tagIncest/TabooMy Not-So-Little Brother

My Not-So-Little Brother


I'm amber and it all started when I was in high school. He was at that awkward age when he didn't know what to do with all those hormones. I caught Matt masturbating all the time. He'd be right downstairs when I'd come to get him for dinner. He was confused and I never really thought about the role I may have played. Later, it almost seemed as though he was trying to get caught. I'd find my panties missing or moved around. And sometimes I'd wake up with the feeling that I was being watched. I'd roll over, my nighty pulled up above my waist and the covers off of me (I've always moved around so much when I sleep its hard to keep anything covering me). I'd look at my door open just a crack, and no one would be there. I had the same feelings when I'd be in the shower or just getting out. Looking through the steam, I'd swear that someone was there, that Matt was there, but never when I went to look.

I was in high school and along with Matt's tendencies, we were just in two different worlds. When I left for college, I left a horny, confused little creep. As he grew up a little bit, got some girlfriends and found an outlet for all those hormones, he started to turn into a really sweet guy, not to mention cute. He was taller than me with the same brown hair and brown eyes as myself. He was a runner so he kept in shape and had beautifully strong legs and longer hair that would fly all around when he ran.

I used to be a lot thinner. I was kinda short, just barely 5'3", but I had a pretty curvy body and was always proud of my tight little ass and perfect handful breasts with small dark nipples. All those times I thought Matt was watching me, it crept me out, but at the same time I was flattered that a young guy would be interested in my body. But, I gained what they call the freshmen fifteen when I went to college. Just as he was filling out into a young man, I was gaining weight and feeling pretty self conscious about it. So I started working out and managed to get in better shape than I had been my entire life. Matt was getting stronger every day and more cute, too.

We talked a lot more now that I was at college and he was a senior in high school. We were getting to be good friends, too. My school was only a few hours away so he'd come visit sometimes.

I had a really big apartment to myself. And after his cross country season ended he came to see me on the way home. It was a great time for me to have someone to talk to. The campus was empty and I had just broken things off for the last time with my on-and-off boyfriend of 6 years. Don't feel sorry for me, though. It was actually a reason to celebrate, we'd been through so much screwed up stuff and I knew that it had to be final this time. I just needed someone to reassure me that I had actually made the right decision. My brother was the perfect candidate, since he new my ex and all the cruel things he'd done to me all the way back in high school. And my brother was none to fond of him to begin with.

So, we started talking over a bottle of wine and got the point where he probably shouldn't be driving, so he called home and said he'd be staying the weekend. We changed into our pj's, his just an old pair of gray sweatpants, no underwear, I noticed. And me, in white boxers and a white tank top with spaghetti straps.

It was great, just sitting around talking like we had never done before. One bottle turned into two. I was ok, I'd been at college now three years and had built up a tolerance. Matt, on the other hand, hadn't had anything to drink in months. He's a runner, remember. Under the circumstances, he was holding up pretty well, but was really talkative.

"remember when we came up here two years ago for the race?" he was saying.

"and you almost got me fired," I replied.

He and some of his friends brought a trunk full of water weapons with them when they crashed at my place one weekend.

"hey," he said jokingly "you still have your job and as I recall, your boss got what was coming to him."

They had super soakers, water balloons, anything that could launch large quantities of water. Their little battle was raging all over campus, and just as I was going to tell them to cut it out, I saw it. My boss walking across campus to calm these rowdies down.

"besides, I thought it was my friend, Paul," Matt was saying.

Matt turned on my boss and soaked him from head to toe with a water gun. I started to laugh over our glasses of wine. It was a pretty funny sight. We kept talking and laughing, and two bottle turned into three as he popped the cork and poured me another glass.

"you're looking great, amber. But then again, you've always looked great," he blurted out.

"what are you talking about? You must not have seen me much after I came to school. I was getting pretty fat," I said.

"no, I remember you. And even then you were gorgeous." the wine must have been hitting him; I was hideous.

He looked me straight in the eyes and I could see he wasn't that drunk. "no, you were so cute. I know you gained weight, but all it did was accentuate your curves and make your baby face all the more unbelievable."

I was blushing, but it felt great to know that even when I looked bad, he still thought I was sexy. "Matt, do you want to hit the couch and watch a movie?" I guess the wine was hitting both of us.

Matt sat down at the end of the couch, me at the other and I put my feet up in his lap. I guess out of habit he just started rubbing my feet. I'd never had a foot massage, but he seemed like it was the most natural thing to do, that's how good it felt.

"mmmm, that's nice, I'll bet your girlfriend really likes that," I said.

"who, Melissa? We broke up over a month ago. Thanks for knowing what's going on in my life," he joked. "you know, when I get done here, I can do your shoulders. I give even better back rubs."

I was tingling, from his hands on my feet, ankles, and calves, and I was tingling in places that probably shouldn't be when you're with your brother. Never the less, I was getting turned on, but three bottles of wine will shut off that part of your mind that says 'think about what you're doing.' or, so I told myself, cuz I was having no qualms about how aroused I was getting. I think that he was enjoying the feelings, too. While he worked on my left foot, I placed my right foot up against his groin, lightly rubbing up and down. He had a pretty serious hard-on going. I loved it.

"why don't you do my neck and shoulders now," I whispered as I crawled across the couch to sit between his legs, facing away from him. My hair is pretty short, so it wasn't in the way. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and his bulge digging into my ass. I started tingling again.

"I can't believe how good of shape you're in. I can feel how strong your shoulders have gotten. You've been tanning, too, haven't you?"

"mmmmmmm, yeah," was all I could manage.

"when did you lose the power of speech," he joked.

"I'm sorry, you're just so good with your hands. I'll bet Melissa was sorry to see you go." 'I'll bet he's even better with something else' I thought.

"lean forward a bit and lift up your arms," he told me. Leaning forward only pushed my ass against his hard-on even more. He gently started working on my sides and lower back, alternating hard circular strokes with the lightest feather sweeps of his finger tips across my lower back and up under my top. It was electrifying. As he got closer to the sides of my breasts with his feather touch my dark nipples began to stick straight out. He slowed, as if waiting for me to stop him. I didn't and that was the signal that there would be no turning back.

I was 21 and he was 18. I was his big sister and he was my little brother. And this was wrong ...

But it wasn't. Nothing had ever felt so right. I loved him more than any other man in my life. We were great friends and he was so handsome with his bright white teeth and sharp jawline, messed up brown hair coming down past his eyes. This was right, and we both knew it.

His hand slowly slid around my side and the first time he touched my breasts, he was so sensitive. Nothing like my ex who would go in hard and always leave me feeling unfullfilled. No, this, with Matt, was perfect.

He traced the under side of my breasts with light fingers and slowly circled each one, slowly getting closer to my erect nipples. Just as he reached them, he dropped his hands to my side again, without touching my nipples that were begging for attention.

"what are you doing?" I whimpered.

He said nothing, just planted a warm, soft kiss on the back of my neck and gently, but quickly stripped off my top. I turned to face him and decided I couldn't wait any longer. I went in for a long deep kiss but he stopped me.

"amber, you know what we're doing, don't you? Are you drunk?" he was being so sweet it was starting to drive me nuts.

"yes, I am drunk. Yes, I know exactly what we're doing. And I've never been more sure about what I want than right now. Even if this is for one night, I want this. I want you, Matt. I want my little brother," I whispered. I was amazed at how sultry I sounded, like a seductress. And I felt so sexy.

"you have amazing breasts ... Simply perfect," he whispered as he leaned in to kiss them softly. I reached down to his groin as he massaged my breasts and licked and kissed and sucked them. His tongue gently taunting my hard nipples. It was amazing. He jumped a little when I got his hard penis out of his pants. I looked down, but didn't need to. I could tell from how it felt that I should probably stop calling him my 'little' brother. He wasn't huge or anything, but it was the most beautifully perfect cock I'd ever seen. It was only about 6 inches, but was thick. I'd find out later, that it was the perfect fit for me. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I slowly jerked his cock while he kissed every inch of my tits, slowly licking me from belly button to collar bone. It was incredible.

I got up off the couch and removed my boxers leaving only little black cotton panties. I started to remove those as well, but he grabbed my hand. "let me," he said.

He stood up and I grabbed the waistband of his sweats, lifted them outwards to avoiding snagging them on his raging erection. I then yanked them down and found myself staring his member dead in the face. It was amazing and I couldn't help but grab it and start licking it from base to tip. I massaged his balls while I placed his head in my mouth. "mmmmmm, that's amazing," he said.

"hey, you gave me a great massage, I figured I'd return the favor," and I went back to trying to swallow him whole. He let me work at my own pace, never getting anxious or trying to ram it through the back of my head like my ex had done.

I was getting really turned on now, I slipped my fingers under my black panties and started playing with my engorged lips and moist pussy. He grabbed me by the shoulders, strong, but gentle, and lifted me to my feet.

"now its your turn," he said.

He got on his knees and slowly slid my panties down. He hadn't even revealed my lips yet, just the top of my short dark pubes, when he started kissing my lower stomach. He got to my hipbone, which I didn't even know was an erogenous zone, and when he started sucking on it, I shot through the roof, and soaked my panties that were still barely clinging to my vagina.

"god, Matt, that feels great. Mmmmmmm. Yes, Matt, you're so good at turning me on."

"do you think that you're ready for what I'm going to do next?" he asked with his head still burried in my abdomen.

"mmmmm, yeah." I was losing the power of speech again.

He removed my panties and lifted one of my legs to the corner of the couch. I couldn't wait any longer, but he started at my toes. Kissing and licking all the way up my legs, pausing at the backs of my knees and inner thigh. He got right up to my pussy lips and gave them a light kiss, then started on the other leg. I was on fire.

"Matt. Please, suck my cunt. I need it." I stammered.

He happily obliged. With one hand I spread my swollen lips for him. He started just kissing and sucking the outer lips than licked the insides of my wetness from bottom to top. He then hit my clit and I was ready to explode. He stuck one finger in, but that was all it took. He knew right where to touch me, as if he had a map of my dripping cunt. His mouth never left my clit once it reached it. Licking, alternating hard and soft strokes, his finger burried in my wetness found my g-spot and began massaging it madly. It pushed me over the top.

"oooohhhhh, god, Matt. That's it. How do you like sucking your big sister? Is it what you've always wanted? Mmmmmm, yeah, Matt. I'm gonna come. Oh, shit, Matt, right there. That's it. Oooooohhhh, SHIT, this is incredible." it was the best head I'd ever recieved. Thats when it hit me.

I came so hard, wetting down his face and squeezing his finger with all my power. My knees buckled, but he caught me with strong arms and swung me around to the couch. He leaned over me and kissed me with passion. Our tongues twisted and I could taste my own juices. I loved it. His hands gently rubber my breasts, stomach, and pussy. When I'd gotten a little more control, when the last waves of the first orgasm were fading, I spread my legs. "you want to fuck your big sister now?" I asked.

"that, and more. I think that you'll love it, sis," he replied.

He climbed between my legs and slowly rubbed his head against the outer walls of my soaked pussy. "what did you have in mind, my little Matty?" I aksed in a little girls voice. His cock still tracing up and down the lines of my pussy.

"you'll just have to wait and see, amber." he said in his deep voice.

I kept trying to squirm down and get him all the way inside of me, but he kept backing up.

"no, not until I'm ready. I want to here you beg," he said.

"oh, Matty, please, please. PLEASE," I moaned.

"please, what?" Matt said.

"please, Matty, ram your cock in your big sisters cunt. Her cunt wants it Matty. Fuck me, please." I was using the little girl's voice again.

"ok, sis. I think that's good enough." and he started slowly sliding it in. My lips stretched out as he entered me a half inch at a time. It was great. The perfect fit. My pussy was perfectly filled with my little brother's cock. Wait, not 'little' brother, not anymore.

The ridge of the head of his cock was so swollen it rubbed hard against my spot. It was incredible. My ex was longer, but never hit my g-spot. Matt started out slowly but we worked into our rythm, both of us moaning like fools. My legs were rapped around his waste, begging for more. I grabbed both of my hands and held them above my head while he licked and sucked my little nipples. Its probably a good thing that the campus was empty cuz my walls are thin, and we were certainly making some noise.

"oh, GOD, Matt, your cock is perfect. Mmmmmmmmm, YES. Fuck me, Matt, fuck your sister. That's it. Please, don't stop, Matt. Keep going." he released one of my hands so I could play with my clit while he pounded me.

"oh, fuck, amber. You're so god damned tight. Do you like my cock, sis? Do you like getting fucked by your little brother?"

"not 'little', Matt. Not little" I moaned.

I was coming again. "ooooooohhh, Matt, FUCK!!" as my pussy clenched down on his cock he let out a loud moan and unloaded stream after stream of hot come in my pussy. I could feel it coating my insides. I was in heaven. He slowly kept pumping my cunt with his juices mixed with mine so I was more lubed up than I've ever been.

As I realized that he wasn't going soft, he said, "are you ready for some fun?" and started rubbing his thick cock against my anus. My perfect, round ass I'd been so proud of had never had a cock in it. My ex always went limp before he could get there.

"please, Matt, I don't think that I can take anymore. I'm spent."

"that's a shame. I think that you'd really enjoy it." he said as he pulled away.

I didn't think that he'd actually stop. I grabbed him gently by the balls and pulled him back to between my legs.

"well, maybe a little bit longer." I said.

I lay on the couch facing him with me ass in the air and my legs spread. He was kneeling between my legs with his cock placed right at the entrance to me ass. He was well-coated from our fuck-fest and pressed firmly against my backdoor. I pressed back and, with a pop, his head entered my ass. It hurt, but also felt so good. As I adjusted to this new presence in my ass, he slowly punched forward a bit, then pulled back. It was completely amazing. My ass soon adjusted to his size and I slowly started rocking against his cock. He held still so as not to hurt me, but as I got more comfortable, we both got going.

"oh, god. Matt, this is incredible," I whispered. It feels like I'm completely filled up. My ass and my cunt. Play with my clit, please, Matt."

He obliged and fondled me clit while slowly rocking back and forth in my ass. I loved it. "Matt, speed up a little bit, please. I'm gonna cum again. Please Matt."

"no, you'll cum when I tell you its ok. Now get up." he ordered. I loved being told what to do like this.

"turn around and spread your legs. Lift your ass a little bit." he said and I did.

I he moved in behind me, my ass high in the air and entered my ass again. It was easier this time, but still took a second of getting used to.

We worked back into a rhythm. My ass slamming against his hard cock and my firm little breasts swaying slightly. He reached up and massaged one breast and with the other hand played with my clit. I leaned back until his chest was pressed against my back. Both of us kneeling together, I turned my head to kiss him. I could still taste my cum on his tongue, mixed with the taste of red wine.

We both started moaning into each other's mouths and rocking hard against each other.

This one hit me quickly, just as he sprayed another load of hot jizz in my ass my orgasm nearly knocked me out. My ass and pussy muscles clinched down and I couldn't even breath. My entire body tightened as I broke our kiss to try and catch my breath.

"that, was amazing," I said when I could breathe again. "I'm hoping that wasn't just a one night thing."

"got any plans for next weekend?" he moaned in my ear before we both collapsed on the couch, naked, exhausted, and completely satisfied.

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