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My Not So Cheating Wife


My marriage was a wonderful one. I had been married for three years now to a wonderful sexy woman. My wife's name is Kariana. (Car ee on uh) She was twenty six, soft tan skin, green eyes that you could get lost in, stood five foot eleven, long dark red hair with incredible 36DD breasts and perky nipples. She obtained her athletic build after becoming an aerobics instructor. Working there for seven years had earned her a firm backside, strong thighs and a very sassy attitude. Our sex life was rather on the mild side given that as a police officer, I often worked long hours.

I never imagined that she would be having an affair with one of her assistant instructors. But as it turned out, I had taken the day off to surprise my wife at work. So when I showed up at her gym, I was surprised that her gym class had been cancelled for the day. I stepped into the small building that served as the local gym. No one was around and I heard moaning coming from her office. I slowly made my way down the hall to her office, as I got closer the moaning go louder. Peeking through the window, I was shocked. My wife was dressed like a hooker.

Kariana was sporting a light blue tank top that declared her breasts, a short black miniskirt that barely came past her crotch. Her assistant, a dweeb of a man named greg was completely naked sitting on the leather sofa with her stroking him like his life depended on it. As I watched, she stroked him with her left hand while her right hand massaged his nut sack like a couple of Chinese massaging bells. He was moaning lightly as he instructed her movements. "That's good Kar, stroke my cock, now lean down and flick your tongue across the tip several times."

Without so much as a hesitation, she did exactly as she was told. She leaned her head down and parted her lips. Her tongue came out so quick and began flicking the tip of his cock, almost like she was a snake tasting the air. Greg leaned back and just enjoyed himself as he was serviced by my wife. My slutty whore of a wife. He spoke again as he pushed her back. "That's good. Very good, now remember everything I taught you. If you want to save your marriage, this may be the only way." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I just stood at the door, peeking through the window watching my wife cheat. But I also couldn't understand what Greg was talking about. Save my marriage? I just didn't get it.

I mean, of all people to cheat with? HIM? Greg was just barely over five feet, closer to fifty then forty, and almost completely bald. Horn rimmed glasses adorning a narrow almost anorexic face with bad dimples and buck teeth. To top it off, he had an almost owl screeching voice. Yet he had a dick that a porn star would be jealous of. Him of all people. I couldn't believe it. I turned and walked away. Heading to the bathroom down the hall, I stopped at the door, gave a heavy sigh and stepped inside.

Going to the sink, I looked at the man looking back at me in the mirror. I was fit, two inches over six feet, clean shaven with brown hair and blue eyes. Dimple free, but some women liked dimples I guess. Fair skin, not too dark but not too light. I considered my options. Shaking my head I came to a realization. Either I could confront Kariana about what I had seen, or try and get more information. It just bugged me, what did he mean by save my marriage? I thought our marriage was a good one. I had to make a choice. So I chose the second option. I went back to her office and waited outside the door listening and peeking through the window. Kariana and Greg were talking.

"I love him. And this is my last attempt. If he can't give me the hard rough sex that I like, I'm going to leave him." My wife had said. Greg nodded patiently. "Of course. I do hope for the best for you two, I hope my instructions will help. Remember, try to act like you are not going to enjoy it at first but then welcome it when it starts to turn you on. " Greg said in soft tones. So that's what it was, Greg wasn't her assistant like she told me, he was Her instructor. Her sex instructor. She did this for me, took a risk to chance for a greater reward. I always had believed that sex was an important part of marriage. But I never believed for a second she had this side of her. I turned around and headed out for a bit.

I had to do some thinking. I loved my wife. Hell I would have done anything for my wife. Never once did I think I would do this to keep my marriage though. I walked to my car, a small dark blue Nissan sedan, I decided I needed to go for a drive. Kar was off work in about two hours so that gave me some time to consider how I wanted to handle things. I drive around for a bit, visited some local antique stores and when I was done I looked at my watch. It was almost six o'clock. Nearly dinner time if not passed dinner slightly by the time I got home. When I got home, I pulled into the driveway. Kar's Nissan coupe was in the driveway so she was obviously home.

I got out of my car, locked the door and headed inside. As I stepped into the living room, I looked around. The lights were dim, the tv was on but there was no sign of Kariana. I figured she was probably in the bedroom. So to the bedroom I walked.

Walking into the room, I spotted Kariana laying on the bed asleep. Moving over, I started rubbing my crotch. If this was what it took to make her happy, then so be it. Starting to get hard, my hand reached down and began to massage her left tit. Kar started to move. Unzipping my pants, I pulled my cock out of my pants. I never had complaints as I was now fully aroused and measured at ten and a half inches in length with a fair circumference. Fully aroused, I started stroking my cock. Leaning down, I slowly began massaging your left tit. Leaning down, I got on my hands and knees and took her nipple now starting to be erect into my mouth. Kariana came awake with a sudden jolt. As she opened her eyes though, I grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved my cock in her mouth before she could give a response.

I slide my cock out of her mouth about half way and slide it against her cheek, slapping her cheek with my hand where my cock head is. Each slap against her cheek makes my cock pulse a bit. I yanked her hair back and said "you're going to do what I tell you got it? Dont argue and just take what I give you. Before she could respond, I grabbed her shirt by the neckline and pull hard, ripping the shirt in half. Kar tried to back away but I followed her to the corner of the room, she tried to get past me, but I grabbed her by the neck turning around and pushed her down on her hands and knees. Moaning loudly, I suddenly spanked her ass hard and yanked her pants down. I push her head against the bed, and sat there as I grabbed a wine bottle and slide the wide end inside her pussy while I slid my hand in her ass.

Kariana tried to move but she end up pushing against me forcing the bottle deeper into her pussy. Giving up, she lay still as I began fucking her with the wine bottle and fisting her ass. I felt her pussy juices suddenly begin flowing down the bottle as I made her squirt cum on the bottle. Pulling the bottle out of her pussy, I ran my fingers down the side of the bottle coating the bottle with her cum. Moving around in front of her, I suck my fingers in her mouth, making my wife, suck her cum off my fingers. I stroked my cock hard as I am about to cum and stuck my cock in her face as I shot a stream of cum on her cheek and across her lips. I tell you "lick your lips. Taste my cum. Then you're going to lick my ass. I want to feel your tongue on me. " you obediently lick your lips tasting my cum. I lay back and remove my pants. She tried to walk away but I pulled pher to me and pulled her on top of me in the 69 position. I wrapped my arms around her waist and began sliding my tongue into her ass.

Kariana grabbed my cock and begin stroking hard and sucking the head of my cock into her mouth. Her left hand moved down and begins massaging my balls. I stick my tongue as far as possible into her ass, tasting her ass I then slide my tongue into her pussy, my tongue caresses and rolls around her clit, sucking her clit into my mouth. I let go of herand she climbed off of me. Getting on her hands and knees in front of me, she grabbed my cock, lifting it up kneeling down and begin sucking on my balls, bringing my balls into her mouth one at a time. I grabbed her head feeling her tongue I begin to squirm with anticipation. Moving down lower, she slid a finger across my asshole. Kariana stroked on my cock even harder in faster rapid movements. leaning closer she suddenly stuck her tongue across my asshole teasingly.

I began to squirm even more as she flicked the tip of my cock as if telling me not to move. It stuung a little but I seemed to enjoy it. So I didn't move as she slid her tongue in my ass. After five minutes of tonguing my ass, she sat up and took my whole cock into her mouth, inch by inch my cock slid down her throat. I grabbed her head and shoved her head down further while thrusting upwards, shoving my cock deeper into moist cock hungry mouth. My cock began to pulse as she held my cock down her throat before pulling my cock out. She spit on my cock letting her saliva slide down my throbbing shaft. As I am about to cum she slid my cock down her throat as she begin fingering my ass with 2 fingers. I suddenly explode shooting a stream of cum into her throat so much that she had to pull my cock out and let a load of cum that has filled her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Standing up she tried to quickly move away, but I grabbed her by the hips and bent her over the sofa quickly and pushed her head down into the cushion as I spanked her ass hard and began fingering her pussy as I rubbed my cock head against her asshole.

She tried to move but I just pushed forward sliding my cock into her ass all the way down to my balls. She begin moaning as I thrust hard and deep with my cock into her ass while my left hand slid into her pussy, working both holes. My right hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back as I pulled her against me as I was ready shoot another load of hot cum again. She moaned again and squirmed and I felt her pussy juices coat and cover my hand. I suddenly exploded filling her ass with hot cum. Pulling out, I watched as my cum seeped out of her tight asshole. Slowly I took my fingers and gathered the cum from her asshole and slid my fingers into her mouth.

She tried yet again to move away from me but I turned over and lay on my back pulling her on top of me. I positioned my cock right in front of her pussy and suddenly slammed my cock into her pussy with a deep powerful thrust ,asking her cry out in ecstasy. Pounding pussy harder and harder while pulling her hair back, I held on tightly as her huge lovely tits bounced in my face.

Leaning up and sucked on her nipples, nibbling and biting as I brought them into my mouth. She screamed and moaned louder and louder as my cock filled her sweet pussy with every inch. My hands moved down and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her ass cheeks apart. My left hand spanked her ass as my right hand slid three fingers inside her tight cum drenched asshole. Holding my cock in her pussy all the way I pushed and shoved and rocked against her as her cum started quirting and drenching my ten and a half inch throbbing cock.

I continued rocking my cock into her pussy and shoved her down onto my cock with every upward thrust at the shoulders. My hands moved up again and grabbed her by the throat as I started to squeeze while fucking her pussy. Turning over, I laid her on her back and grabbed her by the legs spreading her legs wide. I had her legs resting on my forearms as I worked my cock balls deep into her pussy, wanting, screaming in desire to pump a deep load if my hot cum into her wet tight delicious pink pussy. My hands moved up and started squeezing her tits hard, mashing them together as my cock continued to pound inside her sweet cunt.

Sitting up, I pulled her onto my lap in a sitting position and rocked against her while holding her close to me, her huge tits mashed against my chest. Pulling her hair, she leaned her head back as I leaned in and suckled on her nipples again. Kariana's pussy started quenching and clenching onto my cock. My cock suddenly exploded shoving a hot stream of cum inside her tight wet pussy. With her on my lap I carefully stood up and carried her and held her against the wall.

I held her tightly against the wall as I slammed my cock as hard as I could into her. Moving to the bedroom, I shoved her down onto the king sized bed. She crawled back to the headboard and I followed her and grabbed her by the legs and pulled her towards me as I climbed on top of her and slid my cock into her mouth. Grabbing her by the head I forced my cock down her throat. Her mouth closed around my shaft as I started thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth, feeling her tongue slide up and down my shaft. As she was sucking every inch of my cock, my hands moved down and began twisting and pinching her nipples hard until they turned red. Feeling my cock pulsing one more time, I pulled back and begin stroking my cock hard as my cock shot one last stream of cum across her enormous tits, my semen running down her nipples.

I leaned back and took a deep breath and looked at my wife. She was enormously hot and sexy. Kariana leaned back against the headboard and smiled at me with a big grin. She still had cum on her chin which she wiped with her hand, then licked and sucked her hand clean. Taking a deep breath she said "That was totally wonderful and I loved it. Thank you honey"

That was two years ago, we are still married and our sex life has gotten even better!!

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