tagRomanceMy Old Girlfriend

My Old Girlfriend


Martha and I were couple back in the old high school days. We were about as innocent as two teenagers could be in a relationship. I can count the number of times we kissed on 1 hand and have fingers left over. Martha, at least around me, was the perfect lady. I respected that and did not press her for sex.

But Martha had 2 sides. She liked playing the part of gal about town and made herself available to other guys to go parking with. But she steadfastly denied me that pleasure. I guess she had a need to be a "good girl" on one hand and on the other hand sow some wild oats.....so long as it didn't sully her reputation.

We split up because I left; she drove me crazy with her games of good/bad. The fact that she would never allow me to enter the 'bad' side drove me nuts!

Finally after thinking on it for 40+ years I decided to give it 1 more try. I emailed Martha....and to my surprise she responded. We flirted a bit via email and agreed to meet.

After a nice dinner I got the nerve to take Martha parking and she was as nervous as I was and as we drove we talked and did not acknowledge what we were about to do. We went to the got into the back seat.....Again, we didn't acknowledge what we were about to do.

We began to kiss and to my surprise she took the first initiative and took my cock in her hand and after a couple of minutes of her playing with it I got firm but not hard and she got down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked and stroked it.

I was hard in moments -- I had never had a problem before and as soon as I was hard she said see --I know my way around. I was shocked the first time she sucked my cock.

I positioned myself between Martha's legs and slid my now hard cock into her very wet pussy. As my cock slipped into her she murmured -- oh shit that feels good -- "I never imagined it would feel THIS good..."

By now I had my rhythm working and I was going through the mechanical actions of fucking Martha. Martha seemed to be enjoying it and not just laying there waiting for me to cum.

After about five minutes of pure fucking I wasn't anywhere near cumming but the longer I went the more Martha seemed to be enjoying it.

After a few minutes Martha groaned--your cock feels so good in my horny pussy.

We got back to into it again. This time as I looked down at her tits moving as I fucked her things started to warm up for me.

Then she said kiss my nipples boyfriend I'm almost ready to cum -- I hadn't thought she might want to cum -- I was only imagining I would fuck her and cum deep inside her pussy and belly. The thought that she knew it meant to cum was exhilarating...... Imagine that....the hottest creature on the planet wanted me to make her cum!

The realization that I was now fucking my sexy teen aged girl friend and she was obviously enjoying it and getting off on fucking me suddenly caused a knot in my stomach.....I began to get really turned on with the same realization.....I was knocking Martha the girl of my dreams and she was enjoying it.....and now having an orgasm.

Then she started to reach the end of her orgasm and cum, she grunted softly a few times and I could tell from her face she was cumming but trying not to be too vocal. I said let it all out, enjoy it, and this REALLY turned me on as she immediately got vocal and physical and began to rake my sides with her legs like she was riding a horse. She was saying Holy shit I don't do this very often -- this is a bonus -- I have almost forgotten what it feels like -- I have never had an orgasm on a hard dick before.....

She was fucking me back now -- she was really working herself off on my cock. I began going hard and fast and beginning to enjoy the sex for the first time with her and then I came too, and I shot four or five loads of cum inside her. Then we lay there until I got my breath back had gone completely soft and had squeezed every drop of cum out of my cock and into her.

When I pulled out -- she looked at me and said -- that was great -- I enjoyed it. I'm going to enjoy the next few weeks and had this wicked little smile on her face.

Now we have to wait a while and fuck again -- I know I shouldn't say this but I enjoyed that -- you are soooooo good and I haven't cum like that in a long, long time. It was deliciously naughty and erotic -- forbidden fruit is the juiciest. By the way.....my belly is full of your baby......

If ever there was an ultimate fantasy fpr me it would be.....making love to every inch of the naked body of the most incredibly sexy woman I've ever seen......and if I could dream the impossible dream....it would be of me making love to a naked Martha Williams.....filling her pussy and belly with the sperm from my balls.....and knocking her up so that I could watch her belly grow with my baby......

Martha....if you are reading this then I assume that your pussy is wet......something you never allowed me to experience.....

Since we are too old to procreate......I have to tell you that the thought of making love to you.....no FUCKING your pussy,....makes my dick hard just like it did 40+ years ago.

We are too old to kid one another....but I KNOW that you still enjoy a hard cock. How long has it been since you felt that hard throbbing between you sexy legs?

And....the thought of you still turns my cock into granite...... You will never find a guy who is more turned on by your sex appeal...

We aren't getting any younger.......I am still able to become aroused.....as I know are you...(actually I have frequent dreams of your arousal)

Martha.....I am still desirous of making love with you....and if you've read this far you have already moved into the area where I warned you to no go unless you are easily offended...... Therefore I boldly state that "Martha I still want to fuck your pussy....and cum in it....filling your belly with my sperm......Pregnancy, a fantasy of my youth, may no longer be possible.....but I will forever maintain a hard dick if I know that I fucked your fine little pussy...... The thought of my sperm in your pussy.......well it just doesn't get any more erotic to me.

BTW..... I'm still not looking for a romantic 'thang'...... You can look on that as a sin if you like....but know this....I would like to fuck your sweet little pussy and make you cum like you have never done before.....

Baby.......wouldn't you enjoy one last fling? I know I would and if that fling was with you I don't know how it could be better...because I will make love to you in a way that you have NEVER experienced before.....raw sex.....no games...no mind games....I only want to lick, suck and fuck your pussy for hours on end..... I simply will not stop until you say you are satisfied.....and your sexual satisfaction IS my goal...

I might not have conveyed that in our last exchange.....as I got the distinct impression that you thought I was simply being the old boyfriend you knew.....

Martha....if you're still reading....I surmise that you are at least interested or else you would be telling me that I am moral reprobate.... condemning me by now.....

Martha....I want to make love to you......always have....always will..... Even If I am unable to mount an erect ion to get my own point across....I should be forever enthralled to offer my oral capabilities to the attend your womanhood.....the thought of my tongue licking, probing and thrusting into your womanhood (slick pussy) brings me considerable comfort....

Martha, in fact, the thought of fucking you has always been my idea of the ultimate fuck.... Forgive me if I offended you...I still find you incredibly sexy......and a forbidden fruit. The thought of your pussy.....gives me continual hard cocks.... Martha.....if you have any compassion in you...please grant me my one last wish....... I want to Fuck your pussy....

If my crude language offends you.....just know that what you feel gnawing deep in your belly.... I can massage....I only regret that I can no longer make your belly swell with our child......

But I am still 'firing' live ammunition and would love to fill your belly with my seed......Please grant me that one last wish.....Martha, fuck me...and comfort me in the knowledge that at least once my sperm was in your belly....

I look forward to your response....or lack thereof......I feel secure in the idea that no one has been so faithful to your potential lovemaking as I....... I hope you will see it within your conscience to grant me a piece of your pussy....

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