tagIncest/TabooMy Older Sister and I

My Older Sister and I


This is a story about the immense love my older sister and I have for each other. Her name is Irene. She has been my steady girlfriend for seventeen happy years and we are about to get married.

Our relationship started when I was twenty years old. Irene was already thirty four at that time. I was in college while she was working as an executive of a large multinational corporation.

Irene stands five feet and four inches. She is still very sexy even today. People couldn't believe that she's already fifty one years old. She likes to keep her fingernails and toenails long and sexy. She has big but perky breasts, nice sexy thighs, and a round, sexy ass.

I have always been sexually attracted to Irene. When I was young, I remember peeping at her through the bathroom door while she took a bath. I grew bolder as I grew older, eventually going into her bedroom at night while she slept. There I would caress her feet, kiss their soles, and even suck her toes. I would also touch her pubic hair and cunt. Once, I was even able to stick my right index finger about two inches up her asshole. The smell it gave my finger almost drove me nuts. I would also mash her breasts and kiss her nipples. Once, I kissed her on the lips.

In the mornings, after Irene left for work, I would go to her room to jack off using her dirty panty, bra, and the pumps she wore the day before. I would smell her panty and one pump while I rubbed the other on my crotch. Sometimes, I would come on her panty, sometimes on her pump. I would then use her clean panty to wipe off my cum. Then I would replace the clean panty with my cum in her drawer.

As time went by, I noticed that Irene started wearing sexy shorts or really short skirts in the house. She'd pair these with short, tight shirts which showed off her big breasts and perky nipples. Sometimes she would just wear panties and a bra. She would apologize to me during those times and say it's because of the heat. I would reassure her that it's okay with me. I'd even tell her that she's very sexy. She would just reply that she's not and that she's already old.

One night after dinner, we decided to watch a horror video together at the living room. She was wearing a short skirt. We sat together at the sofa. However, I was disappointed when she sat far away from me, at the other end. My disappointment turned to happiness when she lifted her legs onto the sofa and placed her feet near me. In the process, I was given a glimpse of her pubic area! She wasn't wearing a panty and her beautiful cunt was in full view. In the meantime, I shifted towards her so that my left thigh was touching her toes. Irene didn't move her feet back.

I volunteered to massage her feet. She laughed but accepted my offer. I put her feet on top of my crotch and pressed them down. Irene didn't complain. In fact, she seemed to love my massage as she was moaning while I was massaging her feet. I also brought her feet near my face. I then smelled and kissed the tips of her toes. Finally, I sucked on her toes, and ran my tongue over and under her toenails. She moaned even more when I did this. I continued massaging and playing with Irene's feet and rubbing them on my crotch until the movie ended. She was very thankful for the massage but chided me about playing with her "dirty" feet like that. I told her that her feet were not dirty at all and that I loved sucking her toes.

After the movie ended, Irene told me that she was going to take a shower. She offered to let me use the sink while she used the bathroom stall so I don't have to wait for her to finish. I gladly accepted her offer and caught glimpses of her naked body while I was brushing my teeth.

After Irene finished taking a shower, she told me that she was too scared to sleep alone. She asked me if I would mind sleeping beside her. I gladly accepted her offer without appearing too eager.

I went to my room to change. When I got to Irene's room, she was already lying down on her bed, wearing a short night dress. Her knees were up and I could see that she wasn't wearing a panty again. She was reading a book. I laid down next to her and told her that I was going to sleep. She said okay and turned off her reading lamp. She said "goodnight" and shifted to turn her back on me. In the process, her dress rode even farther up her thighs, almost exposing her pantyless butt! It was as if she was offering her butt to me!

I waited a few minutes then put my arm around her. When she didn't object, I moved closer to her and spooned her, my crotch pressing against her butt. To my surprise, Irene pushed back and pressed her ass crack against my cock. I pressed on her again. Irene pushed back. Within seconds, we were dry humping each other!

After about a minute of this, I lay on top of Irene and kissed her fully on the lips. We kissed torridly, devouring each other's mouths and exchanging saliva. We were both in a frenzy. I took off Irene's dress and started kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. I then went down on her pubic hair, then her wet cunt. I licked my older sister's cunt like crazy, gently biting her clit once in a while. This made her come so violently that she pulled at my hair and pressed her cunt even harder against my face. I lapped up the juices streaming out of her cunt while I fingered her.

Irene said that she wanted to make me happy too. We shifted into the sixty nine position. I continued licking her cunt while she gave me a fantastic blow job. Irene's asshole was about an inch away from my face. I alternated between licking her cunt and tongue-fucking her asshole. This drove Irene wild, forcing her to make a muffled scream.

We finally decided to fuck. I put Irene's legs up on my shoulders and inserted my cock into her wet cunt. Her cunt lips were swollen by this time. This made Irene writhe in a mixture of plain and pleasure. We fucked like this for several minutes while I kissed Irene's feet and sucked her toes.

We changed positions again. This time, I entered her cunt from behind while I fingered her. We also kissed torridly in this position. This made her come violently again.

I pulled out and proceeded to insert my cock into Irene's asshole. She didn't object. On the contrary, she guided my cock in with her hand. We also made love like this. I felt her anal walls contracting and squeezing my cock as if they were forcing me to come.

Irene told me that she wanted me to come in her mouth. I gladly obliged. Irene took my cock into her mouth straight from her own asshole. I was fucking my older sister's beautiful face. I finally came on Irene's face. Some of it landed on her eyes, some on her cheeks. Most of it however, went straight inside her mouth. Irene collected the cum on her face into her mouth. Her mouth was full of my cum. She played with it with her tongue, swirling it inside her mouth, mixing it with her saliva, and making it frothy. She was smiling at me the whole time. Finally she swallowed all the mixture of cum and saliva in one gulp and showed me her empty mouth.

Irene and I collapsed together, exhausted. We hugged and gave each other light kisses. I professed my love for her and promised that I would love her forever. She said that she loved me too and would love me forever. We promised each other that we would never let our relationship as brother and sister get in the way of the immense love that we have for each other.

We made love again before falling asleep. This time, it wasn't frenzied like before but slow and languorous. Irene let me come inside her this time. We eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

We woke up still hugging each other tightly. It was as if we never want to be parted from each other. Despite both of us being hungry from all the lovemaking the night before, we made love again and reaffirmed the vows we've made to each other. We then dressed up and drove to the nearest café to have breakfast together. It was our first breakfast as a couple.

It has been thirteen years since my older sister Irene and I first made wonderful love to each other. Yet we never grew tired of it. On the contrary, we grew more and more creative and adventurous over the years. We would make love while Irene was fully dressed in her executive suit and expensive high-heeled pumps. Aside from trying different positions, we've also tried water sports wherein we would make love in the bathroom and Irene would let me drink her early morning piss straight from her cunt. Irene would also let me "clean her up" after she takes a crap in the morning.

Soon after Irene and I first made love and decided to live as a couple, we transferred to a new place. There we lived freely as a true couple, going out and being seen together. We had our share of fights like all couples do. However, we would always end up apologizing to each other and "reaffirming" our love for each other by making love. Now, the circumstances finally allow us to get married and we can't wait for that day.

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