tagGay MaleMy One, True, Love Ch. 01

My One, True, Love Ch. 01


DISCLAMER: I WROTE THIS STORY OFF THE TOP OF MY HEART . If the names or stories are similar to yours, I am sorry. ©Joseph Parrott


Ever since Jacob Twisdale, Jake for short, was at least 7, he knew he was different than most guys. He didn't like playing sports, or getting his hands dirty. He liked fashion, and fines. He was picked on at school for this. He walked home many, many times, crying his eyes out. His mother would ask him, "What's wrong sweetie?"

"I got picked on again today momma!"

"Aww, I am so sorry baby. Why don't you go on up to your room, and I will fix you a glass of milk. Sound ok?"

Sniffling, he replied, "o-ok"

Every day for the rest of his Elementary and Middle School years, he would feel ashamed of being different. He would walk home, alone, wondering to himself Why? Why me? Why should I be different than these other guys?

By the time he was in high school, he had realized that he was, of course, attracted to boys. One in particular, Joseph Parrott, (NOTE: THIS IS A FICTIONAL STORY! I JUST USED MY NAME INSTEAD OF INVENTING A NEW ONE!) he had general feelings for. Not just one of those, you see him in the locker room and you like what you see, kind of feelings. ACTUAL, REAL, AMAZING, feelings

At the ripe age of 18, Jake was fully accepting of himself, and could care less what others said about him or his lifestyle. He was a free man

Most people by now knew of Jake's "secret." Jake and Joseph had been friends long enough, that Joseph would believe anything that Jake said. If Jake said he was straight, Joseph immediately believed him, disregarding what other people at school kept telling him. Joseph trusted Jake with his life.

Jake kept up the routine until one, glorious, fateful, night.

Jake had been contemplating upon his decision to enlightening Joseph on his sexuality, and his feelings for him. He had been text messaging his friend Taylor about it all night. He finally, called Joseph.


"Hey man. What's up?"

"Nothing much. Do you want to come over for a little while? Maybe play some Black-Ops and watch some T.V?"

"Sure. I'll be over there in a few minutes. I just need to take a sho-"

"Don't be a fucktard. You can shower over here. Just bring a change of clothes."

"Did you just call me fucktard? Ok? We'll see who is the fucktard around there. Be there soon!"

Jake waited until Joseph hung up the phone first, his heart pounding in and out of his chest. His parents had been out that night, shopping, going to dinner, and then a movie. They knew of Jake's love for Joseph, and were 100% fantastic about it. They loved his optimism.

Not 10 minutes later, there was an extremely loud knock at Jake's door. THUD, THUD, THUD!

"OH MY GOD THAT'S HIM! What will I do? What will I say? STOP! Get a hold of yourself. You can do this. Just look him in the eye and-." THUD, THUD,THUD! "SHIT! I FORGOT ABOUT HIM!"

Jake leaped towards the door, grabbed the knob, no pun intended ;), and flung it open. "What it do?"

"Haha! What took you so long? I thought I would be out there forever!"

"No worries. You know where the shower is. I will be in here, watching T.V. If you need me, holler."

"Will do. Thanks."

Joseph walked into Jake's room, took out his clothes, and got undressed. "Awww man. I forgot to take the towel in here to wrap around myself. Shit!"

"It's whatever dude! Were both straight. I won't judge. Just walk on out!"

Jake had planned for this. He wanted to get his first peak of Joseph's manhood. He had dreamed of it for the past 3 nights. While he stroked his own 8", he was dreaming of Joseph's body dripping with sweat as he fucked his brains out.

As Joseph's figure appeared, Jake was star struck. What he saw before him had to have been sent from the gods themselves. A finely chiseled set of 6-packs, mixed with a, what had to have been, a 9" MONSTER! He soaked up the whole 3 seconds that it took to watch him walk from his bedroom to the bathroom, taking in all of the emotions that went with it. Out of them all, the strongest had to have been LUST. It was prominent in his mind.

While Joseph was in the shower, Jake stroked his own meat to the image of Joseph's lean and masculine body. He swam in just the thought of Joseph's body, pressed up against his as they slowly made out. It was the perfect fantasy.

When Jake heard the shower turn off, he immediately put his cock back in his pants, zipped them up, and went back to the television.

Joseph stepped out of the bathroom, his long, brown hair soaked and dangling over his eyes. He had a towel wrapped around his waist as to avoid his penis showing. "MAN! I needed that!" Joseph went over to the couch where Jake was and said, "Watch 'a watching?"

"Discovery Channel" Jake retorted.

"Sounds interesting. May I watch?"

"No shit! Of course you can! Isn't that why you came here any ways?"

Jake stared at Joseph waiting for the response that did not come. His heart began to race. "OH MY GOD! What if he had caught me looking at him when he was going to the shower! Oh FUCK! Well, isn't this th-" His though was cut short by Joseph. He had begun to hug Jake.

"I know you're gay."


"It's ok... I-... I am too..."

As soon as Joseph cut off his words, he pulled Jake into a long, passionate, elongated kiss.

I HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED READING THIS AS MUCH AS I ENJOYED WRITING IT!! Part two will come up as soon as I wake up and start typing. It is 3am here, and I need to go to bed! Please leave a comment, and tell me how I did! I love hearing awesome tips and tricks from you guys! Again,


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