My One True Love Ch. 03


I was thankful when she eventually leaned in and rested on my chest. It took her weight off my arms and onto my body. She hugged my shoulder, much like when I was fingering her, and began to ride me more quickly. I rubbed her beautiful buttocks as she rode me with increasing intensity.

Soon, we were romping at a fairly quick clip. The car's suspension was holding its own quite well. I was a little worried considering the other movie-goers nearby. The juices from Barbie's pussy were leaking all over my crotch and I loved it. She rode me like a cowgirl, bouncing and moaning her way to another orgasm.

Barbie all of a sudden humped me as hard as she physically could. My cock nearly blew inside the condom from the sudden explosion of pleasure but somehow, I have no idea how I managed, I staved off the explosion. I was sweating from my efforts, not because of the workout but because I nearly lost it. I was relieved when Barbie slowed back down again not too much later.

The two of us kept a constant pace until Barbie dropped a hand down. I took this moment to gently graze her butthole. She shivered and giggled at my sudden and naughty intentions. I took her silence, or at least her lack of saying 'no,' as a sign that I could go further. I playfully played with her hole for a little while longer before I pressed at her hole. She sighed loudly at my intrusion. I didn't give Barbie a lot of warning, if any, before I pressed my finger all the way in. She 'oohhhed' and giggled slightly before sighing again.

Barbie slowly rocked on my cock, rolling her hips into me as I gently began fingering her bum hole. With each press Barbie sighed very cutely. Her hole was incredibly warm and tight around my little finger; I wanted her to feel good so I pressed faster and faster. It wasn't long before my finger was sawing in and out of her ass. Barbie got noticeably fidgety as I kept working her hole. Sighing and squirming on my lap, Barbie began bucking her hips. Sudden jolts from her pussy kept my cock pressing into her special sweet spot deep inside. Barbie was working herself to a quick climax and I loved the fact that I was the one giving it to her.

Barbie started getting frantic in her motions; her hand rubbed ever faster on her clit, she was bouncing on me like a cowgirl, and my finger was working her back passage at a quick clip. I was soon on the brink of orgasm. With the best effort I could, I rammed my cock deep into Barbie. My cock throbbed inside her wet box eagerly waiting for release.

The two of us worked each other to the brink until finally I felt my balls tingle. My boiling cum erupted from my cock, coating the inside of the condom with my happiness. I grunted involuntarily from my sexual release. I heard Barbie moaning louder now and realized that she too was having her orgasm; I must have set her off. Her asshole clenched around my finger. Her spasms felt great around my finger.

Barbie eventually slowed her thrusting to a stop and collapsed on my shoulder panting heavily. I could feel her sweat lightly seeping through my shirt. I liked having my finger still inside her asshole so I kept it there, gently sliding in and out of her. "That feels sssoooo nice," she whispered. I assumed she was referring to my finger so I kept doing it. Her butt was all sweaty and felt a little odd, not because she was sweating but because of what we had just done. I know it sounds kind of weird, but to me, still only ever having two girlfriends now, it still felt weird having sex.

Barbie and I stayed in each others' grasp until we both cooled down. My cock had softened inside her delicious pussy, but I was still inside her. Reluctantly I withdrew my finger and soon Barbie lifted herself off of me. With a wet sloppy sound the two of us were no longer one.

After a bit of cleanup the two of us were presentable again. Barbie sat in my lap, sideways, as we watched the rest of the movie. I took her home after it finished and wished her a goodnight.

Chapter 13

Now, you may, or may not, have been wondering where Lindsay was during this time. I know I mentioned her here and there, but it was usually a short quip. To be honest I was trying to get Lindsay out of my mind. I loved her, even after the breakup, but her uniqueness was too much for me to handle. I was fortunate enough that Barbie came along, although I had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't by chance that she came up to me soon after my breakup. I'd see Lindsay in the hallways and sometimes at lunch. And each time I saw her I felt just awful, like I'd done the worst thing ever. I guess in all honesty, it kind of was. I loved her but couldn't accept her for who she was. The reason why I brought this up was because the following week I saw Lindsay for an extended period of time.

There was a school assembly at the end of the week. I was sitting with Barbie and a few of her friends, who kept smiling my way. I often wondered what girls talked about, especially when the subject of guys came up. How much did Barbie, or Lindsay for that matter, tell their girlfriends about me? From the way Barbie's girlfriends kept smiling at me, I'm sure Barbie told them a whole lot. Enough with Barbie's friends' attention I was brought back to the assembly. Since this was my first year here I wasn't sure what this little show entailed.

My question was soon answered when the principal came in and announced that their annual 'activities assembly' would commence. I took that title to mean it was a showing of the different groups, clubs, sports, or interest groups. One by one, clubs and groups showcased what they were all about, often giving a demonstration if applicable. For instance the gymnastics team came out and did a little routine, while the basketball team shot some hoops and did trick shots and so on and so forth. The last group was the cheerleaders. I froze when I heard that they were up next. I saw Barbie look to me, like she was worried. She knew I took the breakup hard, though not the reason why. My arm was around her waist and I squeezed her reassuringly. I wasn't sure how I'd react though, because in the past I saw Lindsay just in passing, never for an extended amount of time. Who knows, maybe it'd be nothing.

Out stepped the cheerleaders, just three of them, no Lindsay. I was partly relieved, but that was short lived when five more came out, and Lindsay was leading them. She looked as cute as the first day that I saw her. It still bewildered me that she had a cock underneath that short skirt. I knew she knew that I was in the stands and that made me ever more nervous. Like me, I'm sure she was looking for me as I was her. She had on one of those fake cheerleader smiles, which I've always hated. All the other girls as well had on their 'smiles.'

The cheerleaders did their quick routine, chanting in unison before they broke and explained what they did for the school. True to her cheerleader form, Lindsay did everything the other girls did, and in some instances more so. She often led the girls and even flashed her panties to the crowd, just as the other girls had done. It still amazed me how comfortable she looked and acted despite what she was hiding. Thinking about Lindsay like that was getting me aroused and my eyes shot wide-eyed as I realized that about myself. Barbie seemed to notice my fidgeting and just smiled to reassure me.

Now having been with Barbie for over a month, I think we both knew that this relationship was just a fling, nothing more and nothing less. She was in it for the sex and I was in it for a warm body. I know it sounds harsh saying it like that, but I really missed Lindsay, and Barbie was taking her place.

For now...

Just as the cheer girls finished their show-and-tell, Lindsay and I caught eyes. She still had her fake smile, but as I stared into her eyes it seemed like a real one. It was weird, in that brief moment she seemed really happy. Maybe she was happy to see me, I know I was happy to see her and doing well. I smiled back and I don't know if she caught it as she moved her gaze to the rest of the student body. I didn't want to be creepy or anything but I couldn't keep my eyes off Lindsay. She obviously couldn't control herself either, because she'd look at me and quickly revert her eyes. She did that; yeah I counted, seven times until the cheerleaders were done. I tried to smile her way, but didn't want to show too much since I was sitting with my girlfriend after all.

The cheerleaders were the last of the groups to go out onto the basketball court before the principal came back out and addressed us. She talked about this and that, about the school year, being safe, and studying well to go to college in addition to the different school offerings. Not too much longer we were all dismissed and returned to our respective classes.


That night I thought about Lindsay, a lot. I was really glad I saw her. And she seemed to be doing well. In the past when we might've caught eye contact in passing, she seemed like she was about to cry. But today was different. She looked good too, even better than I'd remembered. Her butt, one of her best assets, looked amazing after she flashed the school several times. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, earlier I asked what the color of her panties were and having played in games mostly, I never got a chance to see what she was wearing. I know I said I'm not too much of a horn dog, but common, I mean, I guy's gotta look sometimes. Well anyways, if you're wondering, her panties were blue.

I dreamt about Lindsay that night, her in my arms, just holding her and comforting her...

Chapter 14

I woke up the next day, surprisingly refreshed, and not a hint of guilt dreaming about Lindsay.

I went through my morning routine before heading off to school. I met up with Barbie and her friends, giving my girlfriend a light peck on the lips. We chatted some and then headed off to classes. Classes came and went. I sat with Barbie and her friends at lunch. We'd steal kisses with each other when we had the chance and she definitely let her presence known by keeping a hand on my thigh. Every once and a while, she'd be a naughty girl and graze right over my crotch. Just the mere presence of her hand already aroused me slightly so feeling her warm hand was almost too much.

As lunch ended I had to sit and wait for my semi to soften, Barbie kept giggling at my predicament, teasing me to get up and go to class. "Common, we're gonna be late!" she giggled.

"Well you're not helping!" I joked.

"Oh is my poor boy all excited?" she cooed playfully. I blushed and nodded slightly, hoping no one nearby was listening in on us. "Okay, well, see yea!" Barbie skipped away and I laughed as she left me to myself.

The rest of classes went about as smoothly as they could. I had applied to colleges the year before and have been eagerly waiting for some replies, as many of the other students were talking about getting their acceptances in the mail.

The school day finally ended and I was glad, just a few more months until summer break! I met up with Barbie and we walked hand-in-hand back to her place. Earlier in the day she had told me she had a surprise waiting for me; I was mildly excited to say the least.

We arrived at her doorstep and she seemed giddy with excitement. As she opened the door and took off her shoes she turned around and smiled at me. I smiled too, but not really sure why. The next thing I saw was Barbie coming towards me at a pretty quick clip. She jumped up and I instinctively caught her in my arms. She scared me for a second there, not really sure what was going on. In my arms she smiled again to me and then she giggled seeing my astonished face. "Oh come on! I tried to make it obvious I was gonna jump!"

"A little warning would've been nice," I chuckled, "so what are you so happy about anyway?"

"Listen!" so I did. I didn't hear anything, "I don't get it. I don't hear anything."

"Exactly!" was all she came back with.

And then it dawned on me, "Wait, there's no sound, does that mean -?"

" - We're alone!" Barbie smiled like a little girl getting a brand new present on Christmas. For the first time we'd been together, Barbie's parents were both out. Usually her mother was home cleaning and what not so we couldn't do a whole lot. But now that there was no one home, we could do many things! But I had to ask, just to make sure, "But for how long?"

"Plenty of time to do whatever we want!" Holding Barbie in my arms was starting to take its toll so I started to make my way to her room. I felt her gaze and smile as I carried her there.

I gently laid her down on her large bed, she had a queen size (her family was rather wealthy). Barbie looked magnificent lying there, her legs together making sure to cover her naughty bits from her almost too-short skirt. I started to crawl up on the bed with her but she raised and put a hand to my chest, urging me not to join her. I reluctantly obeyed, but that sure paid off! I stepped back and Barbie got up onto her knees on her bed. She had a huge smile and began playing with the hem of her skirt. She'd flick her skirt every-which-way making sure I was getting a sneak peek at her pink panties.

Her little tease fest was soon followed by a very erotic strip. Her shirt came off not too much later, revealing a matching pink bra set. It wasn't anything fancy, not like lace or anything, but she still looked amazing in it. She had a great figure, a perfect hourglass figure. Her breasts filled her bra and they jiggled a little as she swayed and danced for me. Soon her hands were over her stomach and to her side as she unzipped her skirt. Her strip tease continued as she hinted at taking off her skirt by dropping it a little, but then raising it back up into place. Eventually, and I mean eventually, Barbie eased her skirt down. She gracefully stepped out of her skirt and she was now just clad in panties and a bra. She kept dancing to this imaginary music and ended up plopping her shapely bum. Sitting cross-legged, I could definitely see a wet spot on her panties. This brought me to my own erection, which I hadn't notice growing inside my pants.

With the swift dexterity of her hands, Barbie's bra came loose in an instant and her nipples showed their aroused nature. Her pink cute little nubbins were standing at attention waiting for my attention. I hungrily stared at her boobs, not able to wait to play with them. Her giggles brought me back to her strip tease, well not so much a tease...

Back up on her knees, Barbie swayed her hips back and forth while playing with her boobs. She flicked her nipples and moaned for me, before a hand slid down her flat stomach and to her wet slit. Her panties were a little wetter than before and her anxious hand made it ever messier.

She cupped herself and playfully rubbed her slit up and down, causing the wetness to spread. My pants were really uncomfortable at this point and Barbie was having a great time torturing me like this. Thankfully Barbie seemed to notice my discomfort and did a 'come hither' motion with her finger. Smiling, I made my way to the edge of the bed, as did she. Much to my delight Barbie played with the zipper to my pants. She'd pulled it down and then back up and down again before finally yanking it all the way down, along with my trousers. My boxers showed the evidence of my arousal and she seductively did an 'oooooohhhh.'

"My, my, what do we have here?" she asked, "Is my big boy ready to play?" I could only nod as her hands went to my hips. I heard a low moan from Barbie as I felt her nails dig into the sides of me, trying to grab at my waistband. It was painfully slow how she did it, but in time she got my boxers down. Well when I say down, down enough so my cock was slightly free. She pulled them down only half the length of my dick. My cock ached to be released and I nearly was about to beg her to let me free when she tugged my boxers down completely.

I sighed my relief and it aroused a giggle from Barbie. With my member sticking out like a sore thumb, Barbie gently grabbed me and slowly massaged my cock. I threw my head back in pure bliss at her warm touch. But realizing I was missing the show I looked to Barbie again and she looked up to me, smiling as always. Her legs were apart a ways but she brought them in. Her hands came back to her own body and seductively roamed her smooth skin until they met her pink panties. Like she did with my boxers, Barbie slid her panties down just enough to show that she was shaved, but then brought them back up. She giggled as she watched my eyes following her panties. She kept teasing me, sliding her panties down just enough before bringing them back up.

And then in one swift motion she pulled her panties down to her knees, revealing her wet pussy to me. Her lips were hanging out and I could even see her pussy dripping wetness. Barbie sat back on her butt and rolled back so she could take off her panties. She presented her rear to me and even spread her cheeks for me. Her puckering little hole looked magnificent as did her pussy. She giggled as she rolled back onto her butt and sat back up on her knees. She ushered me to come on the bed and I didn't need any more direction. I hopped on with my cock sticking out in front of me. As soon as I was on her bed my shirt came off, Barbie throwing it to the floor. She next caught me off guard, holding onto me she fell back, with me on top of her. She giggled as I was surprised by her aggressiveness; I figured she needed a little more foreplay having had little to none.

I wanted to play with her boobs, so I just dove in between her valley. I devoured her tits, making sure each nipple had enough attention. If one was in my mouth, the other had my hand, flicking her simultaneously with my tongue. Moans emanated from Barbie egging me on to do better. I just couldn't get enough of her C-cup breasts. They were juicy and the perfect size for me. I soon felt her hands on my head and pushing me down her body. I resisted at first because I wanted more, but gave in, because I did want her pussy too. I kissed my way down her flat toned body. Hovering and lingering over her belly button. It was really cute, she didn't have it pierced but it was still cute nonetheless. It was my turn to do the teasing.

I loved eating out Barbie, for me it's one of the sexiest things I can do for my girl. I try to eat her out on most occasions we have sex, and sometimes twice or three times. Feeling her juices all over my mouth, hearing her moan, and having her squirm above me is the greatest feeling in the world.

The first thing I did was stuff my nose into her slit; I wanted to smell her feminine scent. I sniffed and gently nudged my nose around inside her pussy. This brought a sexy shiver and moan from my girlfriend. I really liked not having her parents home, it gave us way more space than my cramped car, and I could take my time. Barbie did a great job making sure she was nice and clean down below. I took a moment to just sit back and admire her pussy, her flowery pedals splayed open, giving me easy access to peer inside and see her hole. Her clit was nice and hard, like a little penis and I made sure I was just close enough so she could feel my presence as I dove back in. I continued to nuzzle my nose and face around her pussy.

Barbie seemed to have enough of my teasing because I felt her hands on my head again and guided me to her cute little button. I grinned as I knew my teasing was too much for her. Making soft and gentle contact with her clit sent a resounding shudder up her spine. She gasped immediately as her sensitive sex was played with. Like a cat drinking from a bowl, I ever so gently licked her cute little nubbin. Each lick made Barbie sigh and moan in pleasure. I kept at it for who knows how long, but Barbie seemed to enjoy my ministrations. She writhed below me, squealing and moaning, I loved it!

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