tagRomanceMy Number Ch. 10

My Number Ch. 10


Oh, my God, I just squealed when I read that, and everybody was staring at me, wondering what the heck had happened.

"My dad asked my mom out for New Year's eve!" I was kind of dancing in my chair at the supper table over that, and Dave asked if that was a good thing. "Oh, yes, it's wonderful! They're both so lonely, and maybe they can put the past behind themselves now."

The evening was pretty much like any evening; the Parkers aren't partiers by any means, and they headed up to bed around 9:30. Dave and I watched television for a while longer, but I'd told him where I wanted to be when the clock struck midnight: in bed, with him deep inside of me! A little bit longer, and we headed upstairs.

We've been together for a couple of months now, and I hate to say it, but we have fallen into a bit of a routine, and I decided to change that up. We never undress each other anymore, because it really is simpler for us to undress ourselves, but I wasn't going to let that happen tonight. Once Dave shut the door, he walked over to me, and then I started gently tugging on his shirt. I didn't need to say anything; he knew what I was doing, and he's a smart guy, and figured out why I was doing it.

I finally figured out why men's and women's shirts button on the opposite side: it's to make it easier for us to undress each other. Dave was wearing a new flannel shirt he'd gotten for Christmas, so I had to take my time unbuttoning it, and then pull his t-shirt off over his head. I was wearing a pullover sweater over a tank, so all Dave had to do was pull them both over my head.

Then it was my turn again, and I started unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans. I pulled them down, and what was inside was rapidly springing to life. It was all part of my evil plan, to get him off once before we started making love, so that he'd last extra long during sex. I took his cock in my hand, slowly teasing the head, licking down each side of the shaft, and underneath. Dave loved being deep-throated - what guy doesn't - but I built up to that slowly. One I took him in my mouth, I would go just slightly deeper every time.

That was one way I knew that Dave respected me. A lot of other guys would just grab a girl's head and try to push her all the way down, but Dave never tried that. Depending on our position, sometimes he'd put his hands on my shoulders or back, but he never tried to force me at all.

Of course, he already knew I could take him all the way in, without being forced, and finally, I did. I was working on him with every bit of skill I had - and I do have a lot of skill at this! - and Dave wasn't holding back at all, finally exploding in my mouth. I knew what every guy loves, to keep going until his orgasm subsides, and Dave just loves that.

Then I stood up, with as wicked a smile as I could muster, and just told him, "My turn."

Well, Dave had shown a real talent for eating me, from the very start, and he was good again, sending me into orbit pretty quickly. It took him just long enough for his 19-year-old cock to recover for the main attraction.

And Dave was good for the long haul now! He took me missionary, he took me doggy, and, then to rest a bit, we were coupled together in a spooning position. That was slower, and it was nothing that was going to get Dave off this soon after his last shot, but it was like heaven to me. In the back of my mind, I thought it was kind of unfair that I could get off a dozen times, while a guy was good for only once or twice a night.

Finally, Dave moved me back into missionary, where I could wrap my legs around him and pull him into me, hard, and that was what finally got him off. Then we settled down, in each other's arms, and I glanced at the clock. Crap! I wanted Dave inside me when midnight came, but it was still 2016, still about ten minutes before the New Year. Oh, well!

Morning came, and I stretched awake; man, I had slept wonderfully. Because the Parkers' house is along the river bottom land, it doesn't get sunrise sun, due to the mountains around the place. The land is cleared for the farm, but it's still in the Daniel Boone National Forest, so sunrises aren't exactly spectacular here.

This is an old house, and old houses have one common problem: only one bathroom. Dave and I had stayed in bed long enough that his parents were in the bathroom, and we had to wait. I was practically doing the pee-pee dance by the time they got out, and Dave didn't look any more comfortable than I felt. But by the time we had showered and gotten ready for the morning, I could smell breakfast cooking when we opened the door.

It was simple fare, scrambled eggs, sausage, and homemade buttermilk biscuits, and a pitcher of orange juice. Somehow, I expected grits with a Southern breakfast, but I found out later that Dave's dad couldn't stand the stuff. Mrs Parker was smiling at me, kind of a lot, and I found out later it was because she'd heard us last night. The bathroom is between Dave's room and his parents', so there isn't a common wall, but apparently we still made a bit more noise than we should have.

After breakfast, I jumped up to clear the table and start the dishes. Dave's mom looked at me like, "Huh?" but they're feeding us, taking care of us, so it's only fair for us to help around the house. Then she came in, picked up a couple of things, and started drying. Dave and his father went out to the barn, for the regular farm chores, though there weren't all that many in the winter. I did spend some time outside, playing with Darcy, the new black lab. I kept thinking that the dog's name was some kind of combination of Dave and Marcy, but the Parkers wouldn't fess up to that one. She was almost full-grown, but still had a lot of puppy left in her.

This place was wonderful! There really wasn't much to do but relax and enjoy people's company. On Wednesday morning, we went up to a place called Kathy's Country Kitchen, in Clay City, for breakfast. It was a bit of a drive, twenty miles, but Mrs Parker wanted me to try their fried green tomatoes. That meant passing the abandoned house where Dave had ravished me a couple of months ago. I smiled when we passed that place, and gave his hand a squeeze.

Still, eventually we had to head back for Lexington, to do the basic stuff like get laundry done, and books bought for the upcoming semester. The apartment was nice, with still a week before the semester began. It was cold, so we mostly stayed in, reading a lot, mostly nonsense stuff - Dave likes these old Conan the Barbarian paperbacks, and he picked up an old 12-volume Lancer Books Conan series - and we made love, made love a lot! I read Fifty Shades of Grey, and that got Dave thoroughly molested, and he didn't seem to mind a bit.

I called my mom once I got some time alone, to ask how her 'date' with my dad went. She said that she wasn't sure how things were going to work out, because while the date itself went really well, and dad spent the night with her - mom wasn't going to give me any more details than that! - they did spend a lot of time talking the next day about how things had gone wrong. The break-up itself had been my mom's fault for screwing around so much, but apparently my father admitted that he hadn't been the best husband either. Mom said that dad hadn't admitted to actually cheating on her, not that she asked him, but said that he'd been too cold and inattentive. He hadn't moved back in, but they'd seen each other one more time, and she thought that eventually he might. Dad had said that he was over all of the crap that had happened in the past, but mom wasn't sure yet if he was really over it, or over it enough.

Classes started on Wednesday the 11th, but the dorms reopened on Sunday, and when Amanda called and said she was back, I went on over, without Dave. The walk was long, and just plain cold, but Amanda wanted to talk.

She'd gotten a new roommate, some girl named Naomi, who she said was a quiet sort, and she didn't know yet whether they'd be friends or not. It did mean that Eric wouldn't get to sleep over as much - if at all - as he had been doing once I had moved in with Dave, but that didn't bother her at all: she needed a bit of a break to figure out where all of this was going.

"It just seems like we're drifting into this," Amanda told me. "I mean, I haven't screwed around on him again, and I did have a chance on New Year's eve, with a fairly hot looking guy, but Eric and I still don't have that hot relationship you and Dave do."

"Did you tell him that you'd cheated?"

"No, no way, no way in Hell. I did a lot of soul-searching about that, even before Christmas break, and I just decided that no, I wasn't going to hurt him like that. I mean, the guy isn't at UK, so it ain't likely that Eric will ever run into him, so it ought to stay a secret, but it's kind of bothering me."

"Well, do what you have to do. No, I didn't tell Dave about that, so he can't let it slip, and I sure won't say anything."

"Thing is, I let Eric know that you asked me to be in your wedding, and it seemed like he got a strange look after that. Marcy, I can see the wheels turning in his head; he's thinking about asking me to marry him."

"And if he does . . .?"

"Oh, God, Marcy, I don't know. Part of me wants to, because I know that he'd make a good husband, but part of me is scared that, I don't know, that I wouldn't make a very good wife. I mean, ever since I fucked up over Thanksgiving, I kept thinking that we could get married, and then every so often I'd meet some hotter guy and screw around. If I can't get that part straight in my mind, what kind of wife could I ever make?"

"Well, you did stay loyal on New Year's, even though you had the chance."

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and yup, it was Eric!

"Hey, babe," he said, as he bounded into the room, and laid a big ol' kiss on Amanda. "Want to do something after we both get unpacked?"

"We can't do what you'd like, because I got a new roommate this semester," Amanda replied.

"Well, y'all could come over to our place this evening; we don't have anything planned." Eric and Amanda looked at each other, kind of shrugged their shoulders, comically in unison, and said that sure, they'd come.

Anyway, I called Dave and told him, and asked him to come pick me up so we could get something to feed all four of us. We could have gotten pizza delivered, I suppose, but I'd been cooking a lot ever since the time we'd spent at the Parkers, and thought I was getting better at it.

Dave showed up, and we headed to the grocery store. I had already decided: I was going to try my hand at lasagna, something I'd never attempted. I looked up the recipe on my smartphone, so we were able to get everything we needed, and fortunately we had a good glass dish for baking it.

"Hey, Dave," I asked, "what would you think about a bottle of wine to go with dinner?" I hadn't touched alcohol since the day we'd met, and Dave hadn't either. It wasn't as though I missed it or was craving it, but one bottle between four people wasn't going to get us smashed.

"Sure, why not? Of course, you'll have to buy it," Dave reminded me. I was 21, but Dave was still only 19.

"I know, I'm such a wicked cradle robber," I teased him.

Dinner went well: I managed to do pretty good with the lasagna, and the wine was pretty good. We stretched out drinking it, so no one got even close to drunk. We were sitting at the kitchen table, laughing and joking, when all of a sudden Eric said, "Holy shit!" and pointed at the window. There was our show off neighbor again, with a different guy this time, getting boned on her kitchen table. Amanda and I just laughed, but naturally Dave got up and shut the Venetian blinds. All three of us teased him with, "Spoil sport."

"You do know that she wants us to watch," I ragged him. Dave seemed to like it the time she saw us, but wasn't nearly so amused when those two girls caught us screwing in the Gorge. Of course, the rifle might have had something to do with that!

"Well, I can open the blinds again, and Eric and Amanda can put on a show for her, if that's what they want." There wasn't a whole lot of humor in Dave's voice at that, and the rest of us knew that he wasn't at all serious.

But, it turned out that the free show had more effect than I had guessed. Eric's roommate hadn't gotten back to the dorm on Sunday, so Amanda spent the night with him in his room. She had bailed out on taking him into the showers on her floor lately, because she thought that some of the girls on the floor were getting pissed that there were guys in the women's showers too often - Friday and Saturday nights tended to be free-for-alls, but the weekday mornings were getting to be too much - but gave in to his suggestion about the showers on his floor Monday morning. To hear Amanda tell it, Eric had done his best ever job on her, lifting her up in his arms and just plain fucking her silly up against the wall in an open shower stall, and they got a hearty round of applause for it.

"I tell you what," Marcy told me over the phone, "if he can keep that up, well, wow, that was like my best time ever."

"Better than Eli?" I teased her.

She thought for a moment, and then said, "Yeah, I think so. I mean, I was practically seeing stars it was so great. Eli's like sensational, you know that, but Eric, wow, he just took charge and was amazing." We were both laughing at that. Then she asked me, "Is Dave better than Eli?"


"Well, is he? I mean, you've told me that he's amazing, but you never really told me how."

"You know, Eli's an awesome stud, half the girls on campus know that, but Dave is not just great himself, but somehow we just click, like it's because it's Dave and me that it's so great. But tell me, was Eric such a stud because y'all had an audience?"

Amanda started giggling at that, then said, "Well, maybe. I mean, we'd screwed the night before, so there was no desperation in him, and I know that he liked it when your neighbor gave us a show, so I think that turned him on a lot. I know that I was turned on. We didn't have an audience until we'd gotten started, and I was turned on then, but things got amazing once a couple of guys got in there."

"Oh, you dirty girl, you!" I just had to tease her.

Things were going pretty smoothly as St Valentine's Day approached. I could see that Dave was silently struggling with trying to figure out what to get me. Flowers or candy are the typical Valentine's Day gifts, but I knew he was trying to think of something more special. My problem was that he was going to turn twenty on the 12th, and I had no idea what to get him; it isn't fair to have to think of two different presents so close together!

Trouble was that we needed a lot of things, but had neither the room nor the money for anything. Neither one of us was working, and we were living off college savings. I saved a lot of money by moving out of the dorm, and that helped, but we were still kind of poor. We were both going to have to work hard this summer, and really, we needed part-time jobs next semester while we were in school.

When Dave's birthday rolled around, I gave him me for his present! Of course, he liked that, but I also bought him a new insulated vest. His old one was getting kind of shabby, and with winter about to end, I was able to find him a new one on sale. I think I got lucky in that, because they probably wouldn't have been available at all in a week or so.

And then Dave way out-did me for St Valentine's Day. I wasn't expecting much, but that sly dog did it: he gave me a (belated) engagement ring!

Oh, good Lord, I never needed a ring, even though, before Dave, I couldn't imagine getting engaged without one. I was so happy with Dave, and knew he didn't have much money, and didn't see that we needed to waste the money on a ring, but somehow, some way, he put together the cash and bought me one. I'll admit it: I squealed for joy when I saw that ring, and made sure that Dave squealed for joy later that night.

The 15th was a school day, Wednesday, and professors didn't seem to be all that interested in being easy on students who might have imbibed a bit too much on Valentine's evening; at least my professors weren't, loading us up with work, and my fourth semester statistics professor was especially mean, hitting us with a pop quiz. I was lucky: I was up on all of my work, but I noticed a couple of guys who looked like a quiz was the last thing they needed.

I was wondering if Amanda would call me; it had occurred to me, and kind of to her, that Eric might actually propose on St Valentine's Day, but I wasn't sure that she'd say yes if he did. I wanted to ask her, but I really wanted her to call me with that kind of news. Since I didn't get a call or text by late afternoon, I figured that nothing special had happened. I had gotten pretty good at the lasagna I had tried last month, having made it a few times since, and I was getting ready to start one again around 5:00, when my cell went off. It turned out it wasn't Amanda; it was my mom.

"Hi, honey, guess what?" mom began.

Day after St Valentine's, I thought, so I'd take a wild guess: "Dad moved back in?" Maybe that was too sudden.

"Yup, he sure did!" I could hear my mother practically jumping for joy on the other end of the line. "We spent last night together, and we've been together most weekends since New Year's, and we just decided, this morning. He's going to pack his clothes when he gets off work tonight, and he should be off by now, and then come back up here."

"Oh, wow, mom, that's so great! I'm so happy for you, and for dad."

"Well, so am I! It's just wonderful having him back around here. His apartment lease isn't up until June, so he's got to keep paying on that, but maybe that's for the best, he has a place to go so he won't feel trapped."

"Mom, you know dad doesn't think that way."

"I know, I know, but I'm walking on eggshells here. I'm so happy about this, and I don't want to screw things up again."

Mom and I chatted for a while longer, sometimes about dad moving back in, and some about my wedding coming up. It was set for Saturday, May the 20th, only three months away. We didn't have much money, but the Parkers were having the whole thing on their farm, and that meant very little cost involved. My only real expense was going to be my wedding gown, and that worried me, because those stupid things could run into thousands of dollars. I couldn't afford that, and mom couldn't afford that, even with dad back at home. I decided, right then, something very simple and chic, just a long, white satiny dress. That would be good enough for me, and Dave would love it, too. Now all that I had to do was find one!

I spent enough time on the phone with mom that I was down to about 20% on my battery when I hung up; I was also late getting the lasagna started thanks to her call, and Dave came in to help.

We had just gotten done with dinner when my cell rang again; this time it was Amanda. "Hey, Amanda, can I call you right back from Dave's phone? Mine's about to die." She said sure, so I hung up, put mine on the charger, and grabbed my honey's phone.

"Hey, Amanda, what's up?"

"Just wanted to ask how things were going," she said, so I started telling her about my parents getting back together. She sort of sounded happy for me, but I could tell that there was something on her mind.

"Listen, Marcy, of course yesterday was Valentine's, and Eric and I went out."

She didn't sound all that enthusiastic, but I stupidly forged ahead. "Did he ask you any particular question?"

"Yeah, he did, but not the question I was expecting. He asked me if we could get an apartment together this summer."

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