tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Obedient Streak Pt. 02

My Obedient Streak Pt. 02


I quickly glanced up at the assembled men, most of whom were grinning madly. Most were staring down at my exposed pussy, or taking in the curve of my flushed breasts, but a few of them were staring straight into my eyes. Their pleasure was seeing the humiliation and submissive pleading in my eyes. For those, the excitement of dominating me was l stronger than the sight of my bared body. Of course, Bob was among these, and I couldn't look away from his eyes as they bore into mine, his lazy grin showing how aware he was of how his looming threat over my defenseless nudity made my heart race and my breath catch in my throat. As my widened eyes were transfixed by his, I gripped the edge of the pinball machine behind me, and leaned backward trying uselessly to get further away, feeling the dull metal edge of the machine dig into my pantiless bottom.

Bob's smile grew wider and, still staring deeply into my frightened eyes, he taunted, "Stacey, are you just going to keep showing off those big naked tits to all these guys here? Aren't you ashamed to have them staring at your boobs, your nipples swollen and red like that? What do you say we give you back your bra, would you like that?"

I grasped at the possibility that I could recover some of my decency, which was kind of silly given I was standing in front of all these guys with my panties bunched at my thighs and my genitals on display. "Please... Bob, Ed...," I whined, "give me back my top..."

"Sure," Bob continued, his grin hardening, "Who has Stacey's bra, guys?"

One of the men held the crumpled garment up, chuckling softly. Bob continued, his stare never leaving my frightened green eyes, "Would you like to return Stacey's brassiere to her?" Without giving the guy a moment to respond, he continued, "Of course, there's no reason you should do so, if she was careless enough to lose her bra, well... finder's keepers wouldn't you say? Unless... Stacey had something else to offer? What do you say, my friend, would you like to keep Stacey's bra?"

The guy unfolded my bra and held it open between his hands, looking at me and snickering, "Well, you know I think I'd like to keep this hot lacey bra for myself. I can just imagine how it'll feel wrapped around my cock when I use it to jerk off remembering you, little lady, and your big jugs. I think I'll just save this as a souvenir, you know?"

"Looks like you're out of luck, Stacey, you'll be leaving here with your bare tits bouncing in the street. Unless, maybe you can trade something to get your underwear back! You, my friend, what would be fair, do you think?"

The guy holding my bra looked at me and was about to speak, but Bob continued, "Seems to me that a taste of the real girl is better than fantasizing with her lingerie. Maybe, Stacey, you could offer your friend here to give you back your bra if you let him play with your pussy and tits, that seems fair?"

I quickly looked at the smiling man holding my bra. He was lanky, and his arms, beneath the short sleeves of his discount store bowling shirt, were thick, sporting the prominent veins of a manual laborer. His callused hands strengthened the rough, animalistic impression I'd forlornly gathered. His cheek was stubbly with a day's unshaven growth and his teeth were uneven. He quickly moved toward me saying, "Now that seems real fair to me! I'll trade some of that fine little lady's body for her underwear any day!"

Bob indicated for him to stand next to me and said, "Make sure that all these other gentlemen, who've also been kind enough to help out with Stacey's lessons don't get shortchanged too badly. They want to see you explore her body!"

Slim came over and held out my bra to me. I grabbed it, and slipped my arms quickly through the straps and began to pull it down to my breasts, but he grabbed my hands and chastised me, "Now don't you be in a hurry, gal, you ain't earned that bra back yet. You can just keep it there hanging with your tits out of it until you have! Put your hands back on the machine behind you."

I did, leaning back and jutting my breasts out, the scrap of lace lying uselessly across my chest above my bare bosom. I expected Slim to make a beeline for my nipples as Baldy had done, but evidently he wasn't as much of a tit man, instead his hand reached out and his fingers descended on the triangular puff of hair at my crotch. His fingertips traced slowly through the short fuzz of my pubes, tracing circles over my gently prominent mons, the circles expanding slowly as he rubbed my smooth lower belly then descended closer and closer to my pussy lips.

My breathing was ragged and tears were filling my eyes as the stranger's fingertips brushed casually across the top of my cleft, pushing my pussy lips across, then returning to palm my naked, bare, smooth-shaven cleft.

Slim grinned as the rapt audience watched the stranger's hands come into contact with my tender, defenseless genitals. "Mmmm...." he murmured, stroking my cunny freely, "what a soft, smooth, pouty little cunt you have, Stacey. You like your naked pussy being felt up? Huh?" I closed my eyes in shame and turned my face away from him, as I felt a tear well in my eye and trickle down my cheek.

I felt his fingers slide around the front of my pussy cupping my cunt and trapping it between his fingers. He lifted his palm upward and my soft lips parted to let his fingers sink between the soft folds of my labia, which slid open around the intruding finger.

Bob narrated my shame for the benefit of the guys watching, "That's good Stacey, this kind gentleman is going to give your little hootchie a good thorough feeling up, you just get accustomed to having a hand up your cunt there and opening you up so the nice gentlemen can all see your cunt get good and wet! That's it, you just open up those plump cuntlips like a good girl and let our friends see how pretty and pink your little girl hole is!"

I writhed as Slim's hand started taking vigorous liberties with my cunt, splaying my delicate lips apart and flicking his rough thumb back and forth over my exposed clit, the hood of my clit drawing back and being worked one way and the other, his other hand pulling up on my pubic area to make my pussy open up and my clit stick out naked, small and defenseless. I writhed and moaned, whimpering "no, don't, ..." to no avail as his calloused fingers mauled my exposed clit flicking over it mercilessly. Each time his finger scraped over my delicate clitty, I couldn't help churning my hips and making my breasts swing back and forth.

Moving to stand on the other side of me, so I now had one man on each side of me as I pressed back into the pinball machine, Bob reached out and caught my breast as it swung about while the hand in my crotch continued its rough assault. Bob mashed my breast and started squeezing it roughly, his splayed fingers sinking into my soft full globe, pushing it back and forth in his strong grip. The soft, pendulous globes conformed to his strong, masculine grip, as he reached out his other hand. Bob took possession of both my naked boobs, his palms cupping my soft globes. As he held them, just cradling one breast in each palm, they still presented their natural, rounded contour. But, with a malevolent grin, Bob's hands closed in on my delicate tits. His grip became firmer and my breasts squeezed in his hands, became elongated, my wide aureolas and nipples thrust out from between his hands.

"Open your legs girlie!" ordered Slim, and I was forced to bend my knees to let his hand delve deeper between my legs, where his fingers slid down the length of my vaginal opening. One hand cupping my pussy in front, Slim's fingers pulsed against my soft pussy cleft. I felt his other hand gliding along my naked hip, and stroking along my hip, down the read of my lower back, and then take comfortable possession of one naked, defenseless, tender bottom cheek. The stranger's hand swept across my bottom, delving between my prominent cheeks, until the tip of his fingers lightly, almost as if by mistake, sought out and settled on my rear entry.

Slim taunted me, "Now little girl, that's a mighty tempting ass you've got, it wouldn't be neighborly if we wasn't to visit your little asshole here, would it." Slim's index finger pushed at my clenched anus experimentally. "Yup, girlie, I'm gonna slide my fingers deep into your tight little butt-hole and your nice plump butt is gonna ride my hand, keeping it nice and warm, isn't it? Isn't that right, darling?" Slim pushed experimentally on my tight entry, his finger slowly forcing it to open slightly and widen. He was taking his time! He was going to make me feel every inch of his violation of my body.

"Ughh" I groaned as one finger pushed past my tight anus slowly stretching me. I looked around desperately, as if someone there would come to my aid. All around me, the men stared at me lustfully, none were looking at my face. Some were staring intently between my legs, where my open pussy framed the sight of Slim's hand splayed across my ass, his finger burying itself in me.

He pushed hard into my asshole, and I reacted to the pressure by raising my hips, out, towards my eager audience. He repeated the motion rhythmically, the tightness in my asshole causing me to churn my hips upward, my thighs splaying with each thrust. One more hard thrust from behind, and I felt my asshole open and his finger penetrate me. His finger pushed deeper, skewering my bottom.

Slim's free hand reached out, and settled on the tuft of hair above my smooth pussy, tussling it familiarly.

"I know your little pussy wants some attention too, girlie, I can see that. Now don't you worry, I'm going to give your vagina a good workout. You want that, don't you, you want to show your friends here your vagina?" He said it relishing the word, while his hand caressed lower to my little v and down between my legs, his fingers softly tracing the puffy folds of my lower lips.

His fingertips traced the inside edge of my lips, pushing the soft morsels slowly aside as he caressed my naked pussy, his finger pushing rhythmically inside my bottom, each thrust making me rotate my hips upwards, towards the rapt audience of men watching my genitals being manhandled.

"What a hot little bottom you have, girlie, you're keeping my finger nice and warm nestled between those naughty round asscheeks! Yes, open wide, and show us your pussy!" His fingers on my crotch caught my cunt lips against the side of his fingers and spread open my pussy. I gasped and wriggled, impaled by his finger deep in my rectum, and looked down to see Slim expose my turgid clit and then the quickly widening, yawning slick, pink tunnel of my vagina.

Bob's head now dipped towards my breasts, imprisoned in his hands, and plumping the one nearest him to make my nipple stand out more, he brought his tongue down on it. He swiped my nub back and forth with his tongue, wetting it thoroughly and once my nipple glistened with moisture. Bob wrapped his lips around my nipple and sucked it hard.

"Nnnn....!" I exclaimed at the simultaneous assaults on my bottom, my tender breasts, and my cunt. Slim pressed into my bottom even harder.

"You know what I think?" taunted Slim, "I think you little vagina is jealous, cause your asshole is getting filled up and gets to squeeze nice and tight on my finger, but your poor little cunt is just empty and closed. I'm sure it would be happier with something inside it, don't you think, Stacey? You think a couple of fingers in your cunt opening you up would help your little puss? I think so!"

As Slim said he turned the hand which was caressing the front if my pudendum and crooked two fingers, then directed them into the slick folds protecting the entry to my sex. My cunt was moist and parted readily as he pressed his fingers into my cunt, yielding obediently as his fingers sank in, then enveloping their violators welcomingly.

I whimpered as he pushed into me roughly and his fingers started sawing back and forth firmly. My entire middle, bottom, hips, pussy was forced to rock back and forth between the fingers in my rear and those inside my cunt. Rocking back, I could feel my ass stretched by his marauding finger deep in my anus, then pushing forward his hand sank down into me until his palm cupped the tender lips between my legs, submissively splayed apart for their masculine manhandler.

Suddenly, Bob released my breasts, and, grabbing my shoulder, pulled me up and spun me around. Slim's finger pulled out of my bottom, and I could feel the sting and emptiness in my ass where it had been. With an audible wet sound, his fingers slid out of my moist cunt. Pushing my head downs onto the pinball machine, Bob ordered, "open your legs wide, Stacey, let us see your nice pussy framed by your bottom!"

Bob slipped a hand under my front, and cupped my naked pussy. His fingers separated my lips and he pulled upwards, holding me by my most intimate parts, and forcing my defenseless, twin naked butt cheeks to jut upwards invitingly.

Slim's hands gripped my out-thrust backside and pulled the cheeks apart, as my rear end jiggled in his firm grip.

SMACK!!! A hot sting on one side of my bottom accompanies the sound of Bob slapping my naked bottom cheek.

SMACK!! The other side was smacked even harder by Slim.

Then, as my tender ass bounced and jiggled and became redder and redder, Slim and Bob took turns spanking my naked backside to the delight of the entire crowd. My full-moon hemispheres spread softly as the men's rough palms smacked my soft flesh, then rippled and filled out again, as inviting the next smack which was not long in coming as Slim and Bob alternated spanking me. Their palms moved up and down the length of my backside, sometimes smacking upwards on the lower curve of my ass making the cheeks bounce upwards, or smacking the outside curve towards my hip, but mostly they both spanked the prominent center of each cheek, which I could feel get progressively hotter. Each fiercely stinging smack brought a whimper or moan from me, and, tossing my head back and forth, I caught sight of my bottom. I could see the crests of my nates glow raw and red, surrounded by the lighter but pinkened skin of the only slightly less abused outside circle of my bottom.

"Punish that little bitch!"

"That's what you get sweetie for swinging your ass in our faces!"

"Hit her right where her thighs meet her bottom, where she's still pale. That's it! Bad girl, now you're getting what you deserve!" the men jeered and hooted. Bob's hand on my cunt pulled up, making me stand higher and lean further over the pinball machine, and their smacks rained down on my full upper thighs and the lower sweep of my backside.

Comments from the surrounding men filled the air around me, as I heard the men enjoy my punishment and blushed and squirmed, mortified, knowing how with each spank on my spread-legged ass I was making my pussy dance for them.

Bob's hand cupped one of my burning bottom cheeks, cradling my stinging globe almost tenderly. His had caressed my soft, reddened skin, as he continued verbally humiliating me,

"See what comes from being naughty Stacey? All these guys agree you're getting what a bad girl like you deserves, a good old fashioned, bare bottomed spanking!" "Open you legs, Stacey, I'm sure your new friend wants to play with your cunt from behind. Stick that butt out, or I'll smack it so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week!" He made good on his words by giving the crests of my upturned nates two very strong spanks. I whimpered and immediately opened my legs.

His hand rose and feel repeatedly on my upturned bottom, the stinging spanks ringing out. I could feel the men watching, could feel them almost vibrate in time to the shaking of my naked backside.

"Shit... girl, your little bubble butt is just made for spanking!" exclaimed Slim. "I'd put you over my knee every evening and color those jouncy white cheeks. You're just made to have your panties pulled down and given a good strapping." As he talked, Slim's hands rose and fell, his palm beating a regular rhythm of smacks across my naked, spread bottom. The crests of my backside burned with the sting and his hands interrupted spanking me only to palm and squeeze my prominent buttcheeks between every few spanks. By now, I was whimpering and moaning to the delight of the crowd,

"SMACK...owww...SMACK... oohhh, SMACK-SMACK, no, oh no, it burns... SMACK!!... OW" My hips and bottom writhed and I could only imagine the view that the men had of my bouncing bottom cheeks, round, full, and white, with the very center of my tender cheeks glowing red as Slim's palm struck it.

"That's a good girl!" Now I felt Slim's fingers slide along the lips of my cunt, framed by my ass and thighs and push aside the soft lips, running back and forth up my slit, and forcing it to gape on each stroke, pulling my cunt open before it pulses closed as his fingers pass on.

Ed now chimed in authoritatively, "OK Guys, just a moment!" Bob and Slim stepped back and I drooped my upper torso over the supporting pinball machine. My bra hung from my shoulders uselessly and my unfettered breasts dangled heavily, quiet now after the shameless bouncing around they'd been doing during my spanking.

"Now Stacey, you know the rules about getting someone all riled up! Poor Bob, and this other fine young man have been nice enough to be paying attention to your naughty naked pussy and bottom and what have you done for them. That certainly won't do! I think you're going to have to show them your skills with the cock, isn't that right? Ask for it, Stacey!"

My head drooped as I heard these words and any of the men watching who wasn't focused on my well-spanked bottom or my puffy vaginal pouch glistening slickly between my splayed naked thighs would have noticed my rounded naked back shake as a sob escaped me. I'd hoped to be spared this. I hoped Ed would stop and take me home where I would submissively pleasure only my husband's familiar and lovely penis with my hands, mouth and womb, fucking him long and slowly just as he liked, then milking his familiar cum into my throat and swallowing obediently. But, no, I knew he enjoyed making me humiliate myself over a stranger's cock sometimes, and he was going to make me do it tonight. I knew I needed to put on a good show too, or not only would there be more punishment, but he'd likely pull in more of the audience and make me take on more men!

I turned slowly, standing taller and bringing my legs together demurely. Standing straight facing the audience again, I glanced up shyly at Slim and did what I knew I had to. I apologized to him haltingly, "I'm sorry sir, that I've caused you discomfort and gotten you riled up. I'll make it better..." I took a small step towards Slim and reached out one hand, palm upward. My hand gently came up between his legs, palming the straining material of his pants. Through the cloth I could feel the heavy roundness of his ballsack and my hand petted his crotch.

Slim smiled and walked closer to me. As my hand caressed his crotch I could feel the swelling shaft in his pants against my wrist and forearm. One hand reached down to cup my bare bottom and caressed it. My hand began wandering over his cock rubbing it and I felt it twitch and jerk in delight.

"Take his cock out like a good girl," commanded Ed. With my other hand I grabbed the tab of the zipper on Slim's fly and tugged it down. It was tight from the erection pressing against it. I undid the top button of his waistband. He wasn't wearing underwear and his naked cock, released from the tension of his pants sprang out, proud and pointing upward. He cock was not all that thick but it was very long with a pointed narrow glans. Not like Ed's which is thick and has a wide bulbous head which he likes to push deep in my throat to make me gag. Slim's cock was "slim" too, I thought to myself, easier to lodge in the rear of my throat without gagging, I thought, a part of me observing disembodiedly, as if I were another person in the audience instead of the girl who would shortly be stuffed with the hard male member I held in my hands.

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