for it, I had had no idea it was going to happen like that, that I was going to cum like that, I just did, I exploded, shattered into bits and pieces.

I wrapped myself around him and crushed my shattered body to his; I had never ever cum like that, never!

No one had ever had that affect on me, my husband never had, or previous boyfriends; this was a definite first orgasm of this kind for me.

He didn't stop humping his hips up and down, thereby continuing his dominance and complete fucking of me.

I was finding it hard to breathe, but I knew he wouldn't stop hammering me until he shot his load deep into my womb.

I relaxed my death grip on him, I had to, he raised himself up on his hands, he was looking down at me with a look that said, 'You're mine, I'm going to eat you alive!'

And he really started giving it to me then, he pounded me; hammered me, the power of his prick driving in and out overwhelmed me, I felt I was in fear of my life.

I bounced about under him until I started to sense he was building it up to a crashing ejaculation. I wasn't wrong there either, his final pile driving thrust into me, ended with a feel of white hot cum spurting from his prick. It was wonderful and sent me over the top into a heart pounding orgasm of my own again.

I lay there absolutely spent, and he did too, he rolled off me and said.

'Shelagh that was, is, and you are without doubt, the best fuck I have ever had baby!'

I had to admit to myself that, yes, that it was the best fuck I had ever had too, but I just smiled submission to him, I couldn't tell him the truth could I?

That he had made me cum like no man had ever made me cum ever before.

'From now on babe, you are mine, I won't ever risk you or your marriage, but when I call you Shelagh, you will be ready for me okay?'

'I have wanted you, and to fuck you ever since I found out what fucking was Shelagh, you have always been my dream woman, and now I've got you, and I ain't stopping now.'

'When you are on nights, I want you to wear the sexiest of underwear just for me, knowing that while you are talking to your husband before you leave home, that you will be giving yourself to another man, that you are going to be fucked by another man, that you are going to your work, to give your self completely to your lover, okay?' He told me.

'And I want you to wear your hair long at all times when it's possible, you are just so absolutely beautifully fucking fuckable with it like that.'

'If you can't, then wear it so it can be down straight away okay baby?' He said.

The way he spoke to me, the power of his words, the musically baritone voice, made my pussy pulse with longing

I laid there with my head on his chest and his prick in my hand, how could I ever say no now?

I was beaten, he had me, no way back, and no way out.

So I didn't.

I said. 'Yes Mark, whenever you want me I will be there for you, I promise, in any and every way.' I squeezed his prick and kissed him.

He continued to 'get me' frequently, whether it was in a bedroom, a cleaners cupboard (one on every floor!) an office, the kitchen, even in the lifts, the store cupboards, behind the bar, on the bar, you name it, if it's in a hotel, he got me, and took me, everywhere.

I remember one evening when I was on duty until 11:00, after giving me a wink and a nod, he made me follow him upstairs, and, unknown to me, up there, there is a blind spot right at the very top, it was unseen from anywhere.

He got me going in the usual fashion by just pulling me into his arms, and looking straight into my eyes and kissing me. Then just roughly fondling and squeezing my very attentive nipples. He only had to look at me in that knowing way of his and up they would pop, ready and willing for his attacks. He told me my arse was his, I didn't know then he meant literally!

He bent me over the banister rail, yanked my skirt up without any further preamble, just ripped my panties away, that always turns me on because I never know when he's going to do it.

Then he just stuck his Shelagh Nealan knowing prick in my silky soaked, loved up, love juiced pussy.

Then without warning of any kind, he reached round, clamped his hand over my mouth, pulled it out, and rammed his prick right into and up my arse.

My feet left the floor, and if his arm hadn't been around my waist, and hand over my mouth I would have gone over the rail for certain! I tried not to scream, and thankfully his hand stopped my wailing, whilst he ravaged my defenceless open arse.

God did it hurt, the surprise was total, but my submission was over in seconds, I couldn't stand up, he held me over the rail, and fucked me, it wasn't until I heard him grunt and then cum in me that I felt my body start to accept its ravishment.

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